The Story of Gypsy: The Sick and The Love

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    It's been so long since I last seen a doctor as I had little interest in my health. With no interest in my life I would play it off as I was scared of doctors, though I guess it was no lie since their smell did make me wary. That smell you would pick up at the hospital like too much chemicals have been used to clean it. The smell made me nauseous and oddly made me light headed like I could collapse at any moment if I closed my eyes. Until this day I never thought I would have to step into the hospital for myself and I have never thought about it's existence like it was a forbidden area. Forbidden just like Area 51 in Nevada. A hospital that was so close to me was yet so far.
    I been alone for the past four years with an occasional visitor as I ran away from home when I was younger. After I ran off, I been moving from home to home trying survive during a cold harsh winter as getting a spot on a couch was never easy. But if there were moments where a place to sleep was simple, getting a job wasn't as I had to go from job to job due to poor habits or inability to pull through with a factory. I once worked at a factory making gun parts but after a month I was fired since my eyesight was poor to pick out metal shavings in some of the smallest areas. I don't think that was their real reason as my sub-boss came up to me apologizing saying; " ...I know you are not happy here, please go do something you like. I have seen the stuff you did to your car with the airbrushing. Go pursue a job in painting cars." It was nice at first that she cared how I felt because she was right; I wasn't happy. What she didn't know was I was in an Autobody Shop painting cars and I was "laid off" along with six other men which was the cause of becoming homeless. Can't pay rent? You don't get chances, not around here. Economy is just too poor now days. My last job was a Sushi Bar as a waitress, $3.00 an hour plus tips which were split between three other people leaving me with nothing. I couldn't understand shit they said and I was getting frustrated being smacked on the ass by the Boss. Throwing my stupid hat to the ground, I walked off and got into my car heading off. I had no where to go at this time and was living in my car so I regretting leaving as now I had no cash coming in. That was until I got a phone call from a friend.


    "Heather it's ---. Are you still trying to get out of the hell hole?"
    "Just did, that place was shit. Though I probably shouldn't of, why?"
    "Got you a place at my work, Oil Changing. Meet me at ------, then I will guide you there."
    "With my led foot, I'll be there in ten."
    "Careful, ---- Crew is out. You know --- hates you."

    Car crews, I remember they use to be like a family despite import or export in Hungary. Not here, if you didn't have a car like theirs; you were not respected. I was way off the charts as I had a 98' Pontiac Grand AM and anyone who says you couldn't modify those, you're wrong. Unfortunately I was the only one in my area as the next Pontiac crew was in PA. Only crew I had were my friends but they respected me because I kicked heavy ass on the freeway. I started to head out towards the meet up location and I made it there easily, my friend's MR2 was awaiting my arrival in the empty parking lot. We didn't converse as we refuse to talk to each other much due to some issues which were not issues at all but we didn't want to be thrown out of the whole car scene and agreed to keep low letting no one know we were hanging out almost every other day. My friend and I were heading out towards his job but he took a wrong turn. He was a drifter, I was a dragster and I was faced with a straight shot uphill, S curve. Before I could get his attention he flew off going near 90MPH as I tried to go at least 50MPH. The roads were wet with black ice around, my friend was out of site near the top and I was alone or I thought.
    Coming up behind me was a Honda Accord, someone I can hear miles away as his exhaust sounded like grenade launcher being used each time he shifted up a gear. At first I couldn't remember who it was but as it got closer I got a glimpse of his face, it was indeed an "enemy" to put it simply. I didn't know why he was out this way though since it wasn't his "usual area and the roads were discreet but when he flew pass me nearly hitting me I had turned slightly left to avoid the bastard. Thought I was in the clear just for a split second then I hit black ice. Lost complete control of my car as I was at all disadvantages possible and headed straight into pole or tree I couldn't tell. Since I didn't want to go straight into the object as it would result in a higher chance of death, I tried to maneuver the car sideways but I don't remember touching the steering wheel. The last feeling I had was that of being lifted up from impact being tossed to the passenger side. I can't say I passed out since I watched it all happen and on top of that I walked out of that car like I was never in the accident. The state of shock, when you don't feel shit till the day after. For a moment I stood on the side of the road looking straight ahead confused. With screeches ahead my friends quickly returned rushing up to me putting his arms around me. At first I didn't say anything but I guess I gone a little insane as I said;

    "---, I got rid of that P.O.S!"
    He laughed at me as he agreed but reminded me it was in the worst way possible. The Honda was gone, --- stood before me with a face of worry and I stood there lost. I was uninsured as it is too expensive so we took a quick look at the car seeing that the impact was directly on the gas tank releasing it, windows were shattered and the steering column dropped. It 'Jinx" the Pontiac was totaled. We drove to his house to grab some towing equipment but as we got to the top of the hill a cop was coming down and not just any cop, one of this guys with "d----bag" as their nametag. We just prayed he wouldn't notice being an average lazy cop he was, when we got back...He was there waiting for me. I was starting to feel the impact, I was in the back of a cop car waiting to be released, bleeding and light headed. My friend was in a panic in his car calling up another one of our friends. Three cop cars later, one of them asked if I needed an ambulance.
    "No why?"
    "Well ma'am you were just in a car accident and you are bleeding on your hand and face."
    "Oh...Well no I am fine. Thank you."
    I didn't want to cause any trouble especially now so I remained polite. When he shut the door back in my face I looked at my hand, disaster. My face...It probably got fixed. An hour that seemed like five passed and I was released with a court date. My car was towed for scrap and I was fu--ed up. No job, fines of $300 that I couldn't pay and no car/home. My friend walked me back to his car, we drove around to calm me down then eventually went home.
    The next morning I woke up in a scream! My leg and hip were in crucial pain, my hair has fallen out in one spot, my eyes could not open. I struggled to find my phone to make a call as I demanded for Skyvi (An App Like Sirius)
    "Skyvi make a phone call!
    "Who would you like to call?"
    "Calling ---"
    When my friend from yesterday answered I sounded like a hyped up drunk in tears. I managed to focus and tell him what was going on but since he was too far away he called another person who lived just down the road though I did not know them at the time. Him and his wife knocked on my door asking for me, I just screamed in pain. They rushed me to the hospital which was also just up the road. I didn't want to go as for a moment I begged not to but the pain was overwhelming. At the hospital I was made aware that I had glass in my eyes, a hip fracture, cut in my hair line and bruises and strains everywhere else. I actually didn't notice the glass in my eyes the day before, I figured since I was in such a state of shock I just didn't notice anything...
    Till this day I have now made a new home; in the hospital. I recently just got done with a physical exam and was in my room still a little sore in the eyes as they also recently removed the glass from them. I was told that the doctor would be back shortly with some new results though I doubt it as it was already getting late. I laid there in bed watching the sunset go down on the fourth floor of the hospital...
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    Mason pushed his cart through the quiet hallway. The walls and floor were sterile and shiny because that is how he kept them. The brilliant florescent lights seemed to accent the cold and clean reality of the hospital. He stopped by the service elevator in his pressed navy blue coveralls and pushed the call button. As his hand dropped back to the handle on his cart, Mason took a moment to pause. His blue eyes closed and he allowed his head to come down and his chin to rest on his chest. Deep breath; inhale, hold and exhale.

    Ding. The elevator car arrived and the doors slid open with the hushed scrap of metal on metal muffled by grease and masked by little brushes along the edge of the doors. Mason pushed his cart in, turned around and hit the button which would take him to the fourth floor. Lake West Hospital wasn’t huge by any standards but it was a good sized building. Mason was responsible for cleaning floors three and four every day. It was a thankless job but it was also anonymous so long as he did a good job. One always gets attention when they screw up. He didn’t mind. His life wasn’t the greatest but it was far better than it was in the recent past. However, it would never be as good as it was a long time ago.

    Ding. The elevator arrived at the fourth floor and the doors opened again. Mason pushed his cart out into the hallways and made his way for the far end by the stairs. This was down near the patients’ rooms and generally wasn’t too dirty. Fortunately, the bathrooms in the rooms were done on a rotating schedule so as not to disturb the patients. It was like a lottery only there were never any winners just some janitors were bigger losers than others. Mason has had a few nightmares to clean up but none like some of the stories he has heard and he was grateful for that. He stopped his cart by the lonely window that looked out over the parking structure and went about performing his custodial duties.

    Mason set out a sign that said ‘Caution: Wet Floor’. He then began to mix his chemicals in a bucket full of water with a ringer on the top. He drew his mop like a long sword and dunked it into the bucket. He swished the fabric around and drew it into the ringer. He used his calloused hands well and leaned his weight into the ringer arm. The splashing of water back into the bucket seemed to ring down the corridor. Mason had been doing this for a while and everything reflected this aspect. His motions were calculated, smooth and methodical. He began to mop the pale green tile floor stopping only to dunk the mop, ring the excess water and repeat. He moved steadily down the hall making sure to drop a wet floor sign every fifteen feet. He made no noise as he worked. He did not whistle. He did not hum. He just worked.
  3. The hospital made me light headed from the smell and all the noise around me was annoying me. Afar I could hear the elevator make a "dinging" sound as people got on and off. Then there were carts being pushed around that either contained food, computers, or cleaning supplies. Worst of all was the beeping machines near me as they rung in my ear. I wanted to push them away, toss them out the window or even ram them into someone due to built up anger. As it got later in the day, the sunset began to make it's last reach for survival. It's been awhile since I took the time to really reconnect with the beautiful sites around me like the sunset. It's dieing rays shined in my eyes but as it's rays begun to die in my eyes, so did I.
    That night I had very few hours of sleep as I was deep in thought for most of the night. Few of my friends from the car crew came to visit to see how I was doing as they caught wind from --- that I was in the hospital. They did not stay long which I understood, but what really bothered me was none of my family visited. My Grandfather who I looked up to the most ever since my father left when I was little eventually turned me into a ghost. I didn't exist to him. At first I wasn't sure why then I came to the conclusion I just wasn't worthy to be is "Little Girl" any longer knowing how he turned down his daughter (My mother). My Cousin claimed to be too tired half the time and working, Mother and I didn't get along at the time as she wished for my death two months prior, and My Uncle had no information on me which was no ones fault in that case. The Blood Family turned their backs on me once again it felt, the Car Family tried to peak in from time to time but I was eager to get a hold of my adopted family. I just wanted some form of family to be there, my foster mother or brother even my friend who has been nothing but a brother. I cried that night as I was facing my deepest yet secret fear of being alone. After many years of being rejected by the Blood Family, I grew strong enough to be comfortable alone but I always wanted to be with someone; Love, Friends something or someone. So the more I thought about it the more I was hurt. I think that night I wanted a Mother more than anything to sit by my bedside and smile down at me. Tell me that everything will be okay, not to walk off on me, be there...
    Suffering in my own thoughts throughout the night, morning came creeping up slowly. The new sun's rays welcomed me gently as it climbed above the horizon. Well hello there sun. I wish I could be reborn each day just like you...

    Few doctors came in that morning checking up on me, they wanted to do tests and x-rays but I had no interest. Instead I just asked for my breakfast ignoring all they said to me...
  4. A nurse popped into Heather’s room with a soft knock. She was a sweet girl but not the brightest bulb on the porch. The RN’s name was Sandra and she was carrying a tray of food for Heather. It was a simple meal with very little seasoning. Scrambled eggs with a tiny pancake sat on a plate next to a small bowl of chunked oranges and pineapple. There was a small cup of coffee and a tiny bottle of orange juice. She smiled seeing that Heather was awake and uttered a soft and polite “Good morning, Heather.” She took a few steps into the room and tripped over an untied shoelace. The food launched into the air and came crashing down in a line stretching from a few feet inside the door all the way to the bed. Fortunately, the food did not land on the linens or the patient. Sandra flushed bright red and began to scramble about making more of a mess than actually picking up the food. She spat out apologies and seemed to be getting redder as the moments wore on. “I’m so sorry, dear. I’m such a klutz. Uuugh! I’ll go get the janitor to clean this up and I’ll bring you some more food. Okay?” She forced a smile but it was evident that the girl was mad at herself. In truth, Sandra was known for dropping things. It’s one of the reasons she handled unimportant things like food and bed pans as opposed to needles and IVs.

    The nurse disappeared out of the room in a huff and marched down the hall. Her rubber soled shoes squeaked every time the right foot lifted from the tile. She strode up to Mason who was beginning to pack everything up. He had cleaned the whole floor and was about to head back to the supply closet when he heard the squeaking sounds. He looked up and sighed with a half-smile. “Dropped another one, eh Sandy?” He was not irritated. He had become accustomed to extra work when the girl was around. Sandra flushed deeply once more but this time it was because the stellar blue eyes of Mason pierced her to her core. “Y-yes. Yeah. Umm, would you mind?” She wrung her hands together in front of her and cocked her head to the side. Mason reached a hand out and put it on her shoulder and gave a quick squeeze. “You know I don’t, Sandy. Which room?” The girl stifled a nervous giggle at his touch and stared at him with starry eyes. “421. Thanks Mason, you’re the best.” She waited a moment and then turned on her heel and made for the kitchen once more.

    Mason shook his head and walked to the front of his cart. He pushed it down the hall and stopped outside room 421. The door was still cracked and he could see the food all over the place. He shook his head and went to work. He grabbed a broom and his dustpan on a stick. He knocked three times on the door and leaned his head towards the opening. “Clean-up crew.” He opened the door a bit wider and stepped inside the room. He looked at Heather and smiled that half-smile again. He didn’t mind his job. Rather, he enjoyed his work. The truth was simply that he lacked any real joy in his life and tried very hard to be pleasant. “Is it alright with you if I clean up this mess?”
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