The Spaceman and the Fish

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  1. Laughter. Music. Lights. Dancing. Everything was so different and special. A fair skinned girl stuck to the shadows as families walked by laughing and talking amongst each other as they all headed for the towns main square. This girl had no family… at least up here she was by herself. It was clear that she was an outsider because all of the villagers were darker skinned from working the fields and the forest that surrounded the entire village.

    With white blond hair, the girl was slim and petite with an outfit that would definitely not fit in with the crowd (which is why she stuck to the shadows). While everybody else wore simple garments that consisted of plain brown dresses for women and slacks and a shirt for men, this girl wore a soft blue skirt that was high up on her legs to allow easier access when it came to getting into her homeland. A dark blue band covered her breasts and covering that was a plain white shirt that made her skin look even more white. She was barefoot and that was the other reason she was in the shadows for the ground was not hot where she stood unlike the sun soaked paths.

    How wonderful it would have been to see more though. These people… they intrigued her. Of course she was not from this world otherwise she would be walking among them as one of them. No she was from somewhere that most people did not dare dream about. A city under the sea. Yes literally a city under the sea. No she was not a fish, yes she was part human. She did not have a tail and yes she could breathe out of water. It was why she was dressed so differently. She was wearing the clothes of her people.

    She came up here sometimes to study them. Learn about them. See what made these people good and see what made them so bad. See how they treated their people and see how they treated their families. It was different to how she, a Princess in the court of her Atlanteans, treated her people. She was a kind and gentle ruler as her Father was and his Father before that. The rulers above could be cruel and heart less. It made her sad, but that was why she was up here on a day that was supposed to be a happy one.

    The girl, Elyse Suennon finally moved away after only a few trickles of humans were left to be walking towards the square. She received the strange looks, but she ignored them as she wandered among the stalls that were selling the items of their labors.

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    The obsidian craft was unseen mere minutes into the appearance of the young lady from undersea. Into the woods it had momentarily hidden as it took on an aura of sorts, which played with the electromagnetic spectrum in such a way that it registered on a dozen or so wavelengths, which when used in conjunction in this way, were known to the Ramonian Imperium as the Chameleon Series. It often helped the Ramonians when they wished to deploy troops in advance to an invasion site. And that was just what they aimed to do here.

    From the craft deployed a lone figure. Clad was it in helmet and belt, with a strange uniform of what at first seemed to be jet black, and dark green. However the black portions in truth were faintly noticeable at the moment, as it shifted momentarily between several shades of foreign camo, unlike any terrain on planet Earth. Then it became that of the cosmos itself, boasting the image of the stars, galaxies and all on his figure as he landed. The descent was strange to him, as a new sense of weightlessness came upon the Ramonian scout.

    "…What use is the Negative Field?…" He mumbled to himself. "My Disintegrator Ray is more than enough to handle an entire battalion of these primitives."

    There was a hint of youth inherent in the young serviceman's voice. One that reeked of incapability, as the lad had never done a task beyond scrubbing the pits of the Imperial Academy and being deployed just as a battle was being ended, put to the reserves as a lowly recon agent. But his place in the 3099th Legion, the Eye of the Empire itself would soon put him in top military honors, as his government demanded to know of a new solar system, having conquered all of four in the span of decades. As a member of the Biped class, with aryan features to boot, and having spent much of his childhood training and working on an international guard camp which doubled as a major farm on his birthworld, Parran, where many of the elites were born to the empire thanks to their enhanced bone density and muscular structure from the planet's heightened gravity.

    His lean, yet fit and toned build stood at 5,11. And with a removal of the helmet appeared a bizarre shade of what should be blonde hair, yet if you looked twice or even under another light, it would have seemed snow white, peculiar for a fellow who looked to be a young adult in his early 20's.

    In the distance he could hear the festival. A mingling of the locals, and perfect time for him to appear. A couple days before a fellow fresh out of college was reported missing. Earlier however, this youthful foreigner had popped up appearing almost like him, save for a few personal cosmetic changes. It was a stranger from out of town he was made to mimic, so no one would question anything.

    Immediately he put both hands- his digits, onto his chest and as if wearing a suit, pulled apart his uniform of the Ramonian military and produced a flannel shirt with a t-shirt underneath, a pair of jeans, and some sneakers. He unbuttoned the thin red shirt to reveal the black t-shirt under, followed by a folding of the sleeves as he went up to his hair, and adjusted the front to be slightly messy.

    Despite his age, Kanro was a fellow with a rather serious look on his face that said he'd be a stern man one day. At least, if his future foretold his staying in the military. He walked down the road which was lined with many a tree which only served to darken the area.

    Now, Kanro had rather strong olfactory senses. The festival was farther than he first believed from his stupendous hearing.

    So he leapt.

    He lunged towards the celestial world he once traveled faster than the speed of light, and landed again ahead. There wasn't a crater, as he had been very careful. But at the same time, small cracks appeared on the road, as well as the grass and dirt, a lone tree being shaken up some.

    He found himself leaping once more. The thrill of it was simply intoxicating for even an alien who, through his people's technological advances, had lived the life of a mortal man expecting a death handed to him by another mortal in the field of combat. This was unlike anything he could imagine...

    Once he grew closer to the festival, he hitched a ride with a group of excited fellow young adults who welcomed the quiet, stoic fellow with open arms and an offer of a can of mind numbing juices he had to decline on, sitting rather quietly as the rest ignored his presence mostly (They would occasionally ask pointless questions, like what the point of life was, if he knew how much a pigeon weighed, that sort of thing).

    Eventually he would make it to the festival. He would find himself strolling through, even getting a few greetings from friendly strangers, many of which were thankfully sober.

    But what caught his eye was the strangely dressed human being appearing at the stalls. Though others gave strange glances, some accepted it as part of the festival. After all, he'd spotted a few costumed fellows engaging in activities, mainly entertainment of the masses.

    "Excuse me." Went Kanro. "I was just curious, and forgive me if this sounds stupid… But I must ask what all these celebratory ceremonies are for? Like the attire you have on… Is it some kind of symbolism to be wet, or to potentially gain a cold?"

    That was the best he could describe it. Unknowing that it was an Atlantean, he wondered only of how she dressed. Immediately one would see the exotic portions, the skirt and a large scarf or something of the sort about her upper body. But underneath that was some sort of form-fitting garb, a swimsuit. Though he wondered why it was soaking a bit, he could not help but admire the beauty of its wearer. Perhaps, he thought: He could claim an Earthwoman unlike the more dreary ones from the standard observations and more like the ones from the other continents.

    Kanro as a Ramonian soldier:


    Kanro's Physical features:

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    The girl turned when she realized that someone was talking to her.. Immediately the petite girl had to tilt her head up and she stared at the mass of man in front of her. Like her he was dressed out of the normal garb and that kind of set her off, but the way that he presented himself was even more off putting. "Uh." Normally she was not like this, but she was not used to someone being so forward. After all she was the Princess! Remember, you are not a Princess here. Say hello. she told herself and that forced a smile on her face. "Hello, I believe that there is no reason for everybody to be wet. I simply went swimming before I came to the festival." Lying came easy to her because she had been doing it whenever she came up on land.

    "I may ask why you are wearing such a question of you. Why are you wearing clothing that would make you hot on such a warm day?" Elyse asked the man in front of her, raising her eyebrow in a delicate manner such as one would do when talking to her subjects and she believed them to be lying. "Although I am not from here, so I cannot tell you what the particular object of this gathering is." Now she most definitely sounded like somebody who was not from around here.
  4. It was true. Kanro was feeling rather warm. Then he stopped to realize the fact that he was probably dressed in the winter attire he'd planned to use incase his stay was prolonged. He quickly removed the shirt, and tied it about his waist before strangely enough, setting his fists down to his waist in some dynamic pose, his head tilting some as he put his eyes upon the young lady. His stature was not uncommon amongst the generals from the war tales back home.

    "I was feeling cold until you pointed out it was warm. Nice and cool when I didn't notice what was going on." He explained, before turning over to a stall and eyeing a game which required the player to strike down several steel bottles with a creamy white orb with the strangest flesh colored stitching, in other words a baseball. Luckily he had been supplied with a great amount of the local terran currency, the american dollar. He slapped down a few dollars more than he should have, earning him several tries, and a scolding from the stall owner since he had strangely enough seemed to produce an indian rupee, and a euro.

    Prior to himself playing a couple had attempted the game and lost. The bottles held steadfastly, almost as if they were bonded together, though all but the strongest of throwing arms capable of winning, so few claiming the prizes of the stall itself which were unique to it and unavailable in the others, these being large plush rocket ships. The stall owner waited for a moment with a magazine, glancing impatiently to see when the stranger would finish. But Kanro was taking some time with his calculations. Surely he could best the game with not only strength, but with his prowess as a man of the armed forces.

    Alas, his gravity adjustment did the work for him: The ball not only knocked the bottles down, but even dented them, and the ball traveled through a man's truck window.

    Nervously, Kanro produced more of the money incase anyone appeared to vent their frustrations on him. Just before he left, he was offered the sizable plush rocket ship, a worthy prize for an enormity of a crime as this, and began to move away from the stall, and the mysterious girl; But at least not before he inched back over, and handed her the plush rocket ship, as if to avoid having his presence at the stall further noticed.
  5. Elyse was unchanged by the stare that the strange man had first given her when he took off his overshirt and tied it about his waist. He was most certainly a strange man and Elyse had to wonder if all of them were like this. When he walked over to the stall and away from her, Elyse didn't leave. Instead she stood right where he had found her and watched him play the game. She wasn't sure exactly what the point of it all was, but when he came back with the stuffed spaceship Elyse was pretty sure it was a sign of something.

    "Uh, thank you?" Elyse murmured taking the plush toy from him. "What is your name strange man?" Elyse asked, turning her head to look at him. There was something so unusual about him, only Elyse could not place her finger on it. She prided herself on being able to read the people that she came in contact with but this man seemed to be hiding from her and it was quite frustrating for the young Atlantean. "Will you go to the festival with me? I was on my way there, but... it is always more fun to walk with someone else." Elyse smiled warmly at him hoping it would put him at ease.
  6. "Ah... yes. Names make the planet turn on its axis." Went Kanro's nervous chuckle. "My name is Kaaa-ah, *Ahem* forgive me, Kado Arthur."

    Kanro Arturan was his birth name amongst the ranks of the Ramonians. But by changing his name around, he was able to narrowly avoid giving up the details of his mission on this planet. He was making his way off towards the nearest place in which he could avoid attention from others, but began to take into consideration the accompaniment of the mysterious Terran.

    "Mother always said one was a lonely number. I suppose we could partake in festivities together."

    He took off his overshirt, and put it upon Elyse's shoulders. It seemed to become less thick upon touching her body.

    "The strange looks." He mumbled. "I think you should get a change of dry clothes, then we won't be disturbed."
  7. Elyse looked over at the man when he seemed to falter on his name. It made her wonder for a moment, but he looked like a normal man. Even if he was a bit strange even by her standards and she was the water creature. She smiled though when he said that he would accompany her. She was quite glad that he would be going with her, would make her seem like less people were looking at her because she was there with someone that she "knew".

    "Why thank you kind sir. I believe that your Mother was someone who knew about people then for I believe that she is correct." Elyse murmured, looking over at him with a smile.

    It faded for a moment as he covered up her body and she looked at him. "Oh I will be okay. I am the odd child. I took a swim right before I came here out in the ocean. It was amazing, but I didn't think to bring a change of clothes. They just like to stare for no particular reason." Elyse brushed off, but kept the jacket on anyways. Even with the sun, the ocean water had been cool down near her home and she had forgotten about that little detail.

    "Unless the looks disturb you..." Elyse quickly added.
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