The Stones of Etherium - A High Fantasy Adventure

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    Just gauging some interest for a roleplay involving high fantasy themes. I would run it almost like a DnD campaign, in fact the world I'll be using is a custom campaign that I ran recently and had a really fun time with. There wouldn't be any dice rolls or shenanigans like that but it is based on Dungeons and Dragons.

    The basic plot is that there are several stones scattered in and around the town of Sunshire. At least one of the stones belongs to a party member, although they are unaware of it's significance. The party is trying to locate the stones and discover their meaning. I apologize if this is a very basic sort of outline, but I want to keep things surprising and fun! So yeah, if you're interested, post below with any questions you may have!

    Answered Questions:
    Minimum Post Requirement: None. Get your point across in as many or few words as possible. This is not an excuse for poor writing though.

    Blood and Gore: While the roleplay isn't going to be focused on bloody gorey stuff, if it comes up, it comes up. Examples may include dungeon torture, someone getting blown to smithereens etc. Although I do expect some level of taste here, I don't need to read about how exactly 3 liters of blood gooshed out of some guys eyeball as you pop it out with a spoon or whatever you sick kids are into these day :p

    Character Archetypes: however you want to do it! I prefer you stay within high fantasy races such as human or elf, but if you want to play something more exotic i will work with you. For an idea of what I might approve, Shapeshifters, Lesser Vampires, Half Demon, Half Elemental. For an idea of what I might turn down: Dragon, Giant Slug, Turtle, Leviathan, Harpy.

    What I've never played DnD?: Absolutely fine. We won't be using DnD rules at all and characters will be free from the restrictions DND characters usually have.
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  2. What is the minimum for a post in your rp?
  3. Depends on the context. I don't feel imposing limits in condusive to the creative process. Get your message across, be it one sentence or 3 paragraphs.
  4. I'm in!
  5. Interest has been peaked.

    What archetypes are you looking for in this roleplay (i.e. character stereotypes you're looking towards)? Also, what is the limit on violence and gore?
  6. While the roleplay isn't inherently going to be violent or gorey, if violence or gore comes up it comes up and we work with it.

    Character archetypes are however you want to play it, but anything from Dwarven Clerics to Orcish Sorcerers is acceptable. I'd just prefer if we stay within the high fantasy races (elves, humans, gnomes, etc) but if you have a special request I'm willing to work with you.
  7. Would it be ok if we haven't played Dungeons and Dragons?
  8. I'm interested! Although, I never played dungeons and dragons before xD
  9. Absolutely 100% fine if you've never played. We won't be doing anything involving numbers or dice. Mostly.
  10. Well we've hit 4 interested, which I think is enough to begin although this by no means should deter any interested parties. This roleplay is always accepting new characters, and events are always happening. The first batch of applicants will form the "Main Party" who will follow the major storyline and have the most influence in the world. Subsequent applicants will form secondary parties whose lives will usually have been impacted in someway by the major storyline or who will bring new events to the main storylines attention, while still having a meaningful story of their own. Anyways, I'll have an out of character up within 2 hours.
  11. Can I still join?
  12. Of course. Check the ooc link
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