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  1. Currently I am going to close this to people who have not already expressed interest in the thread. If there is an opening, this message will self-destruct disappear.

    Here is the IC thread.

    Story: A small group of humans and monsters band together to keep the inn running and try to re-establish the power of Guests (monsters/spirits).

    Setting: A magical realism world that's a modern alternate version of Japan. Pretty heavy Japanese mythological influences, but the inn and to a lesser degree the world can have other influences. There are special "doors" in the real world that let the inn guests come and go, but humans have to get special permission or accidentally use one the same time as a Guest. Doors can be windows, doors, ponds, trash cans, and your mom things like crawling under the right desk.

    Premise: Parallel to the human world, there's a spirit world with a giant fucking inn that houses all manner of mythical creatures, spirits, and whatnot. Why? Humans and large-scale industrialization have squeezed the mythical folk out of their homes. With cell phones and street cameras, they can no longer hide and can't risk being seen or recorded.

    Now, with the inn getting crowded, they have to figure out how to get people to believe in them and their power again without getting "caught" and forced to integrate with humans (in other words, their power lies in being known, but untouchable and unfindable). So a human or two seeing them is fine, but fifteen seeing them and them being recorded is not.

    How do they get around unseen right now? Human suits (note: usually not made from real humans).

    Rules: 1. I only need 4 humans. If you play a human, you can also play a monster at full or part-time. You can have no more than 2 characters to start with, but you might be able to add more later.
    2. No godmodding, Mary-Sueing, or making things terribly convenient. Life is inconvenient for everyone, even spirits.
    3. If you're not posting with the flow of traffic, you'll get one or two warnings and then your characters get dropped. PM me if you've got some major meltdown happening and we'll make arrangements.
    4. If you're being a jerk to me or anyone else, or disobeying site rules, you get booted. Keep the adult bits within your age group and in the appropriate places.
    5. Please avoid generic or oft-used creatures, or half-human hybrids. So no vampires, fairies, general ghosts, werewolves, etc. I am looking for creatures like yurei, wendigos, tengu, thunder birds, cecaelia, etc. Please no sexy catgirls, etc.
    6. Posts should be a solid two or more paragraphs barring special circumstances.

    Once I get a good number of posts, I'll start accepting people and get the IC thread up. You'll see the link here when it's ready.

    Characters so far:

    Mayumi the human

    Eira the yuki-onna

    Yamasato the tengu

    Slyphie the mermaid

    Chirra the swiftcat

    Chrysa the forest nymph

    Hana the human

    Miriya the bakeneko

    Tibbs the tanuki

    Tamashi the onibi

    Inushiro the inu yokai

    Character Sheets) [SIZE=3 (open)
    For humans:[/SIZE]


    Physical Description (if no image):


    For Guests/spirits/monsters:

    Type of creature:
    Preferred food:
    Other habits/traits:


    [Human suit image]
    Human occupation (if they have one):
    Brief bio on human disguise

    Like photos? Hell yes you do. (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


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  2. You already know I'm in on this <3
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  3. in
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  4. Awesome daird! I'll be looking forward to character sheets from you :D
  5. [​IMG]

    Fujita, Mayumi
    DOB: April 11th
    Age: 17

    Occupation: High school student
    Hobbies: Origami, stealing, reading, eavesdropping, drawing
    Personality: Passive-aggressive, secretive, rude, fearful, curious

    Likes/Dislikes/Fears: She likes small spaces, heights, hard candy, rice sweets, soda, and hot baths. She dislikes things that move quickly, sour food, physical activity, and being paid attention to. She is afraid of making friends and being close to people.


    Mayumi was born to an IT systems manager and a former miko-turned-receptionist, both having met and working at the same company. When she was two her mother was arrested after she was caught trying to repeatedly shove Mayumi into a Jizo statue in an alcove. After that her mother lived apart from Mayumi and her father, and her visits with her mother grew less and less frequent until her mother disappeared altogether when Mayumi was 13. Today she is finishing high school and while her father wants her to go to college, Mayumi is dragging her feet and doing everything she can to avoid applying.

    When left to her own devices, which is often, Mayumi likes making crafts, reading, and drawing. She likes thick, hearty food, but even more than that, she craves sweets of any kind. However, Mayumi is lazy and timid enough she'll rarely go to the store on her own. What Mayumi lacks in courage or the ability to interact with people, she makes up for in the ability to hide, sneak, and eavesdrop.
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  6. How do you feel about more western monsters? More specifically, liches?
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  7. Fine by me! I'm just trying to avoid anything that's been done to death.

    • Name: Eira Miyuki
      Type of creature: Yuki-onna (snow woman)

      Preferred food: Water and foods high in liquid. Prefers foods that are supposed to be served cold

      Other habits/traits: Tends to suck the heat out of the area around her. High tolerance for freezing environments. Can float. Can transform into a snow cloud or mist when threatened. Can freeze things with a skin to object touch or with her breath. Can intentionally suck all the heat out of an area.
      She is at her strongest when snow is falling naturally.

      Hobbies: Manicures, listening to Jazz, mixing new drinks, trying new ice-cream flavors, shopping

      Personality: Strong willed, cautious, witty, independent, a touch mischievous

      Likes: Jazz, ice cream, cold weather and storms
      Dislikes: Hot weather/places, sunny days, sappy teenage movies and stories, Drama
      Fears: being unable to return affection, having to uproot her life again

      History: A spirit born from a storm so large and long lasting it took on life of it's own, Eira grew (as spirits do) through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood watching the human world pass her by. Eventually after much travel and adventure, she decided to settle down and help run the Inn (with her good friend), specializing in the comforts of the place such as the massage parlor and baths. Ironic as those are things she will never be able to enjoy herself but secretly wishes too.
      She does, however, make an excellent concierge with her contacts and ability to find and procure even the rarest things.
    • [​IMG] [​IMG]


    • Same general form and coloring as the spirit form with some alterations and updates fashion



      Bar tending outfit
      [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

      Professional/day wear human outfit


    • Human occupation: Flair Bartender Performer with a mobile following. Performs at various bars as a "guest tender" to draw crouds for a fee. Shows are recorded and posted on social media etc.
      Example of Flair Bar-tending

      Brief bio on human disguise: Known fairly well all over the word for her shows (assessed via the doors), the after hours job lets her perform when and where she wants without interrupting her Inn keeping duties. She has a fairly devoted following and fan-base.
      The human world believes her to be a 28 year old from Tokyo Japan with an American father thought to live somewhere in New York (because she once told a news crew she was in the city visiting him.)

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  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Yamasato (mountain aid)
    Type of creature: Tengu
    Preferred food: Dumplings, roasted meat, rice cooked in bamboo, strong sake
    Other habits/traits: Able to summon great gusts of wind with his fan. All of his skin is is red, contrary to the picture. Sometimes easily confused/tricked.

    Hobbies: Training, soaking, playing the lute, training, breaking rocks
    Personality: Stern, stoic, honorable, loyal, blustery, stuffy, prideful
    Likes/Dislikes/Fears: Likes anything natural, especially forests, mountains, and simple music. Dislikes complicated things, electronics, and trying to understand young people (especially women). Fears weakness, ridicule, and failure.

    A steadfast and dedicated yamabushi that became a tengu after training so rigorous that it nearly killed him. Afterwards he spent 600 years on the mountain until aggressive deforestation caused him to help begin building the inn. Today he helps its owner run it and is particularly close to Eira as she is one of the few women he is comfortable talking to. Yamasato is a person very concerned with honor, duty, and rigor, and is baffled by people who do not have the same values, preferring to leave them alone if possible. Most of all, he is confused by women, especially young ones, as he never had much contact with them as a human or as a tengu.

    Despite his excessive grump, Yamasato does like to cut loose occasionally with friends and enjoys rocket-fuel sake and good music.


    Human name: Yamasato, Ryu
    Human occupation (if they have one): Occasionally teaches various martial arts classes, but favors judo

    When pretending to be a human, Yamasato pretends to be an instructor of various kinds of martial arts, but especially judo and sometimes kendo.
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  9. Oh, a fellow pun addict? Good lord, dis gunna be gud.

    Sakura (open)


    (Like this, but there are tattoos of various Japanese characters all over her body.)

    Type of creature: Lich (sentient undead)

    Preferred diet: Does not need to eat or drink, but has acquired a taste for red wine and will often joke about "Braiiiiins" with a roll of her eyes.

    Other habits/traits: Tends to drum her fingers when bored. Living plants wilt and die if in her presence for long periods of time. Can see ghosts. Can reanimate dead bodies. Knows basic magic spells like light telekinesis and the like

    Hobbies: Reading about and practicing magic, drumming, cooking

    Personality: The one word to describe Sakura is, oddly enough, lively. She loves to make friends, see new sights, and generally enjoy (un)life. In fact, that's a major reason she made herself into what she is.

    Likes: wine, a warm fire, a good puzzle. Dislikes: being outdoors, bullies, people staring at her decay. Fears: Not much, really, save the tattoos keeping her undead being damaged and forcing her to move on to the afterlife.

    History: Sakura was born an ordinary human in Tokyo... except she wasn't ordinary. It turned out that she had a talent for magic, and especially a particularly blasphemous form of magic called necromancy. Her parents were stunned when they found out, but accepted her differences and allowed her to practice in secret. She also made friends with the ghost of a mid-twentieth century English girl named Rebecca. Then, came the cancer diagnosis.

    Leukemia. And not only aggressive, but downright bloodthirsty. The disease slowly made her weaker and weaker, until it became clear she didn't have much time. But Sakura had an ace up her sleeve. An ancient ritual she'd discovered in a long-forgotten scroll. A ritual to trap one's soul in their body, even past the point of death.

    It took seemingly ages to mark her skin with the various symbols needed, but she got the job done. Two days later, her mortal life ended. She woke up in the morgue, scaring the coroner's assistant handling her body unconscious. She managed to escape the morgue, but where to go? It was then that Rebecca's ghost found her, and told her about the inn. She's been staying here for the past two years, spending time as the assistant cook. (Don't worry. Her food's perfectly safe for human and creatures alike.)

    Human Appearance


    Human Profession: None (doesn't leave the inn grounds.)
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  10. May I play a human and a monster (Maybe a kitsune?)?

    EDIT: Also, this is giving me a big Spirited Away vibe with the Inn and all.
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  11. @daird love her! she and Mayumi can enjoy not staring at each other XD

    @Wingless_Angel sure! And yes, Spirited Away was a big inspiration for this :)
  12. Interested
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  13. I won't say I'm not interested.
    Because I am interested.
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  14. Would it be okay to be an actual named monster/yokai, such as Nurarihyon?
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  15. @Sasha Bliss I'm okay with that, yes, as long as it doesn't cause godmodding problems :)
  16. It wont
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  17. also, sorry for the double post,but do you want us to post characters here?
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  18. No worries, it's fine. And yes, I'd love all the character sheets here since I refer back to them often
  19. Mids, when we get to the start, would you rather have this as the Character dump thread, with a new OOC? or this as the OOC with me editing my first post to be a character quick link section?

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