The Snow Angel

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    There exists a small town known as Winter Hollows, it was rather isolated from most other places however it's residents were rather happy living there most of the time despite the lack of contact with most of the outside world. Their lives were simple and joyful, and since it was a small town, pretty much everyone knew one another for the most part and any news that was told often spread like wildfire. A forest also existed near the town however, rumors of strange occurrences were always drifting around about what the few that had dared to enter had seen. However it's been years upon years since anyone was able to work up the courage to enter into that forest anymore, but on this snowy night, all this was about to change forever...
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  2. Name: Joshua (at the moment..heh, heh..)
    Age: looks 18
    Gender: male
    looks: [​IMG]

    Joshua slender and graceful, with shoulder length black hair and piecing green eyes that are highlighted by pale skin. He's about 6'1 in hight and there seems to be scarring on his back- but he doesn't remember where he got it the marks from. (he's the guy on the right in the picture)

    Bio: without aim, he wandered around.. without memory he walked, without a goal he was lost. He was found shivering in the snow one night and took in by a kindly old man who nursed him back to health, and gave him a goal. The old man was a priest and had no children of his own, he took the young man in
    as his own and began to teach him about the teachings of God and the bible.

    He called the young man Joshua and tried to help him get his memories back, to now avail. The young man seemed destined to never remember- and the priest thought it was due to a terrible memory being suppressed. He wasn't far from the truth.

    Joshua lived happy for a year, until the priest passed away and he was left alone again. The old man had allocated that Joshua should inherit the house and the small church- as he would have done if he was biologicly related. It was then that Joshua began to have nightmares that made no sense, and he started to sleep walk.. and it was due to this that he'd have a very..fateful encounter..
  3. The air slapped against his face like a whip, he was deafened by the whistling sound of the air in his ears. He was being shouted at upon his descend. He waved his arms quickly as though he was trying to slow himself down or fly, he fell through the clouds. It was like he was falling forever, cold and scared forever. The ground started to become more visible, more solid. His mouth opened and widened as he began to scream, but his voice was lost to the howl of the wind. The ground drew closer, closer, closer.. he clenched his eyes shut, unable to brace against the pain that would surely come...

    ..thump. The only thing he felt was cold and soft, and the thump was muffled. He opened his eyes and looked around slowly, seeing nothing but worst and flakes of white. He relaxed and with a shaking hand brushed some hair out of his eyes. “that dream..again..” he whispered as his pale hand quickly touched the cross that was given to him by the man he came to see as his own father. Touching the smooth surface, he is soothed.

    He stood up slowly and groaned. “sleep walking again? One of these days I'm going to get myself into a lot of trouble..” he rubs his neck and looks around, trying to estimate where excally he is. He gazes at the sky and mumbles. “four.. in the morning, I'm in the southern part of the woods I think.” for unknown reasons Joshua has always being able to tell the time and where he was through the stars, not even he knows how he can.

    He's about to turn and walk back to the village like he normally does, when something makes him stop. Tilting his head, he listened and tensing up he waited. For some reason the young man could sense something, something that seemed familiar and yet not. He sighed slowly, and watched the cloud of breath that fluttered out his parted lips. “if I don't check it out, I may regret it in the long run.” he mused before walking in the direction that his senses were screaming at him to go to.

    It was like he was being pulled, tugged and pulled to the location. He was a moth drawn to a flame. He had no idea how long he'd walked until he finally stopped. He squinted a little, seeing something injured in the distance.. he slowly walked towards it before realising that it was a person, and then he broke into a run. “hey, are you alright?!”
  4. Character sheet (open)

    Name: Serena
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown (appears to be around 17
    Appearance: (shown + explained below CS)
    Bio: N/A (For now... *dramatic music*)

    (No bandage though)​
    A delicate looking figure could be seen as Joshua drew closer, and soon enough, what it was seemed quite clear. An angel lay in the snow with a nasty looking wound on one of her pale arms, she looked towards him as he called out to her. She just stayed silent trying to cover herself with one of her wings; it was the same color as the snow, and looked quite soft. As he drew closer and closer, she attempted to push herself up with her uninjured arm but in the weakened state she was in, she simply fell down again. Realizing she wasn't able to move much, she let out a sigh, her breath condensing into a small white cloud of fog in the cold air, resigning herself to her seemingly certain doom.
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  5. Joshua gasps when he sees the girl and runs over, only slowing when he sees her fluffy white wings. His jaw drops open in disbelief and he feels a sharp pain in his head and back, a slight image flickers in his mind of a burned feather falling to the ground. He shakes it off and sprints over to her. “don't worry, I'm here to help you!” he says as he rips some of his shirt and starts to tie it around her arm as a makeshift bandage. He bites his lip when he sees how weak she is, he tries not to think about the fact that she actally has wings. The most important thing now is to save her. “I'm going to pick you up, okay? Let me know if it hurts..” he gently slips one arm under her back- doing his best not to touch her wings- and the other under her legs and carefully lifts her.
  6. The girl looked alarmed at first when Joshua ran up to her, but then as he tore off strips of his own shirt and began wrapping up the injury on her arm, she tensed up from the pain, but relaxed a little after. As he picked her up, the other wing which had been crushed underneath her body dropped rather limply and pain shot through her body from it. "O-Ow...." She managed to say with a voice barely above a whisper when she realized that one of her wings were injured, she looked quite scared about being picked up. She wasn't sure what Joshua wanted with her as he was a stranger that had just stumbled across her in this state... But he seemed to have helped her, it was uncertain if she could trust him or not yet, but there was little she could do on her own in either case.
  7. Joshua cringes when he sees the the state of her crushed wing. “oh, crap! I'm sorry..” he says quickly, for some reason thinking about how agonising that must be and some how relating to it. “it's okay..” he says soothingly, knowing that she must be a little scared of him. “I'm not going to hurt you..” he starts to walk slowly and holds her gently to try and not cause her pain. “my name is Joshua, I live in the village not far from here..” he notices the sky start to brighten slightly and his cross glints when the light catches it. “we aren't far now..” he says as he sees the village in the distence, he starts to walk slightly faster now and notices that he's getting some strange looks from some of the very early rises.
  8. The girl was still a little tense, even after Joshua's soothing words as he carried her towards the town. She stayed quiet, even after he introduced himself, but she caught sight of the cross he wore and she started to relax a little. Perhaps he was just trying to help her after all, a heavenly symbol usually implied that, but she was still a little cautious, especially since she was getting odd looks from the few residents of the village that were up and about at the moment. Her eyes closed trying to shut out all the problems she may cause if news spread around about her, she just hoped they'd be arriving at wherever they were going soon.
  9. Joshua smiles. “don't mind them, they're looking at me not you. They associate me with bad omens because I wondered in on a dark and stormy night with no memory..” he sees his little humble home that's connected to the church. “there we are, home sweet home!” he carefully and with difficulty pushes the door open with his foot and walks inside, carrying her carefully before kicking the door shut. He walks over to the bedroom and carefully puts her on his bed. “we need to get you a doctor or something!” he gazes at her wing. “or maybe a vet who can help with that..” he tilts his head and bites his lip nervously. “can I get you anything?”
  10. The girl grunted a little as Joshua put her down on the bed; her injured wing had been moved again. She listened to what he said without making eye contact with him, then she looked up at him and shook his head. As if to say no, she was uncertain what would happen if someone else knew that she had wings too, she might end up being locked up in one of those zoos or circuses she's heard of, which wasn't such a good thing to say the least. She'd heard of more than one of her own ending up in one of those places after falling from the sky to the ground below... And as much as she trusted Joshua despite him being an almost complete stranger, she still wasn't very trusting of the other residents of this village yet.
  11. Joshua nods. “okay.. I won't get anyone in.. but the least I can do is get you some pain killers..” he says gently. “give me a few seconds..” he rushes out and carefully opens his kitchen cupboard, taking out the painkiller bottle. He reads the instructions quickly and removes one pill from the bottle and rushes back in. he slowly walks over and holds it out so she can see it. “this will hopefully help with the pain.. can you swallow things okay? If not I can try and break it up for you..” he says as he holds it out so she can inspect it.
  12. The girl frowned looking at the pill, she'd never seen anything like it before... It was some strange hard capsule that Joshua had told her to eat, she leaned in as close as she could and sniffed it. The smell it had was a strange one, nothing like she'd ever smelled before, and she figured swallowing it was supposed to help her somehow, but could she trust him? After a moment of doing nothing, she nods slowly letting him know she could swallow it just fine, she hoped this was the right decision.
  13. Jousha watches her with the pill and can't help but wonder where she's from, this mysterious winged girl. Part of him wonders if he's still asleep and this is part of a new dream, for a change. He feels so strange, as though he's seen her or something like her before. It's her wings, he thinks. He's felt strange ever since he saw them. He smiles. “please don't be offended, but are you okay to lift your arms and use your hand to put the pill in your mouth?”
  14. The girl nods again slowly reaching over with her good arm and gritting her teeth as he broken wing moved again, she took the pill from Joshua's hand without another word and swallowed it. It felt strange going down her throat, like a small rock being swallowed and she frowned a little wondering if she should have chewed it first. Soon enough after it had went down however, she felt her broken wing and her injured arm suddenly go numb as if she had suddenly lost all sense of feeling to them. The pain however was gone, and she could finally move around a little better "Th-thank... You." she managed to speak, her voice still weak from her lack of strength but audible now without much preventing her from speaking.
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  15. Joshua watches her, waiting near in case she needs any help in anyway. He relaxes when it seems to ease her pain, at least enabling her to speak a little. He smiles at her words. “you have no need to thank me, I was helping you because it's the right thing to do..” he gazes at her wing and hesitates, the question is on his mind and it needs to be answered. “if you don't mind me asking, and you don't have to answer right now.. what are you?” he asks quietly as he tilts his head. “and who are you?” he doesn't want to push her to much, and he doesn't want to explain why he wants to know in case he sounds crazy..”
  16. The girl nodded with a smile at what Joshua said, it brought hope to her heart that the world she had landed in wasn't as bad as she had first thought. When he asked her some questions however, she was a little hesitant to answer the first one so she skipped to the second one for the time being "S-Serena... I-I'm Serena." she said quietly before she fell silent again wondering if she should reveal what she was. Since she trusted Joshua enough, she let out a little sigh and answered his first question too "A-an... Angel." she adds simply looking a little nervous about Joshua's response.
  17. Joshua can't help but blush at her smile, her smile that seems to light up the whole room. He notices her hesitation, and doesn't press. He doesn't comment when she skips the first question and introduces herself. He smiles. “Serena.. that's a nice name.” he pauses however when she says she's an angel. For a few moments he's silent, he doesn't laugh at her or anything. He nods slowly. “that explains the wings, thank you.. for being honest..” he looks slightly troubled by the thought. “how did you.. get here, to this world?”
  18. Serena felt her face turn a little red at Joshua's compliment but it did make her feel a little happier "Thanks... I-I've never been told that before..." she managed to say, her nervousness was starting to go away now, but her voice was still quiet and shook a little sometimes. She listened to what Joshua asked her frowning a little as she tried to recall the exact incident that had brought her to this world. Then she spoke "I... I-I don't exactly remember, I w-was flying lower in the clouds than I usually did. Th-then I heard a loud booming noise and felt pain in my arm... L-last thing I remember was falling through the air and landing in something soft and c-cold..." Serena had tried her best to keep her voice from shaking as much during her explanation but it still wavered a little here and there. She sighed a little after she had finished still feeling a little confused about what had happened tensing up a little as the pain was starting to return to her wing and her arm.
  19. Joshua smiles shyly when her face goes a little red. “really? People should tell you that more often!” he nods before listening carefully to her explanation about how she got here. “it sounds like you were shot.. or something along those lines.” he says quietly, suddenly feeling a sharp pain in his skull. Visions fill his mind with horrifying intensity.

    ..falling, falling.. screaming, pain, fear, resentment, agony, shame. Falling, falling, fear, fear, rage, sorrow. Wanting to fly, but unable. Trapped and damned, helpless, helpless, hopeless. Fall, land, darkness, nothing..

    Joshua sways slightly on his feet before shaking his head a little as he tries to clear his thoughts, he notices her tense up a little. “are you alright?” he asks, forcing a weak smile. Never have the visions being so violent, so solid before. 'my past.. can it be linked to her?' he thinks.
  20. "Why would someone... Shoot me?" Serena thought as she listened to Joshua's explanation, then he seemed to zone out for a moment swaying on his feet a little. She looked at him wondering if this was normal before he asked if she was alright noticing that she had tensed up from the pain "Th-that.... That's what I was about to say..." she said quietly but nodded afterwards to let him know she was fine "Wh-what you gave me is just wearing off..." she adds knowing that it was probably for the best to tell him. One thing came to her mind though; she had yet to ask his name during all that had happened so perhaps she should at some point...
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