The Story Of Us

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  1. I am looking to do a 1x1 roleplay about the girl next door, the basic setting is a girl moves in or A boy moves into a house the two meet lots of drama all sorts of fun stuff, make it up as we go. I am just looking for a female partner willing to do a romance Roleplay with me.
    I am very flexible on pretty much everything so come on ladies lets have a bit of fun shall we :) :bananaman::bananaman::bananaman:
  2. Usually I would just think "hmm.. he's new, I can't check previous posts that he has done so I don't know how he writes. I think I try someone else." But I think destiny wanted me to rp with you because just as I read the sentence "the girl next door" a TV-series started on TV with the song "girl next door" xD FATE!

    Jokes a side
    I could do this rp with you if you want to :9
  3. Alright, and I am not one of those people who posts one line and calls it good I have been role playing for sometime now and I am pretty good so would you like to come up with the plot and setting and all the finer details then?
  4. I usually don't do that much details before I have started the roleplay, sometimes its easier to put things in when it has started. :9

    But for the beginning of the plot we could make them have a really bad first meeting, they happen to bump in to each other before they know that they are neighbors and then when the one that already lives close to the one that moves in comes over to great the new neighbors it becomes pretty awkward when they see each other. The one that moves in could have a brother or sister that he/she lives with and because of that the person that came over to greet them are welcomed in and doesn't want to refuse that.

    That's what I have in mind so far for the plot, but we can do something else too.

    They could either live in houses next to each other or live in the same apartment, depending on how old you want them to be, how much money they have and if they live with family or not. For example, a eighteen year old person that doesn't live with their parents would most likely not live in a house if they doesn't come from a rich family. So how did you think about your character? Or do you want to make your character after the setting is done and make it from that?
  5. I was thinking around the age of 17-18 in a suburban neighborhood over summer break or something, and that sounds good to me the neighbors come over and we end up finding out that we are neighbors. The last thing I want established before we begin is prior to realizing we are new neighbors where should we meet? a nearby park or something?
  6. A nearby park sounds good, the one that already lived there could be out for a walk while the other one that are moving there are on her/his way from the bus to get to the house or maybe just looking around in the neighborhood to get to know everything around.

    Who should be the one that lives there from the beginning and who should move in?
  7. I think that the girl should already live there, but I (the boy) would be at the park first.
  8. ok, what should happen that makes them get a bad start?
    should they just happen to be a bit unfocused and walk right in to each other so one of them or maybe both falls over and both says that it is the others fault or wanna make them get a bad start in some other way? :9

    Do you wanna make the first post?
  9. maybe the boy could be doing something embarrassing for his age like swinging or feeding ducks I don't know and the girl pokes fun at him and he doesn't take it to kindly?
  10. Yeah, that would be fun :9
    She could be there with some relative and then say something about how dorky the guy is or something like that ^^
  11. Alright then that seems easy enough should we do a basic profile skeleton for our characters, to give a general idea of looks personality, etc?
  12. I usually don't do that in one x one but if you feel like it is easier that way then I don't mind it :)

    Just a little warning, I tend to change the personality on my characters a bit if I write a bio x3 They don't get the opposite of what I wrote from the beginning but sometimes I think they are going to be in one way and then I couldn't stick to some of the things. My characters don't take orders from me o.O

    I'll think a bit on my character and try to get up a bio in a couple of hours, but it maybe won't be up for another twelve or sixteen hours. It's almost 1 Am here so we'll see how much longer my brain can keep going xD
  13. Dont Worry about it, take your time and the bio isn't important at all i am more interested in a name an age and an appearance, after that we can make it up as we go along. I just need someone to picture in my head, Do you really live in Sweden?
  14. Ok, hahha I had just started writing on the personality xD But if that isn't needed then I'm done x) hahah
    Yeah I live in Sweden :9 And for the first time I am making my character a Swedish person xD hahah My character is half Swedish and half American, I just wanted to take in my own country in a roleplay for once x) Not because I think it will ever be brought up in the rp but I can always make her shout Swedish words at your character if she gets angry so he doesn't understand her xD hahaha

    Name: Serena Eriksson
    Age: 17
    Birthplace: Sweden (now lives in America because of reasons that maybe will come up in the rp)
    straight blonde hair (colored brown/red (as in the picture) with blonde slings, around the lenght as in the picture) blue/grey eyes. Around 1,60 meter (5,24 feet)
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    Clothes style: skater/tomboy kind of clothes, also wears a bit more hippie clothes when she is in a very good mood and some special occasions.

  15. I have Violin lessons right now Ill fill mine out when I get back, I am just impressed with your English is all. Ill have my character be half German then maybe his family is military and just moved from Germany. (Meine Deutsch ist nicht so schlect ;) )
  16. haha ok :9 Well, the most Swedish people are pretty good in English since our languages are pretty similar and they teach us English from second grade :) Ooh Germany x) I studied that language for a year in second grade (like six years ago) I barely remember anything xD I can only "ich liebe dich" and I can count a bit x)

    No probs ^^ It's soon five in the morning here, I should probably go to sleep soon... Naah, who needs sleep anyways x) I'm reading hetalia, there's no time for sleep then x)
  17. Alright then I just got back from lessons, but I just don't feel it right now I know I sound like a dumb ass lol how about we start after you get some rest? or you can start the thread and post first if you wish, I just don't like first posts to be honest
  18. I fell alseep two hours ago, I'm so weak xD hahahah I think I will need to rest for a bit as you said x) I can post the first posts, I'll try to do it today but with so little sleep it's hard to say how the day will work out xD
    I'll send you a link when it's up :9
  19. Sounds good to me I just had to talk with a friend in need of some advice and am mentally exhausted from the day anyway, rest up and I think we are going to have a lot of fun!
  20. I were just out on a refreshing walk so while I'm still lively I thought I should write the post x)

    What should I name the thread?
    "the girl next door"
    "The story of us"
    Something else? x) I suck at naming roleplays so I often ask my partner for a name x)