The Sleepy Tavern

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  1. (OOC : I'd love to join this. Can someone give me a quick recap?)
  2. Sure, right now we are doing a talent show for entertainment. Which does result in a prize, if you win. Slick is a slime, Ferdinland is a Minotaur, I am Leah the tavern owner/specialty drink maker. At the moment we are just hanging out and socializing. You can jump in and bring whatever you would like into it.

    Oh and Emma is a second character, meant to be in charge of entertainment.
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  3. Heya All

    I noticed you have no OOC and a couple of OOC comments, I have taken the liberty of making one for you.

    I am in the process of moving any OOC comments from your IC thread over to this one.

    Unfortunately, as par to the rules we do not allow IC chatter in OOC threads, so if you guys could use this thread for any OOC chit chat in future that'd be wicked!

    Remember don't be afraid of shooting the GM a PM about creating an OOC! Keeps everyone out of trouble =D

    That aside, it looks like you guys are having fun and y'all are actually doing okay so far. Just one or two comments, so keep up the good work =D

    Happy Holidays!

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  4. I'm not in this rp anymore
  5. @Esakrel Alkaos Young I'm just going to clear up a small detail which may or may not actually be important: Sheila's sword is in fact just a long sword. English in nature. Not a katana.
    Not exactly a crucial, need-to-know, important detail, but I just felt like I should clarify. Thanks!
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  6. Hey, whoa now @CrimsonFang ! No cradling happened. Sheila stood up on her own, eliminating the need for cradling of any kind.
  7. Ok cool I'll change it, sorry about that.
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  8. What the heck? I'm not getting my alerts to new posts.
  9. Same here I check it every 30 minutes now.
  10. Hey @Asdis Serina Jones, if it wasn't overly apparent I'm taking a brake from this RP, please tag me the next time Sheila goes into her room so I can describe Noxel's gift. Cio bella.
  11. Will do. See you later then!
  12. Hey everyone! I am sorry for my late replies. Christmas is getting closer and I am getting very busy. Once the holiday season is done it would make it easier for me to come on there. >.<
  13. Alright, @Crono let's hear what Noxel left in Sheila's room for her.
  14. One question, is she emotionally attached to her long sword in any way?
  15. Nope, not at all.
  16. Ah, that is... If it is night time?
  17. @Mari
    Hey, Sheila's trying to start up conversation with your character. Would you mind answering her question?
  18. Hello lovely people,:cutie: I just wanted to give my thanks to all of you. Everyone has made this RP more than I had expected it to be. I am happy that you all were able to take such a small concept and turn it into your own and make it more. All of your character have made this experience pleasant for me and I hope it has also been pleasant for all of you. Again I give you all my thanks.

    So I have been having a hard time posting, due to the holidays and so on. Well, I have started my first semester of graduate school. The amount of work is rather large and is requiring a lot of me, I sorry but I will not be able to be on here that often. I may be able to drop in for short periods of time. However, I can't be constantly active. I apologize for this, but I will be checking in and keep up with reading on what is happening in the RP.

    - Feel free to use the character Emma or The Chef if you all wish. Also I have placed Leah in the kitchen, this will allow me to hop in for short periods of times when I can.- :bsmile:

    Thank you for your time and happy RPing. :heartbeat: