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Has Social Networking Finally bridged the Gap of "hipness" between generations?


Is it just another platform to separate them further?

I have noticed that social networking sites are one of the few things that old and young alike are into. Whether it be facebook or forums that connect like minded people to others that share their interests: Every one is doing it, old and young.

So...Has the gap finally been bridged?



I think it certainly depends on the situation and the individual. As they say it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks...well not the best analogy but you get the point haha. Some older people will embrace the technology and use it as a means to stay recent and up to date. It's a great way for grandparents to keep in touch with children and grandchildren. On the opposite spectrum are those older individuals who will refuse to partake in this social networking and technology enhancements etc, but I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing. Just a preference thing.

It is interesting to see the diversity in which old and young utilize technology tehse days. I thought it was interesting when i was riding the bus a few days ago to see the wide range of individuals who had ipods in hand and were listening to music. Of course tehre is always those who have their phones out and are texting, chatting, surfing the net etc...It's just interesting I suppose.

There is actually a group poster presentation in my evidence based class and their topic is exploring the use of internet and computers for older individuals. Their evidence looks at the use of computers to help them organize their daily needs, and keep in communication with family members and friends. That way social participation is encouraged, and the outcome is hopefully an increased quality of life for teh elder individual.

So yeah...just find this interesting...


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There is always gonna be a gap between generations. XD Old people everywhere will be shaking their fists at younger generations and saying "Back in MY day yadayadayada!".

Personally, I think the "no tech" generations are near dead by now. ._____.;; Most of the people alive now are semi-used to at least some form of computech, so getting involved in internet social groups isn't too far of a stretch...


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Captain Nic

Asmo has a point.

And my grandma is one of those tech-rejecting folks. She doesn't hate it per se, but would rather let us use things that she is unable to use. Like cellphones, for instance.