The Stanley Parable

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  1. So I saw a video which led me to playing the demo which led to me purchasing this rather interesting game. I've never played anything quite like it. I'm. I'm not really sure what more to say other than for you to check this game out.
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  2. Isn't the game older? As in a year or two (haha)? If it's what I'm thinking it is, I really enjoyed playing it. Definitely warrants multiple play-throughs since each time can be different.
  3. Yes, the game has been out for a while but it's still great for more people to learn about and play it. The game is wonderful and brilliant.
  4. There we go.

    Gave this a whirl not too long ago to see what the huballoo was about. Wasn't that impressed since it basically held your hand the entire way through via the Narrator. Felt to me like one of those 'you have choices! But not really' sorta things.

    If I wanted to make my own story. I'd write it, read it, watch it, or actually get to play it out.

    Edit: Still gave more choice than Bioshock: Inifinite.
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  5. I've played it, and I liked it a lot. It's one of those things that you just have to play to really appreciate, because descriptions will fall flat and sound goofy.
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  6. My favourite ending.

    Also, my favourite achievement.

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  7. Okay, so I am going to make a concerted effort to not sound like talking down in response to your thing here. That 'you have choices! but not really' thing is the entire point. It's a deconstruction of the illusion of choice, and stories within video games, done with quirky humour on top of it. There's a reason that the ending you get for never ever ever choosing and instead blindly obeying is called the freedom ending.

    But that said, if you didn't enjoy it, that's totally fine. However, while it's a silly commentary more than a normal game, it's still a game.
  8. The game is amusing, but it has the tendency to usher out people's rebellious side.
  9. thatsthejoke.jpeg
    No one else seemed to get that. Glad someone did.

    Ironically the friend who adored Infinite hated this game for the simple fact he couldn't get any other ending.
  10. Wait, what?

    Well, I'm a gibbon.
  11. I see what you did there. Though I can agree in a sense but I suppose that's the idea behind it. Sadly I found myself thinking of other games and their quicktime events. In this case it's like you can ignore it. Sort of. Though a question arises, did I have a choice whether or not I even bought this game? Or did I click a few buttons as I was told to do and buy it because I was told it was good or it was compelling?

    Or maybe. Just maybe I'm being pretentious at this point.
    It's enjoyable and quite amusing.
    I wondered if that was a point in the game to do so. Though I believe it is.
  12. I love this game, my only problem with it is that it has little to no replayability. Once you get all the endings that's pretty much it, there's no real reason to ever pick it up again after that, and that makes me sad.
  13. Did you save the baby for 4 hours straight yet?

    If not, there's still some game in there.

    Go save that baby.
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  14. My comment is short and boring:

    I love that game. :D
  15. Yeeeeah... no, I'd rather not sit and press a button for 4 hours. I don't think I'll be loosing any sleep for missing out on that ending.
  16. After two hours it gets harder, apparently.
  17. I originally felt the same way with a few games before. But then a year or so later I've found myself sitting back down and playing it through while having a rather good time. I do believe some games have the ability to do replays, they just require enough time for the memory to not recognize the game well enough and nostalgia kicks in.
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  18. A brilliant masterpiece with British-level humour (hue) that you can pick up for 15 bucks and play for the entirety of a Tuesday, which happily displays the futility of fantasy and illusion of choice which game developers use every day. I couldn't describe it further than that without spoiling what is supposed to be experienced, in the same way that you couldn't explain to me why your favourite food is what it is without me actually tasting it.

    tl;dr: It's cultured and intelligent, now go play it and likely misunderstand its point, Raphael. You drooling neanderthal.
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  19. Yeah, I suppose there's that. It is nice to play a game after having your memory of it fade just enough for it to almost feel new again. Though it's not quite the same feeling you get when playing it for the very first time, you only get that once, so ya better cherish it.
  20. Just like smoking crack and chasing the monkey.
    Oh wait. That's doing the monkey.
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