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  1. ((IC))

    Fifty years ago, the Last Standers – the self-proclaimed ‘last super villians in the galaxy’ were destroyed, along with their least remaining base of operations, the Dark Sentinel Satellite. Initially, the world rejoiced, and many celebrations were held, with the superheroes there being the guests of honour. But, as the years went on, people began to wonder – just how much did they need the heroes they hailed? Five years, and a huge amount of money had been spent just keeping the superhero organisations throughout the world running. People began to question just how useful keeping up the funding was, the point being raised frequently all over the world.

    East Europe and the Soviet Union were the first to go. Though a superpower, they still had to prioritise. And, as it stood, an ineffective and notably expensive team of super humans and aliens provided nothing but a drain on resources. However, it was widely believed that they would be needed once again, even if they refused to be used as tools of war – for the most part. Thus, they were still allowed to act independently, but they could not expect any funding to happen. Meanwhile, the Protector Association – Western Europe and the USA’s own superhero force was having its usefulness debated fiercely, but it could only end one way. But, just like their Communist counterparts, the superheroes were allowed to act, just without funding.

    And, many months after the worldwide fund-cutting, a politician appealed to the world, trying to convince the world that he was correct, that his predictions would fall into place if his words were not heeded.
    “Superheroes may be heroes for now,” Leonard Johnson had said, “But they still feel emotions. What happens when they get angry, and there’s no villain for them to take it out on? Do we really want a legion of angry, invincible men and women, bearing down upon us?”
    The people laughed at his concerns, with representatives for the super community reassuring the public that things would be fine.
    Of course, the wiser ones knew to fear the power they had – most were still human in mind, if not body.

    Captain Cannon and Platinum Cross. Two of the most well-respected heroes of their day, but even angels can fall. And these did so, with no grace in their violent descent. A misunderstanding came to shouting, shouting grew to threats, and threats came to blows. And when those two came to blows, one must keep in mind that these are two of the most powerful of Earth’s heroes in the same area. Needless to say, the immediate area was flattened. Hundreds of casualties, with a huge amount injured. Nobody knows what really happened to the two after that. Hiding, execution, exile – they seemed to just vanish off the face of the Earth. However, over the next few months, superhero behaviour seemed to take a turn for the worse. Sure, casualties were few and far between, but the matter had stood itself up, loud and clear – and Leonard would have his case.

    Years later, the ‘Superhero Limiter Act’ was passed, disallowing independent superhero activity from taking place. Superheroes would need to get the permission of an appropriate authority to act, or else face trial by the international court. However, no superhero activity had been documented since that day. It was as if they just vanished off the face of the Earth, with nobody around to miss them. The golden age of superheroes had ended long ago, but this was the cherry on the cake.

    We skip forward to the present day. NASA has received messages from an alien source, and all forms of media are buzzing with excitement at what this could mean. Meanwhile, a well-known billionaire recluse begins a trip around the world. He’s been under a lot of stress lately, so nobody blames him, or pays him much heed.

    And then the message is de-encrypted. As it turns out, it’s a declaration of war against Earth, by an alien race known as the La-Keds. And, with the superheroes not affected by aging out of commission, and the rest either dead or too old to be of any use, the fate of the Earth looks grim. And when the first party from the Vanguard appears, and bullets and explosions don’t seem to harm them, who will step up to the plate, and defend Earth?
    The Stonewall Bastion – a collection of greenhorn superheroes, comprised of teenagers and young adults, all ready to kick some alien arse.

    You see, the billionaire wasn’t even of our world – he was a refugee, fleeing form the La-Keds, his people conquered. Now, he had found the only place safe from them – the Falligreyan Watchtower. A space station suspended in a pocket between dimensions, the establishment’s existence defied reality itself, but this was something a Falligreyan had to burden. They commanded knowledge incomprehensible to most physical beings, and though their abilities to manipulate spacetime were weak, their knowledge allowed for technology that could open and close gaps in the space time continuum at will. And it is here, that our heroes and heroines shall reside, waiting for that call to arms.

    Signup Form

    Name: Self explanatory
    Gender: No Patrick, mayonnaise is not a gender. Horse radish is not a gender either Patrick.
    Species/Race: If you want to be something that isn’t a human. Hey, you’re a superhero/heroine, who’s judging?
    Age: Please keep it 13-21. And don’t pull the old ‘older than he/she looks’ thing, the whole point is them learning how to use their powers effectively.
    Birthplace/World: Helps a bit.

    Appearance: What your character looks like. Please try and make this as detailed as possible. Pictures are allowed, but you must still include a text description.

    Personality: You know, what makes your character who they are. How they’d react to a situation, how they normally act, things like that.

    History: Your character’s life up until this point.

    Powers and Abilities

    Power(s): What’s your character’s power? For the sake of fairness, please try and make it fair. That means allowing us to get a fair share of the action, as opposed to you just beating everything and taking all the glory. Also, invulnerability is disallowed. If something comes with the power that makes sense (like a psychic or a genius having resistance to telepathic attacks), you're welcome to include it. Just don't go overboard. Oh, and superhuman endurance should be reserved for those with powers requiring them to get up-close and personal, but who's counting?

    Acquisition: Though this should be in your history, how did your character get their powers?

    Techniques: Does your character have any signature moves as a result of their powers?

    Costume: The most important one of all.

    Current Participants

    Cuddly Heavy - John Marsh/Olympian
    Psychadelic - Tamsin WIlloughby/Paragon
    Phantazaeke - Biǎomèi dì měirényú/Mei
    Quiet One - Cody Steele/Alloy
    Young Wonderman - Stephen Fletch/Astonishman II
    Super - Maxine Hill

    Notable NPCs

    The Continuum Conundrum - Stonewall Bastion leader
  2. Name: John Marsh/Olympian II
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 16
    Birthplace/World: London, England, Earth

    Appearance: Standing at a proud five-foot eight, John has quite the athletic build. Slim and toned, his body is well-suited to the running his powers entail, and it doesn’t hurt his chances with the ladies. Not that he has much of a chance at them in the first place, but the point is, his body is typical of runners, fast as he is. His skin, though it is as pale as one would expect someone from his country to be, is actually slightly more tanned than the average. However, this is actually down to genes, as opposed to actually standing out in the sun.

    Possessing a head of jet-black hair, John has made sure to keep it in a style that keeps his face clear and free from stray follicles. In other words, he keeps it cut short. A few inches at most, though he may grow it out for special occasions. His eyes, always sparking with some kind of activity, are a pale blue not particularly notable in any way whatsoever, and apart from them looking as if they’re charged with some sort of potent energy, there’s nothing special about them. Being the age he is, John seems to have the beginnings of a messy stubble on his chin, though it is not at a degree that warrants shaving yet.

    When it comes to clothing, John prefers to keep it simple, and inconspicuous. He also prefers to keep it practical, in case of emergency. What this means, is that his clothes are usually without designs, and are usually in single colours. Darker colours at that. The exception to this rule are his jeans, navy blue in colour, and slightly loose. Not the most practical for athletics, but considering he refuses to use his powers outside of superhero duties, this hardly matters. Concerning footwear, he dons a pair of black lace-up trainers, in a decent condition. The grips are a bit worn, but not enough to matter much.

    Confident almost to the point of being over-confident, John tends to favour diving into a situation and playing by ear, as opposed to patiently waiting and forming a plan. However, he still knows that he has his limits, even if he is eager to push himself beyond them. He just can’t handle standing still when he knows that he could be doing something, even if it’s just scouting an area, or tailing a suspicious individual. If he sees someone in danger, and if he sees no harm in it, he will at least attempt to suit up, and rush to the rescue.

    Civilian life is a different matter for Marsh. Considering keeping his identity secret a top priority, due to there being people he actually bothers to care about, and there being some sort of reputation he must keep up, he does his utmost to remain inconspicuous. And, by reputation, I mean his reputation for having no special characteristics worthy of one. This is, he considers, the best disguise – if nobody knows who he is, even if he shows his face, nobody will know how to take advantage if this knowledge. Given that he was still a registered citizen, his information will still be on a government database, so he knows it is still no excuse to do a Tony Stark.

    In battle, John pulls no punches, so to speak. He gives it his all, fighting for what he believes in, giving no time to debate in philosophy, though leaving plenty of time to exchange blows. The most you will usually hear from him during battle, are his grunts and shouts, and the occasional taunt. He sees no time for talking in battle, and thinks of it as more a way to cut his tongue off prematurely. However, if there is an apparent lull in the action, and there is time to make his opponent surrender, he will implore that they do so. He dislikes causing pain – unless he thinks someone deserves it.

    After the Superhero Limiter Act, Olympian (John’s grandfather) was forced to settle back down, though he still managed to keep himself occupied by moving freely about at night, in deserted areas that no person would have any good reason to enter. The original Olympian had obtained his powers through an experiment with steroids. The original drug was harmless enough – it caused a slight allergic reaction to mangoes, but that was the only notable side-effect. The superpowers came when the pills he was testing were bombarded with a past villain’s attack’s after-effect, turning the pills into something that warped his DNA and genetics permanently. Thus, Mark marsh became Olympian, fighting crime wherever it stood.

    Brought up to be opposed to vigilantism, John’s father refused to speak to his own about the ‘golden days,’ despite having inherited the powers his grandfather had obtained, still kept at full strength (he was married to a super with similar powers). They got on well enough, but they could never see eye-to-eye when the subject of supers was brought up. However, there was nothing little John liked better, than to listen to his grandfather’s regaling tales of bravery and heroism, despite his father’s protests. Little John did not have any powers he knew of, and if he had, his father would have forbidden him from using them. But the boy still dreamed of the day when he could beat up bad guys, just like the grandfather who only wanted his grandson to know right from wrong, in a way that ensured he would listen.

    As he grew up, John realised he was different from the other boys. He could always run faster, jump higher, hit harder – and he didn’t even train. He stayed inside all day, dreaming up stories and reading them as well. His annoyed everyone to no end, but that was all. Nobody attempted to look into it more than him just being naturally talented, but there were suspicious eyes everywhere. The first real reveal of his powers, however, came with the cross-country. Not being any the wiser about the difference between sprints and marathons, having constantly zoned out in PE lessons, John ran full-pelt from the start, but almost tripped upon receiving a split-second burst of inhuman speed. Perturbed, but not discouraged, he continued sprinting. Somehow, he kept this up until he reached the finish, and still felt like he could go a million miles more.

    Upon hearing about this, Mark marsh asked to speak to his son. However, Alan (his son, and the boy’s father) knew what was happening. Luckily, their ensuing argument did not come to blows, but Alan left without even looking his father in the eye, and demanded his son go on in, into the house of the Olympian. It was there that he was told of his powers, and though they were diluted by normal human blood, he was still capable of amazing feats. John’s grandfather then gave him a choice – accept the blessing of the Olympian and be a hero, or live his life in the shadows, never able to achieve his potential. Being as young as he was, he blundered into shoosing the first option, whereupon his secret training began.

    Alas, despite the many foes that Olympian had defeated over the years, there was one that would never let anyone escape – time. Though he lived to a good age and died with a smile on his face, Mark Marsh could never outrun old age, and passed away peacefully in his sleep. The service, as per usual for superheroes, honoured his life’s work – but was held in secret, with only family and close friends allowed to attend. And it was on that day, that the boy swore to stand up for justice in his grandfather’s place, no matter what the law said.

    Which as it turns out, was pretty convenient – an eccentric billionaire offered to take him on a journey to hone his powers and defend the Earth. Not wanting to be stifled and looked upon with disdain, he took Continuum Conundrum’s hand, and boarded the Falligreyan Watchtower.

    Powers and Abilities

    John has inherited his grandfather’s hyper-athletic abilities, though he is still only at a super level. This means that he has inherited inhuman speed, agility, and stamina. His top speed, while not as fast as his grandfather in his prime, is still fairly impressive for a human – 30mph. And, with training, he’s likely to be able to go faster. His agility allows for insane manoeuvres, such as leaping between buildings in a city on opposite sides of a street. And, of course, his stamina allows him to perform these feats without tiring in a few seconds. Also, given that he is in peak physical condition, he has phenomenal strength for his age.

    Acquisition: Inherited through bloodline.

    Thousand-Arm Flurry: A multitude of weak, but incomprehensibly fast blows. It’s like firing a fist machine-gun.

    Made of a durable, flexible fibre that all superheroes seem to have their clothes made out of, John dons an off-white one-piece, form-fitting, yet it still allows for his abilities to achieve whatever peak they have. Upon the chest is his emblem, a single ring with a fist in the middle. The ring itself is thick, and is split into five segments, each one the colour of one of the Olympic rings. To cover his face, John wears a cowl reminiscent of a ninja’s, though the colour matches his one-piece.
  3. I'll try and get a basic CS up tonight, hopefully I'll add to it in the morning.
  4. If you like. I'll make sure to save you a spot until you're done.
  5. Well, this is my attempt. If this is missing the point by a mile. I apologise.

    Tamsin Willoughby/Paragon
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Birthplace/World: Devon, England

    Standing at 5' 6 (at a stretch), Tamsin comes in a relatively small package. Her figure is petite to match this height, she is slim built but not thin, nor terribly muscular. Fitness was never her thing, so the only muscle mass she has was built up pretty much by accident. One notable feature is her somewhat dainty hands, she's got a pianists fingers. Her eyes are hazel to green - somewhere in between those two. She's never really looked in a mirror long enough to really decide which. And the hair, well that's pretty damn red. Once upon a time it was more a reddish brown, but since the age of 16 it's been an unnatural fiery colour. The skin is fairly pale, given her heritage - though in many places there are old burn scars.

    Personality: Although Tamsin is a confident young woman, she's terribly quiet. She may know herself inside and out, but doesn't see why anyone else should be bothered by this. Of course, when spoken to, she is always polite and lovely. This girl was raised well, and it shows almost all the time. Her quiet nature sometimes works against her, as often her own needs are passed by as a result of not speaking up. It rarely bothers her though, why would it? She has no desire for attention, simply living her life is good enough for her.

    The only time Tamsin usually speaks out or takes action is when someone else is in danger or needs help of any kind. She lives to do good, and this is usually misconstrued by others. Alot of people seem to think she's seeking attention, even if that's the last thing she'd want. Tamsin will even put herself in danger in order to aid someone, she doesn't judge those she helps, only does what needs doing and off she goes.

    When there is a conflict, Tamsin likes to stay out of it where possible, although when it is necessary she will attempt to defuse the situation. She's not a violent person, and much prefers speaking to mindless bludgeoning. However, if really pushed beyond the limit, all hell will break loose. It's not exactly that she's repressed, it's more about needing to protect the little guy so much that in the end any means are fair game. Of course, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

    History: Tamsin led an unremarkable life for many years. She grew up in a small village near Exmoor, living an idyllic country life - hiking the moors, enjoying the company of the people that lived nearby, mostly wandering around the countryside doing various activities. She was a very outdoorsy child, often disappearing for the entire day by the time she was 11. She didn't have too many friends, which was perhaps what started off this fascination with nature, although it was terribly plausible that the countryside came first, then the lack of friends.

    Life continued as normal until Tamsin was 12. It was at this age that she moved up to high school and met her new science teacher, a man who had the aptitude of a great scientist, but not the necessary hoop jumping skill to get through his doctorate. He still intended to continue with his research though. He'd been using rats and dogs up until now, but he felt he was ready for a human trial. It just so happened that this girl had the overly trusting personality necessary to keep these experiments secret.

    In truth, the experiments were hardly that horrible on the surface. Once a week Tamsin would drink his formula, and undergo a simple blood transfusion. Unbeknownst to her, these were filled with a specific concoction made up of stem cells and Salamander DNA. There were also a few more volatile substances, but Tamsin is hardly a chemist, and has no idea what else was in there to cause such drastic transformations in her.

    For the first six months or so, no results were seen - until one day Tamsin accidentally smashed a test tube during science class. She bled, of course, but within just a few minutes the wound was entirely healed. She also fainted, but that was beside the point. It was a success.

    Tamsin and her teacher continued on with these experiments for the next four years, the teacher now conducting more maccabre tests on the girl. Minor wounds healed, but unfortunately that was it. When her forearm was slashed deeply Tamsin required stitches, and still has the scar to prove it. However, this was easily explained away as another lab hazard. Lots of glass is bound to smash at some point.

    It was only after this incident that Tamsin decided she really didn't want to continue. Did this matter? Of course not. With the threat of her expulsion being arranged, Tamsin knuckled down again. Although of course it was unlikely that he could have arranged this, she didn't want to risk disappointing her parents, who had extremely high hopes for her. So, on went more and more experiments, though in a different vein.

    The day the science lab burnt down, the teacher had been injecting Tamsin with a compound that was supposed to improve cognitive function. He had only finished it moments before the girl had arrived for the 'tutor group', all the equipment was still up and running. And that was why the place burned down. For some reason, the liquid hurt like hell, and Tamsin jerked her arm back, a highly volatile mixture toppling onto the flame below as she knocked it. The flames spread from chemical to chemical, soon blocking all escape routes.

    It was three weeks before Tamsin woke up. Her hair had changed colour, but the more important thing was that the compound had actually given her an ability to wield flame as a weapon. Of course, she didn't discover this until much later. It took her many months to recover enough to leave hospital - by which time her seventeenth brithday had already passed. Now in the care of her mother, Tamsin hated feeling like a burden, and also having to lie about everything that had happened, including why there had only been the two of them in the lab, Tamsin found herself wanting the hell out. And thankfully, it turned out that was exactly what she got.

    An offer had been made, and she had taken it. Go somewhere where these powers would not need to be hidden, and would in fact be honed. Tamsin still hated leaving, but she felt she was less of a burden if she disappeared. Yes, her parents would grieve - but they'd live. They had eachother, afterall.

    Powers and Abilities

    Power(s): Minor healing of self, major healing of others and mental shield powers. Healing power is intensified by emotions. Ability to wield fire although it does burn her as well. Weak against telepathic/psychic attacks.

    Acquisition: Look up!

    Techniques: PANIC!!!!

    Costume: Naturally, the costume is fireproof. The design itself is a simple pair of legging trousers, along with a scoopneck tanktop. They are close fitting, and to help Tamsin feel a little more comfortable with this, she wears a little black skirt over the top of the leggings. The rest of the outfit is plain old white, with red trimmings. She also has a pair of fingerless gloves of red that enable her to protect most of her hands, but still leave her fingers free to wield the flame. Thankfully it's not all shiny and horrible, though it was a close call.
  6. Name: Biǎomèi dì měirényú (Cousin of Mermaids); "Mei" for short

    Gender: Female

    Species/Race: Unknown, but is apparently at least part human

    Age: Judging from her appearance, 18-21

    Birthplace/World: Unknown, presumably Earth


    For the most part, Mei looks like a normal girl. That is if you discount the fact that she has light-green skin, gill slits on both sides of her neck, and webbing between her fingers and toes. She is usually around 5'0, but that is only because she mostly dwells in caves deep below the ocean's surface where the surrounding pressure keeps her body compressed. While on land, she expands slightly to about 5'4. Her body is of fairly normal shape and porportions, except her skin is almost completely hairless and her limbs are more steamlined than the average human's. Instead of nails, her fingers and toes are tipped with what appear to be short, retractable claws or spines.

    Mei's face would be pretty if not for the mess of dark, stringy greenish hair that usually obscures it. When her hair isn't suspended and floating in water, it hangs flat and straight down to the middle of her back. Her eyes are a dark brown verging on black and are protected by a nictating membrane when she is under water. The teeth in her mouth are all slightly pointed, most likely as part of an adaptation for a diet consisting mostly of fish.

    Personality: Mei is something of a feral child. Her few interactions with other people have not been under the best circumstances, so she usually avoids contact with human beings. Having led a solitary existence for most of her life, she is most comfortable being alone beneath the ocean waves, her only company the creatures of the sea. Amphibious by nature, the only place she can feel at peace is under water, and as a result she usually appears awkward and frightened while on dry land.

    When confronted by other people or anything she perceives as a threat, her first instinct is most often to flee. Should that fail, she will quickly resort to fighting instead. While defending herself, she fights with a bestial ferocity that makes her seem more like a marine predator than a human being. Teeth, feet, claws, or hands, she uses everything at her disposal to fend off an attacker, and does not relent until her opponent either flees maimed and bloodied or is left in pieces.

    If she's out of her natural habitat and not fighting for her life, Mei's behaviour could best be described as child-like and skittish. Although she doesn't like or trust people, if she feels safe enough she may let her guard down to reveal a playful and extremely curious side of her personality. For the most part, she lacks the communication skills to adequately express her thoughts and feelings, but this is helped somewhat by her innate telepathic abilities.

    History: Very little is known about the origins of the girl who came to be called Cousin of Mermaids. Some believe she is from another world, some that she is a remnant from a sunken kingdom lost in the ancient past, while others say that she is some sort of escaped genetic-splicing experiment. All that is certain is that she first appeared around ten years ago off the coast of China, spotted swimming in the waters around a small fishing town. Following several more sightings, she began to be a regular feature in Chinese papers, which is where she first received the designation Cousin of Mermaids. Conjecture as to what exactly she was ran wild, but one newspaper article suggested a link to the disappearance of two married scientists in the South China Sea several years prior. The couple had been discovered murdered on their ship, presumably by pirates, but there was no sign to be found of their young daughter who had been with them.

    The Cousin of Mermaids' notoriety as an urban legend grew to the point it attracted the attention of the government. A scientific expedition was sent to determine if the rumors about an aquatic humanoid were true, and although no findings were ever revealed to the public, the sightings ceased soon after the team returned to the mainland. In truth, they had captured the girl and taken her to a a top secret testing facility. There, she was mercilessly poked, prodded, and experimented upon within a giant saltwater tank for several months. The night before the testing was about to advance to it's final (and most likely fatal) stage, there was an incident at the facility that resulted in the horrific deaths of most of the staff. There were few clues to help determine what had happened, but one thing was certain from the shattered glass and saltwater mingled with blood that covered the floor of the lab outside the now empty tank: the Cousin of Mermaids had escaped.

    There were no more sightings of the fish-girl for a few years after the incident. Then, one day there were reports of strange sounds like the calling of whales at night along the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States. These coincided with the arrival of a famous billionaire to the Portland area, but no connection between the two was made at the time. The billionaire was spotted one night near the ocean shore by a group of campers, seemingly speaking to himself and staring out at the water. Nothing was ever said about it, though, the strangeness of the situation being chalked-up to the man's financial troubles and widely renowned eccentricity.

    Powers and Abilities

    Power(s): Mei's physiology is completely amphibious, meaning she can survive in both aquatic environments and those normal to most humans. Her swimmming abilities are unparalleled by even the most gifted human swimmers, making her capable of reaching underwater speeds in excess of 30 mph. However, she must return to the water fairly often or else run the risk of dehydration.

    Her bone and muscle structure is much denser and stronger than that of the average person, allowing her to survive at depths of several hundred feet below the ocean's surface. This grants her enhanced strength and durability, although not on the same level as more powerful supers. Her claws are also extremely durable and strong enough to tear into steel. Her entire body is highly resistant to the effects of extreme cold temperatures, but being exposed to hot and dry conditions causes her to quickly dry out and dehydrate. This severely weakens her and could prove fatal if she doesn't find a large body of water to retreat to in a short amount of time.

    She is also capable of producing sonar pulses via her vocal cords both in and out of the water. This is usually her only means of communication as well as how she navigates in the dark ocean depths. However, she also seems to possess low-level telepathic abilities that allow her to understand others as well as gain a limited understanding of human languages.

    Acquisition: Unknown. Apparently her powers are the result of some form of genetic mutation/alteration.

    Techniques: Sonar Shriek- Mei produces a high-pitched sonar frequency strong enough to deafen or potentially damage the hearing of the average human.

    Costume: A plain, dark-olive colored garment that looks like a one piece bathing suit, unadorned save for a small, circular cutout located above her breasts. Mei apparently received it during the time she was being kept in the lab. Before that, she was always reported as being completely naked.
  7. You're both in. I'll add you to the cast list shortly.
  8. All right, get your posts ready. I'm declaring this started - though it's still open to applications. Three people does not a squad make.
  9. I've already applied to another superhero RP, but I've got so many in mind! Hell, I've got ideas for an entire team! Maybe I should just do one of them, though.

    Name: Cody Steele. Superhero name: Alloy
    Gender: male
    Species/Race: human...we think
    Age: 17
    Birthplace/World: Phillidelphia (God I hope I spelled that right)

    Appearance: Has silver hair and a very muscular build. Not exactly the quarterback, though: typical superhero build of muscular but not overly so. Has an angular build, strong jaw, and at roughly six feet, he's one of the tallest members there.

    Personality: Cody's very...pent up. After what happened with the mugger, he's hesitant to hit anything because he's afraid of destroying it. Fortunately, the La-Ked's sound pretty tough, so he should be able to cut loose. While nervous about using his abilities, he's probably a little cocky about them, thinking that he's the most powerful person there.

    History: Cody's spent most of his childhood in an orphanage, his parents having been killed in a car crash when he was a baby. Curiously enough, he was in this very same crash and survived completely unscathed. His parents were normal, but somehow he was not.

    In the orphanage, he quickly aquired a taste for metal, and even stranger, he became able to chew and swallow it without any difficulty. He didn't know it, but the more metal he ate the more got absorbed into his system, and the stronger he became. He learned that one day in an unfortunate accident.

    He was walking home, or to the orphanage, when he spotted a woman being mugged by a common crook. The hero's instinct kicked in and he went to her aid. Unfortunately, he didn't know his own strength, and with one punch killed the assailant. While he stood frozen at the scene, unable to comprehend what had just happened, the woman called for the police. They shortly arrived, and it was clear how long gratitude lasted towards superhumans.

    The orphanage couldn't afford much in the way of a defense. His prosecutor made the claim that he was a superhuman abusing his powers, and Cody's entirely true claim that he didn't know his own strength was an unacceptable one. No one, he argued, could exert that much force unintentionally. The incident suggested he was a superhuman and he didn't know enough about the law to say no when the prosecution demanded a DNA test. The test proved that he had genetic markers that related him to two famous superheroes from the Golden Age - Captain Impervious and The Lady Phase. Impervious had skin that could repell matter, while Phase could pass through solid objects and temporarily assume their properties. These abilities combined to make his own, unique power. The test could not, however, prove how he was related to the heroes. He was found guilty of manslaughter. It was his first criminal offense, though, and he was a minor, so he received only six months in juvenile hall.

    While there, he got a lot of people trying to come after him as fresh meat. He didn't fight back, but that wasn't to say he didn't hurt anyone. Thugs would often go to the infirmary with broken hands from trying to punch him. He had a few stab attempts to deal with, too, but every time the blade pierced his skin it was absorbed by his body. As a result, he only ever received small cuts. Eventually people got the hint and he was left alone.

    When he got out, he was recruited in exchange for three things: a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, a large diet Coke, and three rolls of quarters to snack on.

    There are a few mixed reactions among the other team members as to his presence. It's more than a little odd to have someone eat the silverware along with their meal. On the bright side, it does save on dishes for whoever has to wash them.

    Powers and Abilities

    Power(s): Cody has the ability to absorb matter, but only internally. His skin acts as a barrier against his own powers, so he doesn't absorb everything he touches like a walking blackhole. When he ingests matter, or when it's injected in him, his body becomes that matter and takes on its properties. He has solid steel for bones and muscles, making him super durable and super strong. However, he's far from invincible. His biggest weaknesses are magnetism, which would hold him at bay, and rust, which would make him weak.

    Acquisition: Born with them.

    Techniques: Likes using his fists more than any other part of him. Back when he was in the orphanage, he dreamed of being a pro boxer, so those are the kind of moves he uses.

    Costume: When he absorbs enough metal, his whole body turns into shining metal. However, he doesn't yet have anything in the way of an actual costume, just a t-shirt and jeans.
  10. The form's accepted, but I would really appreciate it if you went a little more in-depth with character description and history. Of course, if you plan to reveal critical points of his history throughout the RP, that's a different story altogether.
  11. I get appearance, but what's wrong with history? Is it more about the dead parents? His time in Juvy? What am I missing?
  12. Well, it never explains everyone else's reactions to a boy chewing on metal as casually as if it were a bag of crisps. Surely you'd be shocked by this, right?
    Then there's the arrest - surely, he would've resisted? Or done something along the lines of it. That aside, a child killing a man in one punch would usually arouse the suspicion of the authorities, if not the metal eating.
    Just take each individual event in his life, and elaborate upon it. A history gives your character depth - if you give him a well-explained past, then he becomes a lot more of a deeper character.

    Also, as you're accepted, we're going to have to work out the problem of how you're going to meet up with the team. They're already at the scene - and if you're not deployed, you're at the watchtower.
  13. I'll make the above additions later. As for getting down there - am I the only one still in the station? I'd like to think there's someone else who can at least work that technology or fly some kind of spaceship. I think it would be cool to go with the spaceship. I could be dropped from a few thousand feet and make a small crater in the vicinity of the robots.

    Oh, and he wouldn't have resisted arrest because he feels guilty about what he did.
  14. The watchtower's in a spacial pocket - it's between dimensions. You'd be flying out into a void. You could report to Continuum Conundrum, and he'd beam you down, but expect a withering glare.

    I'm also sceptical about you dropping a few thousand feet and surviving. Our characters are supposed to be novices developing their powers, not immediately invincible. Unless it's a pod - which wouldn't happen, because they have long-range teleport technology.

    And yes, there are others in the watchtower. Think of it as Charles Xavier's establishment, but in space.
  15. I'll have an app soon!
  16. Signup Form

    Name: Stephen Fletch/Astonishman II
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 15 as Stephen, somewhere within his early 20's as Astonishman
    Birthplace/World: Earth

    Appearance: Stephen is a caucasian male standing at 5,8 with an athletic build for his age, green eyes, and with medium length dark brown hair.

    Astonishman is a 5,11 caucasian male with short-medium length black hair.

    Personality: As everyday teenager Stephen Fletch, he appears to be lazy, and misbehaved at first glance. This however is not the case, as Stephen is actually a rather selfless, and intelligent lad.

    As the second Astonishman, he keeps his older traits, but also assumes an air of confidence (or arrogance. Whichever you deem proper). He acts positively in the face of danger, and is quick to give second chances, being a regular boy scout.

    History: Stephen Fletch is your run of the mill child, raised up by his Uncle Artie. He grew up being that one young man who strived to do good. A real boy scout, though not in the literal sense (Couldn't stand the uniforms and such). He grew up dreaming of meeting one of the heroes of old, having had a plentiful supply of comic books that were a mix of fictional, and actual accounts of the adventures of real live superhumans. That is until a faithful museum encounter granted him the powers of his favorite golden age champion, Astonishman, allowing him to pose as a much older, much more powerful being in this new age of heroes...

    Powers and Abilities


    - Superhuman Speed/Flight: Astonishman is one of the fastest things alive. Add to that the fact he can psionically levitate himself off the ground.

    - Superhuman Durability: While no means invulnerable, Astonishman can easily handle bullets and small arms firepower as long as he keeps his guard up. Should he ever be relaxed, or off guard, he can be damaged as easily as any other human being.

    - Kinetic Striking: While he has no superhuman strength, Astonishman can generate high levels of force in his fists to enhance his hand to hand strikes.


    Acquisition/Origin: While on a field trip to a history museum, bored young Stephen Fletch was reading comic books from the 1940's, detailing the adventures of a golden age champion known as Astonishman, a fellow who had gained powers from a fantastic cosmic serum. Coincidentally, a strange artifact, the bands of teth, came into contact, and offered him the powers of one champion, letting him become the almighty Astonishman (II)!


    - Astonishing Impact: A Red Hot Aura engulfs Stephen's body, as he hurls himself like a bullet into the enemy, generating as much Kinetic Energy as he can.


    View attachment 19559

  17. Name: Maxine Hill
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 18
    Birthplace/World: Florida, USA.

    Appearance: 1061739-vixen_2_super_zps69428d72.jpg
    Maxine stands at 5'0" and 110 lbs. Her dark skin is more natural than tanned, as she had spent most of her time inside of the library, rather than outside in the sun. Her jet-black hair only reaches the bottom of her neck, and is usually unkempt. Her jewelry and make-up are all black and very subtle. She wears small black pearls, black eyeliner, and leaves her dark cherry lips unpainted. Her body is very lean and compact, and can fit into most small spaces without using her powers.

    Her face is kept in a natural scowl and she is often found glaring at someone or something with her low-cut, crimson eyes. Her small lips are upturned on one side or another, making it seem like she is constantly disgusted at what she looks at. Her posture is very rigid and her walk is close to that of a robot. Her voice is scratchy and high pitched, because of how little she talks. But once she gets a few sentences out, the scratchiness goes away.

    Personality: Quiet and reserved, Maxine is definitely part of the 'Silent Hill' family. She is the last to speak in a conversation, if she ever decides to say anything at all. It's not because she is shy, but Maxine feels that her actions speak louder than her words ever can, and would much rather open her arms for a hug than say 'Hello'. Unfortunately, when words go unsaid and Maxine is there glaring at the person, they may get the wrong impression of how she feels towards them. If it does happen and Maxine notices it, she will try to force herself to smile to ease the tension. But, seeing as she never practices it, her awkward and creepy smile doesn't leave people feeling better at the end of the day.

    Behind her stone (and angry) facial expressions, Maxine can be quite friendly. She has little trouble forming friendships with others and wouldn't hesistate to protect those that are close to her. Though many people may not like Maxine (primarily due to misinterpretations), Maxine herself does not have a plethora of enemies. Even if she gets off on the wrong foot with someone, she would brush it off and never think twice about it. Not to say that she is a pushover, she isn't a stranger to fighting and will readily defend herself if things get out of hand.

    -Maxine prefers doing solitary activities, such as reading or yoga. When she trains or fights, she becomes more team oriented, and wouldn't mind being on the defensive line to protect her allies.

    History: Maxine is the only child of two normal parents. She was raised in a house of silence and still follows that doctrine. Even when she was an infant, her mother Irabelle didn't talk to her much. Not to say that she wasn't loved, Maxine spent more time huddled close to Irabelle's chest than she did exploring the house. And the same goes for her father, who would quietly play with her outside or read books with her. To Maxine, who spent most of her life in her silent home, everything was normal. If she got in trouble or made too much noise, she would rely on her parents facial expressions (which only changed minimally) or a stern wag of the finger. And it was more than what Maxine needed to get the message across. It was only until she went into elementary, did she realize how loud the world outside of her home was. Sure she heard noise outside, but never the constant bustle of students shouting over each other, papers shuffling or the rap of heels from the female teacher.

    The noise exposure was somewhat overwhelming to Maxine, but after awhile, she got used to it. She loved watching her classmates talk and run around, but never found the desire, or stomach, to do so herself. And only then did she find out that her family were the ones that were different. She was often the target of bullies because she would never speak up for herself, and since her scowl was prominent even in elementary, everyone thought she was the one that instigated the fights that would spring up from time to time. Annoyed at the constant injustice she faced, Maxine spent most of her years studying in the library at school and spending most, if not all, of her extra time at home with her parents.

    When she discovered her stretching power at age 17 (A punch to the jaw left half of her face strangely disfigured; and then it was strangely put back together), she immediately contacted her grandmother, one of the former 'big shot' superheroes who had went by Miss Malleable. After a few experiments, her grandmother confirmed that Maxine and her shared the same ability. She spent the last year training under her grandmother, finding out a lot of things about her own limitations. Though she is nowhere close to the stretch limits, shapes and techniques to take up the name Miss Malleable, she still tries to reach that goal.

    Powers and Abilities
    Constitution: Maxine's body is similar to the average human's. She doesn't have bones of steel or unbreakable skin, but her natural resistances to injuries are higher than a human's. But, the more Maxine's body is stretched, the more vulnerable she becomes to injury.

    Super Stretch: Maxine's body is very malleable. It can not only stretch great distances, but it can also be molded into small objects. When her body is being stretched to a larger extent, she can cover up to 15 meters with her body. Though if she did stretch that far, she would require assistance and her constitution would be very weak.

    On a smaller scale, and something that Maxine finds extremely difficult to do alone, Maxine can mold her body to create specific shapes. An example would be molding her face to look like someone else. Though Maxine is capable of doing rough facial changes, she requires someone to actually make the change to her face for her, since she cannot alter it properly herself. Maxine can also shape her body like a torpedo or a hammer, either way, she would require help.

    Acquisition: Maxine was always resilient, even as a child. Whenever she got into a fight, she would come out mostly unharmed. Though she is sturdier than the average human, Maxine's body is still susceptible to cuts, bruises, and even broken bones if the force used against her is strong enough. Though for the record, it is much harder for Maxine's bones to break, since she can make them stretch under pressure.

    Maxine only got her ability to stretch when she was 17. Even so, she has been secretly training under her grandmother to develop her powers, picking up tips and tricks that she can later develop in battle.

    Slingshot: Making herself the band, as long as she has something to hold her body down, Maxine can propel objects up to 50 lbs with her body if she forms a slingshot of herself. She can potentially sling more, but that would require help or momentum.

    Costume: Maxine wears a full body suit that is completely black. The suit itself was designed specifically for Maxine's grandmother, and it's stretchability fully accomadates her own limits and more. As for her mask, it is a simple, black eyemask.

  18. You're both in - I'll add you to the cast list.
    Also, I'm closing off applications. I need to keep numbers manageable.
  19. Sarge! A question, Sir!

    I was thinking of adding superhero blood to my history. I had thought of two superheroes - Captain Impervious and The Lady Phase - that a DNA test at his trial confirmed he was related to. Their powers combined makes his powers. The DNA test, however, couldn't conclusively prove Cody's relation to these heroes, only that there was one. Is that okay?
  20. Well, you'd have to provide a reason why he's taking the test. People don't just get them for the hell of it, they aren't cheap.