The Space Pirate Life

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  1. After him is what was being shouted as Axel was running through the city streets of Ganderia from the galactic police. Wanted on three planets Axel Graves was known as a master thief, stealing many valuables and precious item throughout the Radiant Solar System. However luck wasn't with him today. He was the the spot light of the Galactic news network's most wanted segment with a hefty reward. Axel got a little careless, not hiding his appearance in public as a local citizen spotted him and alerted the cops which is why Axel is now the run. "Shit these assholes are fast." He muttered under his breath as he shoved and knocked people out of his way so that he wouldn't get caught. Axel even went as far as to knock over a create of medical supplies to slow the police down. "Damn it there's gotta be someplace in this freaking city to hide." He said and that's when he noticed a sign up ahead. It was the Granderia city docking bay. There was sure to be a cargo ship he could hide in until the heat was off of him. Unfortunately there was only one ship in the docking area. Looked like not many ships dock in this city. There was a good reason too space pirates would hit this area a lot. "Oh well. This cargo ship will have to do." Axel told himself as he made his way on it and down into the cargo area. Axel didn't have much knowledge about ships, so he was unaware that instead of hiding on a cargo ship he actually hiding in a pirate ship......which consist only of women. "Alright I'll just hide in here until those pigs are off my ass. They can't search the ship. Not without a warrant." He spoke to himself once again. Boy Axel was sure going to be in for one hell of a ride.
  2. Her ship, The Marque, was safely docked in Granderia bay under the disguise of a humble cargo transporter named E-Z-Shippers. The title was quickly made the joke of the day when her girl’s had found it amusing to refer to them as “easy”. The teased it should have been called E-Z-Movers and Shakers. The captain had frowned upon the jokes, but what was she to do? Kill her staff? It was tempting at times, but then she’d be without anyone to do her dirty work. Besides, she wasn’t all that great at repairs. That job was for Ms. Mink—who had grown into the habit of calling the ship hers. This irritated Ethaldra greatly, but at least put her blood and spit into keeping the Marque healthy. Speaking of…

    Mink bounced over to her captain, pulling a squeaky cart behind her packed with junk, “Madam Capt’an!”

    “What is all this?” Elthadra wasn’t going to make this easy, as she knew sure enough it was supplies for the Marque, and must have cost a fortune. Mink flushed, taking a step back as she watched that dangerous look roll into Elthadra’s eyes. “I-it’s for The Marque. It’ll keep her happy. I’ve got sealant, wires, chips, the works! Booster packs too.”

    “Booster packs, ‘eh?” The Undead Captain crossed her arms, a smirk crawling over her pouty lips, “Well then, you better go install that’s sucker.”

    “Huh?” Mink frowned, glancing at her stack of goodies, “It’s buried under all this stuff! Besides, it’s not like we’re being chased.”

    “Not yet,” Elthadra cackled—a true, hearty cackle. She turned on her heels, heading for the planks leading up to the Marque. Mink gasped before she was swept into a full throttle panic, trying to pull the heavy cart of goods behind her, “You didn’t!”

    “I knew you’d spend us poor, babe,” she winked at her ignorant, yet cutely ignorant, underling. Her eyes lit up with pleasure seeing the other three girls in full sprint with the sirens and police of Granderia on their tails.

    “Mink, what’re you doing just standing around?” Mira scolded, passing her by, allowing Mink to struggle with the load of gears, equipment and more. The police were no more than a few blocks away now, and all Elthadra did was laugh to see the technician panic.

    “You better hurry up or we’re leaving your cute butt.” She shouted to the young girl. It was Staria who turned around, threw Mink onto the horde of metallic goods and pushed the cart up the plank just in time as it closed up. Alarms began to echo around the ship, but Elthaldra was slow to take her seat at the wheel.

    “Pop those boosters in, Mink.” She ordered and the pink-haired chick gasped, falling off the stack of supplies, “Y-yes ma’am!” She snagged one of the boosters, dropping several items meanwhile.

    “Oops,” She fretted, picking them up. Nira was at her side, “Nevermind that, just hurry up!”

    “Yes ma’am!”

    Ethaldra cackled that joyous cackle, “Marque, blast off in one…”

    Mink synced the rear system with the booster pack.


    Next she booted up the system, which ate up the booster energy like candy, “Ready, ma’am!”


    The Marque blasted from the dock, igniting explosives as it did, obliterating any surrounding dangers. The jolt was so powerful, many of the boxes, supplies and girl went flying. Lucien braced herself, but Nira was sent flying to Staria.

    “Just what kind of booster did you buy?!” Lucien growled at Mink, in spite of being grateful for the quick escape. Mink was so jolted she couldn’t even respond. Ethaldra could only hope the girls stole enough goods to cover Mink’s spending habits. But this trip was about more than just money or supplies, but something more the captain’s speed.

    “Nira,” She called, not looking away from her window, displaying the vast sea of stars, “Get me the main cargo.” Nira nodded, getting off the blond, “Yes ma’am.”

    “M-main cargo?” Mink asked, reclaiming her balance. Ethladra winked, “A girl’s got to have some fun.”

    Nira found her way back to the cargo chamber and shuffled through boxes, bags, and junk when she reached the body—which was supposed to be the young girl they kidnapped but instead was adult man. The Drow’s heart leaped into her throat, “W-who the bloody heck are you?!”
  3. "Ugh......Oh......holy fucking hell." Axel groaned out in pain. When the ship blasted off he went flying around like a rag-doll until he was slammed into a box full of bags and junk. Well there was some good news and bad news about his situation. Good news was he got away from the police. However on the bad side he was now stuck on this ship run by who the hell knows. Axel laid in the the junk box for a little while letting the pain sink in. He was thorough. No broken bones or cuts though he would probably be sore in the morning. His plan for now was to stay low and not be noticed by any of the ship members and when they finally landed at another dock he would make his escape. However that was not going to happen. After just mere seconds of forming his idea he was already spotted by some Mecha/Drow type of female. Ah shit. You have got to be freaking kidding me. Axel decided to just stay still. He had absolutely no idea what he was up against so it was best not to make any move. So what excuse am I going to use this time? Axel thought. "Um......someone that got on the wrong cargo ship." He finally responded with, although by the look of the female mecha she wasn't no cargo supplier.
  4. A man. On the ship. What the heck happened? Who was he and how did he sneak on? usually The Marque wielded a high-leveled security system--however, they did have the ship docked under "cargo". Was that what gave him the opening? But more a question than anything: how would the Captain react? Nira, in spite of her strengths, didn't have the guts to announce a man was on board. She would have to get someone to take the fall, but who? The Drow pondered and bet Mink would be the easiest to frame. She spent more time in the cargo chamber of the ship than anyone. Staria and Lucian would be too difficult and too quick on the ball.

    "Stay here," she lifted her dark hands in claiming manner, iridescent green eyes flashing, "Mink, get over here." She summoned over an old-school walkie-talkie. They were old, but could surpass any new intelligence systems or trackers. It was only a minute later the pink-haired girl entered the room. "What is it, Ni--raaah! Is that a man?!"

    "Yes, and it's your duty to warn Madam captain about his presence." Nira stated, standing tall, arms crossed and turned to look the man in the eyes, "Your name, male?"

    The young technician's mouth was wide open, eyes filled with confusion. How was this her fault? She looked to him, wide eyes searching for an answer. If he refused to respond, she knew the tall Drow would use cruel, brute force. She was, after all, Captain Elthadra's right hand woman, and a dangerous one at that.
  5. Male? What is this bitch sexist or something? Axel thought. No way in hell was he going to give out his real name. What if they were some kind of police force or snitches? However he did hear the word captain. He wasn't too fond of space pirates though he's definitely gotten out of tough spots from a few around the galaxy, and screwed at the same time. They're pirates after all but maybe he could convince the captain to let him go. He couldn't be that bad right? Little did Axel know that he was the only guy on the ship. However he needed to tell her some name. He didn't want to know what she would do if he refused. "The name's Rex Powercolt. What's it to you?" He finally responded with casually. If there was one thing Axel was good at in was lying. Lying had gotten out of tons of trouble and even one time in prevented him from being killed.
  6. "Rex?" The name rolled of the Drow's mouth with disdain, green eyes lighting up. She straightened her back, arms crossed. Mink looked between the two, knowing that expression on Nira's face: she wasn't happy. Mink was quick to place a hand on her chest, "I'm Mink Rosen, but my friends call me Milky." Nira rolled her eyes, tall pointed ears twitching. The information wouldn't hurt them--Mink was about as well known as the secrets of the far planet Juraga, but the fact she was trying to be accommodating could become dangerous. "Don't get too friendly."

    "I'm not," Mink defended herself until a small coo broke the cold air in the room, followed by screaming. Nira looked to the shorter girl, "That's the... real cargo." If they were carefule enough, maybe they could surpress the fact they had kidnapped someone. But that plan died when the screams of a young girl echoed in the metallic chamber.

    "Where am I?! My gosh, where am I?!"

    A bag in the far corner began wiggling, hand imprints scratching against the dirty old sack. Nira sighed, "This is a mess..." Those cold eyes turned to the man, watching him, waiting for him to make the wrong move. Mink's mouth dropped. 'Another kidnapping?! Awww, c'mon!' She thought.
  7. Yeah don't I won't be around much longer. thought Axel. He had no clue what they were going to do with him, but when the time came for them to dock again he was going to make his escape. He had been in much worse situation than this before and he always got out. At least he got away from the police though. Also wasn't too fond of the Drow giving him that cold look. He stared back at here with a 'what are looking at?' kind of attitude and that's when he heard it. "The fuck." Axel blurted out when upon hearing the scream. Looks like he wasn't the only guest on this ship as well. "Guess you're all into kidnapping huh? Boy did I choose the right ship to sneak onto." Axel said that last part sarcastically. First he was being chased by the galactic police and now he was on a space pirate ship that liked to kidnap their crew members. Just his luck, it couldn't get any worse right?
  8. The Drow gave the male a dangerous look as Mink neared the mysterious hostage. Mink looked back and forth between Rex, Nira and the potato-sack girl, "What are we going to do? Maybe we can just drop off a nearby planet?"

    "Are you suggesting we don't alert our Captain of this trespassing?" The Drow had one of those voices that could project over any amount of sound and roll over another's skin with utmost authority. And that roaring voice made the younger girl jump all but out of her skin, "Y-yes--err, no ma'am!"

    "Rex, come with me," those glowing green eyes found his, "I'm taking you to the Captain. She'll decide what to do with you there."

    Mink had rarely seen Nira so domineering, but unknown to the technician, Nira had a way of covering up her curiosity with intensity. Only the Captain knew anything about Nira's past, and the fact she'd very little contact with males. The Drow knew male were the "stronger" sex, and using her Captain's example, ultimately decided treating them with authority was the only way. However, the Drow knew five-percent chance he wouldn't go willingly, so she kept her mecha at the ready.

    Mink sighed, "I'm going to make sure our 'cargo' isn't damaged..." A curse left her mouth as grumbled about how much she despised ransom gigs...
  9. "She?" Axel replied with. The captain of this ship was a female. "Well this is going to be fucking great." He sarcastically finished with picking himself up, like they were going to help him, and following the Drow. you could kind of say that Axel was sort of sexist towards women. No he wasn't gay or anything, he's definitely shagged a handful of women in his criminal career. He did however did not like to work with them especially with the job he does. working with the opposite sex would always end trouble. Either they would too slow or weak and would end up getting caught by police or other thieves to which he would have to save their lousy asses or they would have such big mouths that they would end up losing the valuables to other thieves or they would have to deal with extra security. To Axel women were only good for cleaning, making sandwiches, and sex. He wonder how much of a brain dead captain they had.
  10. The dark, grey creature had always been told men were terrible at following orders, yet here he was allowing her to lead the way. Perhaps he had an ace up his sleeve or there was the small, improbability he was actually listening. His footsteps behind her echoed much louder than any other footsteps she was accustomed to hearing, and her tall, slender ears tilted to the sound. Unlike many other races, the Drows were not afraid of giving their backs; as they were gifted with instincts and clairvoyance-like sight. In spite of her tactical mind, she couldn’t help but trace the outline of his jaw or shoulders in her brain. He was so cut, so… square. It was different.

    The corridors were wide, metallic and not as clean as they should be—for having a female Captain. There was a kind of air, or skin, to the ship, a livelihood, a life. Nira allowed her a hand to trail along the wall of the hall and it all but breathed against her. She stood out against the rusty metal like a shining green light. Her mind raced with both questions and warnings, but she knew better, yet the warrior could not help but to look back ever so slightly at the male.

    Finally, two giant, ornate doors stood before them. The gold décor shaped octopus and gold against wooden doors—not metal. They opened simultaneously, without so much as a single knock nor creak. A giant, overstuffed chair was ahead. Shelves filled with books surrounded the room, globes, maps, from all corners of the universe were at every turn.

    In the chair, turned a zombie. Her flesh was grey-green, lips blue, eyes dead as the moon; and under this horrific flesh as a smile, playful and dangerous, “Nira, my love, what do you have for me?”

    The Drow, tall and proud bowed with her neck, “The ransom is here, but he is not it… Rex,” the name was filled with poison, “Is a stowaway. What shall we do with him?”

    Nira knew Mink—she would have lied for him, made some excuse, but the Captain had done more than save Nira’s life. Much more. And there was no way any man was about to sabotage that trust, that devotion.

    Life, some kind of light, flickered in the Undead Captain’s eyes and her hands cupped against her chin, “A stowaway?” Those intense eyes were on Axel and Axel alone.
  11. Axel didn't think much of the stare he was getting by the captain....well actually he didn't give two shits, mainly because she was a undead one to be exact. They have a zombie as a captain? Heh, guess she is brain dead.....literally. He thought. The thief remain just standing there. what else was he going to do. Axel stretched his arms out like it was no big deal. Only real thing on his mind was what were they going to do with him. "Alright enough of this bullshit just tell me what you're going to do with me" He finally spoke. This wouldn't have been the first time he had sassed a space pirate captain. The worst they have ever done is make him walk their intergalactic plank or they would keep him locked up and ransom him off to which he would always escape his buyer. He just wanted to get whatever they were going to do over with so he could get back to doing what he needed to do. However these were women of course like they would really do much to him. Nothing as bad as a male pirate crew.
  12. "I'm used to men who fight," The Captain stood, eyes never breaking contact with the stowaway's. Her sword swayed against her hip with each movement, almost like an extension of her very body, "Throwing in the towel so soon?"

    Nira tensed, knowing full well that her Captain's words were empty, false. Whatever she was thinking was oppressed with a underestimating facade. The Drow used only her eyes to steal a glimpse of the man, curious what his expression would be like. Were they all as blunt as him? Rude talk to a pirate wasn't uncommon, she'd heard many men get into arguments and curse-contests with Ethaldra, who usually wiped the floor with her opponents.

    A moment later the Captain was only feet away from Axel, arms crossed behind her back, long buccaneer jacket moving around her. She stood perfectly upright, the stitched up scar on the side of her cheek looked ready to burst, “What I would like to do with you is murder you and eat your brains,” the sword at her hip made a chuckling sound, “But, my girls to get bored here and you are a perfect piece of meat. We’re far from any planet now, so I’d be a fool not to make use of you.” She turned to give her back, returning to her seat with slow, hollow steps. She glanced over her shoulder at the man, “And once they’re bored of you, then maybe I’ll eat you up or turn you into energy for my beloved Marque.”

    A moment later those stark white eyes moved to the Drow, “Take him to Lucien for testing—can’t have him spreading diseases on my ship.”

    The sword emanated the bizarre laughter-like sound again. Ethaldra smirked; she could smell him and knew the man was clean—perhaps she would have to eat his brains? After all, he did release an intoxicatingly delicious odor that only the Undead she-pirate could pick up on.

    Nira gave a deep bow before grabbing Axel’s arm and tugging him almost out of the Captain’s Chamber when the Cabbot-girl, Mink, from before showed up with the original “cargo”. A bag was placed over the girl’s head, only a few inches of brown, curled hair could be seen swaying at the small of her back. The girl must have been young, as she was even shorter than the technician and on shaky legs that were far too slender.
    “Oh,” Mink gasped lightly, “Mr. Rex, Nira, Madam Captain.”

    Ethaldra spun on her heels slowly and tilted her head, “Milky? Is this the real cargo?”
  13. "Why don't you kill me right now? you'd be doing me a favor. Rather have my brains eaten than listen to a bunch of women." Axel spat back with just before Nira grabbed his arm. He quickly broke away from her grasp. "Hey get your hand off of me!" He snapped. "I'm perfect capable of walking myself. Besides, don't know what kind of diseases you women have. You're space pirates after all." although they weren't going anywhere since now the real cargo was finally here. It was a young girl, real young from the looks of it. Well this is just perfect. Not only do I have to escape but I have to get this girl out of here as well. Oh well, never can have a dull moment in my life can I? Axel thought. This was definitely a tough situation that Axel had gotten himself into. Better than being locked up jail I suppose. He was already thinking of a plan to escape, once they got close to a new planet that is. For right now he was just going to have to do what he could to survive here.
  14. Axel’s words about “listening to a bunch of women” had earned him a hardy laugh from the Captain before she set her sights on the cargo. She waved a hand at Mink, “The bag can go, it’s not necessary.”

    The pink-haired cabbot hesitated, taking a quick, very brief, glance at Axel. If Ethaldra caught that look, Mink would be the Undead woman’s own personal target practice. It wasn’t that Mink had looked to Axel for approval or anything, only for concern that he would know what the kidnapped girl looked like—of course, Madam Captain would take it as a direct offense for she didn’t think like a human. Mink held back her sigh of detest and yanked the bag off. The quivering girl, who appeared to be between twelve to fourteen, screamed in horror before begging to be let go.

    “My father will pay anything, I swear!” She fell to her knees, face soaked in tears, “Just please! Please don’t hurt me!”

    Ethaldra knelt down to look the girl in the eye and brushed her knuckles against the child’s wet cheeks, “Oh, I know he will, honey, I know.” There was far too much poisonous pleasure in her tone. Ethaldra could all but taste that delicious ransom money.

    The dead-eyed pirate looked up to Nira, who was still standing there with the male and waved a hand, “Get.”

    “Yes, Madam Captain,” The Drow nodded attentively and glared into the stowaway’s eyes, “Let’s go.” She recalled him jerking away from her last time, insulted, as it seemed, to have a woman grab him and bark orders, but she was a Drow after all, and didn’t really care. Her thin, dark gray fingers clutched his arm again and pulled, “Move it.”

    Her muscles were lean, but nearly super-human considering her species, as she was able to get him a few feet away from the Captain’s orders with one tug. Surely he would free himself again. He was a pain, and rude. It would be a great deal of relief to pass him off to Lucien.

    Mink watched them gain some distance just as the Captain greeted, quite kindly, the young girl into her quarters. The last thing Nira and Axel heard was her offering the child bourbon. Nira sighed, exhaustedly, “Oh Captain…”
  15. Heh. That figures. Axel thought to himself. He figured that would be one of the reasons why they kidnapped this girl. They were pirates after all. He wasn't worried they wouldn't be getting that ransom at all for he would help her escape.....assuming he could escape as well. Another tug to his arm as he was being dragged away by Nira which was started to annoying him. "For fuck sakes! I already told you I can walk myself! Fucking bitch. Where the hell are you taking me anyway?" He asked even though he was kind of figuring that he wasn't going to get an answer. It could be safe to say he was the only guy on the ship. There had to be a way to get off this place. Maybe he could hijack the ship or maybe he would get lucky and another group of pirates attacked this ship. As long as they weren't cops.....or as long as they weren't space pirates he had run into in the past. Well Axel sure would have plenty of time to think.
  16. Elves were a people known for their great temperance and patience, but Nira was a Drow and tolerance wasn’t a trait amongst her kind. She may show respect for whom she designated her leader but any other soul was not gifted such esteem from her. She kicked the back of his knee in, the mecha on her shin cold and hard, “Bite your tongue, mortal!” Her suit began to glow and piercing green, metallic sounds grinding in preparation. He’d made her lose her temper, and that took some skill. Before she could tell him where they were going—or beat the crap out of him—a woman carrying a bottle of whiskey in one hand and roll of toilet paper in the other suddenly appeared. Nira realized they had stopped just outside her office.

    The woman had dark circles under her eyes and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, she scoffed, laughed to see Nira grinding a knee into a stranger’s leg, “The heck?”

    “Oh, Lucien,” Nira’s wrath was paused and she stood up right, “Madam Captain would like you to scan this subject,” the word was filled with toxins, “for diseases.”

    “That is one ugly woman,” Nurse Lucien took a sig of her liquor, eyes on Axel, her laughter almost knocking her over, “No offense, babe.”

    Nira looked at the roll of toilet paper with furrowed brows, “Umm, may I ask, what you… are doing with that? This is your office, not a latrine.”

    “Oh,” The word was a complete slur, “Was gonna hit the head, but uhh, that can wait.” She looked Axel in the eyes as she tossed the paper, and nodded to her right, “Come on in, sweetie.”

    With her free hand she slapped him on the butt, urging him into her office. Nira held in her gasp, standing up completely straight, “Umm, Lucien.”

    “Go take a bath or frolic through the woods, Nira,” She nodded, cig hanging from her lips before they wrapped around the bottle, “I can take care of ‘er.”

    The automatic door shut, giving the nurse privacy with her test subject.

    'Great', Nira thought in a huff. The nurse was drunk again and in her drunken stupor saw what was clearly a male, as a new recruit. A male on the ship was unheard of; last time one did set foot on the Marque, he actually did wind up Ethaldra’s dinner. Brains cooked in stew while he was still alive. Brutality wasn’t something to be afraid or ashamed of in the Drow community, and Nira learned living and obeying Ethaldra tested that mentality heavily.

    Inside Lucien’s office, she cleared her desk of all its papers and sat right on it, exhausting her cigarette before lighting a new one, “Take your clothes off, honey, and then we’ll get started.”
  17. "Ow fuck!" Axel yelled grabbing a hold of his knee and rubbing it. Man did that hurt like a bitch. "Oh fuck off you rust bucket. You think I have dealt with people like you before?" He asked right before he met the drunken doctor.....which thought he was a she. "A girl? I look nothing like one ya dumbass." Axel told her. Clearly her mind wasn't in the right set at the moment. Maybe it had something to do with the bottle of whiskey she was drinking. This place was just full of surprises and not the good kinds. Speaking of surprises, Axel nearly jumped out of his pants when Lucien slapped his butt. "Whoa whoa whoa easy there." He told her as he went into the office which looked like a mess. "Geez what a dump. I seen bathrooms cleaner than this." He thought out loud. He turned around to see the doc sitting on her desk telling him to take off his clothes. "What? Hell no! This isn't a strip club." He responded with. No way was he going to let this person experiment on him...especially drunk.
  18. The bottle of booze hit the air as the nurse downed another shot and before pushing who she thought was just one of Ethaldra's giantess female recruits, up against the wall with an uncanny strength. She pushed a finger against her lip and winked, "Sweetheart, just make this easy for both of us." She offered the recruit a drink as one hand dropped--grazing Axel's groin and she hesitated. That moment of shock pulled her drunk mind to reality like a slap to the face. She gasped, "Whoa! You a dude?!" Her eyes struggled to focus and she stepped back. Of course he was a dude, and a very tall and built one at that! Her thin fingers covered her face like a veil, shielding her blush, "Oh man, I am sooo sorry." She set the bottle down on her desk and waved a hand, "I swear... I'm not... always like this! It was just one of those weeks and..." She breathed in deep and let it out slow, eyes fining his, sobering up, "It's been crappy. So..." confusion overtook her face than, "What are... you dong here?"
  19. "I'm a man? Really no shit." Axel told her. He honestly could care less about how her day went. He was still figuring out how he was going to get him and that girl they kidnapped out of here. however she did ask him what he was doing here. He simply sighed before explaining himself. "Well.....I was running away from some cops and I decided to hie out in this ship....which I thought was a cargo ship, but no. It had to be a space pirate ship.....consisting only of women. That rusty bucket bitch caught me while I was hiding, took me to your captain and here I am getting felt up by a drunk doctor. Day can't get any better." He explained.