The Strange Lives of the Ordinary. {OOC}

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  1. We'll, this is my first time doing one of these.. I was thinking of creating a roleplay just with ordinary people (anime photos are fine with me) making a story about all their lives and developing them throughout the story. Any lifestyle, backgrounds, pasts.. but 18+. Anything. Post a basic character Sheet or just jump in the link is below.. and we can get started!! I can't wait!! Let's get discussing, if your interested. :D. The Strange Lives of the Ordinary


    Character Name:


    General Appearance:


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:


    General History:

    Present Life:
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  2. Kayla Ayato Gender: Female ♀
    Age: 23

    Occupation/School/Grade: Personal Assistant/ IT


    General Appearance:


    Strengths: helping people, respectful, her smile and her body, ability to get what she wants.

    Weaknesses: unique people, poets and writers.


    Current Goal/Purpose: become a wife and start a family or become the supervisor of the company.

    Talents: Artist, Organizer, Fixing computers

    Inabilities: To speak her mind and be honest about herself.

    Fears: Taken advantage of, being touched or someone flirting with her but knowing deep down. She loves the attention. Her secret being exposed.

    General Personality: Heartbreaker, Cold, alcoholic, ignores anyone that isn't interesting or have no personality. Despises creeps and wimps.

    Inner Personality: She was a shy, sweet, creative, clever, helpful, polite and charismatic girl. Passionate about art, fancies guys and sometimes girls, focuses on important things.

    Secret: Filmed in pornography


    General History: Fresh out of high school, 18 years old and beginning her new life with her family in the big city. Her mother, an elementary school teacher and her father, a Neurologist at the local hospital, Kayla was often pushed to be the best. Her parents were very loving, hardworking people. Due to their busy schedules they never really had time for her. Feeling abandoned, lonely and starting college, she found an unexpected outlet that was most shameful to her family... pornography. Feeling ashamed for what she had did, she began to be distant with her family and friends afraid of being found out. Finishing college and graduating with a Masters degree in Technology. Most of the time, she spent alone, Kayla spent most of her time in her basement of her loft, painting and creating art pieces to distract her from the world.

    Present Life: She was a full-time worker at Global Inc. and was a personal assistant for the prestigious John Hanson CEO of Global Inc. She always was on top of her work and never was late. Many of her colleagues considered her as " A Kiss Ass or sleeping her way to the top.." Even though the harsh rumors and mean comments, she persevered and tuned out the negativity. As a single woman in the big city, she never really had time for herself and never had time for lovers and boyfriends. She dreamed of a life with someone and having a future. With work life interfering with everything she personally wanted, she would often find herself staring down at the bottom of abottle and having one night stands. Due to her unhappiness, she was a cold woman and never let anyone in.

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  3. (Wait... damnit I dont think im appear of this ;^; sorry!!)
  4. Character Name: Mariska Jackson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Occupation/School/Grade: ER Nurse


    General Appearance:
    Strengths: medical knowledge, persistent, polite, and friendly
    Weaknesses: heroes, bad boys, and killer smiles.


    Current Goal/Purpose: to move up the ladder in her job.
    Talents: pianist, tennis player, running
    Inabilities: being herself around people and letting people in.
    Fears: spending the rest of her life alone
    General Personality: friendly, has it all together, successful, go getter.
    Inner Personality: stressed out, trying not to fall apart, heartbroken, smart
    Secret: slept with her sisters husband


    General History: Hannah had spent most of her high school years trying to be popular and up hold her image. She spend a lot of time going on dates with different guys and even had a relationship with her sister's husband. She knew it was wrong, but it just felt so right. Hannah managed to keep it a secret and was even made of honor at her sisters wedding. She went to college to be a nurse after high school. Hannah was so proud when she finally got her diploma and was able to start a life of her own.

    Present Life: Hannah is currently living by herself in a cute little apartment. She spends most of her time working at the ER and trying to save up money. She is often told that she works too much, but she believes she will have time to play once she retires. Hannah spends most of her nights eating left over chinese with her cat Tinkerbell and watching Law and Order SVU. Her friends sometimes get her to go out to the bars, but it very rare.
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    Character Name: Frank Walker
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Occupation/School/Grade: Principal of Middle School

    General Appearance: Tall, fat man with a gentle smile and blue eyes and ginger hair.
    Strengths: Biscuits are his only strength. (He is a great mathematician, can hack things like security cameras, and has great historical knowledge.)
    Weaknesses: Children, his job

    Current Goal/Purpose: To be able to be a Superintendent so he doesn't have to see children as much.
    Talents: See his strengths.
    Inabilities: To reason with a child's parent...
    Fears: Having a child in his house.
    General Personality: Gentle, until he's alone. Then, he has an angry or bitter feeling eat away at him.
    Inner Personality: The bitter side of him which wished he was an accountant or something.
    Secret: He has children, triplets, to an ex-girlfriend, as a teenager, but freaked out so much that he moved areas. Now children haunt him of his mistake.

    HISTORIC BACKGROUND will be found out soon...
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  6. Hmm, how should we make this story much more interesting?
  7. Character Name:Nichole kudo
    Occupation/School/Grade:senior in highschool, works at a cosplay cafe


    General Appearance: image.jpg
    Strengths:working with animals, can be helpful in difficult situations, has a big heart
    Weaknesses:cute things, being under a lot of pressure, sometimes has a short attention span at times unless she is really focused


    Current Goal/Purpose:to become a veterinarian,get married, have two-three kids, have a loving husband and a nice home
    Talents:singing, drawing, and baking
    Inabilities:doesn't really seem all there at times, being able to stand up for herself sometimes, can't speak in front of classes or big groups.
    Fears:heights(roller coasters, Ferris wheels, etc), failing, the dark, especially after being forced to watch a horror film.
    General Personality:shy, sweet, kind, helpful, clumsy, and forgetful. Turns angered with animal abuse.
    Inner Personality:adores getting attention by guys, even when it's not in her good judgement, had problems with her father in the past. Desperate for attention. Very insecure
    Secret:is addicted to hentai, cosplays and puts pictures of herself on the internet of her in different interesting positions in different cosplays.


    General History: Her father abandoned her family when she was a baby, her mother struggled to raise her three children. Nichole suffered a great tragedy when her sister passed away in an accidental house fire. Still never forgave herself for what happened.

    Present Life:lives in an apartment, keeps up with her studies and works at Kawaii cafe. Is a senior in highschool, has a puppy named smokey and a kitten named komo.
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