The Sleepy Tavern: Reopened for another night!

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  1. We have REOPENED! Another night for all sorts of activities, drinks, food, bar fights and sleep. I welcome all former employees to join in with the fun, as well as new employees. I hope to see old and new faces in my tavern.

    The Sleepy Tavern : fully equipped with a small stage, rooms upstairs, bar and a fireplace.

    Welcome to The Sleepy Tavern! The name is Leah Dawnson and I am the owner of this establishment. We have many options here at my humble hole in the wall. All races, species, sexual orientations, and well....beings, can find a safe haven here. So go ahead and have fun! Stay the night, ponder over a drink, enjoy the ever changing nightly shows, or ask me for the latest available adventures to part take in. I really don't care, I make money off of you either way! I look forward to your visit.

    Original RP:The Sleepy Tavern

    **This is a jump-in style RP, if you wish to post a character sheet that is up to you. I would like to see at the least 3 people interested before I official open up for another night. IF not, I will go back to sleep. I have raised enough gold to keep the tavern afloat for another month. **
  2. I could definitely be interested~^^
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    I've been waiting for this!
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  4. Will this be started in a new thread? Or simply be the "old" thread reopened? I noted the Original Thread is in the Archives, not the Graveyard. Always enjoy these Tavern threads!
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  5. Hello everyone! I welcome you all. I believe opening a new thread will make it easier for new individuals to find the tavern. After all it is a new night. I will either open a new one tonight or tomorrow. Either way, a new one will be opening and I will post the link soon. <3
  6. @Crono ...

    Heh... need to finish your post. Left out the dialog!
  7. @rechonq ...

    Well, this was totally unexpected... me likey! :bsmile:
  8. Oh Hi. I didn't know this was here. I just read the first post of the other one and started. I'm glad you like it too.
  9. Ah, yes. It was rushed, sorry.
  10. Though I originally had plans for "Fish Eyes", what you did just... well, it was so unexpected, it surprised me. In a pleasant, serendipitous way. Opened up a whole can of character interaction possibilities. Because we all know guys always remember who kneed them in the groin... :bsmile:

    Hey, this stuff happens... and I've just gone over to re-read, and found I can't without highlighting, because gray dialog text on a grey background doesn't show up.
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  11. Ha, well the fish are still in your water bubble, and that is very true. I'm glad the surprise was pleasant too. I wouldn't be surprised if a brawl broke out, but I am interested to see how your character reacts.
  12. Bwahaha! he snatched your fishy eyeballs right out of it's head. I think I shall post a link to this in one of the slides.
  13. @Alis_Audāx ...

    Still waiting for your post, before I reply, since Peet was talking with Leah just before his... ahem... unfortunate "accident". Though I may just throw out a post, so you have Peet's reaction to react to.
  14. @rechonq ...

    Aaand posted yesterday, before going to work... just got back from work less than an hour ago. So, have fun!
  15. Crap, sorry everyone. I didn't receive notification that there had been posts. I will get right on it. Also, this weekend is mom's birthday weekend soooooo I will only be able to post once in a while. I do not mind if you all post without me if I can't get to it quickly enough.
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