"The specified username is already in use"

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  1. I wanted to change my username to something different, though I had the inkling the name might be taken, so I took to the member listing to see if it was. To my surprise, it wasn't! Yay!

    Except when I actually went to change my name, it gave me this error:

    "1. User names must be unique. The specified user name is already in use."

    D: Boo.

    Are there hidden accounts on the site? Would that be why I couldn't see the profile in question, but it says the name is taken? Or is it just a bug?
  2. It could be that it is the name of an erased account. Those won't show up on member lists since they aren't members anymore, but since they were members and their stuff is still on the forum with their username (+ the word guest) attached to it, it won't be possible to create a new account with that name.
  3. Aww, that's a shame, but understandable. I should have known it was too good to be true, haha. Thank you for the response!
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  4. I am pretty sure you can use deleted user names. o__o What's more likely the problem is that it was a banned user (who won't show up in the member list) or an inactive user account that is stuck in the "awaiting moderation/email confirmation" queues.
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