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  1. Introduction
    Hello, welcome to my 1x1 interested check! I hope that you're having a good day today. You can call me Tre, Trevor or The Spectre, I don't really care. I am currently a senior and it's almost the end of the school year, where I freak out about life; but, I am planning to do online college. There's more that we could talk about, but I don't want to bored you with paragraphs about my life.

    Partner Expectations
    • I want my partner to be at the age of sixteen and over, because younger partners aren't my favorite kind of partner.
    • I want my partner to talk to them about random stuff, because It'll only bring us closer.
    • I want my partner to be a high-casual and an advanced writer.
    • I want my partner to have grammar, that's readable enough. As you can tell, I don't have the best grammar; but, I am trying to improve that.
    • I want my partner to post at least two or more paragraphs.
    • I want my partner to post often. Doesn't have to be everyday, but posting once in a week is good enough.
    • I want my partner to help me with plotting and coming up with ideas.
    • I want my partner to be looking for an actual plot, development and storyline(s) in our 1x1 rather than romance. We can still have that, but it won't be the main focus of our roleplays.
    • I want my partner to understand why I don't do OC/FC x canon character.
    • I want my partner to also understand that I have life.
    • History/Alternative History.
    • Drama.
    • Crime.
    • Mystery.
    • Thriller.
    • Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic.
    • Science fiction.
    • Fantasy fiction.
    • Political.
    • Paranoid.
    • Action.
    • Adventure.
    • Mass Effect
    • Dragon Age
    • Star Wars.
    • Halo.
    • Game of Thrones.
    • House of Cards.
    • The Walking Dead.
    • Steven Universe.
    • The Division.
    • Red Dawn.
    • No Escape.
    • Containment.
    Scenarios & Ideas
    • Paradise Lost (Fandom Inspired - No Escape & Red Dawn)
      Hawaii has always been perfect out of the forty-nine states in the United States of America. A popular destination for tourists, the state has always relied on the money produced for tourism. 6.4 million tourists visited and spent ten billion dollars on the islands during 2013. Now, the island is a major target for the enemies. Soon enough, it will get attacked and invaded before a declaration of war is even issued.

      We will be playing as tourists, who were caught by this surprised invasion, on O Ľahu island. The title is based on the famous poem by John Milton. The poem concerns the Biblical story of the Fall of Man: the temptation of Adam and Eve. And we will have to overcome many obstacles as the islands are under siege.

      This roleplay will be about our survival until help arrives, if the military even comes.

    • Isolate (Fandom Inspired - The Division & Containment)
      An unknown virus has spread during the rush of Black Friday all over America, especially New York City. None knows about the virus, how many are affected, and how far it will spread. 8.4 million currently live in the Big Apple, the largest city population in the United States of America. If a virus outbreak happens, it would take about seventy two hours to spread all over. The government has plans in place to prevent this from happening and one of them is Operation Isolate. Isolate off different parts of major cities with high rates of infected people.

      We will be playing as citizens of New York City and watch as cases of the 'flu outbreak' appear. We don't know what will happen during the first week of the outbreak. The government, police, and all of them will either be confused or collapse among with the entire city. My mother used to have this saying when something like happens:

      "Everything dies for a reason we can't possibly know."

    • Stars and Stripes (Original)
      The United States of America won the Cold War as the weaken Union of Soviet Socialist Republics collapsed. Now, the United States have proven to be the most powerful nation in the world and has taken to job to protect her allies against China and other threats in the world. The fall of the Soviet Union happened in 1991 and now ten years later, 9/11 happens. Thousands of lives are lost during the eleventh of September in 102 minutes. America is forever changed by the event and the view towards America also changes.

      Now, it's the year 2016 (or 2021 depending on what you want the year to be) and the world has changed. We will be a part of the American government as the Election of 2016 ends and we won our campaigns (President and Vice President, Majority/Minority Leader and Majority/Minority Whip, etc). We will be a part of the new world as it changes every living moment and we can make decisions that either break and grow the country. And we'll also have to take a risk of changing ourselves in order to function as leaders of our nation.

      As Adlai Stevenson II once said, "In America, anyone can become president. That's one of the risks you take.
  2. Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Dragon Age are all possibilities for me. I'd love to plot something with you, dear!
  3. Dragon Age seems like the right choice. Do you have any plots in mind? And what game do you want our roleplay to be based on?
  4. Still seeking people out.
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