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  1. The Sound of Enslavement


    The Plot Team Flare and Team Plasma got together and designed a special sound frequency that turned Pokemon (wild or caught) into Rogues, or Pokemon that attack humans on sight, and broadcast it worldwide. Over the time span of ten years, humans were able to build special domes to keep the Rogues out. But strangely enough, a few trainers (the roleplayers) were somehow able to snap two of their Pokemon out of the trance. They were prepared with all of the necessary equipment and sent outside the domes to try and stop the new Team, but of course, there were too many Rogues. Before their Pokemon fainted, they were knocked out and dragged to an unknown location... Which is where the RP starts.

    The Mechanic Pt.1 A team of scientists have created weapons for use against the Rogues. These weapons are in the form of gloves. These gloves, when in use, form a bubble of energy around the user. The user's Pokemon are then ordered to attack the bubble to "mold" it into armor and/or weapons. Depending on what type of Pokemon it is, and the Pokemon's (really the user's) preference, the armor and weapon will be different. It is advised to have two Pokemon of the same type for maximum efficiency with the gloves. With two different types of Pokemon, you will get armor from one type and a weapon from the other. These will be weaker than armor and weapons from the same type, though mixing types can result in some interesting combinations.

    The Mechanic Pt.2 The gloves use the Pokemon's power to work. They can still move and attack, but it will drain your Pokemon faster. The gloves are stronger than your Pokemon, because it gives the strength of two Pokemon in one. The more you use them, the more tired your Pokemon will get. If one of your Pokemon is in danger of fainting, the energy will leave the gloves and go back to your Pokemon. Whichever needs it most will get the most energy. Legendary Pokemon will obviously have more energy than normal Pokemon.

    The Mechanic Pt.3 The process of freeing Pokemon is complicated. Once defeating the Pokemon, a dark orb will appear around them. The Trainer must go up and touch the sphere. Their mind will connect to the Pokemon's and they will be absorbed into the sphere. Once inside, you will be confronted by the Pokemon's true mind. They will be able to speak to you and you with them. You must make a bond with them to free their mind from the trance. The sphere will then disappear and you and the Pokemon will be free to move, fight, or whatever else is necessary.

    Choosing Your Pokemon Two Pokemon is the required amount. When choosing your Pokemon for the RP, keep in mind that you will be playing a normal Trainer. That means no Legendaries/Mythicals and no Mega Evolution. I might allow your character to have a rare item depending on what it is. If I agree to it, you can have it IF you can come up with an acceptable story for why you have it (keep in mind: REGULAR TRAINER). Having Pokemon of the same type will make your armor and weapons. Giving your Pokemon a nickname can help as well. Other RPers might have the same Pokemon as you and calling them all by their names could be confusing.

    Character Sheet:

    Occupation: *Optional*
    Personality: *Optional*
    Pokemon partner:
    (Max. 2 at this time.)
    Pokemon appearance: *Optional*
    (Optional, but would be good to describe how you met your partner.)
    Extra info:
    (Anything special about you or your partner.)

    Characters (open)
    ~Annie Connel (Female) - Calix (Male Absol) - Mordred (Male Zorua) - EchoRun
    ~Aren Vunore (Male) - Greninja (Male) - Rotom-W (Genderless) - Genesis
    ~Benjamin Teague (Male) - Joanne (Female Chesnaught) - Ymir (Male Abomasnow) - Bigg Slamm
    ~Elias Camden (Male) - Zappy (Male Shinx) - Blip
    ~Eranda Sindulamai (Male) - Sanduni (Female Espeon) - Rune (Male Vaporeon) - EternalMusic
    ~Gertrude Lowbel (Female) - Teel (Female Steelix) - Cad (Female Excedrill) - Uuk0
    ~Jack Vunore (Male) - Bisharp (Male) - Bisharp (Female) - Genesis
    ~Lee Hung (Male) - Luxio (Male) - Chimchar (Male) - Captain Wumbo
    ~Luna Bennet (Female) - Espurr (Female) - Gothitelle (Female) - Circe
    ~Naomi Evans (Female) - Joltik (Male) - Spinerak (Female) - Peachygem
    ~Naven Colita (Female) - Dum (Genderless Beldum) - Dusky (Lampent) - SilverCoder
    ~Nivandi Sindulamai (Female) - Kalu (Male Umbreon) - Angel (Female Sylveon)- EternalMusic
    ~Tim Yugen (Male) - Ali (Male Lucario) - Mist (Female Gardevoir) - Archwar
    ~Samantha Hsana (Female) - Sydney (Female Gothitelle) - Ella (Female Gardevoir) - Genesis
    ~Sciona Monako (Male) - Mnementh (Male Salemence) - Arcturus (Male Salemence) - Genesis
    ~Svana Tyrell (Female) - Fi (Female Aegislash) - Cobalt (Male Lucario) - The Alchemist
    ~Vincent Camden (Male) - Champ (Male Drapion) - Rozera (Female Roserade) - Blip
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  2. Name:
    (Nivandi is pink and the female. Eranda is blue and the male)
    "My name? Is that what they are asking Eranda?"
    "Seems like it Nanga*."
    "What do you NANGA!?!?! I was only 3 minutes after you coming out of mom!!!"
    "And I am three minutes older than you Nivandi."
    "........ I guess that makes sense...."
    "Well I guess they know our first names now, my name is Eranda Sindulamai. Pleasure to meet you all."
    ".... Oh! Yes! My name! Uhm.... oh yeah! Nivandi Sindulamai, pleasure to meet your acquaintance."

    "Well we are twins."
    "That if you haven't figured that out already."
    "Well our sweet sixteen was last year."
    "It was fun wasn't it?"
    "Oh yes! But because we are Sri Lankan we didn't get that much...."
    "But remember that dad is American so we did have more than what a normal Sri Lankan child would get."
    "Ah yes... Very true...."

    "Do you have a job Eranda?"
    "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about it."
    "What!? You have a job and didn't tell me!?"
    "Sorry sorry!"
    "Well out with it!"
    "I work at the Pokemon Daycare for the very few pokemon that have been released from the sound frequency.... You know the one near home."
    "...... I work there as well!"
    "I guess we must have different times..."
    "I am still surprised.... How long have you been going?"
    ".... around a year...."
    "Same..... That is so weird..."

    "We are both pretty loud..... As you can tell."
    "I don't really know what to say... But I can say that you are an annoying brat."
    "Wha!?!?! You are the annoying one!"
    "I guess we can't agree with that."
    "But I can sing."
    "Oh yes you do sing don't you... I can agree that you have an alright voice."
    "Hehe, see! I told you I am good! I sing songs to the pokemon at the daycare all the time!"
    "Well I play for them."
    "...... Yes..... you can play your flute really well....."
    "Hehe, see! I can play my flute well!"
    "Okay okay fine."

    Pokemon partner:
    (Kalu is Grey and is a Male Umbreon. Espeon is purple and is a Female Espeon. Angel is Aqua and is a Female Sylveon. Chrystaline is green and is a Male Vapareon.)
    "My closest pal is Kalu, he is an Umbreon, I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't come back to me...."
    "I love you too buddy!!! Oh! And there is also my lovely Sylveon, her name is Angel!"
    "I have my gorgeous Espeon with me again, her name is Sanduni, like my nanga I would have been lost with out her."
    "Yes yes, I know. Also this is Rune, I guess his name is a little feminime but he is like that."
    "Haha, yes yes Rune."

    "Uhmm....... Maybe just not yet......"
    ".... I agree Nanga......"
    "Maybe sometime later?"
    "Yeah I will have to say that we will tell you later... sorry...."
    "It is a bit hard to talk about it at the moment...."

    Extra info:
    "Something special?"
    "About us and our pokemon...."
    "We can play a mean volleyball match."
    "Oh yeah the four of us together we are unstoppable!"
    "We don't just play really well as a team for sports but we also are an amazing band! Come on you have to agree!"
    "Of course! Me on vocals and guitar and the two little guys playing their homemade instruments and you on your flute!"
    "I guess you wouldn't call that a band though...."
    "Nah we can pass it off as that."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Yeah I am sure!"
    "Nice! Oh! Also we have one other present for all of you guys!"
    "Oh yes I nearly forgot!"
    "We took a photo to celebrate!"
    "It will be there at the bottom hopefully!"
    "Well we gotta go!"
    "Sindulamai OUT!"

    *Nanga = Little Sister (Sinhala)

    "We can't wait to meet you guys!!!!!!!" "Hope to see you guys really really soon!!!!"

    "Hehe we did a little dress up with the other two cause they weren't there for the other one." "They look adorable!"

    ((Okay I went really super creative with this...... If you don't like I can change it ^^;; I just wanted to do something a little different~ And yeah I ended up changing the characters that I had~ ^^;;))
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  3. It's perfectly fine! I love it! Just one thing. You have two characters and one Pokemon for each. This can still create armor/weapons, but they will not be as strong and will drain the Pokemon faster. Just letting you know. They are accepted, though.
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  4. Main Characters


    Name- Samantha Hsanna (h-SA-na)

    Gender- Female

    Age- 22

    Personality- Samantha was the leader of the twenty trainers sent to Team Plasmatic Flare's base, and is still the leader of the three. She developed a muscle deteriorating disease at a young age, so she is extremely weak physically, but has intelligence that surpassed most of the professors in her dome. She was voted to lead just for that intelligence and and ability to strategize. Of course, when it comes to emotions, she's a bit of a mess. It's in her nature to care for injured beings of all kinds. (She wasn't able to walk for long during the trip. Jack had to carry her most of the way.) Her Gothitelle and Gardevoir are always worrying for her well-being and don't trust Pokemon at first glance.

    Pokemon- She uses a Gothitelle and Gardevoir.

    Gothitelle (open)
    Name- Sydney

    Gender- Female

    Personality- Quiet and kind.

    Gardevoir (open)
    Name- Ella

    Gender- Female

    Personality- Outgoing and Friendly.



    Name- Sciona Monako

    Gender- Male

    Age- 20

    Personality- He is sometimes shy and clumsy when not in battle. He lived in a separate dome from the others. His dome was overrun by Rogues, forcing him to run. He became cautious and ruthless when it comes to a fight. He met the others while on the road after their failed attack on the base. They allowed him into their group training him to use the gloves. He was great with them. Almost as good as Samantha.

    Pokemon- Dual Salamence

    Salamence (open)
    Name- Mnementh (Nem)

    Gender- Male

    Personality- Kind and Cuddly.

    Salamence (open)
    Name- Arcturus

    Gender- Male

    Personality- Protective and Ferocious in battle.


    Extra Characters


    Name- Jack Vunore

    Gender- Male

    Age- 27

    Personality- Jack was one of the older members of the trainers, and is the oldest of the three, as well as Aren's older brother. He is a war veteran. He's extremely stubborn and hard-headed, but usually means well. He'll always try to lighten the mood and keep everyone's spirits up (unless someone does something dumb).
    He originally had one Bisharp, but his friend, who also had one, was killed in a blinding flash of light at Plasmatic Flare's base. His fighting skills revolve around the way his Bisharps fight. (Lots of knives). He does side missions, mostly. When needed, he goes out with the others, but mostly on his own small trips (supplies, sometimes recon, information, etc).

    Pokemon- Uses Dual Bisharp



    Name- Aren Vunore

    Gender- Male

    Age- 21

    Personality- Aren was one of the smaller, agile members of the trainers, and is the youngest of the three, as well as Jack's younger brother. He is very mature despite his age, and tends to stay silent most of the time. (He won't be talking much in the RP.) His Greninja and Rotom(Wash) are just as silent and quick. Not much else is known about Aren... He doesn't talk about himself. He mostly works around the base, but will go into the field, if needed.

    Pokemon- Uses a Greninja and a Rotom-W
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  5. Name: Benjamin Teague
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Gym Trainer (Keeps the pokemon in shape.)
    Personality: *Optional*

    Appearance: Extremely tall and extremely fit, Benjamin covers himself in a meriad of sports themed clothing. A white shirt with a cartoon Garchomp face from the Landon Landsharks his favorite Basketball team. Over that is red jumpsuit jacket with a Heatmor on the back from the Franklin Firebreathers his favorite Soccer team. Covering his shaggy auburn hair is a black Baseball cap with a Beedrill on the front from the Savannah Stingers his what else, favorite Baseball team. The rest of his ensemble is plain bluejeans and a pair of black hightop sneakers. He also wears a necklace chain with a Celtic knot cross.

    Pokemon Partners: Chesnaught and Abomasnow
    Pokemon Appearance: *Optional*
    History: *Optional*
    Extra Info: Chesnaught is Female and her name is Joanne. Abomasnow is male and his name is Ymir.
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  6. @Bigg Slamm


    I know you.
    We've RP'ed on RPguild before.

    Anyways, i want a good pokemon RP.

    I call dibs on Gallade/Gardevoir if possible.
    they be my favorites, obviously.
  7. @The Alchemist Oh? Your name dont ring a bell im sorry. but im sure ill remember a character and rp. rpg dont work on my xbox browser anymore so i had to find somewhere else to write i heard of iwaku through the grapevine and its treating me well so far.
  8. You may remember me as Rune_Alchemist.
    But yeah, we were in more than a few pokemon RP's that sadly didn't go anywhere because reasons.
    I swear to god if this doesn't get off the ground, I'ma smack someone.


    I can't decide between Gallade/Metagross now. Totally gonna have a Gardevoir though.

    But yeah. I like Iwaku more. It may not be as fast paced as the guild or have as many new RP's popping up, but so far they last more than a few days before crashing. Which is fun.
  9. @The Alchemist Ah! Yes! I remember you. Good to see you. I feel the same way all around. This looks really fun indeed.
  10. @Bigg Slamm
    As mentioned in the first post. Everyone is just a REGULAR trainer who was lucky enough to be able to snap two Pokemon out of the trance. A REGULAR trainer would not just have Mega Evolution. Or just happen to have a keystone. Now, if you can come up with an acceptable reason for the keystone, I will allow you to keep it. No Mega Evolution though. It doesn't go well with the Mechanic. Sorry.
  11. I wanted a Beldum (that's eventually gonna evolve) I wonder if it'll be alright with you
  12. I don't mind multiple pokemon, since I did decide to go with Metagross. Of course, I do like variety so maybe I'll just let you have the Beldum, and I'll choose another Psychic type. I like them all, so it's cool.

    Not sure there would be another pokemon my character would like though.

    Meh, I'm ranting now. Go ahead, I don't mind.
  13. [​IMG]

    Name: Svana Tyrell
    Age: 20
    Personality: Svana...well, to put bluntly is not entirely a friendly person. Hot headed, quick to action, and she tends to attack first and ask questions later. In her words though she is just 'passionate' about things. She tends to make her own way, and doesn't exactly take orders well. She likes fighting, and loves challenging herself to do things that are extremely difficult. Especially if someone tells her she can't do it.

    While she is a bit rude, sarcastic, and antagonistic, do not mistake her for an unintelligent brute. While she isn't the smartest book-smart person out there, she's clever and can easily outwit opponents.

    At worst, she's headstrong, rash and opinionated. At best, she's loyal, strong willed, and one of the best friends anyone could have. She'd do anything for someone she considers a friend.

    Occupation: Can't hold a job for more than a few weeks before she ends up getting fired due to her...'unique' personality.

    Pokemon partner:
    Aegislash - Fi (open)

    Species: Aegislash
    Gender: Female
    Name: Fi
    Personality: Calm until she trusts someone, and can be a bit overly protective of Svana. Often times she'll interject herself in front of people and stare at them until either they leave, or Svana makes her move. Even then, she'll continue to silently watch people she is suspicious of. However, once she warms up to you she shows a rather playful side of her that is normally hidden.

    Lucario - Cobalt (open)

    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Name: Cobalt
    Personality: Like Svana, he's confident, loves fighting, and absolutely hates losing. He'll fight just about anything - to him, fighting is the best thing in the world. He can get a little carried away at times, but he has always been Svana's most dependable pokemon. He would do anything for the trainer, and puts his loyalty to her above all else.


    Svana, was born in the Kalos region. Her first pokemon was a Honedge she met as a kid. Most people probably would have shunned the ghost-type, but Svana immediately fell in love with her. Now, the Aegislash is still her best friend and the two do almost everything together. Some time later, she met Cobalt and raised him from a little Riolu. ​
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  14. I might add one more pokemon then~ ^^
    ::EDIT:: For both of them~ ^^
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  15. [​IMG]
    Name: Naven Colita
    Age: 15
    Occupation: She's way to irresponsible for a job, that's for sure.
    Personality: Naven can be considered pretty mature for her age, but that sort of makes her over think many many things. Although she tend to over analysis things such as data, but it is the exact opposite when it comes to feelings. Although she isn't antisocial or a distance person, most of the times she just doesn't "get" what other people are expressing. She is also a pretty irresponsible person, and has a overly laid back attitude about everything. So she doesn't really like to get into much things, unless it seems interesting enough. Sometimes she is mistaken for a guy, which isn't the best thing to her, but she doesn't mind too much. Short hair has its advantages. Others often look pass her as a quiet and modest child, but the truth hurts sometimes, she is messy, and can be unintentionally rude sometimes.
    Pokemon partner:
    Dum (Beldum)
    It has been with her for a long time, it should have evolved a long time ago, but Naven didn't let it. When it cries the only sound that comes out is "Dumdum" it never says the "Bel-" part of it's name. So Naven decided that she would evolve it when it can say its name properly, since Metagross is really smart, she's afraid that Dum would be left out of its kind. To be honest, it's pretty durpy for a Beldum. More honestly, it's dumb, who knows why, might be clear body's problem.
    "Use zen headbutt!"
    (*Repeatedly smacks into a wall*)

    Dusky (Lampent,Male)
    This one managed to evolve, and is able to say its name. Now all we need is that dusk stone. It's way smarter than its teammate, and has to take care of Dum. It wants to evolve, and sometimes goes to search for dusk stones.

    Pokemon appearance:
    (Pics From DeviantArt)

    Extra info:

    This is all I have for now, hope it's good, still need time to come up with history and other stuff. XD​
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  16. @G3n3s1sR3b0rn

    Alright, finished up mine. I changed my pokemon to Aegislash and Lucario so there wouldn't be so many multiples of pokemon~

    (bonus points for someone who knows why I named Aegislash Fi
    Ugh, I'm such a nerd....)
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  17. [​IMG]

    Name: Luna Bennet

    Age: 14

    Occupation: N/A

    Just like her Pokémon, Luna has two very different sides to her personality. One - her outer, "cute and clumsy" façade she puts up whenever she's around other people. And two - a much more sadistic and... I guess you could say creepy, side. The girl does a pretty good job of keeping up her act, although occasionally she lets slip a glimpse of her real personality.

    Pokemon partners: Espurr [female] and Gothitelle [female]

    Pokemon appearance: <Shiny> Espurr

    Will be revealed…
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  18. tomboy-girl-57308874778.jpeg

    Name: Annie Connel
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Journalist

    Personality: She's naturally curious about most things, and enjoys exploring and learning new things. She's really open and fairly quick to trust. She sometimes forgets about her own safety, particularly when she wants to help someone who she knows (or thinks) needs help. She is adventurous, and a tad bit reckless.

    Pokemon: Absol (Calix) and Zorua (Mordred)

    Calix (open)

    2015-02-04-18-28-44-573106995.jpeg (Male)

    Mordred (open)

    2015-02-04-18-29-07--1885804139.jpeg (Also male)

    History: As Annie was growing up, she spent a lot of her time with her brother and his friends. Before the Rogue Pokemon incident, they'd often explore outside of town and climb trees and such. Once when she was seven, she and her brother were caught outside in a storm. They were separated and Annie ran into an Absol, who helped her find her brother and led them home. This Absol continued to look out for her, and eventually they became partners and close friends. When she was eight, her brother (then 13 years old) went on his own journey, and brought back a Zorua as a gift for her. The Pokemon went rogue before she was old enough to go on an adventure, but somehow she managed to free her two Pokemon and is now with the group.

    Extra: She really likes trains, particularly jumping off of them. She's broken her wrist doing so once.
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