The Slender Man

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  1. [​IMG]

    "We didn't want to go, we didn't want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time…"

    When you were small, you had an imaginary friend. He was with you wherever you went and you saw him everywhere. At the playground where you played, in the schoolyard at your school, and even in your bedroom when you slept. He was your funny friend at first, with his tall body and long arms. You could always count on him to be there for you. At first he was distant, always there just out of reach, in the corner of your eye. But then he got closer and more persistent, always there beckoning to you. His faceless face was always watching, his long arms always reaching out to smother you, to take you away to another place. His presence silently screamed impending doom. You tried to tell your parents but every time you opened your mouth to speak he was there to silence you and your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth as your eyes widened with fear. Then came the panic attacks, the anxiety, the terrifying visions and nightmares. You were scared to turn off the lights at night and you asked your parents to look for the monster under the bed and in the closet. They always looked and never saw him. But he was always there.

    Maybe your parents tried to get you professional help or maybe they just chalked it all up to an overactive imagination. You were labeled a 'troubled' child at home and at school. Maybe you were always quiet and withdrawn, or maybe you became a troublemaker. You became an exasperation to your parents, no matter how patient they were. Your teachers couldn't handle you and you and maybe you were put into special ED. You lost friends because the other kids parents didn't want you around their child. You lost friends because you were not the only one haunted. Some of the other kids you knew were dissapearing, and you saw Him take them. Maybe it was only a matter of time before He took you too, but fear made you hold on and fight him. Yet in all this you did get some relief in the form of other kids from you Kids Help and Support group that you had been placed in. They all saw him too and it was the only safe place for you. Some of the others from the group didn't make it: He took them away.

    As you got older, other things started filling your mind. High school, crushes, other life challenges. You were so use to seeing Him that He didn't surprise you any more you were so use to seeing Him that He started to fade into the background. Was that Him in the crowd? No, it was just a shadow. Was that him in the woods? No, it was just a tree. Time went on and you stopped seeing him. You stopped thinking about him. You eventaully graduated from your kids support group. You graduated High School and started college. You always felt this unexplained dark presence in the back of your mind, but by now you were good at ignoring and denying it.

    But you could never really escape Him...

    Slender Man



    Alright, I hoped you liked the intro! Obviously this is a Horror RP, themed Slender Man. The plot is this:

    It's been years since you were deemed 'mentally stable' and graduated from your kids psych group where you and the other kids who were haunted by slender man were placed. You all tried to stay in touch, but eventually fell out of contact now that the one thing that had drawn you all together has dissapeared from your conscious mind. But Slender Man never really left you. He was there guiding your life twistedly. Your are in college now, Ivy League, Harvard University located in Massachusetts, USA. You go to a party in one of the dorms where a classmate hosting. You are having a great time drinking, dancing, hooking up and trying not to think about finals when, one by one, you start to see them. The other survivors of your once kid support group. The other survivors of Slender Man. It's a plesent sunrise to run into a few old friends, but then it starts getting creepy as all of you meet up at the party, seemingly by chance. It's all rather awkward and confusing, thinking about that time in your life when you were a troubled child. The truth is, you've forgotten about exactly why you were a troubled child. You've forgotten about Slender Man. But as all of you converge, you start talking and thinking, trying to remember.

    Then creepy things start to happen. You get chills and you start seeing things. Long, tall, thin shadows following you everywhere...then other people at the party start to dissapear until all that is left is those of you from the kids psych group. You try to escape but find yourselves lost in the deep woods of Massachusetts, the Harvard Forest to be exact. All of you slowly remember your pasts and start to realize what is truly going on. Then, one by one, you all start to fade into the dark...

    Slender Man will have his revenge.

    He Is Coming For You



    Cheesy, I know, but I'm a sucker for horror. You will play one of the college students that all use to be haunted by Slender Man as a kid, and who were in a kids psych group for troubled children. There are 10 (I've added more) slots available, equally balanced between male and female.

    The point of this RP is to have fun being creepy.

    There will be character deaths. If Slender Man gets you or if you die accidentally or at the hands of one of your peers, you will be wisked away to a parallel universe where Slender Man takes his victims. So even those who die will still be able to stay in the story, just in the parallel universe. Here you will face a whole new set of horrors as you attempt to find your way back to the real world.

    Prepare To Be Terrified















    If all the slots are full but someone is still interested I am willing to add more slots.

    All IWAKU Rules Appy

    1. No god-modding

    2. No Gary-Sues, Mary Sues etc.

    3. Please try to post regularly.
    There will be a lot of suspense in this RP but we don't want to make things too suspenseful, if you know what I mean. RL comes first but please don't leave your fellow writers hanging. If you are going to be absent for a few days or have some other reason for not posting, just let me know so I know you did not die. If you are completely inactive for a month or more, Slender Man will get you.

    4. Please try to post at least 2 paragraphs that are at least 4 sentences.
    Be creative, use your imagination; I like to see a little detail and know what your character is thinking.

    5. IC drama is good, OOC drama not so much.

    6. Respect your fellow writers.
    If there is a problem, post your issues calmly and nicely here in the OOC.

    7. Language, violence and sexual themes are allowed. This is horror after all.
    Sexual posts must be put under spoilers.

    8. Collaborate:
    I love to hear everyone's thoughts and ideas! If you have a thought or idea about anything please let everyone know here in the OOC. If you let me know, I can make it happen.

    9. Have fun!



    Character Skeleton
    [Character Skeleton, Jack Skellington, yes hahaha]

    (I prefer real but am not opposed to Anime)





    Grade at Harvard:
    (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

    (If any)


    Strengths and Weaknesses:
    (What gives you advantages/disadvantages over your other 9 peers?)


    (At least 2 paragraphs. Be sure to include childhood details about your relationship to Slender Man. Also be sure to include how you came to be at Harvard.)

    How You Feel About Slender Man:
    (Your character does have a past with Slender Man has has presumably made some opinions about SM as a kid. This is to let us know how he made your character feel and what you thought of him as a kid. Just something to let me and other players know how your character is going to react to Slender Man during the course of the RP.)

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  2. News and Accepted Characters.


    News Board

    Skype Group--Creepy Peeps
    We have a Skype Group now! PM me and I will add you to our group!


    Kodi King -- ILovePandas

    Mike Munoz -- Cats

    Sebastian Stone -- Shinku [INACTIVE]

    David Beaumont -- darkflames13

    Alodia Josephine Towner -- WishfulNemo

    Sybil Foss -- Phantom

    Alexander "Alex" Greives -- MicheviousCheshireX3

    Marcus -- Lizzy

    Luigi Malcolm Wells -- Shattered♦Secrets

    Amanda C Grayson -- Justaddnutts​
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    Mike Munoz


    Grade at Harvard:

    Computer Science

    Hobbies +/Interests +/Skills +:
    + Hunting
    + Law
    +Video games


    Strengths and Weaknesses:


    -Trust people very easily
    -Never say no, when people ask for it
    -Can't stop arguing

    Outgoing, social, great people skills. Good at getting people to have fun. Physically affectionate. Attention seeking, loves crowds. Seductive, open, revealing, loving, empathetic, attachment prone. Enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. Able to do almost anything that interests them. Excited by new ideas, but bored with details. Open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities. Needs to live life in accordance with their inner values. Disorganized. Prone to losing things. Irresponsible. Acts without thinking. Likely to have or want a tattoo. Rule breaker. Easily distracted. Comfortable in unfamiliar situations.


    How you feel about Slender Man?:
    I don't know much about Slender Man, so I guess he's alright XD​
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  4. [​IMG]


    Name: Kodi King

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'1

    Weight: 110

    Grade at Harvard: Freshman

    Major: Flim


    Kodi loves listening to music of all eras and genres, but her favorites are Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative, Alternative Metal. Anything with a good beat.

    Graphic Novels:
    She is a huge fan and comic book geek.

    She appreciates art and dabbles in sketching.

    For some reason Kodi has always been fascinated with how peoples minds work. She remembers the impact a child psychology had on her as a kid.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    Kodi is creative and even a little artsy and can usually find makeshift solutions to any problems.

    Kodi is uncomfortable with confrontation and will try and despel tension and regain harmony.

    Kodi is a bit of a nerd but her smarts go beyond a high IQ. She is a deep thinker and a problem solver and is very intuitive.

    Kodi is sensitive to what is going on around her and is usually able to pick up on what others are thinking/feeling to a certain extent.

    Forgets to take care of herself.
    Because Kodi is so outgoing, and extrovert and a people person, sometimes she gets so caught up in people or situations that she forgets to think about her own needs and wants.

    Despite her outward appearance of peppiness, on the inside she struggles with Anxiety that can be very debilitating to her.


    Small Size.
    Kodi is plucky and has a big personality, but in a small body. Unfortunately she can literally be pushed around.


    Kodi is fun and outgoing and likes to be around people and likes to have lots of friends. She is nice, sweet and a bit naive. She gives people the benefit of the doubt and is overly trusting. Because of her interest in Psychology she is always trying to see into peoples heads and understand how they tick. Kodi is an understanding person, but she is sensitive and finds it hard to every trust/forgive anyone who has burned her in the past. Kodi is instinctively jumpy and cautious and a bit of a scardy cat but she is also brave and protective. If you try and scare her as a joke she might accidentally whap you in the face.

    Fun | Outgoing | Silly | Quirky | Awkward | Friendly | Curious | Brave | Trusting | Naive | Sensitive | Holds a Grudge

    WIP =)

    Show Spoiler
    Kodi is the youngest child and only girl born to two doctors. She has an older brother who is 10 years older than her. Kodi was a bright and curious child, and a fast learner and loved by her family. She was cared for by her parents and spoiled by her brother.

    How you feel about Slender Man:
    To Kodi, He is more of a haunting presence than a fearful one. To her, He represents her own depravity of mind and reminds her of a darkness that is buried somewhere within her. He is a little bit mesmerizing to her and is a little confused about her feelings toward Him.

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  5. [​IMG]
    Character Info (open)
    Name: Sebastian Stone

    Age: 20 years

    Height: 5'.8"

    Weight: 130 lbs

    Grade at Harvard: Sophomore

    Major: Computer Science

    Hobbies/Interests/Skills: Loves to watch anime, horror movies and Discovery Channel. Enjoys reading manga, books and light novels. Likes playing video games and create computer programs.

    Strengths: Thinks before acting, great listener and slow to anger. Also, his patience level is really high.
    Character Info (open)

    Weaknesses: Panicks when involved in a really difficult situation and easy to manipulate or trick.

    Personality: Sebastian is a really kind and friendly guy that really popular amoung lots of people. His social skills are great and most of his friend, when they need help, always trust in his clever advices. He's a very possitive person, sohe will always the good side of a pretty bad situation, except on those that are really hard to understand. That's when he panicks and ran from it. Besides that, he's really open-minded, so he will listen to everybody and will agree to listen opinions that differs from his.

    History: WIP

    How You Feel About Slender Man: A very interesting and somehow solemnic creature. He also thinks he may be like some kind of "Pedo Bear" for stalking kids and taking them to who knows where.

  6. I will have my char up tomorrow.

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  7. [​IMG]


    `♚♔ Basics ↘↘
    Name: David Beaumont
    Age: 20 years old
    Date of Birth: April 9 (Aries)
    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 152 lbs
    Face Claim: Misha

    Grade at Harvard: Junior
    Major: Economics​
    `♚♔ Hobbies | Interests | Skills ↘↘
    David is quite the party animal. He enjoys all sorts of parties, from uptight snooty ones to wild teenage ones. The only party he wouldn't be caught dead attending would be a child's birthday party especially if it involved clowns... unless of course, it also involved magic then he'll reconsider attending.

    Something he doesn't simply admit to is his penchant for Photography. He loves to snap pictures of sceneries and has even taken up some extra photography classes in secret (at least, from his friends). His fondness of the art stems from his bad memory. Because he easily forgets things, he wants to make sure he has something that would remind him of events, especially important ones.

    Adept Football / Soccer Player
    Back when he was still in high school, his mom suddenly told him that he was beginning to get fat. In actuality however, David wasn't really gaining that much weight and besides, it wasn't like he cared about his weight. Unfortunately his mother did and she practically forced him to take up a sport to hopefully loose some weight and gain some muscles. It wasn't really of his interest to take up a sport but he did so anyway and he chose football. David dreaded having to go practices but eventually he found himself falling in love with the sport and investing more time into it than he originally intended to. As a result, he has turned into quite the player.

    `♚♔ Strengths & Weaknesses ↘↘
    Riches & Charm (+)
    David knows how to play a person: just give them what it is that they want. His riches come in handy when it comes to bribing people but he doesn't always resort to them immediately. Bribery was a last resort for him--wait no, giving up was a last resort for him, slavery was out of the option but only if if it was him or someone he cared that was to become the slave; otherwise David was fine with it. Going back to the topic at hand, bribery, like mentioned before, it was something that David didn't want to resort to immediately despite having the resources to easily bribe people. No, he prefers to charm his way first. David knows what it is that people want to hear and he'll say it. He's known to be quite a charmer and it isn't unknown for him to use said charms to get himself out of certain troublesome situations.

    Zero Street Smart (-)
    Being someone who's lived a sheltered life, David knows not of the hardships that average people face. Independent is the last thing you could describe him as for this Beaumont is highly dependant on their butlers and maids for menial tasks. Never in his life has he ever washed the dishes or done any chore around the house for that matter--why do it yourself when there's always someone else there that could do it for you. Of course there are still certain things in which he wouldn't entrust the help to do for him, such as his school work. Needless to say, David wouldn't last long if he was left alone without his riches. He is quite gullible when it comes to things he knows nothing about.

    Sense of Direction (+)
    Thankfully for someone with a house as huge as his, David has a good sense of direction. He doesn't easily get lost, even when placed in an area he's never been in before. David knows to keep landmarks for an area in mind, that way he'll know he's already been even without having a trail of breadcrumbs behind.

    Poor Eyesight (-)
    David has poor eyesight. It started becoming bad when he was in high school, but back then it was quite negligible. But now it's reached the point where he needed to have glasses otherwise all he would see would be blur. Of course, his mother being someone who valued appearances, she forbade David from wearing his glasses when he's outside of the house or even when there are guests in the house. Instead, he wears clear contact lenses which go unnoticeable unless someone looked him in the eye for an extended period of time. Personally, David wasn't a fan of contact lenses but he eventually learned to adapt. He keeps spare pair of glasses with him at all times just in case something happened to his contacts... and his spare contacts since he keeps a spare of those as well.

    Endurance (+)
    Due to him playing soccer back in high school and leisurely every now and then, David has maintained a rather good physique. Running around in an area while trying to navigate a ball using one's feet while trying to defend said ball from opponents certainly helped the blonde with getting his endurance up. Now, David can run great distances without easily getting tired.

    Insomnia (-)
    Something David is an insomniac. This isn't common knowledge but it is a common theory among anyone who is familiar with David. It is the only explanation they could think of on how he could party until dawn and still manage to get good grades; that or he's a superhuman who doesn't need sleep, but of course the latter is highly unlikely. Others however, merely hypothesize that David bribes his way to good grades. Despite such a bad rumor spreading among a considerate amount of people, David does nothing to clear his name. To hell with what other people think, as long as a) he was happy and got what he wanted and b) people still know that he's above them then he'll let them talk. In any case, those who hypothesized him being an insomniac were right, he is most definitely one. While there are those who claim they envy this part of him (along with his riches), to David the insomnia is certainly annoying. He doesn't need it to balance school work and his social life, he could do that well enough already. Hence, it's become more of a nuisance to him. It could possibly explain his meanness. Perhaps David was the type of person who's mean when he lacks sleep. Now that's a theory that wasn't going to get tested anytime soon--unless of course, someone found a way to cure his insomnia.

    `♚♔ Personality ↘↘
    Arrogant Spoiled Brat
    Having lived the life of riches, David knows not how to be humble; appreciative, yes to some degree but humility was just something his parents never bothered to teach him. In fact, they even encouraged his arrogance. Some say he was arrogant since birth, but it could just very well be his parents' teachings taking effect on him. Whatever the case maybe, David grew up arrogant and that was all people needed to know. He also grew spoiled. His parents gave him whatever he wanted without question. They had the money anyway. Even when he asked for his own private jet, they gave it to him--well, technically not yet. But they did promise him that they would gift him one for his 25th birthday. Would his parents break their promise? Definitely no. Among the rich families, the Beamounts were known to keep their promises. They felt it shameful not to stick to one's words. While this trait of theirs seemed commendable, and it really is such, it gave them something else to be arrogant about.

    Behind A Mask
    He may act all high and mighty, but to people he actually cares about, David can become a rather caring person. The problem? Not a lot can actually get close to David. There are those that follow him, trying to garner his attention, but a lot of them are only after his riches and he knows it very well. He may be kind and caring underneath all the arrogance, but he is also quite withdrawn in the sense that he refuses to let anyone in so easily. It's pretty easy to tell though who he's let in. David shows more concern for them and spends on them without asking for something in return. So far there's only a handful of such people. At some point, David came to the conclusion that love and such emotions was a weakness. Basically he's afraid of letting anyone in, especially after experiencing the pain of a loss.

    `♚♔ History ↘↘
    Born rich due to the vast riches the Beaumont family owns, David grew up a spoiled child. However, unlike popular belief wherein an only child is of course spoiled rotten by their parents; David was most definitely not an only child. He had a little brother named Daniel. Daniel was only a year younger than him and thus it was easy for the two to grow close to each other. They were pretty much inseparable not to mention they looked quite alike. The only difference between them was their hair. Daniel's were brown like their mom's; meanwhile David's was blonde like their father's. Both of them however, possess the trademark emerald eyes of the Beaumont family.

    David was happy and content with his life. He couldn't imagine being without his brother by his side. But then Slender Man started to haunt them. As children, both were scared. They tried telling their parents but adults never understood and thought they were merely playing about, trying to trick them. Though he could've sworn his father's eye twitched every time they told their parents about Slender Man. They were on their own and both of them knew that Slender man was coming for them. David swore to protect his brother... but he failed. Slender man took Daniel away; and David could only watch as it happened.

    Panicking, David immediately told their parents. But they still didn't believe him but that wasn't the worse part of it. The worse part was that they couldn't even remember Daniel. In fact, no one remembered Daniel. He tried asking their friends, checking to see if Daniel still lived in their minds; the answer was no. This caused concern on his parents' part. They started to believe that David needed help. Thus. his parents entered him into a child group of which they heard was composed of children who had the same problem as he did. They hoped he'll come back to his senses.

    Moving On
    Years have passed since then. Now David is in his third year of studying at Harvard, working on a degree in Economics. As much as he actually wanted to deny it, David got in the school through the power of his family's money. However, this does not mean that he's a complete doofus who had to resort to such a cheap tactic. David knew he could've gotten in through his intellect. He may have not been born a genius, but he had fairly good grades. Not top one, but he is definitely amongst the top 30 or so--back in high school that is. But of course, his parents wanted to show off their riches and insisted that he need not take the entrance exam seriously. He did anyway, not that it mattered since he was already guaranteed a slot from the beginning.

    David has long since convinced his parents they were right, it was all just his imagination, Daniel and Slender man; all of it wasn't real and that he's fine now. In reality however, he does not believe this to be true. David knows that Daniel was real, that Slender is real. He's determined to prove this, one way or another and get his revenge--for Daniel.

    `♚♔ How He Feels About Slender Man ↘↘
    David wants to avenge Daniel. He wants to catch Slender Man, but he doesn't want to kill; not immediately at least. First he wants to prove to his parents that he wasn't making things up, that he wasn't crazy. He's going to make them remember Daniel. David simply cannot fathom how they forgot about their own son so easily. Once he's proven it to them, he wants for Slender Man to meet his demise; he wants him dead and is more than willing to kill him himself if ever. But of course, there was still a part of him fears Slender Man--David feared for his life.​
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  8. Aaaah! A Slenderman RP! Seeing as there are still available spots, do you mind me grabbing a female one?
  9. Done! =)

    Lol that's ok. Slender Man has influenced the love of CS xD If a lot of the characters are in CS then they might have run into each other previous to the party. Some of the characters might have even stayed in touch since their kids psych group.

    Also since most of us are still working on our bios: be sure to include some past/childhood experiences with Slender Man: when you started seeing him, how you felt about him etc. and then when you stopped seeing him. Also at some point in the bio explain how you came to be at Harvard. I'll add this to the bio description and I'll try and get my own up as an example =)
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  10. "Where my ears have failed me I try to catch up splattering bright."

    - Face claim: Ashley Frangipane

    Alodia Josephine Towner

    Al - Short for Alodia
    Didi - Also written as 'DD' at times, her artist pseudonym
    Ali - Don't even try to call her by that
    Briar Rose - Funnily enough it is all an act

    20 y/o > Junior > Fine Arts Student
    ✎ ✎ ✎ "I've the rainbow on my pallet" ✎ ✎ ✎ "The colours of my heart" ✎ ✎ ✎


    5'8 feet = 173 cm
    120 Lbs = 54 kg
    BMI = 18 [Slightly underweight]

    It is strange, really. With just one kilogram, a little over two pounds, more the girl would have been considered to have a healthy weight. It is barely noticeable, but the change of one digit would have shown the green light instead of a yellow colour when she scales her own BMI [Body Mass Index]. It doesn't bother her too much though, knowing that it is only a slight difference Alodia puts her own body on a low priority, finding it more important to maintain her scholarship and keep her sponsors on a leash. Besides, so she reasons, if she had been born and raised in the East her BMI would have been a healthy one instead. It just so happens that she was born in a place and country where the scale averages are put higher and that her body type doesn't fit it.

    Long limbs and corpse, Alodia is known to be rather flat and stick like in figure. It often serves her the sneering comment of being a 'disco lantern' combined with the odd colours that she had dyed her hair in. A hilarious nickname many find and mostly left to ignore from Alodia's side. She has no concerns about her body as her insecurity isn't a negative body image, like most girls her age, but comes from her handicap. Combined with her own reluctance to interact with the students Alodia has also been greatly avoiding crowded places, making it so that she frequently skips out on meals as she can't stand sitting in the dining room where everyone is noisily chatting with each other.
    ✎ ✎ ✎ "Tʜɘ ɔolouɿƨ oʇ my ʜɘɒɿƚ" ✎ ✎ ✎ "I'vɘ ƚʜɘ ɿɒindow on my qɒllɘƚ" ✎ ✎ ✎

    As a young girl Alodia had been sent to meetings with fellow kids who are either completely deaf or partially so. Through them she had learnt to 'speak' in sign language and is able to communicate fluently and confidently with them with only her hands. She rarely gets to use it though, as her parents barely understand any sign language as they couldn't afford to take lessons themselves. That along with the reasoning that Alodia is only partially deaf they have resorted to speak really loudly to each other instead.

    Essentially it is arts what keeps her alive. Alodia is far from smart, neither is her family rich or anywhere near it. The girl wouldn't even have received the chances she had, or be able to attend college at all if it weren't for the fact that she was immensely and undeniably talented. As a young child she loved to draw her days away, a hobby her parents tried to discourage her from as they wanted her to succeed via a safer route. However, as she kept on going, drawing her days away and eventually got picked up by her teachers and recommended to join competitions they started to pressure her. Once it was found that she was talented, so talented that people were willing to give money for, to support her to further develop herself, from there on that hobby she loved became something serious. It was what was going to support her in the future, what was going to ensure her future, it became the safe route to walk on for her.

    A less than noble talent that Alodia possesses. Due to her keen eye for detail and her steady hand she is capable to forging handwritings, paintings, and more almost flawlessly. As copying is usually frowned down upon Alodia keeps this skill a secret, not wanting to fall down her pedestal and be falsely accused of one thing she would never do; plagiarising. A skill that has helped her out on occasions, when she needed a note for the teacher for example, and a skill that she rather keeps a secret. Afraid that people will judge her for her own capabilities.

    Another skill that Alodia is less than proud of is pick pocketing. As a young girl who grew up between rich children on an elite school she always felt envious of their wealth. Thinking that they wouldn't miss some extra pocket money she then had started to steal it from them, taking that what she didn't have herself. At first she was a bit clumsy, but now she has mastered it as a talent. Able to sneakily get her hands on what doesn't belong to her.

    A skill she learnt when she was in a fancy boarding school back as a teenager. Alodia would often forget about the time and find herself be locked out of the dorms, or that she was locked up in the place where she had been doing her art at. At first she would have waited for someone of the staff to help her, but over time as she wanted to avoid to be scolded the girl then started to pick the locks herself to let herself in or out.

    It is how she earned her name as the 'Sleeping Beauty'. Due to Alodia's handicap she tries to avoid interaction as much as she can, afraid that people will find out about her partial deafness if she isn't careful. For that reason the girl pretends to be asleep half of the time whilst she is truly observing the class. People think that she is always fast asleep and thus don't bother her, but in the meanwhile she is paying attention to everyone with a clear mind. It is unfortunate however that she doesn't hear any better due to it and still misses half of what is said.
    ✎ ✎ ✎ "I've the rainbow on my pallet" ✎ ✎ ✎ "The colours of my heart" ✎ ✎ ✎


    Alodia is a slightly deaf. She can't hear background noises and really needs to focus herself if she wants to hear and understand something completely. It is a condition she has lived with ever since she was small, but she still struggles with her handicap as she feels ashamed of it. Though she has by now learnt how to read lips it is very exhausting to squint her eyes all the times to get what the teacher is saying. This is the reason why she pretends that she is asleep in classes instead so that she doesn't have to tell the tale of her partial deafness to the class. Alodia is able to live a perfectly normal life though despite her handicap, but she will need a hearing device for that. Once she had such a hearing device, but it has long since run out of batteries and she really doesn't want to wear it, afraid that she might be laughed at by others if they find out about her 'problem'.

    A neurological phenomenon inside of her brains in which she believes that numbers, letters and words are shaded with a colour. For example, the letter 'k' will be red inside of her mind. It is the most common form of synethesia and the source of inspiration for Alodia. Everything can trigger the phenomena inside of her, sounds of letters, words or numbers to seeing them. It is another reason why she doesn't like to look at the blackboard of the teacher, or why she doesn't do her schoolwork. Everything dances in front of her and bursts out in colours, giving her this undeniable urge to draw, sketch or paint again.

    It is strange, really. Despite that she proudly prods around with rainbow coloured hair and seems to be flipping everyone's opinions and whispers off without a care Alodia is actually very insecure about herself. Though she is aware that has an exceptional talent and while she generally doesn't give much about others there is just something daunting about big crowds to her. It is mostly connected to her handicap as her hear impairment makes it unable for her to sit in a crowd comfortably. The sounds that zoom and surround her all sound a bit drowned out, as if she is underwater, and thus the words are blurred. If someone were to speak to her as well, trying to maintain some sort of conversation with her Alodia wouldn't be able to understand or follow, making the chance that she is to be found out about her handicap even greater. It is something that the girl greatly fears and thus she generally tries to avoid big crowds, causing her to skip out on meals frequently as she just can't stand the dinner room where all of the students come together.

    As someone who is partially hear impaired Alodia has her eyes to make up for her handicap. Where she lacks the ability to hear well she can see like a hawk. Colour nuances, slight differences, she is the first to notice these. It is also partly a trained skill as an artist and as a forger, as she works with colours on a daily base, but also had to make sure that her forged works didn't leave any signs behind for a laymen's eye.

    For art she needs a steady hand, for pick pocketing and for lock picking she needs a light hand. Alodia has quite the lean fingers that crafty in whatever they do. Thief fingers she calls them, but no one has to know about the nicknames she gives to her hands and what she does with them.

    She tends to zone out a lot into dreams. Thinking of new figures, new projects to paint, draw, or etc... As an artist who is pressured with a scholarship, and thus has to deliver, Alodia is constantly looking for inspiration and new projects to work on. This in combination with her synesthesia the girl tends to zone out a little when given the chance as the world surrounding her turns into a blur of colours.
    ✎ ✎ ✎ "Tʜɘ ɔolouɿƨ oʇ my ʜɘɒɿƚ" ✎ ✎ ✎ "I'vɘ ƚʜɘ ɿɒindow on my qɒllɘƚ" ✎ ✎ ✎


    "Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra!"

    Everything about Alodia screams out 'strange', 'odd', 'freak', from the way she clothes, to the colour she dyes her hair in, to the way she moves around, speaks, just plainly everything about her. Despite being shy Alodia likes to stand out, to show off that she is different from the rest, that she is an artist. The words and sounds that she can't express herself she tries to convert into colours, statements that she can't make, or put in eloquent words, she tries to show it all in her way of dressing, doing, moving, breathing. To Alodia her body is her canvas as well, waiting for colours to be splattered on it so that she can express herself.

    After years of whispers behind her back, whispers that she can't hear but knows are there, Alodia has learnt not to care about them. She has learnt that she is going to be whoever she wants, not caring for their approval and if they like it or not. She is rather relaxed under the peering eyes that are staring at her, judging her. However, one may expect such a thing after years of being talked about, laughed at by others. It was only a matter of time before she had desensitised herself from it all.

    "La, la, how the life goes on!"

    Despite her flamboyant appearance Alodia is far from extroverted in character. The years of bullying, and being told that she was strange, odd, weird, has taken its toll on her, resulting in the girl shutting herself down whenever she is in a crowd. She locks herself up inside of her own heart, not daring to open up to anyone about her own sensitivities. She holds everything within, not daring to talk to anyone about it, not daring to mention it, and it is slowly building up inside of her, stapling up.

    Contradicting her surprising appearance that gathers a lot of attention and going against her laid back attitude Alodia is a bit shy. It was worse as a young girl, where she would blush and stutter in front of everyone she talked to, however she still has this uncanny anxiety whenever she needs to meet new people. Speaking in public is absolute torture for her, still and she can't relax when in a large crowd of strangers. She has been, however, better at hiding it and is able to come over as a little less tense than before.
    ✎ ✎ ✎ "I've the rainbow on my pallet" ✎ ✎ ✎ "The colours of my heart" ✎ ✎ ✎


    "Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play"

    Her parents were both people who owned nothing. Her mother came from a family of immigrants, having faced many hardships and discrimination from the local people. She grew up with little in hands, but with goals in mind. She had to make it, or at least make sure that her family make it, so that they would never be disdained again. Alodia's father came from a family of unambitious people who never really did aim for anything in life but to laugh and drink. A lifestyle her father would have adopted hadn't he met her hard working mother and fallen for her. Both of them came from a background that others looked down upon, frowned upon and made fun of. However they both tried and hoped for the best, slaving themselves endlessly in the hopes that their children never had to live the same life and suffer the same dirt they had experienced.

    From such a family Alodia was born, loved and adored, but poor and disdained. The female had to suffer from the arrogance of the outside world at a young age. However, she didn't seem to notice much of what was happening outside, much less did she seem to hear her mother at all whenever she was called. For some reason Alodia seemed to miss half of the sounds there was in the world. She always put the television on louder than anyone else, had to ask repeatedly what was said and had some odd pronunciation going on. At first her parents thought that she was just slow, slower than the rest, however, after a while they started to suspect that their little girl might actually have more going on than just a slow mind.

    When she started elementary school the teachers spoke to her parents about their suspicions. The second opinion of another laymen convinced them to take Alodia to the doctor, to check her up and see if she had any problems in health. It was then that the doctor confirmed that Alodia indeed had a problem. A hearing problem to be exact as she was partially deaf. A devastating news for her parents as this not only meant extra costs to send her to a special education and have her condition fixed, but it also meant that their little girl had to struggle in the big, scary and judgemental world.

    "Now it looks as though they're here to stay"

    It was as they had feared. Because the family didn't have the means to send Alodia to school for special education, nor did they want to, wanting her to grow up as normally as she could, Alodia attended a normal school for normal children and faced her bullies. She was quiet as a child, most of the times because she had no idea what to say and what was said, but she also had trouble getting along with the rest because she stood out. A bit too tall for her age, stick-like and scrawny, she was an easy target for her tormentors and to top it off she had an hearing impairment. Though her parents didn't realise it Alodia was the laughing stock of the class, the one everyone could bully.

    However, at least the girl had one way to escape her classmates and the world in overall. She loved to draw she found, in sand, on paper, wherever she could really. Her teachers took notice of her interests and encouraged her to continue, to draw more, her parents were less ecstatic. They wanted her to focus on her studies, to aim for something and not to become a target of society like they had become. Little did they know that Alodia already was, but the girl kept quiet, diligently trying to bend to her parents will. It was hard however, because there was so much going on inside of her mind. Alodia had this urge to draw, a burning passion and she could do so the whole day, drawing everything she saw.

    It was then that her teachers noticed a strange pattern in her drawings, a strange loony figure with limbs too long and no face. Alodia would always proudly show her drawings to them, for she knew that they would praise her unlike her parents, however the figure she drew were strange and disturbing. At first they thought she was drawing an adult, but when they confronted her about it Alodia shook her head, smiling as she said that this was a friend. She claimed that she saw the figure on a daily base on her way to school and with recess. The loony figure with long limbs and no face apparently was everywhere when she was outside and whenever she pointed him out to the other children the rest would scatter off. "My protector!" she had claimed to the teachers as she believed that the figure must be the reason why the kids left her alone. However no one had ever seen or noticed this presence except from her, efficiently labelling her as more of a freak than she was before. A freak who not only was deaf, but also saw things. Loopy.

    "Oh, I believe in yesterday."

    By the time that Alodia started high school she had completely turned into a 'freak' who kept to herself. Since long had she understood that this figure she saw was something only she saw for some reason. She and a few other kids who were put through therapy because apparently they were crazy. Slowly the girl stopped drawing this figure and stopped mentioning him as well, not wanting to be called crazy and neither wanting to spend her parents' hard earned money on therapy. She tried to pretend that she was fine, but the secrets she kept made her feel all the more lonely. So lonely in fact that she was hoping to see 'Slenderman', as he was apparently called, everyday on her way to school.

    By the time Alodia starts high school a lot has changed as well. The girl is still as strange as ever, still struggling with her handicap, but she has learnt to live with it without anyone noticing it. Much to her parents' disagreement at first she also still draws, however now on a more professional level. A level that could grant her the ticket out of the judgement of her neighbours and earn the admiration of all. After that someone picked up on her talents Alodia started to compete in contests with her art, eventually winning herself a scholarship that would pay for her education on a fancy private boarding school. It was an elite school that would later grant her access to the greatest universities in the world, a chance she couldn't slip pass as this also meant her parents wouldn't need to pay for her education anymore. Determined the girl had won the competition and earned her sponsors, working hard on her art so that she could stay relevant. All while she kept her own disability a secret and struggled through her schoolwork while hoping to see Slenderman. It was then that her slight hope and imaginary friendship with Slenderman grew into more, her feelings deepening as she wished that he would come closer instead of away. Soon, so she found, Alodia was in love with this strange and loony figure.

    While working her way through high school on the fancy boarding school, still forever judged and stared at, Alodia worked hard to earn her recognition and keep her scholarships. However, she noticed later that Slenderman was disappearing from her. Slowly she noticed that she hadn't seem him in a while, that he wasn't standing there at the same spot anymore as she had seen him before. It unsettled her for a while because he had been around her for so long. Had something happened? Feeling scared the girl hoped that it wasn't true, hoped that Slenderman wouldn't leave her alone. However that hope was in vain it seemed as by the time that she graduated High school she hadn't seen Slenderman in a year. It seemed that as soon as she had realised and confessed her feelings to her own heart that the figure had disappeared, as if blown away by the wind.

    Saddened the, now, woman promised herself that she would continue. After all she still had to make sure that she made it into society to avoid their scorn and to gain her parents approval. She also had to make sure that her parents weren't suffering under the costs she made by applying for scholarships and the likes. They still weren't rich and Alodia's art wasn't making enough money yet to support herself in college. She needed her sponsors, her scholarships and she completely threw herself in work now that her 'friend' had left her. All of her hard work paid off however, as Alodia was invited to study arts on Harvard. Without any hesitation the girl seized her chances and enrolled herself in, working endlessly as she tried to live as 'normally' as she could. She could, however, never forget this Slenderman that disappeared so suddenly.

    ✎ ✎ ✎ "Tʜɘ ɔolouɿƨ oʇ my ʜɘɒɿƚ" ✎ ✎ ✎ "I'vɘ ƚʜɘ ɿɒindow on my qɒllɘƚ" ✎ ✎ ✎


    For some reason Alodia has never felt scared of Slenderman's presence. In fact it has always been a comforting one. Just like how she feels out of the world, Slenderman looks like he doesn't belong here. Alone, unique, strange, lonely, Alodia feels that Slenderman and she can understand each other on a deeper level. She believes that the creature is merely looking for some company, someone who won't judge him for his appearance just like how she doesn't want to be pitied for her handicap. In a way she feels protected by his appearance and wishes that he would stay around her more. However, ever since the day that she admitted to herself how much she loved Slenderman near her his figure disappeared from her side. A fact that saddens her by a lot, however, now that he is appearing again Alodia is ready to never have him disappear again.
    - Quotes in the personality and biography are from The Beatles, from the songs 'Obladi Oblada' and 'Yesterday' respectively.
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  13. [​IMG]
    Sybil Foss
    5'9 (1.77 m)
    132 lbs (60 kg)

    Grade at Harvard
    Hobbies and Interests
    Sybil is a movie maniac, as she defines herself, who adores going to screenings every week, whether it be alone or with her friends. She particularly enjoys old foreign works or indie amateur ones, especially if they are shown somewhere outside in the open. Her favorite type of cinemas are summer theaters, where everyone is allowed to go for free
    The girl is a complete air-head that gets lost in her thoughts a little too often, to the point of it being unhealthy. However, Sybil still daydreams whenever possible, seeing as it is her favorite pastime activity
    .:Reading and Writing:.
    As a bookworm, or even a bibliophile, the girl usually indulges herself in some book or another whenever possible. Additionally, whether this be a result from her reading a ton throughout her lifetime or a sheer affinity, Sybil is also skilled with her words, which allows her to be a good writer

    .:Conspiracy Theories:.
    There has always been something terrifyingly fascinating regarding conspiracy theories that gives one the feeling as though they are digging through something that they shouldn't know about, breaking the rules. For this reason solely, Sybil is someone extremely interested in all underground ideas, despite the fact that researching some of them leads to tiresome, sleepless nights
    Despite not being particularly skilled at this, Sybil enjoys taking pictures here and there. It really isn't that much of a hobby as it is an interest, since it's not something the girl takes seriously. In all honesty, she usually puts to use her mediocre knowledge about shooting photos only to capture some natural scenery that caught her eye
    Despite not having been presented with a chance to travel around a lot, Sybil is in love with the idea of just... vanishing one day. She fantasizes about taking only the most essential things, stuffing them into a small backpack, and then hitchhiking around the world. Of course, this dream of hers is a little too far-fetched, yet Sybil is a hopeless daydreamer
    Sybil's true passion lies within languages, which she not only studies but also puts to use. Thus far, she has been able to become fluent in 4 tongues apart from her mother one (English) - French, Italian, Russian and Polish. To top it off, the girl is also in the midst of studying both Korean and Mandarin
    Sybil is truly someone with a keen eye - very few details can ever be let past her hawk-like vision. She is someone to notice the smallest of things (in the meanwhile occasionally missing the bigger picture), which sometimes results in over-analyzing and paranoia
    .:Grasps Concepts Easily:.
    The biggest asset up the girl's sleeve is that she digests any information brought before her quite easily. It is mainly due to this that Sybil finds learning new languages to be a piece of cake. However, understanding something doesn't equal being able to do it, meaning that she still needs to put effort into her studies. This skill simply presents her with a head-start in front of her peers

    Strengths and Weaknesses
    Independent, Unconventional, Sympathetic - Paranoid, Overly-analytical, Absentminded

    Sybil is the type of free spirit college girl living the dream. Her social circle might be exceptionally small, but it is full of incredible people with whom she does all sorts of things. Seeing as she usually hangs out with students from the Language or Arts department, the girl can be spotted engaging into all sorts of artistic as well as social projects - events that may be seen as unconventional by most individuals. But, that's the type of person Sybil is - someone leading a carefree, rugged lifestyle, independent from society. In reality, she truly can deal with everything just fine by herself. This is mainly brought on by the fact that she doesn't have a lot of trust in outsiders, whether or not they be her friends. She simply prefers being self-dependent. However, this doesn't stop Sybil from aiding others. As a matter of fact, she regularly participates in charities and other campaigns of the sort, while simultaneously being someone very understanding and sympathetic, able to understand humans as well as motivate them

    Thus, it's ironic that no one else is truly able to lend her a helping hand while she is going through one of her episodes. Sybil pays extra attention to all details and can as a result sometimes over-analyze everything, no matter how insignificant it may be. This in turn brings on awful paranoia, thus causing the girl to become jumpy, asocial and visibly shaken. While in such a state, she never allows anyone to get close to her, having gained the delusional opinion that everyone is out to get her. On the other hand, Sybil is also someone able to reach the polar opposite of paranoia - complete carelessness. This is all due to the fact that the girl is abnormally absentminded and a hopelessly romantic daydreamer, who gets lost in her thought a little too often. And when this happens, she becomes as vulnerable and unresponsive as ever, not caring for anything to have to do with the real world


    How They Feel About Slenderman
    The tall man has always been a bad memory in the back of Sybil's mind, the type that one begins brooding over while in bed late at night and then starts crying uncontrollably. No matter the fact that to this day she sometimes sees glimpses of that abominable creature in her peripheral vision, the girl tries her best to ignore the natural urge of cowering and instead ignores the entire existence of this being, pretending that He never was a part of her life. Basically, due to still suffering from the trauma inflicted by Slenderman, Sybil is in denial​
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