The "Soulmate" Myth

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    I just saw this picture on this Self Esteem site I check daily, and more than once a day usually. o wo
    It just filled my heart up with bubbles.
    And not literally, because, that would probably make me sick. x ^x''
    But.. It had me thinking this moment.

    You might know how it is said
    everyone has a soulmate.
    Everyone has that one special someone out there, even if they had passed by, or have yet to pass by, noticed or unnoticed.
    They are out there.

    And when all feels horrible, and if you might be coming low on yourself, you can sit and think
    Hey, maybe My someone just hasn't met me yet..
    Or, maybe who I THOUGHT was that someone, wasn't them.
    You know how it goes, mebbe. o wo I've heard it a lot
    I watch a lotta romantic movies though.. sooooooooo yeah...
    - w-

    I was curious as to what Iwaku Peoples opinions on this topic are.
    The topic of a soulmate.

    Personally, this graphic made me just smile a lot inside,
    cuz I dun feel like smiling right now, and no one is around to smile for. - w-
    and I, myself, believe there are persons who at times may be The One, and then it turns out they weren't.
    I think to truly have The One, it is a topic of time, and how the soul feels with this other person when they are near (or not near physically, even).
    It's kind of a hard subject to explain, I'm very all over the place usually, so most don't understand my words. ^^
    . . .
    I like to think, a "Soulmate" is what you put into it, what you define it as, and what you expect, and adore, and cherish, and, at some point or another, possibly love.
    That doesn't make sense reading it over. o ^o

    I know I post a lotta threads on lovey dovey stuff
    but I'mma sucker for all of this.
    - w-
    have at it.

  2. I've never believed in a "one true love"; besides, where does that leave people who have many loves? It just leaves you always waiting for something. That's not for me. I'd rather love a lot of people than wait around for one person who may or may not find their way into my life.
  3. I think that a 'Soulmate' is someone who you can share with. Someone who gives you everything they have and expect nothing in return. Someone who is there for you and would, at the drop of a hat, come and scoop you up out of trouble when you need them. Someone who you can share your innermost thoughts and initmate moments with. Appearances have nothing to do with finding a soulmate. That is why people end up dissapointed time after time. They do the looking with thier eyes. And it is through dissapointment that people laso come to feel as though there is no such thing as love. Which is a shame because it might just rob the one other out there of ever having a chance to get close enough. A soulmate is someone you can talk to any time, anywhere about anything. A soulmate takes someone for who they are with all thier faults and flaws and loves them anyway. A relationship with someone you truely love is not 50-50. It's 100-100. All or nothing. As a very wise man once said to me, the quickest way to tear apart a reationship is selfishness.

    I do believe that everyone has thier special someone. Those that don't believe that are probably going to end up getting quite a surprise sooner or later ;)
  4. Soooo much I could write here.... o__o

    tl;dr YUS
  5. To me from experience. Since right now I have a soul-mate or my other half, I think that is the person that completes you

    A person that:
    If you are a money spender, would gladly hold the money for you
    The person that will laugh with you when you are cussing the shit out of people in COD/BO/MW3
    A person that if you are bad at English will help you although they have a horrible spelling
    The person that will bring you cheesecake when you have been working 9 hours straight
    A person that will get out off in the middle of his job just to comfort you while you are crying
    The person who realizes that you are hungry 24/7 and will buy you Tacos because he knows you love them
    A person that even though may not look good has the most beautiful insides
    The person that you will tell anything no matter what and will not later back-stab you
    A person that just in overall makes you feel like the most important person and puts you at the top of the pyramid
    That, to a soul mate.

    Yes...I just describe myself and that person because I cannot quiet define what a soulmate is but more of what they do... x_X
  6. ^^~
    I am so happy with looking along your opinions, all of you.
    it makes me happy. o wo
    And I'm surprised with the turnout! I was a bit scared I am bringing 'Lovey' topics up too much. :3 but.. this is refreshing to see!~

    I can relate and understand everyone's opinions so far. ^^

    and Doxa ^
    - w- I like the way you alternated the "The" and "A" 's in your reasons. > w>

  7. Thank you darling Stacy = w= I just didn't know how to define the term without giving out examples.
  8. Blah blah blah (open)
    I think that there is someone out there that will complement every person perfectly. However, I think that it is possible to not see them at first, that you might very well not know that they are this to you. If you refuse to find yourself, to be honest with yourself, and insist on trying to hide who you are or make yourself different, then the person who would complement who you are doesn't see that stifled side of you. You'll find people who think the person you're pretending to be is their match and when you open up, sometimes it turns out that you're both different people.

    I do think that there is a person for everyone whose strengths and weaknesses are complemented by their own.
  9. I do not believe that there are people who perfectly complement each other. I, however, do believe that there are people who love each other despite, or even because their faults and are ready to make sacrifices for their loved ones, people who can be there for you when you really need it. They will have their differences, they will argue with each other from time to time, they will be mad at each other, but in the end, they overcome their problems together, and continue to be happy. Even if everything goes to hell, these people are willing to forgive each other, they are willing to make amends for the damage they caused.

    In other words, soulmates may not be perfect for each other, but they are perfect in the sense that they realise the value of the one they are with. They may not complement the other's flaws and strengths, their opinions might differ in certain things, but they overcome it, and are happy because of that.
  10. Soulmates are like Forrest Gump and Jenny.

    It explains itself.

  11. O ^O
  12. I sincerely hope that there is such thing as "Soulmates", because traditional methods aren't working for me...
  13. c: I think so.
    I can believe in the myth that there is someone for everyone at some point in time. ^^~
    I hope so. o wo
    cuz feelings. yeah.
  14. Okay. I do not believe there is a perfect person out there for each person. I believe that there are multiple, wonderful people out there for everyone, and that when they all find one another, amazingly rich and strong networks can be built. A lot of it is trust, but then, if you don't trust the person you love enough to let them love another, then you really need to think. I have nothing against monogamy, but no relationship should be built on fear or jealousy, mono or poly.

    Iskari is my soul mate. But I am not going to say he is the only one. I think there is maybe at least one more, perhaps others I haven't met, and each of them holds one of the pieces of my heart. And I may never know how many pieces there are, but that is alright, because with each piece revealed, I feel more whole and alive than I ever knew I could.
  15. I think, perhaps, this is the one area where I'm not completely pessimistic.

    I do in fact believe in soul mates. However, I also believe that people change over time, and sometimes 'soul mates' don't change to continually compliment each other. Probably in this respect my beliefs are akin to Stacu's. There are soul mates, for each period of your life. Sometimes it doesn't last, sometimes it lasts a life time. In my new job I've seen gravestones where people were married for fifty years and died 10+ years apart, but still shared the same space in the afterlife. And yet, in current times I've seen people married 5-6 times without batting an eyelash or showing any remorse for love lost.
  16. I believe in soulmates. It's part and parcel of my belief that everything happens for a reason, that there is such a thing as fate.

    I don't believe that means there is only one person out there for everyone.

    The two ideas conflict with each other, to me. If there were only one person meant for you, why would there be any need to experience love and companionship with another person? Why would there be that spark? Why would you meet one person at one time, and another at a different point in your life? Some would say that this means that your previous loves weren't the "real thing", and that you didn't yet know "true love". But to me, that makes no sense. What makes those loves any less valid? Simply because difference or circumstance made a continued relationship no longer viable?

    Some argue that these relationships "ready" you for your one and true. Is one love somehow more important simply by being the most recent?

    Take a widower who loved their late spouse very deeply, but lost them at an early point in life. If that spouse were their soulmate, does this mean they must spend the rest of their life lonely or in "lesser" relationships? Does this mean that if they find a new love that is true, the bond and love for the deceased spouse is somehow less valid or true? Why cannot these two relationships both be equally "true"?

    There is someone out there for everyone. Probably several someones. And if you are meant to find them, you will. All of them.

    ^_^ i couldn't help myself...
  18. Okay! Here is what I think. I think every choice we make changes the outcome of our future. I picture life as a road that has many different side roads and those roads lead to a new destination and sometimes they merge to go back to an original destination.. much like real roads. So basically.. right now there is one person at the end of the road you are on.. the next choice you make alters that.. changing who your person may be. That doesn't mean that a later choice won't put you back on a previous path.

    I also think that everyone you date may be someone that will be at the end of a road in the future depending on a choice you make.. especially the person you really 'fell' for.

    No.. I don't believe anyone is perfect for each other. I like to view it as the way they become 'perfect' is much like how metal is smoothed down by a grindstone. I don't think the relationship should be based on selfish qualities.. thinkin about how they comeplete you. I think the reason there may be a spark and companionship with other people is so that you may learn the ins and outs of a relationship.. so you can understand how they work. Yes, there may be many spark because there is attraction, but it doesn't mean that spark will work out.. which, to me, means that person wasn't really meant for you.
  19. Soulmate.

    Does there have to be only one?

    I think a soulmate is what you make of it. No one will ever be "perfect" for you, but maybe there will be someone who, despite their faults, you are willing to accept as your near-perfect. And that person, in return, accepts you the way that you are. I always felt like a soulmate was someone who I felt that 'click' with. A girl or a boy, someone who could make me appreciate that I knew them and someone who could understand what I wanted to say without saying it.

    Maybe it takes time for a friend to become a soulmate, but I honestly think it's not something predestined. The more considerate you are of someone else, the better you will understand them, and your level of interaction and understanding increases. I think it's not that you meet your soulmate, but you give someone a chance to be your soulmate.

    I'm still young, but I've felt it twice. Once with an old friend and it was a mutual feeling. We just had so much fun together. We could complete each other sentences. Our hearts fluttered when we were together. But our lives were just so different, there wasn't a way that we could be together without compromise. When either of us wasn't willing to compromise for the other, it didn't work out. But the feeling is still there. When I think of soulmate, I think of that distant memory. That's why I think that a soulmate is someone you decide to accept, not someone who is already perfect for you.

    And then, I have another two friends with which I'm just completely comfortable, even when we first met, we laughed like old friends. We compromise for each other when the other is having it rough. We make time for each other every now and then, but if we're separated for a long time, we still meet up like we've been talking every day. It's like being siblings. There are fights and there are happy moments, but regardless of the drama, you know you have this bond that can never be replaced, but in this case, there really is no permanent bond like family, instead it's that soulmate feeling. But these two friendships are completely platonic, which leads me to believe that a soulmate doesn't have to be the One. It can be someone who supports you and makes you a better person.

    fjlagjldsjgfdg. I got carried away @.@

    Basically, in my personal opinion and experience, I think that a soulmate is someone you accept, with their faults, to be close to perfect, not someone who just appears in your life. It's someone you have to bring close to you, compromise for, and choose to accept. It's perspective, not fate. That's what I think anyways. (:
  20. Well I think that if everyone had a one true love then odds are they would never find them and everyone would remain alone their entire lives. Because think about it if there was only one person for you in the entire universe then even being born in the same, country or century is extremely low. The odds of actually finding that one person even should they be born within ten years and the same state (I say state but really this could apply to any sort of location), is so depressingly low, it's practically nonexistent.
    That is not to say that you could just fall in love with anyone, obviously you aren't going to marry or live with someone you absolutely hate. Just that out of all the people in the world there's probably hundreds of people who would be a good match for you, it's just a matter of meeting and developing those feelings for them.