The Storm of Chaos.

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    Scythe never had much of a home to go to after that...accident...Or was it really an accident?Who knew...Scythe hardly could care ,she didn't have a bond with those people,who claimed to be her 'family' anyway. She had also never thought she could have been traumatized by the 'accident' that occurred with her "family",that day almost made it seem like she was heartless. When the truth was she just didn't know how to take it,she never took anything seriously probably why she didn't care they all died in the first place. When she was younger she knew how different she was just never could grasp what it was that made her so different,being raised around the ways of the Church her 'brother' loved so much.
    Letting out a breath,she stopped walking and looked to the darkening sky,and pondered something she didn't do often.Scythe's eyes flashed downward as she felt something rub against her ankle lightly and vibrate and purr,a rather small and fluffy black kitten."Why are you so attracted to something such as me,you too must be a fiend who does not get people."She grinned picking the small creature up.It didn't look but several weeks old and it reminded her of her missing cat,the one that was engulfed by her shadow. That single thought made her remember how everything had started.
    The day she turned eighteen, her entire family was killed by a mysterious man. At the time they had lived on Venus, after Earths resources had been used up and destroyed by war Venus was one of the many planet that evolved to harbor humans. Mainly hunters of all kinds were born and bred here. Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters, Treasure hunters,ect. Kishiiora, her name at the time, sat in her room closed off to the rest of the household for more reasons than one. Later that day a knock was heard through the young woman's door."What do you want you liar?"Kishiiora asked ,not sound mad at all but rather playful, but inside she was seething with rage."Come on down stairs it's movie night." She heard a sigh and then feet retreating down the stairs. Kishiiora followed after but stood at the top of the stairs,as she heard screams of pure terror and agony, she slowly walked down the stairs and the scene before her was gruesome. Her father's body was ripped into pieces and his flesh torn from his rib cage and various other places on his body laid about the floor, blood decorated the walls and claw marks designed his face. In that moment her features were lacking any type of emotion, as her golden orbs landed on her mother's destroyed corpse. Her face didn't even look recognizable, her arms and legs ripped off like they had played tug of war with, her ribs looked like they had caved in from some sort of pressure and blood had stained the counters and tables in the living room. Bones broken and had pierced through the skin of her mother, it would have been disgusting for anyone else to see but to her it was like a movie scene that had been set up for a specific part. Vengence.
    It was a massacre, the man didn't seem to care, he had made a mess of her parents, as she stared her eyes held humor and a smile so wide littered her features spelling out M.A.G.N.I.F.I.C.E.N.T ,and the shadowed man ran out in a rush not even noticing her."Well...that was interesting. What will I do now?"She mumbled coming back to reality, her only thought was to find what she was to do with herself at that moment.. However, she caught a good glimpse of her parent's murderer. She would play the role he wanted of her, she was already in love with theatrics, and she did act so very well.
    When she finally grasped her thoughts of action together, she'd become grief stricken, enraged, and vengeful, but knew that with her low grade combat skills, she would probably die without succeeding in her mission. Her cousin, Culisin, who was a bounty hunter, offered to train her in the ways of an assassin, and Kishiiora eagerly accepted.
    After a few months, she deemed herself ready to face the deadly man. It took her six months, but she finally found the killer, he was part of the some company of rogue hunters and on a job. They fought viciously, and the duel eventually caused some destruction of the town they were in, Selephas it was called.. At the end of the fight, Kishiiora had the drop on the assassin, so she took her chance to stab him in the throat with the dagger she had hidden in her coat, killing him almost instantly. She disposed of the body by throwing it in a field not far from the town, her role for vengeance finally being fulfilled. After that, she began bounty hunting , scrounging up money with whatever job she was offered. Soon after she became one of the most known hunters. Her tactics and skill were renown. Then came the Mercenaries.They began taking up all the profit, drowning the Bounty hunters in their accomplishments. While they faded into the background Scythe gave in and decided she would choose money over any and everything. She was granted the job of being a Merc and she made a few acquaintances she could trust, but no other Merc could be truly trusted 'cause you never know who you'll end up killing at the end of the day.
    Scythe sighed it was the very memory that made her kinda smile,she did truly think that time in her life had made the waves of fate fall at her feet.Though her name had faded in to the abyss of her mind over the years. As a mewing reached her ears ,she looked down shushing the small kitten that rested in her arms,again she began walking down the street which was surrounded by nothing but dark trees. Glancing down in her arms she grinned,"I think I've found me a new friend to remind me of that very interesting day." Right now Scythe Crow had her mind on the new client and the group that had taken the young boy. She had already deflected from the group of thugs and it cause them to want her head personally, not that it was a concern of hers anyway. She did it for the money, she didn't care how many men Quindal had. It was about how much she would get paid for the job she was given,of course that's if she lived to receive her earnings. She just played her part as long as she got her shit by the end of the day. She jubilantly walked over to the wall her expensive golden trimmed boots pounding over the ground while her gold trimmed black jacket waved behind her. It revealed the soft but cold flesh of her body, the many parts of exposed flesh being caressed by the cold crisp air of the coming night. Her torso only cover by skimpy armor,or in other words light armor that sill exposed the supple flesh of her breasts. At her right hip lie her cutlass ,Skull, a lovely masterpiece , as it seemed bare white crystals on the hilt with the carving of a skull with a rose in it's mouth on the blade,it was truly beautiful just as it's owner. Her revolver called, Rose ,was also made with the same white crystals, a small image on the gun mimicking the blade.She was ready to swing at anyone who dared challenged her. Her double edged scythe hanging by its strap on her left shoulder.With confidence in her every stride she spun on her heels and leaned gracefully,with a slight thud ,against the cold brick wall of the area. She still held the now sleeping kitten in her arms keeping the warmth only for him since the cold had not bothered her much. Pulling out a cigarette and placing it between her luscious dark painted lips and light it ,all with one hand. As she stood by the door of the bar her body could feel the coming of impending doom,"Something has got to be wrong today, oh well,I just better get paid..."After a moment she slightly laughed at what she said she'd kill her own contractor to get paid. Sad..but true.
    For moment's she had awaited a sign, from what exactly?
    That damned Achilles..That damn creature gave her more trouble than it was worth but this situation was a difficult one, it was hard being a Reaver on Venus, a planet that had never seen one before. He stood out like a sore thumb. He had the body of a feline covered in sleek black fur, agile and flexible. His cat like face would have been used for mauling a person but the creature had the pride of a man, he did not bite and claw like most animals he fought with a weapon, a steel master dagger that was often found strapped to his holster. The difference between him and old Earth felines was that Reavers were more complex genetically, they had the loyalty of a dog mixed with the intelligence of man or woman. He could understand orders and mad his own tactical choices for what he believed suited him. Coming across him after she had killed her 15th client for not paying her,Achilles boldly followed her onto the ship and they had been together every since even if she at first detested him being. Though she had got the notion he understood her way, he'd even saved her life a few times. Achilles was a most reliable and intelligent ally and she honored him for that very reason.He was in danger if he had not come back by now. With a deep sigh she sat the small kitten away from the bar. She would have sat it in her ship but those Thugs had rewired it and locked down her ship and she was no mechanic.
    Entering the bar she had pulled out her cutlass , there was a gasp from a coward that would be his last as a swift swing to his throat caused blood to sputter from his neck, turning from him another came screaming his battle cry with his small knife as if to cut her but she would be damned. A left fist to his adam's apple making him choke and stumble back , her silver blade following closely after him to cut across his chest. Oh yes, she would get paid..
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    The room felt congested, the moving mass of stumbling, shuffling bodies seeming to flow as one. The chatter of many voices filled the dimly lit space, a symphony of harsh cursing and barking laughter as friends, comrades and rivals shared stories and banter. The strong scent of alcohol and smoke hung in the air, weaving its way in and around the room, permeating clothing and hair so strongly that the smell would linger for years to come. If the occupants of the room hadn't been dumb and blinded from the poison willingly drunk, perhaps they might have felt the uneasiness that had slunk its way into their bubble of rancour and filth. A small void in the sound of men enjoying a night drinks. A silence that enveloped a small corner of their otherwise jubilant outing. A silence draped in red with a wicked smile.

    Tonight would be the night. Oh how he'd been waiting for this. It had taken so long to gain their trust. So many nights of feigning drunken bliss while he sipped water. Nights filled with stories shared that weaved lies with silver lining into the ears of thickheaded muscle heads with too many stims in their systems. Filled with fake companionship with men who were in desperate need of a dictionary. But it was all worth it. Every moment of feigned bliss covering increasing annoyance. Everything leading up to this one brilliant moment when all their trust was turned against them. It made the whole ordeal, the time and effort and planning, so much sweeter.

    However, it seemed that fate had another design in mind, for it sent something his way. Not a thing, a who, and this who, this one person unravelled the carefully woven knot he had constructed. With nothing to hold them together, the threads fell apart into a complete mess. Lyth watched in stunned stillness as this unknown woman tore her way through the crowd, a flash of silver gliding through flesh as she cut down men, leaving them nothing but a rapidly cooling body. Anger flared up inside his chest. The more he watched the more that flame was fanned, bringing about an inferno, itching to strike. The red stained silver flashed again, moving closer. Without so much a glance at the fallen bodies, Lyth stepped up to greet her.

    A clash of metal rang through the air, everything falling silent in the moment the two swords sung. He caught the woman's eyes, staring into their coldness and seeing nothing. No surprise, no hate, just a bitter emptiness. It infuriated him. There was no joy in her acts. There was nothing, and yet she still unravelled everything. "You're going to wish you hadn't done that." His voice low, rolling with the undercurrents of his anger and frustration. He pulled back from the stalemate, altered his footing, and brought his sword swinging, the metal whistling through the air as it sang for blood.
  3. There was a sudden clash, the sound ringing in her ears activating her spirit, the very thing that laid in wait behind her eyes. The dull look in her eyes had become something more excited tinted with curiosity. A curl had found a way to the corners of her maroon painted lips, oh this was it, someone who would fight her back. He seemed infuriated and frustrated, even more so as he looked into her eyes. Haha! Her? She was going to wish she hadn't done what? Her job?
    "Meow.." She cooed playfully, not even flinching at his words they had fallen on deaf ears as he clashed blade against blade with her.
    No time for words as he had stanced himself, gracefully his sword soared through the air, her own swiftly sailing upward to parry his coming attack. Oh yes, he was beautifully skilled she could see it in his movement. Sheathing her sword she had brought out her double edged scythe, reveling in it's beauty. He would get a fight if he was looking for it. He could not have been one of Quindal's men, he was too talented to be a thug, and that look to kill in his eyes, none match his desire for her death.
    Her hips had begun to sway seductively ,her free hand slightly hitting just be low the side of her thigh while she done so, any one who would have seen her would have wondered what exactly she was doing at a time like this but t'was doubtful she would care. In her other hand rested her weapon waving with her movements grazing across the skin of her leg every now and again.
    This long pause irritating her so she charged forward ,then she hastily spun and attempted cut her blade across his chest ,which produced a humming sound as it sliced through the air. Scythe kept her eyes locked with his ,mind focused as she vertically slashed his way. Scythe moved away quickly, the distance not to far from him but far enough.
    Brilliant golden orbs gazed tastily at at their prey, the beholder of those vibrant orbs swaying her hips seductively again, though it was rather unintentional on her part. Her adrenaline was running high as she purred ever so loudly, her right hand running though those green and red locks of hers,that grin on her luscious painted lips telling of her excitement. She was on the hunt and now how to capture and devour her prey was another story. The woman desired a challenge, her hunger to kill wanted a reason to tear her target apart. It was the thrill of the hunt, reason she was damn good at her job. The woman continued as she paced back and forth left to right waiting for her prey to return the favor. Her spirit singing the song of war. Victory on her mind, but the need for battle on her heart! The song of war was loud and clear, and it only instigated her want for a fight.
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