The Solar System

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  1. This is neat.
  2. I scrolled through the whole thing. O__O that took forever. The scroll to Uranus felt the longest though.
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  3. It's kind of strange, maybe, but something so simple gives me a sense of awe for the universe and the knowledge we've accumulated about it as a species. On the one hand it makes you feel so small, yet with all this information so readily available it also feels like you're truly part of something greater. Not in the way of a purpose, not in the way of the spiritual, but in the way of a being. It's an appreciation I cannot quite express.

    I long for affordable space travel.
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  4. Space Engine.

    That is all.
  5. Sweet, really puts into perspective how big the Universe is.
  6. i'm just getting an error message

    i assume everything looks super tiny
  7. Nah, it's must a shit ton of scrolling.

    Do not for the love of god open this on a mobile.
  8. @_@ I scrolled through the whole thing just to see if they'd put Pluto on it
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  9. Relevant:

    If you wanna skip straight to the cosmic stuff go to 6:25. I think it's most fun to watch from beginning to end, though.
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  10. I love how it has to revert to a long chain of stars and galaxies and galaxy groups just to get to the penultimate size of giant shenanigans mecha Gurren Lagann ends up having. And then the biggest baddest form of them all is bigger than the universe itself. And then its weapon is an order of magnitude larger than that.

    Oh, Gurren Lagann, you so crazy.
  11. Don't you talk about my anus like that!
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  12. I would like to roll Use Magic Device to activate the scroll to Fatal's anus, please.
    Asmodeus threw 20-faced die for: Total: 5 $dice
  13. Takes forever, but it's really cool! Super interesting. I like how you can convert to The Great Wall and blue whales. :p
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  14. Damn. The scroll backfired. Does Fatal's anus explode in my face?
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