The Snare Of Hysteria

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  1. Part I:
    An Exodus Of Normality
    "You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape

    being sentenced to hell?"
    ~Matthew 23:33

    The room was dark, with the mere exception of a monitor, alight, in it's centre. Scraps of paper and flesh littered the floor. The monitor provided him with just enough light to gaze upon his creation. It lay dormant, a creature of liquid ooze the colour of midnight. He smiled.

    He was a self proclaimed messiah, bringing a malevolent Lazarus back from Sheol. Tendril-like appendages of mercury slithered like snakes from the creature. He looked toward the various heart rate monitors and IV cables sustaining the beast, a homunculus of his own patent and design, a sole example of his own demonic genius.

    He would use this demon to wreak havoc upon those who had scorned and wronged him. He would become a puppeteer, preying on their most primal of fears, with the ultimate soldier at his side. He would use this being to force these people to their knees in subservience, and then he would slaughter their loved ones left and right until these agitators, anarchists and revolutionaries were punished to the full extent of his powers for ever having dared to fathom a rebellious thought against him.

    It was time. Inhaling slowly, he caught the sickly sweet smell of detrital flesh decay. After months of experiments; live, and theoretical; he had finally created an automaton of flesh, gristle and bone who would follow his every command like an obedient, yet murderous, lapdog. Grabbing a nearby electrical cattle prod he had used to keep his live experiments obedient, he decided he was ready. It was now or never.

    Pulling out the IV lines to a cacophonous chorus of electronic squeals, this solid indicator would be the determinate factor to which his machination rose to existent glory, or become a failed experiment which send him into a relapse of progress.

    He began to doubt himself. Months of work, toil, sweat and blood, and his experiment not work? It was self admitted, psychological torture. But before all hope was completely lost, the table began to shake, the tendrils of the creature gripping the sides of the experimental desk so hard, fractures began to appear in the wood.

    A deep, inhuman growl could be heard as it rumbled throughout the room, bringing on a smile from the man. IT HAD WORKED! All his trouble, and his homunculus was now a fully grown machination, ready to carry out destruction on a large scale. He looked at the being, a few feet away to ensure he was not attacked in it's awakening.

    It's eyes opened. And then it stood, it's mouth detached like that of a snake, a wild, black tongue swirling about in it's head.
    "Ma....ster..." It spoke. "Ma...ster."
    He had to give this creature a name. Something that would strike fear into the hearts of his chosen targets. Azazel.

    "Awaken, Azazel. Crush these people-" He took a remote from his pocket, wirelessly turning on a screen in front of them both. "I created you with powers beyond human comprehension. It's time to play a little game of cat and mouse. With your power, the power to absorb the blood of these evil scum, you will become more powerful, become a god among men. Now go. I have some introductions to be made."

    This is the prologue, hope you guys like it :D
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