The Snake and His Rose

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    Luna Elena Lovegood

    Thirty-Four | Former Ravenclaw | Pure Blood | Hogwart's Professor of Charms

    - After graduating from Hogwarts, having taken the exit exams once the school was restored following the war, Luna devoted herself to a promising career as a Magizoologist. While this was a field of study that she absolutely loved, Luna found herself becoming distracted by a fellow co-worker. A wizard named Rolf Scammander caught her attention and it didn't take long for them to develop a relationship.

    - Rolf accepted Luna and her quirky beliefs in the world, they had a loving marriage for a few years. Everything changed when the twins were born, though. While Luna was delighted to be a mother, Rolf hated the very concept of being a father. He struggled through the entire pregnancy, refusing to accept his fate. When Luna finally gave birth to beautiful baby boys, twins in fact, Rolf completely snapped. Three days after their birth, Luna awoke to a vacant space beside her in their bed and realized Rolf had left her.

    - Luna immediately returned her surname to 'Lovegood' and the children have her last name as well. She refuses to acknowledge Rolf as their father and is perfectly content raising them as a single mother. When she received an invitation to teach at Hogwarts, since her former favorite teacher and head of Ravenclaw house, Professor Flitwick was retiring, Luna accepted it happily.

    - She currently is getting ready for her first year of teaching at Hogwarts. Luna lives in a private room, with her children and is quite excited for her future.


    Lorcan and Lysander Lovegood
    Pure Blood | Four

    * * *


    Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy

    Sixteen | Slytherin - Sixth Year | Pure Blood | Qudditch Seeker

    - The only son of Draco and heir to the Malfoy family, Scorpius has always lived a privileged lifestyle and doesn't really know much about his father's tormented past. He is well aware that his father was once a horrible person, siding with Voldemort's Army and all, but he doesn't really believe this to be true. Scorpius knows the father that raised him and doesn't care about Draco's prior actions so long as he acts respectively now.

    - Gifted with talents in Qudditch and the Dark Arts, along with Potions, Scorpius is a promising young wizard. He inherited his father's charming looks, but thankfully more of his mother's personality. Scorpius, unlike his father, is friendly and not so much of a bully. However, he isn't opposed to a little harmless teasing or taunting should the desire arise.

    - Scorpius is well liked among a majority of Hogwarts, those that don't associate him entirely with his father's reputation. He is very social and loves being the center of attention, no matter the situation. Scorpius always wanted younger siblings, but he never got the chance to be a big brother.​
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    Draco Malfoy

    ~After the war, Draco struggled with the guilt of forcing himself to follow in his father's footsteps and tried his hardest to get himself back on the right side of the wizarding world.

    ~When he married, he married because Astoria was who his mother had picked out for him because she was high in the Order and could work on clearing his name a bit.

    ~Made sure his son Scorpious had had everything he didn't as a child, affection and no pressure to follow what Draco did when he was younger.

    ~When he was requested to teach Defense against the Dark Arts, he readily took it, almost excited to teach one of the subjects he had excelled at in school.


    Rosie Weasley

    ~Was close to both of her parents and friends with Harry Potter's son Albus
    ~Very smart and a bit sarcastic
    ~Took her father's advice to beat Scorpious in every test seriously and tries her best to match Scorpious in every class that she shares with him
  3. (Lovely, would you mind starting this one? I've started, almost, five different role plays today. -__-")
  4. ((Sure thing lol.))

    Draco watched the sorting hat preceedings as the new first years stared warily around the Great Hall. Was I ever like that? he mused with a grin, his stormy grey eyes clear as a few of the first years looked up at the tbale with all of the teachers. He chuckled softly under his breath and looked over at the Slytherin table, where he could see his son sitting with his friends. it made him almost yearn to be quite a few years younger so he could be back there. THat thought though made him scowl a bit. His last year had been anything but perfect. Actually it had been horrible.

    He looked down the table and took in the few new teachers, his eyes pauseing on one in particular. Luna Lovegood. When he had heard she was going to be on the teaching staff he almost decided not to come. He had played more then one prnk on the blonde girl, only because she had been so weird to him when they were here as students. Well that and he had a slight crush on her before His father had hooked his claws into him.

    Rosie sat with a few of the Griffendors, smiling encouragingly at the new first years who all looked utterly terrified. Her wild red hair was pulled back in a briad and her ice blue eyes were shimmering as she laughed with the table. The sorting hat was her favorite part of the first dineer back, mainly because she liked all of the new faces that go put into the different houses. That and she found the way they looked at the room amusing.

    Her mother had explained how the ceiling worked before Rosie had even gotten to the school, so it didn't have the same grandeur to her as it did to the new kids that came in. As she turned back to the table to say something to one of the other's at the table, she noticed Scorpious sitting at the Slytherin table and immediatly averted her gaze. Over the past few years, her father had said over and over howhe didn't want her to have close to anything to do with the Malfoy, but her mother only ever laughed and walked away. Rosie, however, had found that she had started having fun competeing with the Slytherin in the classes they had together.
  5. The open ceremonies proceeded wonderfully under the new Headmaster's reign. Honestly, McGonagall was perfect for such a position. When she was announced to be the successor of Dumbledore, there wasn't a soul alive, nor brave enough, to speak out against her inheriting this role for Hogwarts. McGonagall is also the woman responsible for hiring Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood as Professors. Their shared abilities and talents making them a respectable choice for educators.

    Although, after hearing of Luna's failed marriage and the young age of her twin boys, McGonagall was willing to let Luna refuse the employment. However, Luna simply smiled and expressed no desire to deny the request. She explained that being a mother and educator would not be troublesome, in fact, she was excited for her two boys to see the school which had been her own for so long.

    As a pair of eyes rested on her, Luna lifted her own set and turned slightly towards the left. She made contact with the man she'd known so long ago, the very same man that had helped keep her imprisoned in the Malfoy basement, Draco. Rather than exchange a rude remark or accuse him of the dreadful events of their past, Luna merely offered him a polite smile and returned her eyes to the assortment of new students.

    * * *

    Scorpius was immersed among the chatter of the Slytherin table, his eyes completely avoiding contact with anyone else. This included Rose Weasley, his rival in purely academic terms. Little was actually known about her, but Scorpius did know her to be the daughter of a famous Witch and Wizard, Hermione and Ron Weasley. Scorpius drew his attention to a fellow Slytherin, the daughter of Pansy Parkinson. Well, the daughter of Pansy Richards, now.

    "How was your summer, Scorpius?" The beautiful witch asked, twirling a lock of dark hair around her finger.

    The heir of Malfoy simply offered a smile, dazzling as his father's own, if Draco ever would smile again. "Father and I spent the summer holiday in Ireland with my grandparents." He recalled the memories fondly, having enjoyed his time with Narcissa and Astoria's own parents. "What about yourself, Lorene?"

    She giggled, a dusting of pink blushing across her cheeks. "I spent the summer in France with my mum, it was lovely." Scorpius gulped heavily as she learned forward, a finger faintly dropping onto his bottom lip. He could smell the fresh coat of ruby nail polish on her fingertip. "You should join me next time."
  6. Draco felt a wash of guilt come over him as Luna smiled at him. It was a polite one but still more then he deserved with how much he had done to her during the war. He had been the reason she had stayed in the basement for so long.

    As McGonagall finished the first years orientation speech, he relaxed back into his chair and looked back out at the students. He saw the children of families that he had helped hurt and even almost destroy. The Weasley red hair stood out to him from Rose and her younger brother Hugo. He thought of one of the twins that was gone because of the war and had to shake his head to make the memory go away.

    Food appeared on the tables in the magical way they did, even though he knew it was because of freed house elves that lives in the castle. His plate was filled with a para dish he enjoyed but had no stomach to eat yet. Instead, he picked up his goblet and sipped the wine from it, looking at the beautiful blond out of the corner of his eye.

    Rosie dug in daintily as her mother had taught her, looking nothing like her brother who was stuffing his face a few seats away. She couldn't help but laugh at him. He was so much like their father it was cute. She shook her head in amusment before looking back over at the Slytherin table and watching Scorpius again.

    "Don't even think about little cousin." A set of voices said from across her own table. She looked over at her twin cousins, two years her junior. Fred and Arthur Weasley, sons of George Weasly were giving her a knowing look.

    "Oh shut up you two. I'm not thinking about anything." She snapped, sipping her drink slowly to cover the light blush that was coming over her cheeks at being found out.
  7. "Luna, my dear, you look lovely." McGonagall complimented the newest addition to her staff, returning to the long table after her speech was complete. Despite the tragic circumstances of the war, Luna remained the same in her beliefs and traditions, including the appearance of her favored Radish earrings. The young witch still spoke with the air and grace of her former self, although Luna's speech has become more articulate since motherhood, wanting to set a fine example for her children.

    "Thank you, McGonagall." Luna smiled happily, lifting her goblet and sipping the wine delicately. She wasn't normally someone to drink such things, but wouldn't protest to tradition of Hogwarts. Luna's sparkling, yet almost sliver-blue, eyes wandered to crowd of children. She found the Weasleys quite easily, the red hair still a prominent trait to inherit through the bloodlines.

    She saw Rose and Hugo, Hermione and Ron's children. Fred and Arthur, George's twin boys. A lot of her former friends had elder children, but Luna's boys were very young and currently were kept in the Hogwarts daycare center (constructed by McGonagall) while she worked. Luna's lips separated in a gentle sigh, her eyes closing as she took a moment to remember all those that had been lost during the war.

    * * *

    Scorpius politely, and urgently, excused himself to the restroom once he managed to get free from Lorene. Just as her mother had been with Draco, it seems Lorene has decided Scorpius to be her own. This was not a shared belief with the lad in question, though. Scorpius happened to catch his father's eyes while leaving to the lavatory, he frowned in surprise when he noticed the seeming affectionate gaze that Draco held for the lovely blond seated so far away from him.

    "Huh?" Scorpius decided he would have to ask his father about her later. He retired to the bathrooms long enough for Lorene to grow baffled with irritation and leave to the Slytherin dorms. Only once the coast was clear, did Scorpius return to finish his meal. The Great Hall was fairly vacant by now, a majority of the students having gone to bed.

    "Oi!" A fellow Slytherin appeared behind Scorpius, dropping a heavy hand onto the blond's shoulder. "You coming?"

    Scorpius sighed, lifting from the table and began to leave.
  8. Draco had watched the diiner, barley touching his own as a few of the other teachers made small talk. He chimed in with small tidbits, but most of them didn't ever really kept him in the conversations, not on purpose but because he had a habit of brooding for no apparent reason in the middle of a conversation. They all had learned by now that he would enter where he had something to say and would go back into himself when he was done.

    His eyes landed on his son as he saw one of the other Slytherin boys put his hand on his shoulder. He shook his head a bit, the only form of amusment he generally showed. He already knew at what point in the days he would have his son and Rose in his classes, and the past few years he had actually looked forward to it because they both were rapt students, even if they were a bit competative towards one another. He had a feeling that had something to do with Ron though.

    He muttered an excuse to get up and walked down the back of the table, towards the door that leg to the corridor where most of the students would be heading to bed from.. He paused by Luna's seat and said in a polite voice, "It's good to see you again Luna." With that he contunued and gave his son a meaningful look that told him to 'be good.' It wasn't an angry look, only a parental one.


    Rosie had finished her meal before her cousins or brother so she decided to wait until they were done before leaving. Because of that, she was able to see when Scorpius had left and Lorene stomped off looking like a peeved cat. The sight almost made the red headed girl laugh. "So what classes to you two idiots have in the morning before lunch?" she asked, Fred and Arthur. They both shrugged, most likely having forgotten until they looked at their scheduales again. She rolled her eyes. "Honestly, you two. Don't spend too much time with Hugo or he will end up just like you two."

    "What about me?" Hugo asked, looking up from his plate finally. He had gravy on the side of his mouth and a piece of chicken hanging out of his mouth. She sighed and reached over to wipe his face. "Lord, come on you three. I'm tired and you guys have more to get ready for then I do." SHe had first period free. She glanced at the Slytherin table and called over to Scorpius, "Ready to get beat another year Malfoy?" it was the same thing she always said at the begining of the year before classes.
  9. Before Draco had the chance to scurry off from her sights, Luna smiled and lifted herself from the massive chair. "It's lovely to see you, Draco." The light-haired woman soon joined his side and walking along towards the exit. "I saw the list of students that will be taking my class," she mentioned absentmindedly. "I didn't know you had a son. Scorpius, yes? His grades are quite outstanding and he seems to excel in many subjects."

    Luna wasn't entirely surprised that Draco would have a child in Hogwarts. After all, most of her generation was already married with children. "I saw his school photo," she smiled kindly as the picture floated back into her mind. "He's very handsome, looks very much like you had during Hogwarts." Perhaps he wouldn't realize, but Luna had just inadvertently complimented Draco.

    * * *

    Rose's voice carried across the room, reaching Scorpius's attention. He turned back and faced her with a smirk, "I don't plan on losing to you another year around." Despite his remarkable grades and dedication to studies, Rose inherited her mother's outstanding intelligence. Naturally everything came easy for Rose, aside from the Dark Arts, which is where Scorpius has always excelled. Rather than continuing onward with his fellow Slytherin, Scorpius decided to converse with Rose for a while.

    "Must you always try to impress your father?" He teased, a smile displayed along his lips. "Everyone knows how brilliant you are, there's no need to continue this little challenge we carry on every year." He'd never admit it, but Scorpius actually enjoyed the friendly competition.
  10. Draco looked at Luna again, something close to surprise flickered across his face. He nodded a bit, trying not let his guilt run through his face. "Yes, he's a brilliant child. A bit more sociable though then I was at his age." He said with obvious affection towards his son. He gave the smallest bit of a smile he could possiblly give when she stated the he was handsome. "Thank you Luna. You are more kind then I deserve." That was his usual reply to any type of compliment. "If he gives you any problems, do let me know. Him and the Weasley girl, Rose, have an on going competition to see which one of them has the highest grades and can tend to get carried away."

    Rose laughed a bit, ignoring the looks she was getting from her blood. She put her hand on her hip cockily and smiled up at him, annoyed briefly that he was so much taller then her. "Aw, are you scared of losing to little ol' me?" She asked in a teasing tone before she flung her hair over her shoulder. "Besides, you try to impress your dad just as much as I do." She added in an amused tone.
  11. "Oh, is that so?" Luna turned her eyes back to the rows of tables, finding Scorpius and Rose in each other's company. Thankfully, unlike the sour relationship between Draco and Hermione, during their youth, the children seemed to get along rather politely. "Hermione's daughter is naturally brilliant," she returned her eyes to Draco and smiled. "However, that is not intended to downplay your own child's intelligence. I suppose only the end of the year exams will truly display their abilities." Exams that Luna had passed with Outstanding marks.

    * * *

    Rose was a stubborn girl, a trait she surely inherited from both of her parents. "Don't flatter yourself so much, Rosie~" Scorpius taunted, reaching forwards and gently shuffled her red hair. "We'll just see how the years goes, yeah?" Dropping his hand from Rose's silken locks, Scorpius finally went to join his fellow Slytherins and was gone from Rose's sights within minutes.
  12. Draco glanced over at his son briefly and would have smiled if he was a normal parent. "Its all in good fun for them, rather then how we were." He said, his tone falling a bit. He had been so rude to Hermione because they had been on different sides of the playing field, plus she was a little bit more snobbish about her intelligence then Rose was. Rose had enough of her father in her for it to be interesting. End of the year exams would be interesting this year as they always had been. He always made those two wait until everyone else had their scores to reveal theirs. "But that doesn't mean they aren't still fiercely competetive."

    He looked back at Luna and found himself wanting to apologize to her, but after all these years he was sure it would have seemed like he was only doing it because they were working together. He still had to say something though, mayb it would let the weight in his chest go down a small amount. "Luna, I," he paused, the words tumbling around in his head. He had tried for so long to think of a way to apologize to all of the ones who had been in the war that he had helped harm but the words never came out right. "About all those years ago in the basement. I...there is closeto nothing I would be able to say to make amends for it, but I do...beg for your forgivness with how things turned out back then." He paused when words failed him and he had to use others before he looked away from her face. He couldn't say those words and see the face of the person he had helped torment, just like he had a hard time looking more then a few of the children in his classes eyes.

    Rosie scowled a bit at the blonde boy as he ruffled her hair, mainly to hide the fact that she wanted to blush at him. It was easier to be annoyed with it. She stuck her tongue out at him like a prudent child before she turned back to her cousins and brother who were looking at her with raised eyebrows. She shook her head and walked past them, knowing they would follow. "Flatter myself? Ha!" She scoffed as they headed towards Griffondor Tower
  13. Draco's apology, while not the most eloquent, was sincere and Luna knew that immediately. He seemed truly disgusted with his former actions and Luna knew that forgiveness was all he sought, even if he believes himself to be unworthy of it. "I accept your sentiments, Draco and I don't hold any ill feelings towards you at all. The past is nothing more than a memory. You did not physically harm me in any manner and I've lived my life free of any damage inflicted at your hand. Therefore, you have nothing to apologize for."

    Luna stepped forwards, wearing that ghostly smile that has become her signature feature. "You're forgiven." Deciding it was now time to take her leave, Luna kindly guided herself past him and began walking towards the Ravenclaw Tower.

    * * *

    "Why do you speak with that Weasley girl?"

    Scorpius shrugged, not enjoying the tone of his friend's voice, but deciding not to focus on that at the moment. "She's a fine girl, nothing wrong with her. I don't see why my communications with her should be any issue of yours, Barth?"

    Silenced under the stern gaze of Scorpius's narrowed eyes, Barth merely nodded and walked alongside his friend to the Slytherin dungeons.
  14. Draco felt a little bit if a weight lift from him as Luna spoke and almost smiled. He made his way towards his room and found himself doing something he hadn't done in years. He was actually looking a bit forward to seeing which of his oldclassmates had children in his class the next day. Most of the first years were terrified of hi. Because their parents had said what the Malfoy family had done during the war but he was generally pretty good and shying them away from that way of thinking. Well that and the way his son almost made everyone feel ok to talk to him.

    Rosie waited in the group of griffindors who were stalled in front of the portrait because one of the pretexts had forgotten the new password and was trying not to seem likea nation for it. That unfortunaly gave her cousins a long time to mess with her about Scorpius.

    "You know how Uncle Ron feels about him Rosie Posie." Fred said in a teasing voice. She rolled her eyes at him.

    "So what Freddie?" She snapped using the nickname she knew he hated. "Its not like I like him or anything."

    Arthur laughed then. "Keep telling yourself that cousin."

    They were both intolerable at times.
  15. Luna walked along to the Ravenclaw Tower, where she had spent a majority of her childhood. Speaking of children, her two young sons greeted her upon opening the door to their private dorm. McGonagall had been generous in offering Luna the largest room of the Tower, considering the need for space with her children. Lorcan and Lysander welcomed their mother with hugs and kisses, something that Luna absolutely adored.

    "Mum," Lorcan called out to her while following his mother to the small kitchen area. "Lysander said you're gonna be a teacher, is that true?"

    Even at such a young age, Luna's twins spoke fluently and articulated surprisingly well. She smiled, pouring herself and the boys cups of tea. "Yes, Lorcan. I am."

    Lysander gasped, walking up behind his brother. "That's so cool, mum!"

    * * *

    The Slytherin dorms hadn't change much, of course aside from the repairs that were required after the war. Scorpius went upstairs to his shared room with Barth and quickly fell asleep. He curled himself into the blankets, basically making himself a burrito in the process. It didn't take long for him to begin snoring. Only a pillow thrown to his head managed to make him stop, but Barth wasn't so pleased with jinx he received as punishment for the sneaky attack.
  16. The halls the next morning were the usual pain as the first years struggled to figure out where they had to go to get to their classes and most of the other, older kids were finding it amusing to give them wrong directions. Jeez, I remember doing that. He thought with a shake of his head as he watched the chaos. He knew he would be late going into hisclass room but that wasn't unnatural for him. He had a tendency of coming in late with the first years with some interesting ways to make all of them squirm for a bit before he relaxed and they started enjoying his class.

    Rosie woke up with major bed head that she really wasn't in the mood to deal with. So she simplly pulled all of it back into a tight bun and worked on getting dressed. A few of the other girls were primping and gossiping already which made her roll her eyes. How did they already have things to talk about? It was the first day back!

    Her two cousins and brother were waiting for her in the common room, not quite looking awake yet. Well Hugo didn't look awake yet, the other two had their father's impish smile on their faces that made her think they had done something, which they had. Before she could ask them however, there was a a loud pop and then confetti that and sparks rained around the room from a couple different places. The sparks fizzled before they did any damage but the room erupted in a couple girls screaming while some of the first years stared at the stuff in wonder.

    "Really you two? Did you get into Uncle George's stash again?" She chastised playfully, pushing all three of them out of the door. A few of the paintings had already disappeared to go and find a teacher about what had happened in Grrifindor Tower. Why did she have to be related to the man who owned the biggest joke store in Diagon Ally?
  17. She'd been blessed with two beautiful little sons. Her father may have died directly following the war, she may be without a mother and her children must endure the misfortune of never having a father...but, Luna still considers herself to be blessed. She allowed her boys to sleep in, not having the heart to wake them from their peaceful slumbers. Meanwhile, Luna got herself washed and dressed into the robes of a Hogwart's Professor. The length was longer than she had expected, forcing her to roll the sleeves up to her elbows, not that Luna minded.

    She quickly brushed through her damp locks of blond, letting them curl naturally and hang down her back. Putting in her radish earrings, and a pair of blue gem studs just above them, Luna brewed herself a cuppa tea. She fingered the black tie with the Hogwart's crest anxiously, almost wishing for her blue and grey tie from childhood. The robes felt awkward, as if she didn't deserve to wear them.

    * * *

    Mornings were never kind to Scorpius. Desperately aching for a cuppa of tea, Scorpius hurried through his shower and dressed properly in his robes. Always someone to believe in the importance of appearances, Scorpius checked his hair several times before moving away from the mirror. Honestly, the vanity he inherited from his mother. Yet, Draco is firm believer in appearances as well or at least, he used to be.

    Scorpius joined the Great Hall early, finding himself a fine selection of food and eagerly poured a cuppa tea. He decided to munch on some toast while awaiting the arrival of his fellow Slytherin. Classes would start soon enough, Scorpius just wanted to enjoy the moment of peace.
  18. Rosie and her three male family members got to the Grand Hall, her giggling about the now disgruntled look on the Twins' faces. Apparently one of the paintings had found McGonagall and had been told to tell them they were to see her later that day. They would most likely have to clean up the common room before going to bed that night.

    "You two should have known that was going to happen. There's a reason your dad and Uncle Fred used to get in trouble all the time." She laughed before slipping onto the bench at the Griffendor bench and grabbing a couple pieces of toast and an orange from the middle of the table. The twins sat on either side of her and her brother sat beside Fred mainly so he didn't have to listen to her get on him about how he ate.

    She looked up from her toast as she chewed and saw Scorpius sitting at the table. When she saw him, she stuck her tongue out at him again, this time because he was just there. She wasn't being mean but her cousins had put her in a good mood for once in the morning, which was hard to do since she was generally a grouch until around noon.

    Draco paused outside the Grand Hall, trying to decide if he would actually eat breakfast for once or if he would end up with just a cup of tea at the long table with the couple of teachers that ate this early. He wasn't particularly hungry, but then again he never was so he decided to atleast grab an apple while he was in there.

    He steppes in, his robes billowing behind him as he stepped quickly. He saw his son and paused, just long enough to swipe an apple from the bowl in front of him. "Give Luna a little bit before you and that Weasley girl go completely at it with eachother." He told Scorpius with a small hint of a chuckle behind his words.
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  19. "Mum!" Those cries were adorable, yet slightly annoying at the same time. It was nearing time for classes to begin and Luna needed to get herself situated in her new office, but the meddlesome antics of her children were preventing the woman from doing so. Lorcan, the elder of the two, was stubbornly blocking the exit with his arms spread wide and a pout at his lips. As for the younger twin, Lysander, he had resorted to attaching himself at Luna's arm and refusing to let go.

    Luna could have easily used a wand-less spell to force her children into behaving, but she isn't that type of mother. Instead, she tried reasoning with them. "How about I let you come along with me?" The boy's immediately grew grins. "You have to promise not to cause any trouble for me or my students, though?"

    They nodded in agreement, getting dressed in matching outfits and walked alongside their mother in the hallway. Lorcan and Lysander were short for their age, only reaching to Luna's thigh and she's not exactly that tall either. However, they were cutely dressed in matching outfits which made up for their lack in height. Dark blue t-shirt with black pants and white sneakers...they were identical in every possible way.

    * * *

    "Luna?" Scorpius took a moment to put the name with its face, suddenly realizing that Luna was the female teacher his father had been so mesmerized by earlier.

    "Oh, of course, father." He smirked away from his father's view. Scorpius knew that his father was not someone that opened up to others easily, but Draco seemed to fancy the blond haired teacher and Scorpius wasn't above setting his father on a date. After all, he and Scorpius' mother were no longed joined in union.

    Happening to catch Rose's teasingly cute display, Scorpius flashed her a semi-flirtatious wink and returned to his meal.
  20. Draco rolled his eyes good natured at his son before heading back into the halls with the apple he had snagged. He took a bite out of it as he headed towards his classroom,chewing slowly. It was still ripe and sweet, whichhe was thankful for. Apparently he hadn't upset the elves by not eating much the night before. They had a habit of making it blatantly clear when they weren't happy with who ever was eating.

    He turned down a hall, and paused when he saw two small boys that were clearly too young to be students and Luna. The two small boys looked the spitting image of her, and seemed to be excited. He remembered when Scorpius had been that young and found a small smirk tug at the corners of his mouth. "Good morning Luna. It seems you have two shadows following you." He said good naturedly.


    Rosie felt heat flare up under her freckles at the flirty wink and quickly turned back to her toast, keeping her head down. 'Stupid, charming blonde.' She thought as she nibbled on the bread. One of the twins, most likely Arthur laughed and shook his head a bit. She only jabbed him in the side. "Shove it Arthur." She growled.

    "You so like him and Uncle is going to not like that." Fred answered with a suggestive eyebrow wag.

    "I do not." She snapped.

    Hugo laughed then, around a mouthful of food, maybe a sausage. "Sis, stop lying to your self."

    "Oh shut up. I blame you two." She said before getting out from between the twins and walking out, her hair slowly coming out of the bun she had put it in.
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