The Soaring Winds Tribe

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  1. [​IMG]
    ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ welcoмe oυтlander █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
    We are the soaring Winds Tribe.
    We are fighting against the vile humans.
    Many of us have died.
    But we, dragons, stand strong and fight.
    Can you face death...
    ...And stay strong?
    1. Please be mature.
    2. No cursing.
    3.harassment, unless you're in character.
    4. Please be grammatical. Correct punctuation.
    5. No text talk unless you're out of character.
    6. Tell us if you're out of character or in character. Please don't keep us guessing.
    7. You may have up to four characters.
    8. No mature scenes. Ex) mating scenes.
    9. If you have any plot ideas, pm me.
    10. Always ask the other person for permission before doing something to their character.
    11. No god-mod.
    12. No powerplay.
    13. The dragon code can be broken, but there will be consequences.
    14. I will update the rules every now and then so keep watch on them ^.^

    1. Dragons cannot have relationships with other tribes.
    2. Healers cannot have romantic relationships.

    3. Hatchlings, The nursings, and Elders are feed first.
    4. Dragons retire at the age of 500 years.
    5. Hatchlings become Trainees when they're one winter old.
    6. Trainees become Warriors when they're two winters old.
    7. Warriors get one Trainee at a time. They cannot pick them, but they can at least ask.
    8. Absolutely no talking to the vile humans.
    9. Do not mutiny against the the tribe.

    The Dragons

    The Human Race
    • Emperor: None
      Empress: None
      Princess(es): none
      Prince(s): none
      Doctors: none
      Commander: Esborn Lyn the Dragon Slayer (Archwar)
      Royal Messenger: none
    • None
    • None
    • None
    • None

    • Name:
    • King Artemis
      Name: Artemis
      Species: Dragon
      Age: 150 years
      Rank: King
      Gender: Male
      Personality: King Artemis is calm and collective. He's is usually very hard to anger. He's actually very family-oriented, even though he's very awkward when it comes to romance. You could call him a hopeless romantic. King Artemis has a hard time expressing his emotions, and rarely smiles making him seem mean when he's actually not. He loves his tribe and would fight with his last breath to make sure that it survived.
      Appearance: [​IMG]
      S/O: Straight
      kin: Indira (Daughter)
      Mate/Crush/Hatchlings: none/none/none
      History: He lost his Queen, Indira's mother, to the humans when he was still a young dragon. This has left a deep scar and made him into the distant, yet collective dragon that he is today. Lavita, his deceased mate, died a few months after giving birth to Indira which led him to raise her on his own.
      Other: none.
      Princess Indira
      Name: Indira
      Species: Dragon
      Age: 32 years
      Rank: Princess
      Gender: Female
      Personality: Indira is like her father in very few ways. She's more playful and doesn't want anything to do with family, marriage, or romance. She despises the fact that one day she will rule the tribe, meaning she'd have to get married. She's extremely beautiful, her father usually describes her as the most beautiful dragon in the tribe, of course, in private. Her beauty has gotten her gawked at by the guys. Indira is also a Yandere, if she would ever find "the one" she'd be insanely protective over him and even go as far as to physically harm the one who threatened to separate them.
      Appearance: [​IMG]
      S/O: Straight.
      kin: Artemis (Father)
      Mate/Crush/Hatchlings: none/none/none
      History: Indira's mother died when she was just a hatchling. She never knew her mother, and has no memory of her except of what her father has told her about Lavita. Her father had to raise her own his own, which was pretty embarrassing for her for the first few years since he had no clue how to raise a girl.
      Other: none
      Ravine and Crevice
      Name: Ravine and Crevice
      Species: Dragon
      Age: 32 years old
      Rank: Warrior
      Gender: Male
      Personality: Ravine and Crevice are the jokers. They don't have a single serious bone in their body. Ravine and Crevice often fight about who's better looking, even though they are identical in every way. They are usually flirting with everyone, but somehow always gets rejected by every one. These two are the first ones to get blamed for things since they're always up to something; very irresponsible.
      Appearance: [​IMG](There's only two heads)
      S/O: Pan
      kin: none
      Mate/Crush/Hatchlings: none/none/none
      History: They grew up with Indira, and knew how she felt about her mother since they didn't know either one of their parents.
      Other: none

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  2. Name: Larkson
    Species: Dragon
    Age: 20 years old
    Rank: Warrior
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Larkson is very outgoing and kind. He won't think twice about helping someone if he is needed. He's very wise for his age and is respected for his maturity.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    S/O: Heterosexual
    kin: none
    Mate/Crush/Hatchlings: None/None/None
    History: Larkson lost his two siblings at birth. His mother and father were so melancholy about their deaths that they starved themselves. They became incredibly weak and ended up dying years later, leaving Larkson on his own. He's learned to be strong and to not rely on others even if they rely on him.
    Other: None.
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  3. I would like to apply for the Royal Guard position. May I reserve a spot?
  4. Name: Marcelline
    Age:16 years old
    Personality:Marcellina is a dandere. She is quiet and seems emotionless. She also is short tempered and nice. Once she trust you , she will be silly,playful,kind,careful..
    kin:Isis (mother) and Claude (brother)
    Mate/Crush/Hatchlings: none
    History:Marcelline grew up alone with her brother Claude. Also she never knew her dad but she did. But she can't remember. So she live with her brother until she 10 years old. Her mother Isis came back after protect her and Claude. Now she lives in a big cave with her family.

    Age:125 years old
    Personality:Isis is very protective of her family and strong. She would fight for everyone lives. Also a great strong leader and a great mother to everyone. Even people who are not her child.
    kin:Macelline and Claude (daughter and son)
    History:Isis left her family for a little while to fight in the war. She came back with lots of cuts but she still keep her family safe and sound for many years . Now lives far in a deep cave with Macelline and Claude. She hunts for food while keeping things under control. Here and there.

    Age:34 years old
    kin:Macelline and Isis (sister and mother)
    History:Claude grew up alone with his sister . Also he never knew his dad but he did. So he live with his sister until she 10 years old. Her mother Isis came back after protect him and Macelline. Now he lives in a big cave with her family.
  5. Name: Vallora

    Species: Dragon

    Age: 7 years

    Rank: Adolescent ( Vallora hasn't been classified as any specific group of dragon due to her lack of physical strengths)

    Gender: female

    Personality: Smart, determined, likable.

    I am Vallora. I was the last hatched in my group and I was different in every aspect. I hope you can take me as seriously as the other dragions.

    S/O: None (yet)

    kin: Parents are unknown.
    Conan. Always the strongest. He is the oldest of my group. 10 years

    Cassandra. She is the defender. Always watched over me. (she still visits me sometimes) 3rd hatched. 8 years

    Daniel. Daniel was the second born. He is like Conan. 9 years

    Serana. Serana was the last born hatched before me. She is a showoff...8 years

    Mate/Crush/Hatchlings: N/A

    Vallora was the runt in her group and she never seemed to equate to much but she always tried her hardest to be like her siblings who were bigger and better than her physically. However, though she failed to follow them as being strong and stubborn, she made up for it in mental strength. She has always been obsessing over studies about the " vile humans" and dragons, history, astronomy, etc. She has been at this ever since her siblings left her in the dust when she was only around 3 years from what she knew. Her mother and father were unknown to her but it didn't stop her from trying her hardest to please them, whoever they may have been, so she tried to please everyone in her tribe. Vallora never gave up and today she is one of the smartest dragons in her tribe. Commonly being called a sponge brain because she absorbs all she reads and writes with utter joy.

    Other: N/A​
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  6. @Polystical
    Well since dragons live for a long time and grow faster than humans, babies become trainees around 1 years old then becomes a warrior/guard/hunter at 2 years then live the rest of their lives as that. It says it in dragon code. ^.^
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  7. Question, what type of technology do humans have? I'm guessing around middle age such this is a fantasy Rp.
  8. Lmao, warrior cats based dragon rp! I absolutely love it! As soon as I get back from my day, I will make a character (or two or three) to join in with!
  9. @Archwar
    yeah like swords and bows and arrows. That kind of thing ^.^
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  10. Ok, I guess I'll be making a human dragon hunter who is employed by an emperor to hunt down and kill dragons. Possibly a group of them.

    Would that be ok?
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  11. can I make a human orphan that is taken in by the healer? (the healer is the other character that I wanted to make) It could be a tactical advantage
  12. Still accepting?​
  13. Oh, who wants to be my human character's mentor?
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