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We have REOPENED! Another night for all sorts of activities, drinks, food, bar fights and sleep. I welcome all former employees to join in with the fun, as well as new employees. I hope to see old and new faces in my tavern.

The Sleepy Tavern : fully equipped with a small stage, rooms upstairs, bar and a fireplace.

Welcome to The Sleepy Tavern! The name is Leah Dawnson and I am the owner of this establishment. We have many options here at my humble hole in the wall. All races, species, sexual orientations, and well....beings, can find a safe haven here. So go ahead and have fun! Stay the night, ponder over a drink, enjoy the ever changing nightly shows, or ask me for the latest available adventures to part take in. I really don't care, I make money off of you either way! I look forward to your visit.

Original RP:The Sleepy Tavern

**This is a jump-in style RP, if you wish to post a character sheet that is up to you. I would like to see at the least 3 people interested before I official open up for another night. IF not, I will go back to sleep. I have raised enough gold to keep the tavern afloat for another month. **
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Jace Atticus

White v-neck t-shirt
Black jeans
Black van shoes

Hazel eyes
White hair
Athletic body type

Not sure if this place is going to pick up or not, but I'm hoping it does.
Same here....... :bsmile:
Hmm, I notice that too. I am thinking of causing some action. Everyone is welcomed to so as well. I am trying to get a feel on what Q and the metal man is all about.
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The squeak of the door brought attention on the lone man in the bar. His stature was tall, placing him at 6'1. His lanky body stood at the door for a second as he debated whether to continue to be the lone man in the room or to escape and find company else where. He sighed softly and shrugged off the awkward feel of being the only one there as his feet guided him to the bar. The flick of his tongue caused the toothpick in his mouth to rotate to the other side so he could even out his chew on it. Hazel eyes looked over the joint, taking it in for the first time. Though it was barren it was an attractive bar and could have life to it soon if he stuck around.

Jace took a seat, front and center at the bar. His elbows, out of bad habit, pressed into the wood as he slouched over to see if anyone was even there to serve the man a drink. The bass voice was cleared first before announcing his presence, "Uhh, hello? I know the suns up but that doesn't mean a man can't drink." He raised a brow as he anticipated any sort of response.
I believe you ment to post this here?
BIO AND JUMPIN - The Sleepy Tavern: Reopened for another night!
I'm new to the site, thank you for your help for my dumb ass lol.
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