The Stone Angel of the Past

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  1. Noah had been missing his younger sister, again. Whenever he came across anything that reminded him of Marie, he'd head to the cemetery and visit her. Just being there made him feel more at ease. How the smooth and cold marble felt on his hand, whenever he touched the headstone.
    "Marie. I miss you so much. God, I wish you could be by my side." He said as tears began to fall from his eyes.
    He sobbed softly and wiped the tears from his eyes. He spent several hours at the cemetery. He left before it got too dark to walk back home.

    Several days had passed, since he had visited his sister. After the last class of the day, he headed to the cemetery. His parents worried about his constant visiting of the cemetery, but he didn't care. He didn't care when others would try to bother him. Marie had been the sunshine in his life. She was full of joy and wonder. Her bright smile would always lighten his heart, but now, he can't even be bothered with smiling. Let alone care about others. He arrived to the cemetery and made his way to her headstone. When he noticed a stone angel leaning over her, as if protecting her. He drew closer and noticed a letter in the angel's hands. He grabbed the letter and began to read it.
  2. Dear Noah

    Near Noah , I know you are sad and I know you grieve. But be not afraid I have her in my arms and she is safe in my wings. She has a life in heaven and she is alive and safe in heavens great halls.


    The stone angel stayed where he was his wings open around the tombstone as if keeping her safe. The angels hands in prayer and his closed and content looking.
  3. Noah was puzzled by the note. Was it some kind of joke? If it were a joke, who would hop through the whole trouble of buying and placing a statue over her headstone. This was beginning to bother him. Could his parents have bought it? Or perhaps a family member. He shook his head. His family was distant from one another. His parents couldn't have been able to afford this statue. He paced the note into his pocket and decided to ask his parents about this. Maybe they knew who could have left the stone statue.
  4. His mother shook her head slowly "No we didn't place any statue in the area"She said calmly. None of his family had put this statyue or even paid for one, so question remained. Who put it there?

    Next day he would notice the statue was now standing now its wings folded beside him. in its hand was a massive golden feather that no bird could have ever had. it was stunning and that sun made it glow and shimmer in the sunlight that rained down on it.

  5. Noah was amazed by the golden feather. He has never seen anything so beautiful. The way it shimmered was breathtaking. He picked it up gently from the hand of the statue. Maybe a stranger had seen him hang around the cemetery and felt pity. He would have to find out who this stranger is, he decided. He began to come up with the idea of leaving a letter in the same fashion as the stranger. He grabbed his backpack and pulled out a sheet of paper and pencil.
    Dear Mysterious Stranger,
    I'm very grateful for the statue you gave to my sister. It was very thoughtful. I'd like to have a chance to meet you in person and thank you, personally. Would you be able to meet me here, this Saturday at dawn?

    He left the note on the angel's hands. He grabbed his bag and said his goodbyes to Marie, before he left.
  6. The statue the next day was in a sitting potion, its hand on a what looks like stone trumpet. on the ground was a small scrap of paper . Near the letter was what looked like a small bag, inside the bag he would find a golden notebook sealed and unable to be opened. when he tried to open it green letter appeared saying. To Open a Book that an Angel once held, a key you must find, which is in a angels cell.

    The Note to Noah though was written in golden laced letters saying

    Dear Noah

    Noah I know you do not belive in such things as angels and life of the other world, but weeping over a sister who has found rest in the walls of god is meaningless. I can meet you hear at Dawn, but look no furter then in-front of you then to find me on that day.

  7. Noah was confused and angry by the letter. Who the hell was this Gabriel guy? How dare he say such a thing? Was this some type of cruel prank? He sat on the ground and sighed. Tears began to prick on the corner of his eyes. As much as he hated to admit it, the guy was right. He had been mourning for so long and should have just... lived for her. He stood up and left. He couldn't bear the sharp pain in his chest. He walked, dazed. He entered his house and walked towards his bedroom. His parents were gone and he was all alone. He plopped onto his bed and laid there, motionless.
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