The Soldiers of Alfheim

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    A long, long time ago, the nine realms were once in an age of chaos. In the midst of this chaos, in a little kingdom in the land of Alfheim, Svartalfheim saught to cause yet more destruction and commanded the dark elf forces to invade.

    The ruler of Alfheim, as brave and strong as he was rumored to be. Fell. Leaving his small kingdom in the hands of his enemy. However the dark elves ruler, saught out an agreement with Alfheim.

    This agreement was that the ruler of Alfheim hand over his first born child, Sheik and the war would come to an end. The child shall act as the peacekeeper between their Kingdoms.

    Though the ruler of Alfheim did not want to give his only child up, he had to think of what was best for not only his realm but for all the nine realms and reluctantly surrended his daughter to the hand of the enemy.

    One day, when the child grew into a young woman. She was told the story of her purpose, solely to keep the peace between the two realms Alfheim and Svartalfheim. Outraged, she saught to attack Svartalheim.

    Wanting to steal their most prized possession, the Casket of Acients. Rumored to hold darkness that not even the strongest man can hope to possess.

    She longed to plunge the world of Svartalfheim into fear and darkness under her rule. Fearing her wicked rule, Servir the ruler of this kingdom, stole the very casket Sheik wished to possess.

    Hiding it away in a place long since forgotten within the realm in an attempt to save her from breaking the peace she was meant to hold.

    At the same time, he commanded his most trustworthy friend, Fangal to secretly escape into the realms and go find those with enough courage to destroy the evil woman. {/td}
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    Upon hearing this, Sheik grew angry and saught to imprisoned the Sevir, and sent out a party in search of his friend. However Braving forests and mountains, Fangal fled for his life from his pursuers.

    But he reached the very limit of his energy and found himself surrounded by Sheik's henchmen. Cornered, he prepared himself for the end when a young man appeared. Skillfully driving Sheik's henchman away, he introduced himself as Kenith.

    He spent his time traveling around the nine realms and heard news of Sheik's rain of desired power. The realms were beginning to speak words of war once more and as a feared warrior Kenith pledged to protect the innocent from any impact of possible war.

    Fangal, as grateful as he was Kenith saved his life. Told him the story of Sheik and her ever blackening heart. How she hoped to possess the Casket of Acients and the darkness it holds.

    Burning with a sense of justice, Kenith resolved to save Fangal and defeat Sheik, but knowing the Casket of Acients was hidden away. He held little power and defeating Sheik would be a challenge though she didn't possess the casket, she controlled darkness.

    Kenith knew the only way to have a chance at defeating Sheik was to give her a false sense of accomplishment. Desperate, he begged Fangal for the location of where the Casket of Acients was hidden.

    Making his travels there, he took the Casket of Acients and seeked to present it to Sheik. Upon having her guard down, Kenith slayed her along with the casket.

    But the death of the child who was legend in keeping peace, angered the realms and as such the war was once again ignited.

    The reformed peaceful kingdom of Alfheim found itself in the mist of the war from centuries past and quickly hurried to train their soldiers in a matter to defend their home.​
    This is a otherworld fantasy, otherworld meaning the mythological Nine Realms.

    Your character can be a light elf from Alfheim, dark elf from Svartalfheim, an Asgardian from Asgard, a Vanir from Vanaheim, human from Midgard, Frostgaint from Jotunheim, Dwarf from Nidavellir, someone from the land of the dead located in Niflheim or a fire giant or demon from Muspelheim.​

    Character Sheet

    -Gif or picture perferred no anime-

    -First and last, middle if you'd like-

    -Anywhere from 17 to 1000+-

    -Like I said I support yaoi, yuri and straight couples-

    -Include traits please-

    -Does your character have any scars, tattoos, etc-

    -What else do you want others to know about your character-​

    My character
    (Work in process)​
    Enjoy this Thor gif​

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  2. This is really cool but is there any specific reason why we cant have characters older than 24?
  3. Yeah because I was so tired, I must of made an error xD Yeah your character can be over 1000+ that was just due to lack of sleep. Lol.
  4. Ahhh I see, ack damnit then T_T I wanna join but I'm afraid I've just gotten into lots of busy problems *heavy sigh* hope this goes well!
  5. Thanks
  6. I would like to join, as I can see, to be a form of Demon is an option here. So I would like to play as such. That is, if you will have me. My character can be very malevolent. His appearance is as such as my profile picture. His name is Nocturne, he has existed silently for about 400 years and doesn't tend to be sexual in any way, though if he were to be, he would be straight. He tends to have disdain for the living, though those who perform evil acts while others are sleeping tend to gain his favor. One thing to exclude about his appearance which I forgot to mention is that this version does not have the blades on his arms.
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