The Slender Man

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    "We didn't want to go, we didn't want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time…"

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    When you were small, you had an imaginary friend. He was with you wherever you went and you saw him everywhere. At the playground where you played, in the schoolyard at your school, and even in your bedroom when you slept. He was your funny friend at first, with his tall body and long arms. You could always count on him to be there for you. At first he was distant, always there just out of reach, in the corner of your eye. But then he got closer and more persistent, always there beckoning to you. His faceless face was always watching, his long arms always reaching out to smother you, to take you away to another place. His presence silently screamed impending doom. You tried to tell your parents but every time you opened your mouth to speak he was there to silence you and your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth as your eyes widened with fear. Then came the panic attacks, the anxiety, the terrifying visions and nightmares. You were scared to turn off the lights at night and you asked your parents to look for the monster under the bed and in the closet. They always looked and never saw him. But he was always there.

    Maybe your parents tried to get you professional help or maybe they just chalked it all up to an overactive imagination. You were labeled a 'troubled' child at home and at school. Maybe you were always quiet and withdrawn, or maybe you became a troublemaker. You became an exasperation to your parents, no matter how patient they were. Your teachers couldn't handle you and you and maybe you were put into special ED. You lost friends because the other kids parents didn't want you around their child. You lost friends because you were not the only one haunted. Some of the other kids you knew were dissapearing, and you saw Him take them. Maybe it was only a matter of time before He took you too, but fear made you hold on and fight him. Yet in all this you did get some relief in the form of other kids from you Kids Help and Support group that you had been placed in. They all saw him too and it was the only safe place for you. Some of the others from the group didn't make it: He took them away.

    As you got older, other things started filling your mind. High school, crushes, other life challenges. You were so use to seeing Him that He didn't surprise you any more you were so use to seeing Him that He started to fade into the background. Was that Him in the crowd? No, it was just a shadow. Was that him in the woods? No, it was just a tree. Time went on and you stopped seeing him. You stopped thinking about him. You eventaully graduated from your kids support group. You graduated High School and started college. You always felt this unexplained dark presence in the back of your mind, but by now you were good at ignoring and denying it.

    But you could never really escape Him...

    Slender Man


    It's been years since you were deemed 'mentally stable' and graduated from your kids psych group where you and the other kids who were haunted by slender man were placed. You all tried to stay in touch, but eventually fell out of contact now that the one thing that had drawn you all together has dissapeared from your conscious mind. But Slender Man never really left you. He was there guiding your life twistedly. Your are in college now, Ivy League, Harvard University located in Massachusetts, USA. You go to a party in one of the dorms where a classmate hosting. You are having a great time drinking, dancing, hooking up and trying not to think about first week homework when, one by one, you start to see them. The other survivors of your once kid psych group. The other survivors of Slender Man. It's a plesent suprise to run into a few old friends, but then it starts getting creepy as all of you meet up at the party, seemingly by chance. It's all rather awkward and confusing, thinking about that time in your life when you were a troubled child. The truth is, you've forgotten about exactly why you were a troubled child. You've forgotten about Slender Man. But as all of you converge, you start talking and thinking, trying to remember.

    Then creepy things start to happen. You get chills and you start seeing things. Long, tall, thin shadows following you everywhere...then other people at the party start to dissapear until all that is left is those of you from the kids psych group. You try to escape but find yourselves lost in the deep woods of Massachusetts, the Harvard Forest to be exact. All of you slowly remember your pasts and start to realize what is truly going on. Then, one by one, you all start to fade into the dark...

    Slender Man will have his revenge.

    He Is Coming For You





    The Setting
    Harvard -- Freshman Dorms -- Crimson Yard -- Hurlbut Building

    "Hurlbut, built in 1959 and home to 60 students, has some of the most desirable housing on campus. On one end of the building there are large singles clustered around a common space, forming a “pod.” On the other end of the building are spacious six-person suites. Hurlbut residents benefit from close proximity to Lamont, the 24-hour, undergraduate library, the “Kong,” a fun restaurant that serves food late into the night, and the Barker Center for Arts and Humanities, including its picturesque lawn on which students often picnic and study on warm days."

    Kodi King lives in one of these singles and is throwing a party in "The Pod": The party takes place in the common space as well as the other single dorms.

    Additional Setting


    "Since 1907, the scientists and students at Harvard Forest have explored the ways biological, physical, and human systems interact to change our earth."

    Just don't go into the woods at night. In the darkness shadows are more than they seem and trees could be more than just be trees. Slender Man will not be the only thing you're running from: as delusions set in your friends may become less and less friendly. Or maybe you're the one who's chasing after your peers.


    You Can Run But You Can't Hide
    He's Always Watching You
    The Slender Man

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  2. [​IMG]
    Kodi King » Halburt Dorm Common Space



    7:55 PM

    Kodi had plastered the flyers on practically every news board in the school. It was 5 minutes till 8, but she didn't expect anyone to be on time, although some of her dorm mates were helping set up, which she was grateful for. Kodi checked the food and snacks table and the drinks for the umpteenth time. Still enough chips, sweets, and pizza to feed an army. Not to mention enough drinks to drown the entire school. The dorm looked as good as a freshmen dorm could. It wasn't exactly messy but it was a bit cluttered from all the move in. Kodi herself had ended up shoving her books and CD's in her sock drawer.

    "Kodi? Where do you want the keg?"

    Kodi was snapped out of her thoughts. "Just hide it for now. We don't want everyone getting hammered in the first 5 minutes." Besides there would probably be plenty of alcohol brought in that could be used up first. Convinced that everything looked as perfect as it was going to get, Kodi slipped into her room for a few minutes of downtime. She had a date with her camera.

    Beep. The green light flashed.

    "Entry #5. Labor Day weekend party."

    True to being a stereotypical film student, Kodi just couldn't keep the camera off. She liked to document things but hated keeping a journal. She had messy handwriting and besides dyslexia made reading back over entries complete hell. So instead, she kept a video log. Right now she was 4 entries into documenting her transition into college. This was entry 5.

    "I think the ink for the flyers cost more than the rest of the party combined. But a good first impression means everything."

    There was a double meaning behind that statement. Her even throwing this party was all bout making first impressions: making friends. She wasn't exactly a 'party girl', not at all but she was outgoing and had an obsessive need to document people. She needed to get familliar with her surroundings, and her peers. Which is why the camera was going to remain on the entire night. She needed footage not only for her own entries but for future film opportunities.

    "So far a bottle of coke exploded all over me and the pizza order was wrong, but that's as bad as things have gotten. There are worst things than having only pepperoni. I guess you'll see for yourself how the rest of the night turns out. Oh, let me check the battery."

    Kodi leaned foward, obscuring the camera with her multicolored hair. The camera had full battery plus back up power. Kodi leaned out and was just about to end the entry when her bedroom light began to flicker.

    "What? Ug."

    She stood up and tried tapping the light bulb a few times. The light flickered then died completely.

    "Oh, come on."

    Kodi grabbed the camera and switched it to night vision, then looked through it as she shuffled around her desk drawers. Finally, she found a spare bulb.


    The lamp shone once more and Kodi flicked the camera setting back to normal.

    "Let the party begin."
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  3. [​IMG]

    Alex Grieves >> Greenhouse Cafe


    7:55 pm - 25 minutes past closing

    It was Alex's fifth time this week that he had to stick around to help with all the things that needed done for closing, and honestly it had grown to be his favorite part about working part time at Harvard's resident cafe. It was just him and the manager in the deserted restaurant, and that meant no scary crowds of people demanding for different things, no awkwardness between him and the patrons, and no problematic slip ups. It was just him, an empty room, and enough cleaning supplies to choke a horse.

    Though tonight he was kinda dragging his feet by cleaning anything and everything he could think of that just might've needed cleaned. All because there was a party at the dorms tonight. It's not that he didn't want to go really he just was kinda well . . . nervous . . . about the whole thing. Mostly because him and big crowds just didn't exactly work that well together, but he would have to face his demons sooner or later, and tonight was probably going to be pretty hellish for the socially awkward twenty-year-old.

    "Bzzzzzzz bzz bzzzzz"

    He glanced up anxiously at the overhead fluorescent lighting as their normal monotonous buzzing was interrupted by their own flickering, yet not long after the rather peculiar disturbance ceased. 'That was . . . odd. There's never been a problem with them before, so then . . . is the light going out?' When no real answers presented themselves to him he proceeded to finish wiping down the table he had been working on.

    Shaking his head he mumbled out something that to most would have been unintelligible had anyone actually been there to hear him.

    'I've got a bad bad feeling about tonight . . ."

    He moved to put away the cleaning supplies he had pulled out earlier, and happened to cast a casual glance over his shoulder when his cerulean eyes caught sight of something that nearly made him jump out of his skin. He stood there quivering in his hightops as he waited for whatever he thought he saw to move, but when it didn't a cold chill ticked its way down his spine. Was he being watched? Or maybe even stalked? Was it some serial killer waiting for his next victim? A sick rapist that was into guys?

    His mind was racing with every possible worst scenario his brain could think of as he stared staring doe-eyed out the front window. Only to find after that he had freaked out over a stupid tree when a passing car's headlights illuminated what he had been watching so intently. A. Stupid. Fucking. Tree. That right there pretty much settled it for him . . . He was going to that damn party, and he was going to get himself an actual life.

    With that said he finished his walk over to the supply closet, and proceeded to put away everything that he had pulled out to aid in his procrastination from earlier. After that he said a quick goodbye to the manager and then booked it all the way back to the dormitory.​
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  4. (Music Playing In Luigi's Dorm: Explicit Lyrics, Just A Heads Up)

    Luigi was in his dorm room, with his two best friends that he knew since middle school, Larry and Earl G. They were both waiting for him to get ready for the party. They were always ready before him, but Luigi was a perfectionist... everything had to be just right before he went anywhere. They were all Freshmen at Harvard, and they were all Majoring in Acting. Even though they were new to the college, they were known around the school as the "Playboy Actors," since all three of them flirt with all the girls and Luigi and Earl G. flirt with the guys too. None of them knew this Kodi girl, even though her name did sound familar to Luigi, but a party was a party. As long as they got drunk and got numbers, they would have some fun. "I'm Lovin You Tonight." Earl G. started singing, he was bored waiting for Luigi. "I'm almost done." Luigi and Earl G. tried dating each other before, but they decided they were better off as friends. Larry is best friends with Earl G. When Luigi met Larry they had hit if off right from the start.

    Luigi was in his vanity mirror, fixing his shirt for the sixth time. Nothing was wrong with it, but no telling him that it was okay. He thought maybe he shouldn't have picked out a white shirt, especially such a fancy one for a college party... but it would be his first party of hopefully many at Harvard, so he had to go all out. "Hey, these shoes go with this outfit right?" He asked Larry and Earl G., who both just shook their heads yes. They were ready to get going, with or without Luigi. He sighed, deciding that it looked good enough, still checking out his shoes, he sprayed on some Italian Cologne. "Let me see that, mines ran out." Luigi passed his cologne to Larry. "Don't use all of it." Larry smirked, spraying himself and putting the cologne down. "Okay, come on. Let's get to the party." Larry and Earl G. both stood up. "Finally!" They both said in unison.

    Luigi was about to turn off the music and close the door, when he felt a presence behind him. He turned towards the window... which was now opened. He could of sworn he had closed it. "Hey, did one of you fools leave my damn window open?" Both, Earl G. and Larry shrugged their shoulders. He just shook his head, going over to the window. He felt a shiver go down his spine, something weird was going on. He looked towards the Woods, nothing was there, but for some reason he felt like someone or something was watching. He just ignored it and shut the window. Walking towards his door, he looked back at the window... just mentally blocking it, he closed his dorm room door. "Okay let's go Turn Up!" All three boys walked down to the Common Space.

    "This looks nice." Luigi was impressed with everything, sure there was a few things that he would have done differently, but it wasn't his party. "Oh! Pepperoni Pizza!" Larry ran over to get a slice of pizza, they had his favorite, Pepperoni... it seemed like all of the pizza was Pepperoni. "Yo, I'll see you later Bruh." Luigi nodded at Earl G., who went to talk with some boy. Luigi was still thinking about the window... and the feeling he had about something or someone watching him. "I need a drink." He went to get something to drink the creepy event away.

    Location: Luigi's Dorm-Common Space
    Mood: Paranoid & Anxious
    Outfit: Look
    Interaction(s): Luigi's Friends, Larry & Earl G.
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  5. Alodia Josephine Towner

    Time: 7:55 PM, Place: In front of the Hurlbut building -> Hurlbut Common room

    The day had been long. Much too long and painful. Whilst most of the students, and employers, were enjoying a day off Alodia had decided that she was about to catch up on the work she had lost. Assignments that she had procrastinated on for too long, projects that she had half finished. The female had pushed back her studies into the far depths of unconsciousness in order to focus on her art. After all that was what was bringing in the money for her, was what paid her bills and her education. However, she had to make sure that despite her scholarship she still passed her core classes, for if she didn’t she still risked the chance of being kicked out. Something that was unfavourable for her. It was hard though, to keep up with schoolwork she had to stare at the papers handed over to her and stare at the colourful words and letters that danced in front of her. Her synaesthesia was just another reason and excuse why she had pushed it back for so long.

    Heaving a breath Alodia stumbled into the Hurlbut building, planning to disappear into her room straight after. She was going to sleep her night away and replenish her energy. Tomorrow would be another long day of battling her schoolwork as well as her own mind. The inspiration, the overflow of creativity was her greatest enemy at the moment. It just so happened, however, that she had a change in her plans when she walked in the hallways leading to her room. The flickering light daunted her, slightly disturbing the artist who couldn’t make out the sounds surrounding her due to her handicap. Looking up to the ceiling, to check what light was flickering the female pushed herself against the wall, her senses suddenly on sharp as she felt a presence nearing. An ominous, but yet familiar presence. Shifting her eyes around her she hoped to see anyone, a person who would explain the reason why she felt like she was being watched. There was no one however except from her shadow and herself. Gulping to herself the female wondered what it could have been that scared her.

    “Hello?” Alodia spoke up, loudly like she always did. Being partially hear impaired made it harder for the artist to hear herself or others, often requiring everyone, including herself, to talk louder than usual. A habit she didn’t notice herself, but she was aware of it as many had pointed it out to her. There was no response and the hallways kept silent. Odd, for there was usually always someone here in the dorms. It couldn’t be that they had all been asleep, right? Looking down at her watch Alodia determined that this couldn’t be the case. With the time almost hitting 8 pm it was too early for the students to sleep. Perhaps they were out?

    It was then that the artist remembered a certain dorm party tonight. The flyers had been everywhere on the campus. Though Alodia didn’t care much about parties, and usually paid them no attention, she did notice this one, mostly because it was held in her dorm and that meant that chances were that she could be dragged into it as well. She guessed that everyone had left for the party, seeing that it was about to start and that it was the reason why the halls were empty. Perhaps her unease was to blame to the unusual silence that suddenly surrounded her? Despite her handicap Alodia did hear some sounds, though of considerably lesser quality than most of her fellow students, the artist never failed to notice the small sounds that everyone made with each movement. She just couldn’t distinguish the sounds as well as most of her peers did, which was then what they called her disability.

    Sighing at her own silliness Alodia decided that the root of her unease was because of the unusual silence in the hallways. A simple excuse she knew, but it was enough to convince her that nothing was happening or going to happen. However, despite the reassurance the Arts student still decided to turn around, heading her way to the Common room of the Hurlbut building where the party was said to be held. Perhaps that some company would relieve some tension, she told herself. Though she knew that to be a lie, her own anxiety prevented herself to go into crowds willingly, however the fear she felt at the moment was stronger which moved her to the party.
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  6. Time: 7:55.

    Marcus was currently sitting at his own little desk in his dorm room, working on his own personal little journal of sorts. He liked to take any free time he had to put any ideas he had as well as worlds and characters to life in the form of words on paper. The young man was creative, and loved to write when he got enough inspiration to when his small bit of laziness didn't kick in. Otherwise he'd write until he either got stuck at some place or he hit writer's block. The freckled boy jumped when his roommate suddenly grabbed his shoulder and snapped him out of the small trance he was in. He even gave out a terrified squeak of sorts.

    "Sorry man. You going to that party with me though, right?" The taller of the two said with a hopeful look on his face. The second male was blonde, with brown eyes and deep dimples.

    "What?" Marcus asked in slight confusion, causing his blonde friend to roll his eyes.

    "I asked of you'd cone with me to the party. Y'know, the one on all those flyers?" The other said with a raised brow. This jogged Marcus's memory and he made an 'Ohhh' face before slumping a bit in his seat.

    "You know I'm not good with...people and socializing." The spectacled boy sighed.

    "C'mon man, you might make some more friends and I doubt you'd want to be alone with the janky lights." His friend sounded serious and at the mentioning of the lights Marcus tensed. Occasionally, the lights would flicker. It only happened twice so far recently, the second time happening earlier in the day, but Marcus nearly had a panic attack the two times it did happen and it caused his friend/roommate some worry.

    "Well...I guess I'll go. But, only to keep you from doing something stupid, dangerous, or somehow illegal. okay Daren?" Marcus grumbled, causing a small grin to form on his friend's face.

    "Lil old me? Now, Mark, you know I wouldn't do anything like that." Daren laughed before nudging Marcus, "But, you should get ready man. Unless that's what you plan to wear?" Daren added.

    "I don't feel like changing." Marcus said as he stood and stretched his limbs. After Daren took a quick moment to make sure he looked good him and Marcus made their way to where the party was at.

    "What time does it start?" Marcus asked his taller companion as he was dragging him to his doom.

    "Eight I think." Daren replied. Marcus's brows furrowed as he crossed his arms over his chest.

    "We better get there on time then." Marcus informed with a light frown. Daren rolled his eyes and picked up the pace a bit. When they arrived, Marcus instantly became a wallflower. Daren only chuckled and ruffled the shorter male's hair before making his way to the table with the food and drinks out.
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  7. [​IMG]
    `♚♔ David Beaumont ↘↘
    Location: David's Apartment → Common Space
    Scritch. Scricth. Scritch. This was the sound that David heard as his pen glided over the paper he was working on. He wanted to finish the remaining homework he had pending before heading to the party that was in all the fliers which were floating about the campus throughout the entire day. It was simply impossible for him not to notice, and even more impossible for him to not to attend--even though he didn't particularly know the host. The home work he was working on wasn't due till next week or so, but he knew that several people were looking to hosting parties on consecutive days; his attendance was expected in each one of them. Sometimes it's just so hard to be me. He smirked at the thought and continued on with what he was writing. As he did, he felt his phone--which was resting on the table, just to his right--vibrate. Two short vibrations. Then it stopped. "Another damn text." he mumbled, not once stopping with what he was writing. A few seconds later the infernal device began to vibrate once more. This time however, the vibrations were long and didn't stop even after the second. It successfully managed to catch David's attention. The blonde sighed. "I can't be that late for the party. It's only 19:55 for fucks sake" he said as he put the pen down and finally grabbed the device that has been distracting him all evening.

    His brows furrowed upon seeing the phone screen. "Unknown number?" Just before he could press the answer button, the call was dropped. David was certainly confused. He put the phone back down and went back to his work. The call was certainly odd, but it wasn't about to distract him from his task at hand. As soon as he picked up his pen, the phone vibrated violently. It was as if it was possessed all of a sudden. "What the fvck?!" David abruptly let go of the pen and grabbed the phone. Within less than a minute, his phone had received a hundred messages, all from the same unknown number that was trying to call him earlier. He concluded it to be nothing more than spam however he got curious. David knew it would just be some sort of nonsensical message, yet he couldn't help but open the message thread. His brows furrowed yet again upon seeing the message. 'BEHIND YOU.' All of a sudden the lights flickered and David felt a shiver run down his back as he heard a soft whistle coming from behind him. David braced himself before turning around. The blonde released the breath he didn't even realize he was holding. No one was behind him. However, his window was slightly ajar causing the wind to enter and sound like a soft whistle. David got up and closed it. He found it odd how the window was left open for he rarely opens it due to his place being fully air-conditioned. A thief perhaps? David looked around but found no one else inside; nothing seemed to be missing either. He rubbed his temple and sighed.

    Right now David wanted to leave for the party, be with people, get drunk, let loose. However, his homework was still unfinished and he wasn't far from finishing either. Just a few more lines and then he'll be through. The obvious answer was to finish it, but right now his hands were shaking. Was he afraid? Probably; he would never admit it though. He stared at the desk where his phone was. David stared at it for a good half minute before walking to it and picking it up once more. The blonde knew it wasn't a good idea but he dialled the number that was trying to call him. It wasn't ringing. In fact, all he heard from the other line was the stupid pre-recorded message telling him that the number he was trying to call could not be found. He put the phone back down and stared at his homework. David weaved a hand through his golden mane. "Fvck it!" He exclaimed before hastily pocketing his phone and making a beeline for the door, grabbing his keys and jacket along the way.

    Upon arriving at the party, David was immediately greeted by the usual set of party goers. "Whoah it's David! You're early!" one of them remarked with a pat on his back. "What? Did I hear that right? David Beaumont is early to a party? The world must be ending!" Another one said. David gave a playful smile. "Perhaps" The merry little group of three which he has attracted laughed. A can of beer then flew into the air and was headed towards David's direction. "Look out!" a random female voice shouted. However David saw the can and caught it before it hit him. Just as he did, a fourth person approached with a smirk on his face. "If the world is ending, then we should make the most out of the time we have left." David didn't have to look to know who it was. "Indeed Cedric" He said before opening the can and taking a gulp of the contents. He raised a brow and looked at the man named Cedric. "Ha ha ha. Very funny Ced." The other two people gave a questioning look. David handed the can to one of them, the male who was first to greet him. He drank it and frowned. "Coke?" Cedric laughed. "Yes Andrew. Coke. We wouldn't want the lightweight to get drunk so early in the party now would we~" He rolled his eyes at Cedric's remark. "Please. If anyone is the lightweight around here, that'd be you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get myself a proper drink." David left the small group and tried to look for where the drinks were at.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Kodi King » The Pod

    Kodi barely had time to pick up her camera before a torrent of boisterous voices and stomping feet invaded her senses. College students? Early? A wonder. Kodi hastily exited her room, slamming the door behind her, and rushed to where the Beats Audio Pill was set up. She connected it to her IPod and some hip tunes filled the air, setting the mood nicely. Kodi couldn't help but dance over to the food table to dish up an unhealthy amount of pizza, after she had set the camera down momentarily. She happily bit into a glutenous, greese filled, spicy piece of pepperoni Pizza, pleased by the turnout. It was only 5 after 8 and already there were more people than she was expecting. Perhaps it was her insensate amount of flyers that had done the trick. Once the college kids arrived they could judge the party for themselves. Awesome music, low light, and enough unhealthy food and drink to feed the entire dorm for a week. There was an open space for those who wanted to dance, and tables and cushy chairs along the walls for those who wanted to sit or play with the variety of games and cards that were scattered around. There was even a foose ball table. And of course most of the dorm rooms were open for those who to loiter in a smaller, more private space. Kodi might not personaly know what college students were interested in, being a freshmen herself, but she did now how to organize an event. She hoped it would be a hit.

    Walking around to peruse the early crowd, she balanced her camera on her shoulder with one hand, her other hand still holding some pizza. Already there were some people moving to the beats, red plastic cups in hand. There was a roudy group of guys by the food and some swag looking guys by the drinks. This was some good footage. It was a little humorous seeing young adults in their natural habitat, kind of like animals in a zoo. Kodi reminded herself she was one of the pack now too. She wondered what kind of animal she would be attributed to. One with turquoise hair, maybe? Kodi brushed the thought aside. She would have four years to figure all that out. For now she continued perusing the room. In this case, it was rather helpful being so short. Even though she was holding a bulky camera on her shoulder she could still remain little seen. Although, again, her hair probably canceled out the effect of her shortness. Wanting to make a good first impression, she set the camera down in the corner. Anyway her arm was cramped and she could use a drink. Her mouth was burnt and grease filled from the pizza. She pulled a Cola out of the ice filled cooler and popped the top with a tssssk.

    That's when Kodi noticed a boy with thick nerd type glasses and emo looking hair trying to become a wallflower. Kodi thought she caught his eye but either he didn't see her or he purposely pretended not to notice her. If there was anytime to be social, it was now. Kodi cleared her throat and approached the boy.

    "Sooo...not really one for parties?" she asked, taking a sip of Coke.

    [Characters Interacted With]
    Marcus -- @Lizzy

    [Characters Mentioned (Indirectly)]
    Luigi -- Shattered♦Secrets™
    David -- @darkflames13
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  9. "Ah, no...not really the social type. I'm just here to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid." Marcus hadn't looked at her quite yet as he motioned towards Daren, who was trying to flirt with some girl. Marcus then turned his head to look at who actually decided to talk to him. He couldn't help but feel like she was familiar in some way, but just ignored it for now. He was a bit surprised someone other than Daren was trying to socialize. With him of all people. Marcus rolled up the sleeves to his plaid button up until they were up to his elbows out of the many habits he had when he started to get a bit nervous.

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  10. [​IMG]

    Alex Grieves >> Halburt Dorm Common Space
    8:05 pm

    Alex trudged wearily into Halburt's front hall with the hood of his dark gray knit jacket pulled over his jagged, raven locks, and as he walked he prayed to whatever god out there that nobody would stop him on his way to his room. He desperately needed a shower along with a change in clothes before he even thought about trying to interact with other people. With each step forward the uneasiness that had knotted itself in the pit of his stomach only grew while paranoia pricked at the edges of his mind. Something just wasn't right the air felt thick with silent tension, and all the while he couldn't shake the feeling that something was watching him with a severe intensity.

    He shook his head slightly as he slid his hand into his jacket pocket to pull out one of the few things that soothed his anxiety plagued mind: an eight-sided rubik's cube. He fiddled with the small contraption as he finished the long walk to his dorm room. It didn't make all his troubles disappear or anything like that, but it did help him to push them out of his thoughts even if only for a little while. He put the cube away just as he started to fumble through the rest of his pockets for his dorm key only to find the stupid thing missing.

    "Seriously?! Did I leave it at the cafe?"

    He sighed in frustration and gave his stupid door a swift kick out of agitation, yet only to regret it moments later as a few select curses left his mouth at the pain that jarred his leg. Why did he have to kick the friggin door like that? He gave a slight wince at the fading pain while he mused his hand through his bangs. Looked like a shower was out of the question for now until his roommate either woke up or got back from the party, and that meant he probably wasn't going to get his dorm key till tomorrow anyway. With another sigh he turned on his heel and dragged his feet to the common space where the whole shebang was supposed to be anyway.

    The sight that greeted his pale blue eyes was astonishing to say the least. There was enough food and drinks there to choke a horse let alone feed the whole football team. The only thing more prominent than the sheer amount of food adorning the tables was the amount of people that was already there having fun. He withdrew further into the safety of his hood as he made a quick pass by the drinks to snag a water bottle before making a retreat towards the wall where he belonged. In minutes he found himself a secluded seat to plop down in before pulling his knees up to his chest as he started to worry his lower lip with his teeth, and if he was left undisturbed he'd probably just end up staying there for most of the night just people watching.​
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  11. [​IMG]
    `♚♔ David Beaumont ↘↘
    Location: Hurlburt Common Space
    For approximately two whole minutes, David did nothing but look around trying to find a fix of alcohol. All they had around were some beer cans and quite frankly, after the little stunt that Cedric had pulled on him earlier, David was a bit distrusting of the beer cans he saw. Apart from that all he saw were water and coke. "What the fuck. Where's the keg?!" Defeated, David headed back to where he left his little group. Part of him was fairly certain that they've evacuated the spot and dispersed already, but he seemed to be greatly wrong as he found them still standing in the same area.

    "Well look who's back! Found what you were looking for?" Cedric beamed at him as he rejoined the three of them. He rolled his eyes in response. David knew that Cedric was aware that he didn't find the alcohol he was looking for; his hands were clearly empty after all. David raised an eyebrow and surveyed the venue from where he stood. He saw a bunch of people hanging by the walls to which David could only roll his eyes to once again. "What's up with the amount of wallflowers here. They came to a party not some sightseeing ground. Why even bother coming to a party if they're not going to let loose and mingle" Frustration was laced into his voice as he said those words. There were always those people who chose to be wallflowers secluding themselves to the walls during parties. It honestly drove him mad just seeing them with their seemingly fvcked up logic of attending a party, but never before has David openly voiced out his opinion about it. He used to simply ignore them, besides he usually came to the party fashionably late when the music is already blaring so loud you can't hear the person beside you; there was never really any time for him to vent out his frustrations regarding wallflower attendees.

    While the two other people in the group were surprised at how David was acting at the moment, Cedric merely chuckled. This only ticked off David even more than he already was. First there was no beer, not one he trusted to be actual beer anyway; second, the amount of people secluding themselves was just aggravating; not to mention the creepy incident he had just before he came here. David had every reason to act as he was doing so right now. "Seriously. What sort of party doesn't have a keg" the irritation in his voice was more evident than before which only made Cedric's chuckles turn into a full blown laughter. Some of the attendees were even staring. One of their companions tried to calm Cedric down, meanwhile David just stared at him like he was crazy--maybe he was. "What's so funny? Have you finally lost it?"

    Cedric wiped a tear from his face. He was laughing so hard that some tears actually came out his eyes. "You. You're what's so funny." he said in between laughs. A few more seconds later, Cedric's laughing fit finally began to calm down and he eventually stopped laughing. "Oh David. It really shows that you don't come to these parties early." s smile was still plastered onto Cedric's face from the laughing. "They usually don't bring out the keg until later on. It's s only been five minutes into the party, can't have everyone be smashed already~" Cedric finished his explanation and took a sip from the can he was holding--David hadn't even noticed the can earlier, apparently Cedric ended up drinking the coke he used for his little prank on David. The blonde found it amusing, but not amusing enough to lighten up his mood unfortunately.

    He sighed and shook his head. Was this really the situation that he was to face every time he was early for a party? Cause it was, then David was certainly going to make sure to be late from now on. Part of him was thinking however that Cedric was merely bullshitting him yet again. "Just who is the host here and where's he at?" He had to talk to the host. Shed some light as to why there's no keg--words that he could actually trust. And if it is as Cedric had explained, then he'll just have the host either direct him to where the legit beer was at--those that were certainly untouched by Cedric--or have him bring out the keg asap. Thankfully he brought his wallet with him. If he had to result to bribery then so be it.

    Cedric pointed a finger at the direction behind him. "First, it's a she; not he. Second it's that girl over there. The one with bright turquoise hair." David turned behind him and squinted to see the girl by the wall talking to a nerdy looking guy. Her hair certainly stood out. "You mean the one that looks like a peacock?" Cedric nodded. "Yep. That's the one." David nodded and was about to head off to where she was when his phone sudden vibrated from his pocket. He groaned. The phone was not helping his mood at all. Regardless, he took it out of his pocket and looked at the caller id. His frown immediately vanished and was replaced with sheer surprise. "I have to take this call." Without another word, David stepped out the common area where is was certainly quieter and answered his phone.

    "What is it Dad?" David could only assume it was something important, after all, his parents weren't the type to call to check up on how he was doing. His father's words only verified his assumption, albeit it was slightly off from what he was expecting. "Your mom is pregnant." The news was important like he had expected, yet it was also out of his expectations. David had been anticipating something regarding money matters, not familial things such as this. Truthfully, David didn't know how to react and took him longer than should've been to respond. "Ok. I guess I'll be having a sibling now." The word sibling reminded him of Daniel. While David was happy his mother was pregnant, he was also afraid; afraid that the past might repeat itself. It'll probably send him off the edge if it does. After an exchange of some more words, David got off the phone call with his father.

    David was about to step back in when he saw a girl approaching the common space. Probably another person looking to attend the party. He noted how her hair consisted of a multitude of colours, turquoise seemingly being the main colour. What is with girls and dying their hair turquoise. He waved towards her and flashed a smile. Although he already had Cedric and the two others, whom their names he never bothered to remember, he figured a change in company might be refreshing and perhaps even lighten up his mood. The girl also seemed familiar. Perhaps they've had class before, but he highly doubted it. With hair like that he was quite certain he wouldn't have forgotten her.

    Characters Mentioned: Kodi King (@ILovePandas); Marcus (@Lizzy)
    Interacted With: Alodia Towner (@WishfulNemo)
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  12. [​IMG]
    Kodi King

    "Ah, no...not really the social type. I'm just here to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid." The guy pointed towards a tall, blond social blond guy who was being a social butterfly. Wallflower guy had been avoiding eye contact with her but now he finally caught her eye. Kodi didn't know if it was her imagination or not, but she thought she saw a flutter of recognition in his eyes. It was only then that Kodi realized a tingle of recognition ran down her own spine as she experienced a feeling of deja-vu, though she wasn't sure why he seemed familliar to her. Kodi shrugged it off. Just one of life's mysteries.

    "Ahhh, I see." Kodi replied, nodding in understatement. "Well if he does, he will have both of us to answer too."

    Before Kodi could respond further her perked up ears heard a commotion to her right. "Seriously. What sort of party doesn't have a keg." Dispite already being engaged in conversation, Kodi couldn't help but glance over toward where the very annoyed voice was coming from. "Just who is the host here and where's he at?" The guy demanded. Kodi snapped her head back toward her own conversation before the disgruntled guy could spot her and make eye contact with her. Kodi then realized she was laughing. Laughing at herself, laughing at the guy who was obviously more of a late party goer.
    "He must not be use to arriving early." Kodi explained herself to wallflower guy, "Everyone knows you don't bring the keg out 'till later." Kodi felt an awkward silence coming on and decided to stop it from starting. "Soooo, are you gonna get some food or something or just stand there all night watching your friend? Or you could play fooseball. It's safe enough even for the sports impaired. " Kodi jested, guestering at herself. She glanced over towards the fooseball table where she saw yet another guy being a wallflower, curlled up in a chair and nursing a water bottle. "With my powers of persuasion I could probably convince your fellow wallflower over there to play a round with you." Kodi wasn't trying to make fun of him, not at all: she was just trying to let him know she understood his dilemma and try to get him to unwind for once.

    "I'll make sure you're friend doesn't get into too much trouble. I'm Kodi, by the way, the host of this party I guess. I've got everything under control. " she jabbed her thumbs behind her toward the guy's social butterfly friend, implying that she also had everyone under control. Wallflower guy's social butterfly friend seemed to flirting a lot but didn't look too rowdy as of yet. Anyway, every good party needed a little craziness.
    [Characters Interacted With]
    Marcus -- @Lizzy

    [Characters Mentioned]
    David -- @darkflames13
    Alex -- @MischieviousCheshireX3

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  13. Luigi Wells-The Denier

    While his friends went to go party, Luigi sat by the drinks. He was getting in the mood, which he needed a couple of drinks to get in to. "That's better." The drinks were kicking in, and Luigi had forgotten about the whole window incident. He started to dance with the random people in the middle of the common area, being the life of the party... like he always liked to be. "This party is amazing!" The music was blasting and the drinks were flowing... and the pizza was phenomenal. When Luigi saw the girl Kodi he would definitely give her props on the bash. He actually started to do The Whip in the middle of the floor, joking with people. While he was dancing, Luigi noticed a girl with colorful hair. He knew her from his art classes. He didn't only act, Luigi was also a great artist too. Her name was Alodia, a unique name. He was going to say hi to her, but another guy already waved at her... good for Alodia, she needed some attention. He smirked, going back to his drink.

    Luigi went over to get a piece of pizza, knowing that drinking on an empty stomach would cause a major headache and annoyance in the morning. He chowed down on the hot cheesy soft dough. After cleaning his hands off, he was about to go back and dance again... but he saw a boy sitting by himself near the far end of the area. Luigi is the type to go and interact with a wallflower, he didn't like to see people being alone. He walked over the boy, with his million dollar smile on. He plopped down in the seat next to him. "Hey, I'm Luigi... you look familiar." Luigi didn't know who the boy was, but when he got closer to him... he kind of looked like someone Luigi knew, or saw before. He just didn't know from where. "Anyway, you should come dance with me. I'm not hitting on you, just so you know. I mean, you should have some fun. It's a party, right?" He smirked at him.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Location: Common Space[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Mood: Happy & Relaxed[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Outfit: Look[/BCOLOR]
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    [BCOLOR=#000000]Mentioned: @ILovePandas (Kodi) @WishfulNemo (Alodia) [/BCOLOR]

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  14. Marcus chuckled a bit at Kodi's seemingly friendly nature. It looked like someone was already trying to talk with his fellow wallflower. But he gave Kodi a small smile.

    "I'll take your word for it. Let's hope my friend knows better though." He replied. He had stated to grow rather hungry by now, but he really didn't want to make the trek from where he stood to where the pizza was. If Daren was in hearing range he would've persuaded his blonde friend to get him some due to the slight feeling of laziness Marcus felt. If only Marcus could talk to Daren telepathically in these situations.

    @ILovePandas @party goers
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  15. Alodia Josephine Towner

    Interacting with: David Beaumont @darkflames13 7:55 PM, Place: Hurlbut Common room

    She had a feeling that she knew the presence that was with her earlier, that she had met it before, but lost it again. Could it be one of the many friendships she had broken off for her career? Or that stalker from last year that she had ordered a restrainment on? Alodia wasn’t too sure, she tried to recall and match their presence to each other, but none seemed to match. Someone from way before, perhaps? The artist thought about it long and hard. Way before was that time, that person wouldn’t come back right? Not after her pathetic confession.

    She was still looking down to the ground, pushing herself closely to the wall, when a shadow moved in front of her. Freezing Alodia lifted her head up again, terror written on her face that soon relieved itself in something more relaxing. Just another student, the deaf woman wasn’t sure if he was greeting her, if he had said something, but as she peeked over her shoulder she was sure that there was no one else in the hallway asides from the two of them. Someone she knew? The familiar smile he carried reminded the girl of someone, but who and where she couldn’t recall anymore. One more locked memory it seemed, but she didn’t bother to dug deeper. Her concern right now was; what she was expected to do? Smile back at the man? Greet him like an old friend? It had been a while since she had any casual interaction with someone other than her boss.

    In the end she opted for a curt nod, straightening herself up and distancing herself from the safety of the wall. She could at least acknowledge his presence she thought. If she spoke she might do so too loud, giving away on her disability, and to admit that she hadn’t heard him, if he said anything, would give her secret away as well. With sure and straight passes Alodia thus decided that she was to cut this meeting short, so that she wouldn’t be stuck in a conversation she wouldn’t hear half of. She knew how it came across, but it truly was the only way the female knew how to deal with it.

    At long last she had finally entered the party. The feeling of being followed slowly disappearing as she could finally breath normally again. However, she soon stumbled on the next problem, that being the many people surrounding her. Many faces that she had seen around on the campus, but that she couldn’t connect a name to. People who could probably hear just about fine and that would judge her for who she was. The slight anxiety she had felt before returned again, making her feel nauseous as she made her way over to the table of drinks. Some alcohol in her system sounded good, it would probably rid herself from her bashfulness.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Kodi King

    "I'll take your word for it. Let's hope my friend knows better though." He replied.

    Kodi nodded. "Let's hope." She took a beat, then, "Well, you look kinda hungry to me. You should grab some pizza!" she suggested. "I'd better make the rounds, you know meet everyone, and make sure there are no more qualms about the availability of alcohol." she joked. "See ya later!" Kodi smiled farewell at the wallflower and turned to survey the rest of the room. There was a good deal of people on the dance floor as well as some crowded around the food and drink. And even better, people still trickling through the door.

    "Nice." she muttered to herself, pleased. She walked over to the IPod and insured there was enough songs in the current playlist before picking her camera back up, looking into the live feed monotor, and scanning it around the room she had just looked around. The dance floor, the pizza, the drinks and then..."WhAAT the--?!" Kodi almost dropped the camera as a jolt shot down her spine. What was that!? She could have sworn she just saw an unproportinatly dark, tall, and lanky figure in the doorway. After swallowing the lump in her throat and re-balancing the camera on her shoulder she quickly looked back at the door way. Nothing. She checked the monitor. Nothing. Hmmm...Must have been a trick of the light.

    In order to calm her nervous system Kodi began walking around the room, camera in tow. ​
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  17. Marcus nodded to Kodi and waved as she left. She noticed how hungry he seemed? Huh, and he thought that his face was pretty blank. He took a quick glance around, paused, then glanced back towards the door. He thought he caught a glimpse of something-or someone unsettlingly tall in the doorway for a second or so. Must've been his mind playing tricks on him from hunger since he didn't eat much earlier.

    Daren walked over to him with a small grin on his face that quickly turned into a concerned frown once he got a good look at Marcus's face.

    "What's wrong?" The blonde asked. Marcus shook his head before looking away from the door.

    "Uh, nothing. Just hungry. Hey Daren...since y'know, you know me so well and you're my best friend in the whole world-" Marcus started with a small pout at the stern expression Daren was giving him.

    "I know where this is going. But, you need to mingle man. I know you're not much of a people person but you can't just stand here all night. C'mon, I know you can do it Marky. Hey, you could just grab a piece of pizza, a pop and then head to a spot to sit with me and my new lady friend " Daren said as his stern look turned into a grin towards the end of his light scolding.

    "Fine." Marcus sighed heavily before pushing himself off the wall and heading to get some pizza and a pop for himself. Afterwards he headed to his blonde companion and the girl he was flirting with earlier. After some short introductions the three sat in a slightly vacant spot. Daren and his lady friend (that Marcus had already forgotten the name of and felt a bit guilty for it) talked most of the time while Marcus would nod along every now and then; making half the effort of listening.
  18. [​IMG]
    `♚♔ David Beaumont ↘↘

    Location: Hurlburt Common Space
    "Did she just--?" David stood there dumbfounded. Not only did the girl pay any attention to him, apart from a nod, but she also just went past him as if he wasn't there! Rude. Evidently the girl wasn't familiar with his face. David could only assume that she wasn't a party regular. A first timer? Somehow he doubted it. Newbie party goers, from what he's observed, were often eager to have a conversation. This only led David to only one conclusion: Ms. Peacock #2, was another one of those wallflower types. It was like this particular party was attracting them like moths to a flame. David rolled his eyes. "Whatever."

    He turned to make his way back inside, but as soon as he did, he saw a familiar lanky figure in front of the door only for it to disappear within a split second. He wasn't certain if his mind was playing tricks on him or what. Regardless, David felt anger boil up inside him. Anger at the figure; anger at himself. Both his hands clenched into a fist and his green eyes stared daggers at the doorway he saw the figure at. If only I acted sooner, then perhaps I could've had my revenge.

    A few seconds later he stopped glaring and relaxed his hands. He breathed out a sigh. It was only then did he realize that he had been accidentally glaring at someone in line of sight of the doorway. The unfortunate victim had an anxious yet confused expression was painted on her face. Oops. Trying to redeem himself, David gave the girl a small apologetic smile along with a little wave. The girl in response, albeit it was something he had expected, only gave a look that said she was even more confused. Her companions started to take notice of David's smiling figure from a distance and began to squeal and goad the poor victim into approaching him. The girl of course blushed and looked away, berating her friends one by one for even suggesting something like that. Poor girl.

    David approached the doorway and stood at the exact same spot where he had seen the figure. He tried to reason with himself, perhaps it was a trick of the light? But David didn't want to believe that--or did he? He was so confused. The evening had been quite the topsy-turvy ride for him, emotionally speaking that is. Fear, anger, joy, sadness. He breathed out another sigh and ran a hand through his blonde hair. The evening was young, and yet here he was standing by the doorway angering himself over something that could've simply been a trick of the light.

    As he surveyed the area, his emerald eyes managed to land on the group he was with earlier. Cedric had a grin on his face and was pointing somewhere. David raised an eyebrow at this but looked to where he was pointing to regardless. There he saw the turquoise-haired girl he had attempted to converse with moments ago. Cedric surely couldn't have possible seen that, could he? He had been inside after all... but then again, it was Cedric, David knew just how sneaky and well informed that guy could be. He looked back to his so called friend who then mouthed to him 'go'. Once again, the blonde rolled his eyes at the man. He shook his head and mouthed back: 'no'. Instantly the grin on his friend's face turned into a frown. Cedric then whipped out his phone and began texting something, once he was done he looked back at David and waved his phone signaling for him to check his own. David complied and found a new message from his friend. He gave Cedric a glance before opening the message which read: 'Go and redeem yourself. You're already losing points thanks to that keg rant you made moments ago. The David Beaumont that I know doesn't get rejected by girls.' The blonde glared Cedric before typing out his response. 'Not my fault a certain guy here made me distrust every 'beer can' in the party. But fine.' It wasn't like he had anything else to do at the moment anyway.

    And so, the blonde stepped back into the crowd of party-goers. On his way to his target however, someone bumped into him. "Oh, I'm sor--Oh heeey. Fancy seeing you at a party so early." The guy who bumped into him apparently was one of the regular party-goers, one of the faces David has seen but never bothered to remember the name. Acting as if they were close friends, just like how the other two people currently with Cedric acted, he tried to make small talk in a such a happy and cheery voice. It annoyed David but he played nice, there was absolutely no reason for him to be mad at this 'regular'. It took a while before David finally managed to get the guy to leave him. He pointed him to where Cedric was and told him that Cedric wanted to meet him--a blatant lie, but David didn't care. Consider it his revenge.

    Thanks to that little distraction, David had lost his target. He went back to scanning the crowd but this time he was looking for a turquoise head. It didn't take long to find what he was looking for and as soon as he had found his target, David made a beeline towards her which wasn't too easy considering that with every step forward that he took she moved as well. Thankfully he had longer strides and was able to catch up to her. The blonde placed a hand on the turquoise-haired girl's shoulder to stop her from moving. "Hey" He said. David took a moment to assess the girl. Somehow her hair seemed longer than it was earlier, and he could've sworn that she was wearing something else, and--Oh shoot. That was when he realized, he messed up.

    Characters Mentioned: Alodia Towner (@WishfulNemo)
    Interacted With: Kodi King (@ILovePandas)

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