The Story of a Fantasy Land

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  1. The name is a work in progress, don't judge man... >.>

    The idea I have for this story is a combination of Naruto and various medieval fantasy stories all of us had read as children, it would feature our characters growing up from kids into young adults while going through training and possibly fighting things. The real treat comes when they become adults, then a lot of drama begins to occur.

    Especially threats arising and it becoming more tense than before as they are injured and some may die somehow..

    *Ahem* In other words, I want us to create characters and raise them from children to adults so we can all have an all emotional attachment to them and whenever they die we don't care and just continue on.

    It would also feature adventure later on, and not just staying in one place the whole time.

    *Is the Medieval Fantasy genre, nothing close to Naruto*
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  2. Interested... I have a nice bio, but I want to run it by the group when we get more interest. PM me if you want to duo the RP with me, and I'll watch the thread!

    <3 Lyli
  3. I am interested. Love the emotional attachment idea.
  4. Oh, hooray! People are interested! ;D
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  5. Knights, peasants, and bandits, Ohh my!
  6. I like the idea, but I'd want to hear more about the world they're in and what sort of organization they're a part of before I commit. ^^
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  7. I'd need a little more detail too... Especially on the magic portion. =3
  8. Nice . can i join
  9. Image (open)



    Astrid von Black




    Physicaly young, but mentally mature, Astrid sets herself apart from others and tends to figure things out on her own. She's a solitary creature, and finds solace in her own imagination.

    Astrids parents, nobles in a distant land, sent her to the academy at a young age. They expect her to excel at her studies, and be cultured into a fine young woman before she returns to take her place at her mother and fathers side.

    Though Astrid resents being sent away, she cant help but want to succeed, despite her anger, and confusion at being sent away. She hopes one day to return to her own cold land, far north of the academy, and not only take her place in the golden/white court of her father, but take her fathers place.

    Astrid was born, not so long ago, to two nobles in the northern lands. Being relatively new nobles, her parents decided they needed to build a strong basis for their claim, not only with monetary power, but with military and economic strength as well.

    When Astrid was born, she was the only child. Her father was distressed that he'd not had a son, but her mother convinced him this was not entirely a bad thing. Someday, little Astrid would be a grown woman, and would be able to marry into another nobles family, connecting two houses...

    Not long after her sixth birthday, Astrid had a little brother. She was quickly moved from the main castle to a monastery where she learned to read and write. Years later, on her tenth birthday, she was told she would be moving to an academy far away to prepare her for her duties to her family... She hadn't seen her mother in two years, or even seen her brother.

    Astrid was taken by horse and cart through the snowy passes of the north, to the academy where she would stay for the next eight years...
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  10. Nice character! Though you should put 11-18 at least so people wont be confused.. x3

    Also, as you told me, she has already done her first year. Correct?

    Oh, and by the way people, I'm going to put an explanation for stuff in a second.
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  11. Mhmm. Already into her first year of the academy
  12. The idea is all of these kids are at a school that teaches them swordplay, and magic, including bows. They are training them to become knights, wizards, or archers. There are eight years, beginning from the age of 10. They will face many challenges and discover many secrets about the school their time there. But it doesn't end after they graduate!
    Now, it is in a medieval fantasy world and they have goblins, elves, trolls, giants, unicorns, griffons, etc.

    Magic is elemental, and there are also various other spells like the force push or various curses that will kill a person on impact. There are two kinds of wizards. The ones who have to use a conduit such as a staff to contain the magic, and then there's the gifted ones who only have to use their mind and their body to control it.

    Both are fairly equal though, and each have their weaknesses.

    I might put up more soon.
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  13. Telepathy??? =D
  14. Telepathy is a forbidden skill and it can warp the mind of the person who uses it! xD

    DON'T DO IT.
  15. Awwh... I <3 Telepathy
  16. If you want your character to go insane.. well, be my guest. :P
  17. Crazy LylI is already Crazy... XD
  18. I really wanna start writing, but someone else has to have a character before we can start!

    Also, smartypants here has to write out the scenery for the academy, and write in HIS character... So lets all get writing, so we don't' stall out! =D
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