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Pseudo awoke to find himself in a small room. At first glance it looked as if he had been put back into a cell. Yet, the last words said by Asmodeus rang out in his head. Somehow he had escaped the control of the Manuscript. Returning to the reality he was in he noticed the door and how it was shaped like a door on a sub. That view was soon interrupted by a spinning of the handle and the swinging open of the door. "Good you are awake. The captain wishes to see you." The shaven, bald soldier said leading him out of the room. It was not long before they were on the deck of a large naval vessel. "Captain, brought him." A guff man with a traditional Viking helmet complete with sideburns turned to face him. His hand motioned and the guard guiding Pseudo left.
"It is amazing to see someone survive. They can be quite the handful. The name is Torsty." He said extending a large hand. Pseudo grabbed hold of Torsty's hand confirming to himself that this area was safe, for now.
"So you are Torsty huh? I never met you personally but I heard stories about you."
"Save the stories. Please head to the briefing room, there your experience will be most helpful to the special team we got there. If you excuse me I have to go repair a faulty launcher." Torsty walked off to do his thing as Pseudo was guided by another guard.
"So what unit are you guys?" Pseudo asked.
"Well I used to be army but I am one of the many members of the ISAF. We were all hired to come on this mission." The soldier said. "The briefing room is just down this hall." He directed. Pseudo nodded and walked down the hallway and opened a large bulk head. He entered a carpeted room with a projector just finishing a tape. Another man stood at the front of the room his posture and stature just shining brilliance and bragging rights.
"Welcome, I was expecting you. Tosrty said he fished out some interesting treasure. I am General Ryker leader of the ISAF." He said in a perfect, straight up posture. "If it is not too much trouble I would like to ask you on the details of organization members and their powers. I am sure this unit could also benefit from such information." Ryker said turning on the lights. At a circular table there were three people with their eyes set on Pseudo.
"Information on their powers? Well I was given information on one unit, the unit I was supposed to be assigned to just next week. They call themselves Squad 3 and a ruthless bunch."

-United States Military Base 7B83D

The sirens were blaring as several explosions came from a few vehicles. Numerous bodies were laid out dead over the courtyard at the front gate. The courtyard was surrounded by a twenty foot concrete wall. The building that was being targeted was five stories high and had several automated turrets, most of which were destroyed. The front doors of the building opened as three rows of five armed soldiers aimed their sights at their enemy. "Come in Unit 3, what is our target's description?" The radio rang out over the smoke filled courtyard.
"Sir, I can barely make it out. Wait I am getting a picture." A soldier from the first row said talking on his head set. "It…it's a little girl."
"A little girl? Do not pull my leg."
"Sir I am telling the truth she is-"
"Hey? What is it? What is wrong?" The commander asked as everyone seemed to target the little girl.
"Tee hee hee. You guys do not want to hurt me." She said with a big smile. Her light brown hair and her bouncy smile made her look adorable, however, the true icing on the cake was the teddy bear she carried with her. "You all want to be my friend right?" No matter what she said nobody in the group would fire, their eyes were fixed on her.
"God damn it! I said OPEN FIRE!" The radio blared again.
"I-I can not sir. I do not know what is wrong."
"Then get out of there. Get OUT!" Before the team had time to react the girl was already hugging her first victim. She seemed to be hugging the men, but a short lethal pain later proved that to be false. In her other hand she held a dagger of which she stabbed all the paralyzed soldiers. She was going to walk up to the next one when he seemed to break out of the spell and pulled the trigger. The bullet ricocheted off the ground but missed the little girl. "Now why would you go and try to kill Sakii-chan? Hmmm?" Standing up the soldier backed away realizing his finger still would not move again. He was fretting in fear of her and was about to wet himself. Before he got the chance his throat was slit by another girl. She was older than Sakura and more experienced.
"You should not play with your victims. It only wastes precious time." A loud shot rang out from the other side of the wall. It was followed up by an explosion and flying concrete rubble. "See the tanks have arrived. Oh Orochi, please take care of these things!" She called out as another assassin descended from the sky. He gave a thumbs up as he opened up a comic book.
"Fear the power I have! I am Iron MAN!" His body formed a metallic suit around him fully equipped with weaponry and rocket shoes. He fired several missiles at the tank before he stopped leaving a crater and burning tank shrapnel.
"Ooooh, you let Orohic play with his victims." Sakura pouted with a puffed out lower lip.
"Let's just get in and get out, Pirogeth's orders."
"Alright Kitti-chan, if Piro-kun said so." Sakura said heading into the base with the others to obtain what they came for.
Alarice was sitting in her seat at the table, leaning back with her legs stretched out in front of her. They were crossed at the ankles and she tried wiggling her toes to feel it brush against the leather of her boots. She'd been sitting for so long that her leg was beginning to fall asleep--Never mind, make that both legs.

She pulled on her gloves as she listened to what was going on and tried not to fall asleep. The gloves looked simple enough, black leather, folded back at the wrists to reveal the white on the inside. But the scientists had mentioned something in them that dampened the nanites in her body so she didn't turn the gloves to stone as well.

I still don't trust myself around people, she thought. Then again, she could be clad in rock armor and not the gray uniform she wore and still not feel safe. She wore the pants tucked into the boots and the top was fastened up to her neck. The only part of her not covered was her head and man, it was stuffy.

Her semi-automatics were holstered, one on the holster around her left thigh and the other at her waist on the right, loaded, of course, with the safety off. It wasn't that she didn't trust people ... it was just that she took the captain literally when he said be prepared for anything.

I won't let anyone get hurt when--if--this ship is attacked, she thought.

Then the lights blinded her momentarily and she realized someone had walked in during her daze. Her first reaction was relief that General Ryker hadn't caught her daydreaming again. (If he caught her doing that one more time, she was sure he'd either throw her overboard or make her scrub toilets. Okay, so maybe he hadn't used those words exactly ... But still!)

Alarice glanced at the general and when he gave her that "look" she quickly looked at their guest. Now would be a good time to pay attention, she mused.
Kitti smiled with bemusement watching Orochi work. His power entertained her, and it was at least less eerie than the power of the little girl beside her. Hoisting Sakura up to piggyback, Kitti darted towards the center of the base, Sakura squealing happily from her vantage point on Kitti's back.

Kitti had to admit, her power was useful, if disconcerting. "Hang on, Saku," Kitti murmured, downing a vial of steel to infuse her legs. It might not make her faster, but the impact was lessened as the metal coated her joints and she continued pounding into the base as Sakura paralyzed the soldiers in their way.

The paralyzed men were hardly a threat to Kitti, whose dagger made short work of them as she shot between the immobilized men. "Any idea where it might be?"
Vay was leaning back in his chair, arms folded, it would have been impossiblr to tell weather or not we was awake under his helmet if it had not been for the impatient gestures he made every few minuets. His carbine was lying on the table next to him, locked loaded and ready.

"Finally." he muttered as the General walked through the door, but seeing the stranger he jerked his head as if flinching. "What now?" he muttered.

He had been on the USS Viking for weeks, before that it had been training and procedures. He was ready, they all were, what where they waiting and who was this new guy? Where had he come from? And why weren't they kicking arse wet?
Harli sat on the table cross-legged, sucking on a lolly. She was too small to see if she sat in the chair. Harli definitely agreed that she was the oddest looking out of the bunch. She tried to look the part when she got here by dressing in an army green and camo dress, but saw it had little effect.

She was sharpening the point of her parasol when someone new came in with the general. She grinned, excited that what she was here for was finally going to get underway.
As Pseudo stood in front of everyone he tried to think back to what he found out while in the organization. "Well there is not much to tell about them. Their powers, they are kept secret for the most part. Even my commander, I never saw his powers in action. But I did work with a group, one that was supposed to be in America. There was Orochi, Kitti, and Sakura. I saw each of their powers used once, Orochi can duplicate the abilities of other people or objects, Kitti can manipulate metal, and Sakura has some sort of hypnotic spell."
"Interesting, that will be useful as we make are way back to the mainland." The general said. It was then that the calm man turned frantic not realizing where he was.
"Uh Sir, exactly where are we docking?"
"Virginia Naval Base Twelve. Seeing as you have inside information on these people, I want you to accompany my troops. We have received word that the tactical information base ten miles north was attacked." It was no surprise to anyone that their mission involved one of the most mysterious and notorious organizations out there. The General departed as the ship started to dock.
... So that was it then.

Alarice watched the General disappear and took a deep breath. Her heart was already beginning to pound all the more harder and her blood faster. But it wouldn't do to get excited now and do something stupid because she wasn't thinking straight. The thought was enough to calm her but it also made it wonder just how well they'd be able to function as a team. They were a small group but small numbers didn't mean you were tight-knit.

"I'm going to watch us dock," Alarice said out loud, breaking the silence. She needed some fresh air and to stretch her legs. When she stood, she was all too aware of the needles in them, making it tough to walk at first. But she pushed the discomfort to the back of her mind and kept on walking. It would seem that meeting had been longer than she had previously thought.

Rumors travelled quickly, even on a large ship so when the people she passed moved farther away, despite her staying close to one side, she didn't hold it against them. Alarice folded her arms and tried not to see it by finding the floor a very fascinating thing to watch while occassionally looking up to make sure she was going the right way, and avoiding obstacles.
Flames played around the hand resting on the heater. They had a mission! And if this trator's information was correct they had intel on the enemy. The hand closed into a fist extinguishing the flames and the ex-mercenary stood and left the briefing room, carbine slung across his back. He tried to catch up to Alarice as she make her way forward but her fast pace and the number of people made it difficult. He lost sight of her and slowed down, perhaps it was better to leave her alone, she was on a mission in more ways than one. He sighed and leaned against the rail looking out over the ocean as it slid past, the cold breeze not finding him under his armour. He stood looking out to sse for a short time watching a pod of whales before turned away and headed below decks towards the ship's gym, it had been modified to allow them to practice with their abilities.

Flames ran down both arms and out from his hands making the metal wall in front of him glow red. "More heat." he said voice reflecting the strain he was under and the flames shot out further ending three meters in front of him. He dropped his arms the flames dissipating. He stood panting slightly before he unslung his gun and opened the grenade launcher. "Lets see if this works." he said to himself and put his left hand on an element on the wall provided for this purpose letting the heat build up before his hand erupted in flames, he the slammed his hand against the open loading slot and flames shot out of the grenade launcher reaching almost all the way across the room. Under his helmet Vay smiled.
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