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  1. The Geisha's Tale (open)


    Name: Awai (meaning “pale”)
    Age: Appears to be no older than 19 but has been on earth for fifty years
    Species: Celestial Being
    Brief Bio: Born one of the maidens of the stars, Awai grew up dancing in the moonlight and free from the restraints of man. However when she grew into womanhood, a group of demon hunters came across her bathing in a river. Knowing the legends, they stole her beautiful garments so she couldn’t return to her realm before morning. She was no helpless girl and pursued them in earnest, spilling their blood in her haste to not be banished from her home. Alas, her crime stained her beautiful robes in crimson, dooming her to a life on earth. Devastated and finding herself destitute, the immortal woman integrated into human society under the guise of a normal woman lest she be taken as the bride of some demon or monster. In the years since falling she had moved here and there, working as a geisha for years at a time until a priestess or monk is able to identify her as a non human. She has been settled in the coastal town in the Western Lands she now resides in for almost five years. She is disturbed by the influx of Europeans entering the area and the disrespect they the culture she has been a part of for half a century. They also do not seem to understand how to treat women properly.


  2. The flowers seemed too red for such a black day. Sesshomaru could not lift his gaze from the fine grave stone he’d set himself only hours before. There was dirt on his hands and arms, and the scent of flowers lingered in his hair. Red lilies surrounded the grave, already a sacred place to the villagers who had seen the great Western Lord carry a frail old woman into the woods. She’d died quietly in his arms, whispering about their adventures and asking him to look after her children. How he wished she had not chosen humanity in the moments that followed, when the same grief and rage that followed her childhood death overwhelmed him. He’d been so tempted to bring her back again, but she’d told him in sharp words not to think of it in a sudden burst of strength in her last moments. So he’d obeyed, and laid her down in a fine grave. He sensed her children, all graying themselves, standing around behind him but he did not move right away. Standing carefully, he turned to face them.

    They flinched away despite knowing him, despite having grown up around him. Things were changing, this was not a fearful respect, but an irrational, hateful fear. He lifted his chin and turned away, leaving the place behind him. Rin was dead. This part of his life was over.

    He passed through the woods on swift feet, face hardening the more distance he put between himself and the grave. He came to stand on the crest of a hill, looking down onto the coastal town that seemed ever larger and ever deeper into his lands. Steam and black smoke rolled from it as yet more ships ferried in strange humans from other lands. “Europeans” Rin had told him. Invaders and plunderers who charmed the Emperor with firearms and gold coin. The demon felt his jaw tighten as he watched on. Even with his arm back and Naraku gone, he still felt he was fighting some battle. In the years following the death of his brother’s beloved wife, the group of humans he’d spent so much time fighting or aiding was gone. His brother, Sesshomaru knew not where he was. If he was alive or dead or otherwise. This problem was his alone.

    Scowling as his form shimmered and dimmed, black hair replacing white, hazel blurring out bright gold, and his appearance becoming generally less demonic, Sesshomaru started down the hill. He wanted to see what it was these Europeans wanted. He tucked his hair up into a neat bun and stashed his fur away, looking only a wealthy man as he started deeper into the area, listening as he went. Demonic capability meant picking up another language was anything but difficult, but whatever they spoke was not pleasing to his ears.

    Several humans dodged out of his way, giving the tall, beautiful “man” a wide berth. He heard whispering from a group of white man marveling at his height, but he paid them no mind.


    - - - - - - - --

    Awai touched the blood welling on her lower lip as she dressed, dark eyes sharp as she watched her European customer lounge in her bedding. He’d bitten her. Like an animal. She said nothing as she watched him doze like a satisfied hound. Bending gracefully, she fetched herself an extra two coins from his purse. Such treatment demanded an extra charge. She ducked out of the room, no worse for the wear as she licked the blood away, the wound closing before reached the end of the hall. Beasts they were, every one of them. Other girls in her house had been beaten or taken against their will. One was heavy with child from a white man who’d promised to marry her but had not returned for months.

    She paused in the doorway of the establishment, watching the docks as men went to and fro with cargo. Merchants crowed the orderly streets while filthy children begged or played beneath the feet of those who passed. She hurried out, feeling suffocated by the atmosphere. She walked swiftly away from the waterfront, seeking solace in the older part of the town which seemed to move a bit slower. She browsed the traditional wares and bought a few odds and ends, trinkets to give to the other women to lift their spirits.

    She paused when a low murmuring reached her ears and glanced over her shoulder in time to watch a demon Lord pass before her. His glamour was good, but her eyes were better. A dog Lord, with three proud blades at his side. He clearly was unconcerned with the law of the land, and Awai suspected any who tried to procure his weapons would be in for a rude awakening.

    “A dying breed, that one.”

    Awai turned to look at the old woman who had spoken, who seemed mostly occupied with her sewing. Awai could only smile.

    “Yes. But I think he will not die so easily.”

    The woman nodded and continued her work.

    “You’d best find someone strong like that to protect you girl. If these men learn of what you are, if that glamour of yours slips and inch…”

    Awai shook her head.

    “Thank you, grandmother. But I have cared for myself this long.”

    With that she turned and strode away, back towards her home because she had no where else to go. The woman's words echoed in her mind as she tried to swallow down the taste of bile. Perhaps she would move on soon.

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  3. Anna sighed as she gazed out the window of her room, mindlessly wringing her handkerchief in her hands. It had been two days since she and her father had arrived into port. and still he had not allowed for her to explore any farther then the window pane would permit. Her breath fogged the lightly rippled glass as she rest her forehead against the wooden frame. Gorgeously silk clad women walked by, all with their hair up in intricate patterns. 'Buns' her tutor had explained earlier.

    She glanced down to the green book in her lap. It was a study book her father had commissioned the local tutors to write for her 16th birthday. A guide to learning the Japanese language. That was two whole years ago by now. Some pages had been marked, other folded and more still drawn upon. She had read the book front to back and even spent a small fortune studying under a linguist in University back in London in order to convince her father she could be of some use in his business endeavors. And so, she was permitted to come along this time as a translator-- even given salary!

    And yet she was locked up like a disobedient child because of someone elses arrogance. "She's like a lilly among rats! You can't really think of letting her walk the streets here without protection-- the local whore house would scoop her up in an instant!"

    Her face turned red just recalling the harsh words of her 'finance'. She scoffed, looking back out the window as a tall man walked by. It was odd to see a tall Jap. Most were her height, hardly over five foot three. As such, she couldn't help but stare.

    A knock on her door brought her out of her thoughts. "It's open." She called.

    The door opened and shut without her bothering to look, watching the beautiful people outside pass by.

    "Ms. Collins." a heavily accented voice greeted.

    Surprised, Anna turned her full attention to the strange man who had entered her room. He was dressed in robes and wore socks with his sandals. A priest of the local heathen religion, if she recalled her studies correctly.

    The man bowed deeply before straightening himself and offering her a brilliant smile.

    "That's me." Anna confirmed, unable to help but blush. He seemed to be very charismatic. At the very least, he was handsome-- and also taller then she herself was.

    "I've been asked to escort you around the port and make sure you are safe."

    Anna smiled. "And your name?" She asked in Japanese.

    The man seemed surprised, though it only renewed his smile-- this time seeming to be genuine, rather then flirtatious. "Yami Hirito." He introduced himself.


    Yami watched with mild amusement as the foreign woman explored the shops. Simple things, such as scissors or even a common hairpin, on display seemed to excite the golden haired lady. While the dress she wore was immodest and ghastly, unlike a kimono, she at least seemed to be pleasant enough.

    "Yami," she turned to him suddenly. "What are these?" She asked, shaking a small ball. It rang like a bell.

    "Meditation balls." He explained with a smile. "Here..." He took them from her and began to roll the balls in his hand soundlessly. "Now you try."

    The blond woman hesitated, her dainty hands having a hard time at first. The balls clanked against one another and rang off pitch as she fumbled.
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  4. Sesshomaru sipped at the sake one of the serving girls had poured him. There was a crowd of European mean in the local tavern, but he’d been given a private audience with some of the men in charge here. He’d used a fake name and explained himself a vassal of the Emperor. These men clearly knew little of their political system or they would have questioned him further. The main “gentleman” as they called themselves was a railroad man. Sesshomaru was able to put together what they meant easily enough, but it was difficult to imagine such a thing cutting through his green hills. With him was a younger, rather effeminate man who would evidently be his son in law. At least nepotism was common in both cultures.

    “Having the locals’ cooperation…”

    “You mean labor.”

    The men around him laughed though some grew uncomfortable when Sesshomaru’s face remained steely.

    “In a sense would be very helpful to this expansion. We brought our own men, but most of them are busied with administrative tasks. The local villagers would benefit greatly. We’d pay them and they could be a part of their nation’s industrialization.”

    Sesshomaru said nothing and set the sake cup aside. He had no more taste for it.

    “You’re clearly a man of influence in this area. Perhaps you could encourage the villagers to work for us? And perhaps speak with your local working women, some of them have been less than accommodating.”

    Sesshomaru’s eyes narrowed fractionally. One of the men in the room would later pen that the tall jap’s glare sent a chill straight through his heart.

    “The geisha have a code as strict as the samurai. They are not cheap whores. If you desire that you should let the house’s lead know. There is a sub class that is much more…accommodating that the geisha could train up rapidly to serve your men.”

    The gentlemen nodded among themselves.

    “Now if you’ll excuse me.”

    Sesshomaru stood up, staring at some of the men who offered him handshakes. He rolled his eyes and strode back into the street. He needed some air. As he walked, he was surprised to see a familiar face with an Englishwoman. The man was a monk and strongly resembled one of his brother’s companions, but he knew that man to be long dead. The woman was what really held his eye. Fair skin and long, heavy golden hair. He looked at her objectively, noting the length of her lashes, the hazel of her eyes. She was beautiful. He’d never known these invaders to bring their women before, so this girl must have been of some use or nobility. He didn’t approach for the moment, instead observed.


    - - - - - - -

    Awai paused in her fast pace, staring in horror at a monk accompanying a European woman. The girl was lovely but of little consequence. The monk though, he could force her to have to flee before she was ready. If she was lucky, he was a fraud or a monk only by name. She hurried past, nearly slamming into the Dog Lord from earlier. She scowled and scurried around him, reaching the Geisha house quickly enough.

    She scowled to see some of the girls cowering outside, one with a bright red mark on her cheek. Awai shoved the bag of things she’d bought at one of the girls in marched inside. Of course, the European she’d dealt with earlier was rampaging like a wild man, breaking screen doors, crushing vases, tearing through anything that got in his way.

    “What is the meaning of this?” She hissed. The man turned towards and glared. “You’re the whore who stole from me! Give me back my coin, or so help me bitch I will make you earn it.” Awai’s eyes narrowed at the bearded man. In a flurry of graceful movements she had him by the collar and was dragging him towards the entrance. Her strength was really incredible for her petite physique. “I did not steal from you. I put out an extra charge for your despicable treatment of me.” She tossed him forcibly into the street, the other girls parting in her wake. The man gaped in shock at her and fumbled, reaching for the pistol at his side. Awai smirked. “Go on, shoot the Geisha house owner in the street. See what these peasants will do to you.” She walked forward and slammed her sandaled foot on his wrist. She reached down and snatched the gun, holding it awkwardly. “I will take this as collateral for the mess you’ve made in my brothel. Now get out of my sight.”

    The man scowled, holding his wrist as he hurried off. “I’ll finish you! I swear I will! You whores will be begging for cock on street corners when I’m done!” Awai watched him go and glanced over her shoulder at the other girls. “Close up. Clean up as best you can.” They nodded, some giving grateful looks, others with fear in their eyes. If the man was right about his revenge, they may all be doomed. Away slid the gun in her obi and sighed heavily. She couldn’t leave, not yet. These girls would be no better than slaves without her.

  5. Anna had barely handed the weighted balls back to the monk with the woman passed by.

    She couldn't help but stare as she continued to hurry down the street.

    Yami followed her gaze, staring, much like the blond, but for an entirely different reason. "Well, well..." he mused. He blinked, realizing the blond woman who had been beside him had taken off, taking the opportunity to give him the slip. "Uh--! Ms. Anna!" He looked around, startled. He swore and left the shop quickly, his eyes lingering on Sesshomaru for only a moment, though perhaps for a moment too long, before hurrying by.

    Anna, once she was sure the monk had left, stepped back out from behind the changing screen on display and hurried down the street after the frazzled woman. She paused outside of the brothel-- recognizing the red drapes. She heard shouting coming from inside. Before she could decide if it would be wise or not to enter-- the door was opened forcefully and a man flung out into the street.

    She recognized him as one of her fiance's friends. A horrible worm among men, in her opinion. She watched shocked as he pulled a gun-- yet once more before she could take action, the woman from earlier made it so there was no need. She stomped on his hand and took the weapon, then promptly marched right back inside.

    As the man stumbled to his feet, their eyes locked.

    The blond scowled, her eyes turning cold. "Mister Smith." She said, her voice dripping with distaste. "Really now. At least have the decency to close your bloomers in public." She scolded.

    "Ms. Anna!" Yami had found her, someone having been kind enough to point out where she had gone. He panted as he caught up and frowned. "Really, running off like that's irresponsible." he chided, speaking in Japanese.

  6. Things in this town were getting more and more agitating by the minute. Sesshomaru watched from his place against a wall as the geisha who’d nearly run into him, she was not human to be sure, forcibly removed a rowdy customer from her business. Then came the blonde woman flanked by her monk. He scoffed and pushed off the wall, slowly approaching the pair. He had half a mind to take her as some sort of hostage, but he was too intelligent to do something so rash and idiotic. He paused as she chided the humiliated Englishman and decided not to approach just yet. Once she was finished he made his way to stand behind them. Grabbing the monk by the arm, he leaned down into his ear. “Give me a moment alone with the lady. I will cause her no harm.” He released him and whether he followed or not, covered Anna’s mouth and pulled her into a darkened area between the brothel and a clusters of small houses. Once he felt sufficiently out of sight, he pushed her against a wall and covered her mouth.

    “Do not make a scene, I will not harm you.” He moved his hand away but kept it up and at the ready. Listening to ensure anyone who didn’t know what he was wasn’t nearby, he let his glamour drop and leaned in close to ensure Anna understood every word he said. “Your people are in danger if they continue with this project.” His right hand glowed green as he shoved his claws into the wall above her head. He let her see what they’d done, corroding wood as though it were paper. “Your people have guns, but I am not some oni they can riddle with lead and go on their way.” He leaned away and inclined his head at her. “I will not give up what is mine so easily, tell your people that.

    He moved so she could pass back the way she came, taking the opportunity to look at her. So strange to see golden hair and her bright eyes. A beautiful woman, to be sure. He lingered to ensure she had no questions, though he likely wouldn’t entertain most of them.


    Awai watched the efforts to clean up her brothel with disdain. There was a white man beside her chatting in her ear about training some lesser prostitutes for the men’s less dignified pleasures. Awai cut her eyes at him but nodded. “I will demand payment and I will receive a cut from every coin they earn.” The man nodded and passed a heavy sack of gold at her. She accepted it warily and watched him go. She’d have to comb the local area for runaways, abused wives, widows, and disowned daughters. They would not learn the way of the geisha but only how to be whores. She rubbed her forehead in exhaustion. This night was becoming increasingly more cumbersome with every passing moment.
  7. Anna seemed more stunned then frightened. Her amber eyes stared up at Sesshomaru, marveling, though perhaps more then that. She shuddered slightly, flinching, though not pulling her eyes away at his show of strength. Either she was a brave or foolish woman. Maybe she was both... She swallowed hard. "I'll... tell them." she promised. When he seemed satisfied and moved aside for her to leave, she paused. "Who can I say this message is from?"

    Her Japanese was clear and well practiced, though it held a strange accent. Her voice didn't tremble. She seemed more afraid for her people then for herself, at least at the moment.

    Yami stood watching, not all too far away, his hand gripping the staff at his side tightly. He stood at the end of the ally way, serving more as a wall then a body guard for Anna. As a monk, he was expected to behave a particular way with the youkai... And yet, for the first time ever, he doubted that course of action. The youkai were loyal to Japan-- the land-- and they wanted the white men to leave as much as the human locals. For that, he would turn a blind eye.
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  8. Sesshomaru looked at her, noting her demeanor and steeliness. She was no hysterical woman, which was a relief. With any luck, she would take his warning seriously. He had little hope it would work, but he would be damned if anyone said he gave no warning. Her question was strange but he supposed it was Western enough. They were all so eager to have a name for themselves and introductions seemed a thing of great importance. He thought for a moment, eyes distant as memories of his father flashed through his mind. Never in a thousand years did the Lord ever thing to liken himself to his father, and yet here he was, defending mortals and his own lands. “Sesshomaru, the Lord of the West.” He turned and left her, unnatural speed carrying him rapidly away from the town, he could not bare to look at it.
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