The Soul Stealer

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  1. Hi guys! Libby here with her first interest check for Iwaku. I have to warn you, this is a slight WIP that came to mind while surfing the AMV side of Youtube... so beware and enjoy:

    The city of Baltar is the capitol of a prosperous nation known as Athuria, a country full of mages of all calibers. Many a wizard travel through the land from afar to learn from the great masters and scores of texts kept in massive libraries. In the capitol exists an exclusive guild that reports directly to the King, acting as peacekeepers and enforcers for the mage community. Over the past week mysterious deaths have been occurring in Baltar, including that of a few high ranking officials in the King's court. Nicknamed by the locals as Seraph the Soul Stealer, this murderer is completely shrouded in mystery. Concerned for the safety of the realm, the King has instructed the Guild to track down this lunatic and bring them to justice. Can they accomplish this task before Seraph completes their own?

    So that's a bit of a preview, now for some of the details:

    Interested parties will be playing the guild members trying to track down this mysterious figure. All that's known about this figure is that they are a mage and housed somewhere inside the city capitol. The rp will have two arcs, the first taking place over four IC days. Each of the first three days will bring a clue leading up to the identity of the murderer, the fourth will be the transition into the second arc which I will leave unspecified at the moment.

    I'll control the flow of time and some extra characters meant to be sources of information for your characters. Like I said, it is a WIP so there are some details I haven't finished hashing out yet. So if you're interested, feel free to ask questions or throw input in.

    By the way, here's the video/song that brought forth the inspiration. XD Let's see how much interest we can get in this.
  2. Sounds cool to me
  3. Looks good !
  4. Awesome! Glad to hear there is some interest... I'm hoping to get at least 3 more people to make up the Guild before I get to work on an OOC thread.
  5. I'll toss my hat in if you'll have me.
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  6. This sounds really cool honestly
  7. Wonderful! We just need one more person to cast interest before I can get to work on the OOC. More are certainly welcome though!
  8. Bump up, just one more person?