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  1. I watched the movie Jumper not too long ago, not to mention having a fascination with some oldschool X-Men comics, and the show Hero's. All that combined in some odd trainwreck of an idea is what you will be getting folks.

    Simply stated this is going to be a roleplay about the discovery of people who have special powers. The Government had managed to keep it under wraps since the accidental discovery some odd year's ago, and until now have been lying in wait simply monitering and abducting those who exhibited for such gifts for experimentation, enlistment, and if needed extermination.

    You have been unlucky, or perhaps lucky enough to be gifted with a simmilar power and now it seemed you have become the latest target of the government scheme.

    I'm curious if anyone would be interested in participating in this roleplay. It is going to be darker themed, and I would not advise anyone below the age of eighteen for signing up. I am also looking for those people who put fourth a good deal of effort into their posts. I do not need an entire page of texts but a TWO PARAGRAPH MINIMUM, should suffice quite nicely.

    I would be playing the majority of NPC Government agents, along with the main driving force and needed characters for the roleplay, along with a 'fugitive' as well. If you are interested in playing simply list any ideas you

    Edit! : The signup and ooc is now up.
  2. I like this idea x3 I would enjoy roleplaying this with you and any others who are interested~!
  3. Glad to hear you're interested! Now who else?
  4. I'd also be interested. :)
  5. I would very much like to be a part of this role-play. While I can't promise posts every single day, as work takes up a lot of my free time right now, I can an will post whenever possible.
  6. I would very much like to see your OOC for this idea.
  7. Seems like this has generated a decent amount of interest then!

    If you all would give me a little bit, I will have a signup thread up here shortly and go further in depth with the story.

  8. I don't see that as being a huge problem. Just be sure to check in and post when you would be able is all that I ask!
  9. Great~ I'll be sure to get a character going once you have the OOC up
  10. me too! With Summer looming on the horizon, I do not know how often I'll be able to post, but I'll try for at least once every other day or so!
  11. interested
  12. The Signup thread is now up! Look at the first post.