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  1. What is the story of your username/avatar ? Their own story, not the one of how you found them, but the story of them.
    JIP is a Journey of Insane Power. A road that some characters set out on but never concludes. Many are devoured by the very powers they use, some get lost among the way. Few turn the road aside, earning sanity and peace of mind. But there are those that endlessly descend the ascension of Insane Power, becoming gods of chaos and order.
    Do you change this story when you feel like it ? Are you able to change the story of your own username ?
    Because while I may alter/refine, broaden or add to a usernames/avatars story, I am incapable of giving it a completely new one.
  2. Username: Danika

    Their story: Danika is the name of a female that has lived for quite some time and has gone through many hardships during her years. But despite how dark her life had become, she was always able to push on; becoming far stronger than she ever had before. Was she alone during these dark times? Not always. During her younger years she met a male that would later become one of the most important people of her life. It would be him that would teach her all she now knows. His love and happiness becoming the light that helped keep her going and did not allow her to fall deep into despair.

    Story of my avatar: Two beings that were meant to be nothing more than a master and his apprentice, end up realizing that they want to be more than that. Their love for the hunt, blood, death, and darker natures draws them together and bounds their love together. Their days are spent torturing and killing others. While their nights are spent in bed together, their sweat and blood covered bodies moving as one.

    Do you change this story when you feel like it: I could try to change the latter, but I am very happy with where they are now. Besides, they provide the changes all on their own. Bringing much interest and excitement to myself and the one who helped bring these two together.

    Are you capable of changing the story of your username: Absolutely! For my username is myself. Danika is my name, and I am very much capable of changing in any way I see fit.
  3. Crowsie is a cutesy diminutive of Crowsephone, which is a portmanteau of my favorite animal and favorite Greek goddess.

    My avatar is a scribble of one of my OCs my friend drew as a joke.

    There isn't really much of a reason to change any of it, so I don't.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.