The storm is brewing...

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  1. What I want:
    -another person, obviously
    -one with a mind open to various things, such as plot twists and pace changes
    -a place to brainstorm, probably the messages thingo up the top there
    -someone willing to have some fun

    So! Who's with me! Yes yes, it isn't as detailed as you'd like, but hey! Perhaps the title is some foreshadowing...
    Okay, alright. I'm just really big on developing people and the world around them. Shoot me a PM or post here if you're interested!
  2. Hey! You still up for a roleplay?
  3. Hey, I'm interested if you still want someone
  4. I'm interested
  5. This looks like it could be fun, are you looking for more people to do this with? And can I ask what the genre is (fantasy, post-apoc, sci-fi, etc)?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.