The Sorrows Of A Spartan (A Novel)

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    Is This The End​

    Five giant thunder claps roared out in succession. The soft sound of magnum rounds pattering into the mud were quickly accompanied by the sound of an elite hitting the ground with a loud and wet thud. Spartan 308 stood there panting behind his visor staring angrilly at the dead elite, eyes focused on the slumped mass, waiting for any movement. Finally when they didn't come, he turned his gaze towards a fallen marine amidst the dead bodies scattered around the bloodied mud and trees. There in the center of it all lie a woman blood coating the mud beneath her as the rain poured down over them. Climbing to his feet he dashed to the marine in a matter of seconds as he screamed out "Rachel! Hold On!" His feet flew across the mud, the heavy boots sinking deep into the wet earth doing nothing to slow him down, and as he neared her, he dropped to his knees sliding to her side, slowly lifting her into his lap, cradling her head gently in his arms saying "Hey, I'm Here, Don't worry, everything's Going to be just fine. Just hold on, help is coming. . ." As He spoke his eyes glanced over her body taking in the large slash torn into her left side, blood pouring from the wound defiling the earth. As He brought his vision back up to her face he took his one free hand and removed his helmet. Looking down into her eyes he went to speak but a hand weakly lifted to stop him. Looking down at the girl instead of seeing pain or fear, he saw a small bright smile looking back up at him. Carl fought back tears as she spoke to him "Its ok Carl. I'm dying, I'm ok with it."

    Carl looked down at her for a moment before saying worriedly "Shut up don't talk like that your going to be..." she quickly interrupted him giving him no chance to finish, saying "Just shut up and listen you damn fool." The girls face filled with pain for a moment before she whipped her head back coughing painfully, blood flying from her lips. As she turned her vision to look up at him again she gave him a weak smile and said "I'm dying and I'm ok with it." She looked into his eyes for a moment coughing again before continuing saying " Do you remember the first thing you said when you came here? You said you would give your all to protect us. Well it this time it wasn't enough. And it wasn't your fault." She smiled softly at him hr eyes slowly beginning to close as her body grew cold. With the last of her energy she gripped his hand in hers and said "Just remember one thing . . . i did love you" And with that her body went limp in his arms and her eyes closed for good. Carl stared down at her for a moment before pulling her closer to him. He pressed his forehead to hers gently, beginning to shake before mumbling to himself, "I'll kill you all. I'll kill all of you covenant bastards if it's the last thing I do." As Carl sat there holding Rachel in his arms he thought about what she said, and what had lead to this moment in time . . .

    ((So as you can tell this is indeed a HALO novel, that I am writing in my spare time, if you would like to give me a critique feel free But Please PM me. I will post any Critiques I get on this first Intro Post with the critiquers permission. Thank you for reading my novel and thanks for any critiques I get in the future.))