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  1. Raven listened and nodded. "It's kind of like when you and I meditate. If that helps any Kori." She added trying to explain a bit more. She understood what the man meant being she had things where she could go but still be at the tower. Raven would never forget when Beastboy and Cyborg found her mirror and entered her mind. That was something she would never just leave sitting around again. Even if her emotions liked the company.
  2. "He said... I don't know you as well as I think I do.. that you hide yourself from me all the time. Is that true?"
  3. In case this isn't officially dead, I want this battle theme.

  5. "But it's upsetting you."
  6. As Pseudo stood in front of everyone he tried to think back to what he found out while in the organization. “Well there is not much to tell about them. Their powers, they are kept secret for the most part. Even my commander, I never saw his powers in action. But I did work with a group, one that was supposed to be in America. There was Orochi, Kitti, and Sakura. I saw each of their powers used once, Orochi can duplicate the abilities of other people or objects, Kitti can manipulate metal, and Sakura has some sort of hypnotic spell.”
    “Interesting, that will be useful as we make are way back to the mainland.” The general said. It was then that the calm man turned frantic not realizing where he was.
    “Uh Sir, exactly where are we docking?”
    “Virginia Naval Base Twelve. Seeing as you have inside information on these people, I want you to accompany my troops. We have received word that the tactical information base ten miles north was attacked.” It was no surprise to anyone that their mission involved one of the most mysterious and notorious organizations out there. The General departed as the ship started to dock.
  7. ... So that was it then.

    Alarice watched the General disappear and took a deep breath. Her heart was already beginning to pound all the more harder and her blood faster. But it wouldn't do to get excited now and do something stupid because she wasn't thinking straight. The thought was enough to calm her but it also made it wonder just how well they'd be able to function as a team. They were a small group but small numbers didn't mean you were tight-knit.

    "I'm going to watch us dock," Alarice said out loud, breaking the silence. She needed some fresh air and to stretch her legs. When she stood, she was all too aware of the needles in them, making it tough to walk at first. But she pushed the discomfort to the back of her mind and kept on walking. It would seem that meeting had been longer than she had previously thought.

    Rumors travelled quickly, even on a large ship so when the people she passed moved farther away, despite her staying close to one side, she didn't hold it against them. Alarice folded her arms and tried not to see it by finding the floor a very fascinating thing to watch while occassionally looking up to make sure she was going the right way, and avoiding obstacles.
  8. Flames played around the hand resting on the heater. They had a mission! And if this trator's information was correct they had intel on the enemy. The hand closed into a fist extinguishing the flames and the ex-mercenary stood and left the briefing room, carbine slung across his back. He tried to catch up to Alarice as she make her way forward but her fast pace and the number of people made it difficult. He lost sight of her and slowed down, perhaps it was better to leave her alone, she was on a mission in more ways than one. He sighed and leaned against the rail looking out over the ocean as it slid past, the cold breeze not finding him under his armour. He stood looking out to sse for a short time watching a pod of whales before turned away and headed below decks towards the ship's gym, it had been modified to allow them to practice with their abilities.

    Flames ran down both arms and out from his hands making the metal wall in front of him glow red. “More heat.” he said voice reflecting the strain he was under and the flames shot out further ending three meters in front of him. He dropped his arms the flames dissipating. He stood panting slightly before he unslung his gun and opened the grenade launcher. “Lets see if this works.” he said to himself and put his left hand on an element on the wall provided for this purpose letting the heat build up before his hand erupted in flames, he the slammed his hand against the open loading slot and flames shot out of the grenade launcher reaching almost all the way across the room. Under his helmet Vay smiled.
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