The Sorceresses Journey

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  1. In the Kingdom of Eiridon the King James and Queen Lily have ruled over the land for years. They are for the most part loved by their people. They have done what they could to treat the people of the kingdom right and with respect and have done their best to make sure they are prosperous. However behind closed doors there are rumors that the King and Queen are planning to subjugate all and fill their pockets with as much gold as they can. If you could believe those rumors that is. Life has been good for all recently however things are about to take a turn for the worse. The people aren't aware of this yet but the royal court is aware of it. The king and queen have fallen deathly ill whether it is because of natural causes or poisoning hasn't been determined yet.

    The queen had fallen ill first the king desperate to keep his wife from deaths door had put his sorceress Leah on the job. Shortly after he had he fell ill as well with the same symptoms. Every little thing that she tried failed. No matter what potions she concocted, herbs she tried nothing seemed to help the king and queen get better. A few herbs mixed together seemed to stem off the effects of the illness for just a bit but it hadn't cured them. However she had figured out about a special spring that could heal all ailments and injuries the issue was. She didn't know where exactly it was but she knew she could find it. Yet she also knew that the way to the spring was very dangerous and she would need help getting there.

    Meanwhile outside the castle walls a new man had entered the kingdom. He wore a dark gree cloak with a hood pulled up over his head to cover his face. He had steel plate armor that covered his right arm and legs along with his chest. He had two long swords on his back and a large leather book strapped to his waist. His left arm was completely bare of all clothing and armor. He didn't speak to anyone and just went straight for the inn for a bit of sleep and a meal possibly even work.
  2. Leah, unaware of the arrival of the man who would assist her on her journey, was pacing back and forth trying to think of the necessities she would need for the journey. She knew she would have to summon the horse and carriage to assist her and her company for part of the way, as they would only be able to take her so far before the journey would have to continue on foot. She dreaded having to be accompanied by a man, as she was usually a "do it yourself" kinda girl, but she knew she could not make it alone. Curing the King and Queen was her main priority.

    As Leah opens the doors to the dining hall, she comes across the cloaked man. She immediately assumes he is the one hired to help her along her journey. She then starts to wonder what they King and Queen have gotten her into. She knew she had a long road ahead of her, but the mysterious nature of the cloaked man interested her in some way she had never known before.
  3. The man was slowly sipping on a bit of soup that he had bought while he was waiting. He ate slowly and carefully however his eyes never looked down. They remained up no matter what. He was always watching and calculating waiting for something to happen. He looked over at the woman as she walked in. He didn't know who his employer was by looks only that she was a sorceress and that she needed help reaching someplace and that they would be paying good coin. He wasn't a greedy man by any means but he needed the gold to survive just like any one else. He probably wouldn't need to work as much as he did if he saved some of the money instead of giving it to the people who were less fortunate then him. But that's how he was and he wasn't going to change any time soon. He noticed the woman that had walked in was staring at him and so he stared right back at her from under his hood which continued to hide his face. Was this his employer? Or was this just some random woman who was drawn in by curiosity?
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  4. Leah, upon realizing the man was looking in her direction, decided she would be polite and introduce herself. "Good afternoon, sir. My name is Leah. I am an aid to the king." To verify her suspicion that this will be her company on her journey, she quickly adds, "May I ask what your business is here in the castle?"
  5. The man slowly sets down his spoon and slowly stands up. He looks down at her and eyes her carefully one last time before he spoke. "My name is Radnor, and I'm here to escort the kings sorceress to some place. I don't know why or where we're going and I don't expect to. all I need to know is what I need to do and how much danger we might be in during this trip"
  6. "Well, Radnor, it is nice to meet you. I am the sorceress you will be assisting." Leah, knowing she had just confirmed her suspicion about the cloaked man being her company, decided she would answer his question of what he needed to do and the dangers, but nothing more. Leah figured since he didnt care to know, she wouldn't have to go against her trust issues by telling him everything. After all, with the King and Queen being vulnerable, and the cause of their illness being undetermined, Leah knew she could trust no one. Leah then began to tell Radnor that he would be there to make sure she gets back in one piece. She also mentions to him that, aside from other dangerous creatures, there are theives that like to wander the area that they will be traveling through "We will be able to take the horse and carriage a little of the way, but the rest will be on foot. And in 3 days the carriage and horse will be back to pick us up where they leave us. " Leah begins to question her safety, but she knows that she must be successful on her journey not just for the king and queen, but for the kingdom and its citizens.
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  7. Radnor crossed his arms as the sorceress explained the job. Pretty simple keep her alive and get her back in one piece. He knew she wasn't telling him everything but at the moment it didn't matter. It would only matter if he found out that by helping her he was becoming a major target or enemy of the kingdom. "Your hiring me to protect you..yet your riding around in a carriage..not going to happen a carriage I'd just begging for trouble. We go on horse back or on foot the entire way"
  8. "In that case," Leah says reluctantly, "I'll have the horses saddled and ready to ride at the first sight of daylight tomorrow." Leah, realizing the stubborness of Radnor, suspects Radnor doesn't take no for an answer and that the journey will probably seem to never end.
  9. He nods "good" he pulls back hos hood to reveal his face. He had a strong and handsome face with medium length blonde hair that was tied back in a pony tail. He had deep blue eyes and a bit of a five o'clock shadow. There was a scar running down his right eye mist likely from a battle that happened a while ago
  10. After Radnor removed his hood, Leah paused for a second to admire Radnor's facial features. He had strong cheek bones and sleek blonde hair. He was a pretty boy with a sword. Something about him was different than the usual men she saw around the kingdom. He was dangerous. She knew she shouldn't trust him until he proved he was trust worthy. Sure, he may be the one protecting her life on their journey, but she couldn't have someone betray her trust...not again. On a side note, Leah was curious as to where the scar came from. Maybe he would tell her along their journey. She was sure they wouldn't be able to ride in silence. Leah had a knack for reading people. But Radnor was mysterious. Leah planned to conversate a lot with Radnor on their journey in order to get a better read on him.
  11. He could tell that he interested her. Why he did he had no idea all he knew as that she was going to try and talk to him on this trip. He didn't mind conversation depending on the topic and he could tell that his scar would be one if the topics. It always was. "Tell me Leah..your a sorceress right? What can you do exactly?"
  12. Leah, oddly struck by Radnor's question as not many people usually cared, decided she would tell him a little about her practices. "I perform rituals of healing and I make potions. Also, my emotions are connected to my powers. However, I'm still working on getting them under control. That is why you were asked to accompany me." Not meaning to reveal she has emotional problems that prevent her from being fully effecient, Leah quickly changes the subject. "We should probably get some rest soon, as the morning time will be here before we know it and we must be well rested for the journey. We have a long road ahead of us. Should I show you to your room?"
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  13. Radnor gave a small nod almost like he was impressed. He had seen many things in his travels but he had never had a real encounter with a sorceress so this would be a great learning opportunity for him. When she mentioned sleep he gave a small nod "yes I would appreciate that. It has been a long day and some rest would be nice"
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  14. Once she heard Randor agree, Leah turned to leave the dining hall and headed toward his room. She walked to his room as quickly as she could, hoping he was still behind her. She was exhausted and was ready to get going first thing in the morning.

    Upon arriving at his room, she turned the knob and opened the door. She then flicked on the light and said, "Here you are. Get some rest so we can get going bright and early."
  15. He followed behind her silently. He didn't know what to expect from his quarters but he hoped it wasn't something big and elegant he didn't enjoy being surrounded by expensive and fine things. He preferred a simple life and secretly wanted to build a cottage out in the forest to live out the rest of his days when the time came. He stepped into the room and sighed a bit in relief when he saw that it was a simple one. He looked over at Leah and gave a small nod "thank you for showing me the way I really appreciate it. Sleep well we've got a long journey ahead of us and we most likely won't be sleeping in a warm bed for a good long while"
  16. Leah, appreciating his manners, said, "It's not a problem. I'm sleeping next door, so if you need anything before we leave, just let me know." Unfortunately, Leah was aware of the storm that was headed there way and knew she would get little sleep. "Goodnight, Radnor. See you at sunrise."

    As Leah turns to leave, she can't help but think of how she wishes she could stay in his presence. Something about him made her want to stick around. She then remembers that she has to spend the next few days with him and through those days she hopes she will find out just what it is about him that pulls her in.
  17. He nods a bit and watches her go. After she had left he turned and shut the door behind her. He let out a soft sigh and then stripped off his cloak, armor, and boots and weapons. After he had done that he laid down in the bed offered to him in just a cotton t shirt and some leather pants. He let out a soft sigh and stared at the ceiling wondering what the adventure was going to take them and what new things he would see during it.
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  18. Leah, finally getting back to her room to settle in for the night, falls back into bed as soon as the door closes. A second later, she hears the rain outside her window. A quick flash of lightning and a loud boom of thunder are what followed. Leah then slips into a daydream that shows her and Radnor returning from the spring with the necessary amount of healing water, and then some. The second it is given to the king and queen, a brighter light seems to shine over the land.

    Leah, opening her eyes, realizes she is still in her cloak. She gets out of bed, slips out of her cloak and into her evening gown, and gets back in bed. By this time, Leah is restless and just wishes she could tune out the rain and thunder. Before she knows it, without setting her alarm, she falls into a deep slumber.
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  19. Radnor was sleeping soundly. He didn't snore but he did silently mumble under his breath. His hand was underneath his pillow where he always kept a knife in case someone would sneak into the room to attempt to kill him. Many years on the road and in battle have taught him to always be cautious even when sleeping so he never took chances unless he absolutely had to. The storm did bother him slightly at first but after a while he had managed to block the sound out without an issue. If he was going to be of any help to this sorceress he was going to need his full strength.
  20. Leah tossed and turned all night. At times she would lay awake and watch the hours go by on the clock. She hoped Radnor was atleast getting sleep so that he could be alert enough for the both of them for tomorrow. Leah eventually decided to get up and get some milk to drink, hoping it would atleast relax her enough to get a little sleep. It seemed to have work because next thing she knew, the sun was peeking over the trees and it was time for her and Randor to begin their journey. Leah was exhausted, but knew she needed to wake up and be alert because she didnt want to completely rely on Radnor. Afterall, he is still a stranger as she does not know much about him.
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