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  1. Hello guys,

    So I was planning on a supernatural RP after my first started off well.

    The Society
    The Society is basically about a group of Reapers who have entered the world of Supernaturals and have already gone deep undercover. These Supernaturals are all kinds of creatures that we see in our nightmares, mythical and those existing in legends and fairy tales. While not openly violent, they await their chance to harm human beings. Additionally, their world is situated in a place unknown to normal humans but which can be accessed by means of Voids in the human world.

    Now, onto the plot.

    We are Reapers, people who are highly trained in combat and experts in any and all kinds of weaponry. Additionally, each of us Reapers have been injected with a Supernatural Virus that gives us the abilities of a Supernatural. Our mission is to become members of this renowned Supernatural club known as the Society and to eliminate the high-ranking people slowly making our way all to a person who goes by the name Sir Maven, our Host, the one who'll be responsible for an all-out War on the human beings on New Year's Eve so as to make a New World come 2015.

    So welcome to a world much darker than the one we've known where nightmarish creatures roam about in the open, where there's no sunlight and where your mission is to kill a creature with powers beyond comprehension. All before New Year's Eve.

    Are you game...?
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  2. I'm interested~ ^^
  3. Look at that timing. This is a pretty good way to end the year.

  4. Yeah, I wanted to align it with the RL occurrences.

    Glad you guys like it.
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