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    What happens when someone takes storytime a tad too seriously?

    The species of man has many faces and many emotions. One of which is what we know as and refer to as fear. But while scientists can write off fear as something incredibly stressful that gets one's heart racing at a much more frequent pace, the definition lists it as follows.​

    1. 1.
      an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

    Society can dress up fear as something that's minimalist in it's effect upon one's emotional stability in any given time. But it's only hiding away what mankind has known since the first neanderthal looked up at another one holding a particularly large rock above his head. One could likely assume that what followed could easily have been labeled as something beyond unpleasant. But they don't because with the more acknowledgment that it gets, fear only becomes capable of popping out more and more. Spreading it's influence until it's effecting every facility of the average person's life routine. So to keep it at bay, society as a whole tries to hide how much fear effects them because it's been so engraved within the human psyche. When in fact it's more than healthy to feel fear.

    Those who celebrate spreading fear are then ostracized as insane for their way of thinking. But it's merely tearing down the facade that humanity has tried so hard to build up in trying to play down the severity of fear. It's not just the few people on the street who try to reveal the truth either. Movies like the 1959 classic such as The Tingler! make note of what fear is and come up with a solution while obviously not the truth, in the grand scheme of things it doesn't end up mattering. For the film achieves what it set out to do. Which is for people to give into their primal urges and be afraid. To feel the sweat coursing down their body and for every muscle to tense up as they shudder at the thought of what is to come next.

    As the times have changed however, the films have resorted to less than successful methods in bringing out the fear that we as a race try so hard to keep bottled up. Such as found footage films which have become a cliche in it of itself which has meant that it's begun to lose it's sheen on the crowd. The same has gone for gore-heavy films loaded with fanservice as well. Which in turns means it's not raking in the fear that's so desperately needed. Some have even begun to laugh at once what was considered scary.

    But fear finds a way to survive and it seems it's found it's nesting grounds within the decrepit manor you and the others stand before. It's known as an enigma to most of the people who live near it. For there have been no records saved about it's occupants and any attempt to try and enter it has lead to many disappearances. But yet the local authorities have done seemingly nothing to investigate this mysterious mansion.

    You and many others have been drawn to the location of this manor through different means for all of you, it didn't matter what you were doing beforehand. You suddenly felt a strong urge to follow whatever appeared before you to guide you. Perhaps it was someone close to you beckoning you to follow them, or you just felt yourself pushed along as if you were being guided by some invisible force. Upon arriving however, as your group draws closer, a foreboding wind runs along the manor's shingles rattling them and thumping against the boarded up windows. As it passes you, you can almost swear that you heard a child's voice within the chilling breeze pleading.

    "Don't go in! Don't end up like the unfortunate ones!"

    Before you can even fully comprehend what just occurred, the wind's long since sailed by. Almost as if to signify that was your final warning before approaching the manor any further. Even without taking into account the haunting wind, the place didn't exactly give off a warm and welcoming atmosphere to it.


    But you're more than brave enough to take on some stupid house! Throwing aside the potential warning given to you and your comrades by the haunting win you continue onward! As you get closer and closer with every step you take, it almost seems as if the scene around you is beginning to shift. The tree's branches loom over you like a multi-armed monstrosity with their twisted trunks accentuating the creature feel. But it's not like a couple of trees would stop you in what you had set out to do. If they had then what was the point of coming after all? You might as well have been sitting at home if trees were enough to scare you.

    As you take the first step upon the concrete steps, you notice a small cloud of dust is kicked up. It was clear that these steps hadn't been traversed in months or even years. You were so close though that you could almost smell the horror! Some words in the wind, gruesome trees, and friggin dust weren't going to deter you. Continuing forward, you and the others who had come of their own accord realized that this was the final stretch. All you had to do was open the door and you'd finally cross the threshold into the domain of true horror. But as you reach out to push the door open, you pause as the door is pushed open before you even make contact with it. It then began to rattle back and forth on it's hinges and just as you had with the wind, you can hear the shrill cry of a woman within the door's repeated slams.

    "Stay away! Stay away lest you be damned!!"

    While the normal and not to mention sane reaction may have been to heed the words and flee, just as before you and the others who had found themselves at the same destination would not find themselves wanting to leave this mansion. Warnings or no warnings they were entering this mansion one way or another! You file in one after another while you, the leader stays behind to gaze out upon the moonlit night before shutting the door behind you. Although none of you are capable of hearing it, the shrill cackling of an entity down within the expansive basement of the manor rang throughout it.

    With a thick book sitting upon his lap, he'd reach out a hand for a candle. Having a fresh match handy, he'd place the candle near him before lighting it. It was then the entity was revealed for all to see and what a sight it was.


    "Hehehehehe! Greetings, all you ghouls and boils! Some of you are likely too young to remember who I am but ohohoho rest assured I know who you are! Living as long as I have you don't really keep track of how many birthdays you've had but then again when you look like I do, I suppose you can't really call it living either! More like un-living! Hahahahahah! But kiddies, your old pal the CyrptKeeper has quite the tale to tell you! It involves all of you as a matter of fact! You see I've been out of the game for far too long and that's where you come in my little monsters in training" He'd snicker as he blew some of the dust off the book so that the title was now revealed.


    "You see I'm planning to make a comeback and you're all going to help me out! But of course first thing's first. I need a little information about you ghoulings! Me, for example I like to take long strolls on the DEAD Sea and see what floats up! Hehehehehe!"

    Welcome to the Story of the Unfortunate: an RP clearly inspired by one of my favorite shows Tale from the Crypt. It doesn't matter what world you or the others hail from, you've all been summoned here one way or another to help the Cryptkeeper in some manner? Of which your characters are left in the dark, believing this to be nothing more than a mansion that's been shrouded in too many urban myths to count. What exactly does he have planned for you? Come on in and see! Hehehehehe!






    Rules: To be quite honest I don't have too many rules behind what might be considered obvious. I don't wish for any sort of god-moding. So don't think that just because you play Goku it makes you invincible. Everybody's on an equal playing field here in regards to facing down enemies and the reason why will be explained in universe as the RP progress. The OOC/GM reason is so nobody's PCs are made useless in a battle scene or what have you. That's no fun for anyone and it isn't any fun for me to settle quarrels over POWAH LEVALS and the like. So please do try to keep discussion like that pretty low if you even feel some kind of desire to have it at all. If I feel any further rules might be necessary if the need arises I'll add them as I see fit.

    Any further questions ask me here or PM me!

    Once I feel I have an appropriate amount of people and feel settled enough with my GM Mojo, I'll kick things into high gear! I'm hoping you all greatly enjoy yourselves! ^_^

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  3. Name: Kotal Kahn

    Age: Very, very old.

    Canon: Mortal Kombat

    Personality: Brash, bold, and quick to anger, yet somehow also tactful and decisive when the situation truly calls for it.

    Strengths/Abilities: Insane strength, powers of the sun, blood magic.

    Fears: Defeat, being a bad leader, disappointing others, dishonor.

    Okay, so just, really quick sheet so it's actually done and decided, I'll add more details tomorrow if it's called for.
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  4. Nah that's fine, Forrest. Just need to wait for more people I guess! ^_^
  5. Cool, cool! If it's gonna take a while I may change characters later-ish. Not sure yeeeet.
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