The Spoils of War

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  1. There he stood – Arthur Frost, the champion of Lazula Village. Through many a battle the young man had fought, disarming and incapacitating those who dared to oppose him. Granted, it had not been an easy task to win the annual tournament, and it certainly showed. Covered in cuts, bruises, sweat and dirt, Frost looked victorious regardless, evidenced by his broad grin. The exchanging of money had already taken place – that was for the leaders of each respective town to do. The slave selection, however, was a process that the champion would take part in. A selection of females had already been chosen, to speed up the process – he had chosen a group beforehand, but the majority were just arbitrary. In reality, there was only one of the girls that he wanted, and he had specified that she be brought out at the front.

    In order to make sure none of them made a run for the hills, each had been tied or chained with their hands behind their back, and their feet together. They themselves were not chained together, but there was still little chance of escape anyway.
    “And now, you may choose your prize, Frost. Choose wisely – no refunds until next year!”
    Arthur’s village’s leader let out a hearty laugh, which the torturer’s protégé returned with due enthusiasm. However, when he opened his eyes, the glint of malevolence was unmistakable. This glint could be seen clearer when he drew close to a person, deliberately taking his time to choose, in order to put a show on for the audience – and to make the potential slaves uneasy. Any one of them could be under his reign for the next year, and there were rumours about just how well he treated people. Grinning slightly as he drew to who he had chosen, he spoke.
    “I choose this one. She shall be mine for a year.”
  2. Staring down at the swarm of people who had come to witness the choosing of the slave Melody stood shaking. The thin fur line pelt she was forced to wear as a skirt barely covered any skin. The same went for her shirt which cut off just below her bust. She stood shivering in the freezing air. She was told the outfit gave the victor a good look as his possible "prize". She kept her eyes from joining with those in the crowd. Her wrists were aching already from the chains that bound her in the event she tried to escape. Without moving her head she glared up at the beast of a man that was the victor. Author Frost. The most despised man in the village. She silently prayed he would select one of the younger of the girls who had been chosen as possibilities. She quickly turned her attention back to the wooden stage when she was seen by Frost. She squeezed her eyes shut and try to forget about him and focus on the blistering wind that was freezing her thin frame. That was until she heard the heavy, booming footsteps of Frost. She held her breath and gasped as he grabbed her hair and spoke loudly that he had chosen her as his slave. Her eyes filled with tears as she cried out loudly. She screamed even as he began to drag her away. She screamed for her father who had offered his life for her to not be chosen but the offer was denied by the village elders. Once you were chosen there was no withdrawals or exchanges.
  3. By no means was the young man bulky, but the lean muscle he did have certainly ensured he had enough strength to do his job. Though, he could not reveal any muscle, lean or otherwise – he, unlike his quarry, was wearing clothing suited to the season. Thick woollen undershirt lay beneath his cloak, made from the pelt of a bear he had slain. The teeth were used in a necklace, probably used in a trinket shop. His hair, for some reason or other, had been trimmed messily, but given that the locks were unkempt regardless, their cut hardly seemed to matter.

    With his deep brown eyes still full of the sadism he so gleefully carried about, he attached a collar to his prize, leading her away by a leather lead. She was already being degraded – and he would make sure she was degraded so much she would lose all semblance of who she once was. He would make her a slave to the penis, he would have her on her knees, begging for it. But, before that, he would need to break her. Not her body, however – he needed that. No, he was to break her mind. Make her suffer. Suffer harder than ever before. He hoped she would lose her mind, and thus herself – making her his, forever.

    “Get me a gag for my new slave. I don’t want to hear her sobbing – yet.”
  4. Melody's eyes got big as she watched the village leader bring a gag and place it in her mouth. She tried to resist but he held her mouth open and put it in anyway. She watched as her once friends began to walk away from her and go back to their own homes. She could see her father standing by the stage quietly crying and watching her be dragged away. Soon she was put into the back of a wagon and taken only god knows where. She soon collapsed from crying and trying to fight to be free.
  5. Getting Melody to the cell was not hard at all – she was light enough for two people to carry with ease. Though, they were not carrying her into any ordinary cell. This was one that had been specially built for the winners of the games, for those who had their slaves do more than just scrub the dishes. The place was equipped with all manner of toys and restraints, devices for a different kind of torture. Anything of all shapes and sizes was stored in the cupboards and on the shelves, anything that could be used to induce both pain and pleasure in the receiver.

    Now stripped down to her underwear, Melody had been put on the table in a spreadeagle position, with each of her hands and feet chained tightly to a corner. The gag had been removed, allowing her to speak, though she would not be able to do much else. The table in the middle was tilted up slightly – and could be tilted any which way to make positioning more convenient for the dominant party. Standing smirking over the girl before him, Arthur held Melody’s chin, pointing her unconscious face towards him. He was already bulging beneath his trousers, and now that he was in control of an attractive young woman, he was positively brimming with lust.
  6. Melody awoke to Frost holding her chin. She took a quick breath and opened her eyes wide."Get away from me!" She screamed at him. She reached to grab his hand and found it chained to the table she was laying on. She took a quick glance around the room and saw the array of torturous objects and began to squirm nervously. "Why me? Why couldn't you pick another girl?? " She glared him directly in the eyes. Hers were full of fire and hate.
  7. “Why you? Why you, you wonder?”
    Continuously repeating the question out loud, Arthur did so in different voices, in different tones, intending to mock his new slave, to anger her further. He paced around her, always repeating himself, never looking directly at her, but clearly directing his speech at her – clearly trying to break her. Then, in mock realisation, he snapped his fingers, and held his hand up in a “eureka” pose. “Oh, I know why I picked you! Because I thought you’d be fun to break. All fire and brimstone, but I know that there’s a little softie inside that will be so fun to torture. And then, when I have tortured her enough, I will turn you into a slave. You will lose your mind, and be begging for me to punish you. Don’t worry, I’ll try and make it pleasurable. For me.”

    Letting out a short, sharp, and remarkably dark chuckle, Arthur continued to pace around Melody, hi arms folded behind his back as he did so.
    “Giving a name to something makes you remember it. Because a name makes it unique, makes it special. You? You’re a slave, nothing more. A lump of meat with some holes that I can stick myself into. I know your name, but I will not call you by it. A slave does not need a name. Have you got that, you filthy sow? You’re nothing to me. Nothing but someone to test all these instruments on. By the time I’m finished, you’ll be on your knees, pandering to my every whim. You won’t want to go back. And we begin when I say so. Any questions?”
  8. Melody jumped slightly when he snapped his fingers but all the while still watching him stalk around her. "I will never fall to you. You can kill me now." She bared her teeth and glared at him. After calling her a sow she spit in his face and smirked. "I will never be anyone's slave. I will never be tamed into a mindless sex addict." She laughed confidently and tried to pull her hand out of the restraint with no avail. She rolled her eyes and huffed annoyed.
  9. Arthur jumped back slightly as Melody’s saliva landed on his cheek, which was promptly wiped off with an expression of mock disgust. It was so ridiculously exaggerated, it looked like the kind of thing a children’s entertained would do in a puppet show. However, this entertainment was certainly not for children – as entertaining as it was. Slowly, this expression changed into one of malevolence, his grin turning into one so eerie, so sadistic, the weak and feeble of mind would shrink back in fear, knowing that something huge was to happen, something the person being subjected to it should fear.

    “Oh, you naughty girl. I was willing to ease you into the rougher stuff, but you just had to spit. I’ll tell you what, little lady – you’ve just lost your lubrication privileges.”
    Arthur spoke in a way that would have sounded comical, had he said something else. It was as if he was scolding a child for eating a sweet without permission – not telling his new slave she would have no lubrication. And, with his treatment, she would definitely want the lubrication. Pacing about, he eventually came upon the two items he was looking for – a rubber dildo, a good bit bigger than the average man’s penis, and a ring gag – to keep her mouth open, but still allow access to it.
    “Open wide, slut. And I don’t just mean your mouth.”
    With this, Arthur placed the gag in Melody’s mouth, after wrenching it open, and tore her underwear callously off – as if it was no more than wrapping on a parcel. The tip of it hovered over both holes, purposefully brushing against each, in order to torture her mentally. At least, he hoped it would.
    “You know what? I’ll save your hymen for later. I’m going to break it myself. However, your other hole… Well, it looks ripe for the picking. Oh, you’ll wish you hadn’t spat at me before.”
  10. Watching his look of disgust turn evil Melody began shaking lightly, On the first attempt to place to the gag she bit him but left her mouth open for a moment too long and he swiftly put it in place, It was strange, and when he walked over with the dildo in hand was when her body began to quiver in fear when her head was still in fighting mode. She would never fall to his actions. She would rather die than allow him to brainwash her. "Fuck you, you tormented bastard!" She tried to yell.
  11. “You’ll have to speak up, sunshine. You’ve got something in your mouth.”
    Chuckling at his own little ‘joke,’ the toy was forced into her rear. This was, in actual fact, a special cross between a dildo and a buttblug, one that would prevent injury – but still cause more pain than it would pleasure. Unless, of course, the receiver enjoyed that sort of feeling. The bottom was widened, in order to prevent the toy becoming lost in the person taking it, but the length was still that of a slightly-better-endowed man. Even with lubrication, this would be painful, but without it, this would be even more painful. “Don’t worry, it’s just anal training. I’ll pull it out – eventually.”

    Taking off her bra in similar fashion to her panties, Arthur began to fondle Melody’s breasts, pinching and stroking her nipples, even going so far as to suck on them occasionally. In a lull in this particular activity, he looked back at her, smirking as he did it.
    “You have such soft breasts, whore. I bet plenty of guys want these. I could get good money, whoring you out – in fact, you know what I should do? I should organise a winner’s party, right here. And I can invite all sorts of men. Imagine it – all those men, with throbbing dicks, gangraping you into submission. Would you like that? Of course you wouldn’t. But I’m going to do it anyway.”
  12. When he inserted the toy into her ass she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her bottom was being ripped open. Uncontrollable tears rolled down her cheeks. When he played with her breasts it felt nice but she refused to moan. The only thing on her mind was the pain in her rectum. At the suggestion of others being there to witness her torture and even add to it made her shake her head. She couldn't think about being seen like this. It was humiliating. The tears were free flowing now. Her life was being ruined by this man all because he killed people for his own enjoyment.
  13. Arthur stopped to relish the scream of his victim, smiling as if he was in a state of bliss. Which, in a sense, he was. The scream of his victim through the gag made him all the happier to have his job, and that he knew what was causing it made it even better. Letting one hand free, while the other played with her breasts, he began wiggling the dildo inside of her, twisting it, pulling it out slightly, only to push it in further. He would torture her first – enough pain to break her mind. Then, he would mould her, make her his. It was what he was looking forward to. If he could get it done by the time the party had been organised, all the better – she would revel in how much there would be to do there.

    He didn’t even care that she had bit him – he was so ecstatic at all the possibilities one person could bring, that such an attack had little effect on him. Not able to resist the urge any longer, he pulled his trousers and undergarments off, revealing his manhood beneath. Several inches of healthy, throbbing man-meat, his member’s veins were showing, a testament to just how hard he had gotten. He was well above average, into the higher end of the spectrum, but he was merely big – not impossible. Still, it was enough to do the job, and do the job he would. Tilting the tble backwards, Arthur climbed onto it, his head between Melody’’s legs, his penis directed into her forced-open mouth.
    “Resistance is futile, you know. I’ll just start using your filthy mouth as a fuckhole, if you don’t start licking.”
  14. She screamed louder as he moved and played with the dildo in her ass. It was so painful she could barely see straight. Removing his pants distracted her for a moment. When his full length was in view she whimpered in fear. To her virgin body it was huge, Though not hearing his words she resisted and would not move a muscle.
  15. “Keep screaming. I love it when you scream. It’s like a choir to me. Your pain makes me want to destroy you – and destroy you I will.”
    He relished her pain once more, letting her screams of anguish wash over him as he kept himself in her, not moving even slightly, in order to let the heavenly sound that was her in pain sink in even more so. When he did not feel her tongue do anything to him, however, he gained a look that seemed quite annoyed – furrowed brows, a small frown, but his eyes betrayed this false expression.

    “Not going to do anything, hm? Well, I don’t know if it’s because you couldn’t hear me or because you’re actually just too stubborn to give in, but either way, it’s your loss, girl.”
    With that, Arthur began thrusting himself into Melody, his penis frequently managing to force itself down her throat. He didn’t care if she was to choke, or if she were to throw up – it hadn’t occurred to him at that point, that something like that could happen. He just focussed on pumping his hips, even if there was quite a degree of difficulty in doing so, given the position.
  16. With his cock being forced down her throat she couldn't breath. The massive thing kept pounding in her mouth and throat. She couldn't scream or make any noise other than choking sounds. She feared what he would do if she continued to resist, but she would not dare fall to the hands of a sex-crazed bastard. She started to fidget and squirm making his job of thrusteing even harder.
  17. “Ha! Keep struggling, you insolent little shit. You’ll be sorry you ever did, but I won’t – it’ll give me an excuse to go even harder on you. It’s your loss, not mine.”
    With this little taunt, Arthur pushed himself in as forcefully as he could, forcing as many inches of himself into Melody, as far into her mouth and down her throat as he possibly could. The slight separation caused by the gag notwithstanding, Arthur had gone balls-deep into his new slave, his testicles now lying squarely on her face. “How do you like this, then? Feel good? I’m going to do this to you as much as I like, as long as I like. You know why? Because you’re weak. Pathetic. It would’ve been fun to have to have fought you to keep you bound, but you just had to pass out on the way here, didn’t you? Tch, you’ll probably pass out from lack of oxygen here as well.Oh, I’m sorry, am I still in you? My bad.”

    As if to only add insult to her injury, while he still had himself forced into her throat, Arthur reached over, and took hold of the dildo lodged in Melody. There, he positioned his hand on it, and managed to twist the dildo. He did so as far as he could, as fast and as forcefully as he could, just waiting to hear how she tried to scream with a cock down her throat. This was beyond anything he had ever felt before – Arthur was loving it. He was causing so much pain, and he was feeling so much pleasure. He loved having so much control, being able to torture a person like this. He didn’t care if it even felt remotely good for her or not – he had a girl bound to a table. He was going to do whatever he liked with her.

    Then, so as to keep her conscious – if she was still conscious after being subjected to what he had just done – he pulled out of her throat, slowly and deliberately, so as to stroke his foreskin on her tongue as he slid out.
    “You like that, you little slave? Don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from. Or not, if you just pleasure me.”
  18. Melody thought she was going to pass out from loss of oxygen as he was much rougher with her mouth. She also knew she would not be able to sit up comfortably for along time because of the torture being done to her backside. The that continued to flow lightened when he pulled out. She coughed but quickly obeyed and licked the head of his cock which was hovering over her mouth. She took long deliberate licks. She was going to play an act. Act as though she had realized resisting was going to get her no where until she had her chance to be free. She softened her expression and slowly raised her hands as if wanting to fondle his man-meat.
  19. What Melody hadn’t thought about was that this was the head torturer’s protégé – he had been taught the tricks of the trade. He knew when someone was faking, and he knew when they were truly broken. Nobody broke in a split second – her act was paper thin, and he knew it. He hoped she knew it as well, because he was looking for every excuse to punish the girl in all sorts of cruel ways, and lying to him would result in yet more torture for her.
    “Don’t try and pretend, pig slave. I know what you’re trying to do. Do you really think I learned nothing about play acting under my master’s tutelage? You’re going to have to put on a lot more of a convincing act to fool me. In the meantime, here’s your punishment for trying to trick me. Honestly, they just don’t make them like they used to…”

    Clambering off the table briefly, Arthur rummaged around in some of the drawers, until he found a suitable dildo. This one was a step up from the smooth one already in Melody – it was no longer, but its girth was notably larger, and the ridges all over it were quite prominent. It wasn’t quite the spiked model he had in reserve, but he was keeping that for later. If she was lucky/unlucky, he would break it out in this current session, and show her just how cruel he could be. For now, though, he removed the one currently in her by pulling it out with as much force and speed as possible, and pushed the wider, ridged model in as far as it would go, twisting it as it went in for good measure. And, for added insult, he took the smooth one, and placed it through the ring gag, after passing it under her nose.
    “Smell that? That’s been in you. You know where. Now, taste it, you filthy sow. Taste your own insides.”
    Granted, Arthur doubted this would be particularly healthy, but he supposed it was no worse than what he was already doing – after all, he had specified that her rectum be cleansed thoroughly before he used it. There hadn’t been enough time for more than a quick flush, but it had to do.
  20. Melody's eyes got big as he said he could tell she was faking. She screamed when he ripped the dildo out of her. The only noise that escaped her mouth when the new one was put in was gurgling sounds of pain. Putting the first toy under her nose the smell made her want to vomit. When he forced it down her throat it truely made her vomit. She was choking on the dildo and her own vomit. 'This is a horrible way to die.' She said to herself. Coughing on the large object and the fluid filling her mouth she tried to move her hands to prevent her from choking to death.