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    Far to the south resides a great wall, built by King Tranto to keep out the sand mer empire and thwart any invasion. The land is harsh, arid in nature. Where an endless sea of petrified bones and rolling dunes of black sand stretch as far as the eyes can see. Here the creatures are as tough as their harsh environment. Giant scorpions, worms, dragons, undead, Lizardmen, Orcs and Gnolls stalk the desert. Water is a treasure, with only a few oasis and clumps of catus to support life and refill at. And the nights unforgiving dark and frigid. Recently the empire has built moisture farms in order to expand their reach over this no man's land inhabited by beast and nomads alike.
    This great wall is the current pride of the empire; standing for seven hundred years against countless waves of enemies. On the other side of this wall is said to be mounds of corpses stripped clean by the harpy's who claim the heavens. It is a bleak world, a morbid visage where only the strong, lucky and resourceful are fit to survive. This pinnacle of solitude and military might and ingenuity is run by a person known only as; The Viper King. (Will be referred to as a He for most don't know it's a she. Due to the lack of progressive mentality and sexism in the empires ranks and government; they purposely refuse to admit or disclose her sex.)
    He is said to be as unforgiving as the blistering sun, as harsh as the sandstorms that can tear flesh from bone. Despite his reputation, few have ever seen or met him, let alone know the callous leader. But the threat to this fortress comes not from the other side of the wall alone, for something vile and ancient is stirring within the sand. And when it awakes from it's state of torpor; A storm unlike any other will dawn.A spiral of chaos will sweep through the land, returning everything it's path to the sand from whence they came.
    But there are those who can muster the resolve to face the challenge, to stem the tides of change and avert disaster. From all walks of life the call for adventure, fame, glory and immortality echos. As those brave enough to answer it's daunting call will find themselves being pushed to their limits; and perhaps beyond.
    -Some info....-
    Sonja was a Viper, an organization of orphans captured from birth and mutated into killing machines to hunt demons, witches, vampires and monsters. Pretty much anything that dares to consume the flesh and soul of man. Her face is forever burnt, scarred due to a betrayal she suffered from her lover and mentor. Being framed for his actions she had no choice but to flee and fight, until such a time as she wandered to the fortress. Where she was recruited due to her useful powers as a viper; her strength is greater than that of a mere humans; so is her speed, guile and reflexes.
    If you wish to play as another viper to hunt her down, male or female that is fine. Or perhaps to investigate if she just dropped off the grid or is really dead. Heck even play as a runaway from the organization who is seeking her out.
    Any character you play will suffice; though this is posted here if enough itnerest is shown I might make it a group RP instead.
    Gnolls-Hyena men, tribe society with shamans and witch doctors.
    Orcs- >.> You should know what this is.
    Lizard men- Muscular, tribal and nomadic lizard human hybrids. Tough skin and immune to fire based damage, susceptible to cold damage.
    Dragons- Various species, including red, silver, gold, brown, bone and earth.
    Worms- Imagine Dune worms, but not as huge. Roughly twenty feet tall and 200 feet long. Covered in hair and with layer, upon layers of razor sharp teeth that act like a meat grinder.
    Undead- Mostly skeleton raised by the shamans of the gnolls.
    Giant scorpion- Poisonous scorpions ranging from the size of a german shepherd to a horse. Can be domesticated.
    The city of the wall- One of the few cities in the desert, thriving off of the security provided by the wall and the supplied and magic/knowledge/alchemy brought by the empire.
    Four towns- Four small towns all of which are located within three miles of each other. Though they have no walls and are smaller compared to the city, they benefit due to the necessity to work as one. The towns are known for their salt and Adamite mines.
    Loneveil- A camp of nomadic humans and mer alike, constantly traveling due to the destruction of their
    home by a group of organized dragon.
    Ivorywall- The cosmopolitan center of the desert, surrounded by giant walls of reinforced ivory from the harden bone of the worms. They are the center of commerce, and the strongest military might. Though they don't like the empire and it's wall; they do permit it or their own security. Preferring a neutral party to die as oppose to their own.
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  2. If you would have me, I would love to do a 1x1 roleplay with this plot.​
    I am genuinely interested! This was extremely creative!​
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