The Slayer Games

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  1. The Damned Spider was busy tonight, Iris noted as she walked in, already in her uniform of a pair of black jeans and and dark coloured button-up shirt. Heading behind the counter, where the day shift's bartender was still working, she nodded to him before going to the back, where she checked in. When she returned, her predecessor was already out the door, leaving in his wake a group of about half a dozen slayer officers, still wearing their pure white uniforms, each of their last names patched onto their right breast. Wilder, Applegate, McHale, Henry, Marleux, and Jenkins.

    They each sat at the counter, placing their individual orders. Setting the glasses in front of them, Iris kept her gaze down, hoping they couldn't tell her age or her status. From the look the middle one, Wilder, it looked like he had figured out the former. He had the look of someone who knew a secret of yours, slightly smug. Inconspicuously cleaning a glass, she eavesdropped on their conversation.

    It was mostly nothing, just the same old, but one passing comment made her take pause. "...we almost have enough evidence to make an arrest, and get the girl, but they aren't positive yet if what happened in London was her doing or something else..." Obviously, they were talking about a Supernatural, but which one was left for anyone to guess. Of course, with all the arrests that have been happening recently, there weren't many in this area anymore.

    Deciding that she didn't fancy listening to them anymore, Iris went to the back for a breather, but once she came back from the Employee's Only door, her path was blocked by the slayer Wilder. "Someone's got a secret," he said, a mischievous glint to his eyes.

    "I-I do not know what you are talking about, sir," she replied, for the first time looking into his eyes.

    "You're what, nineteen? I'll need to see some ID before I can allow you to work here any longer," was all he said, holding his hand out expectantly. However, she didn't have one, no Supernatural could have a legitimate one, and the men who made false ones scared her.

    Stuttering slightly, she said, "I left home..."

    His smile grew wider. "I'll let you go this time...for a kiss," he told her, grabbing her left wrist so any human couldn't escape. But she wasn't any human, and that single touch was all she needed, that and his perverse advances upon her. The link created, she knew that the best she could do was temporary memory loss, of only about the last five minutes. He'd still remember her. Maybe she can stun him...

    Gathering her available energy, she sent the psionic blast to his mind, and for a second his pale blue eyes dulled. Before they sharpened once more. Her power hadn't been enough. In the blink of an eye, he had a gun in his hand, pointing it at her. Any lie she could come up with now would be ridiculously embellished, obvious. Quickly, she was in handcuffs, and as soon as one of the other officers went to lead her by her arm, Wilder hit her in the back of her head with the butt of her gun, and she was gone.
  2. "I think that's enough for tonight.." Ren muttered solemly. It had to be about 12 am. Since the sun rose early morn he had ben out disposing of slayers in small groups. Of course he never left a trace, still he could tell he was drawing attention to himself. Ren slipped a small napkin from his pocket before wiping his hands clean of the blood that tainted them. As he did so he took one more glance towards the two slayers he had just disposed of. Their bodies layed awkwardly on top of each other as blood leaked out from random body parts. Their white suits were tainted aswell, shifted into an odd dark pink shade.

    Ren pulled his hood over his head before stepping out of the alley. Leaving the bodies where they were wouldn't be a problem right? It's not like they could've traced him. Ren had id's and allibies across the state. Right now his name wasn't even Ren, it was Adrian Carter. Well that's what his Id at the moment said anyways. Right now would be the time that he'd flash step his way home. Its the name he had given to the movement he did when he supercharged his legs and gained extreme speed. He hadn't even the energy for that at the moment.

    With a small sigh, he began the long walk home. He didn't really mind because it was dark and quiet, the atmosphere he adored. Something caught his attention though. He was in the city so even at this time there should've been at least one or two people in sight. Some rowdy teens, or old drunkards, anyone. It was completly void of life. This didn't sit right with Ren. He immediately stopped and shut his eyes, concentrating of a sound, any sound. He heard the static of a radio. He listened in abit more to hear: "The rget as oped. Ove in nd de-ain.. Capture ive" that was all he could make out from the distance he was. But oncehe heard cature he peiced the rest together. "I got it... The target.. had stopped?? Move in and detain. Capture... alive?" Ren paused. Shit.."

    Ren turned around to find a woman clad in white standing in front of him. She was walking closer, swingin her hips seductively. He heard movement on the rooftops above. "Snipers.. how could I miss snipers.. I must be pretty dam tired." He looked at his righ hand as he stretched it up high. It glowed blue and then yellow before both colors faded. "Shit.. I'm all out." He mutered before assuming a boxing stance.

    "Oh come now Ren sweetie. Must we resort to violence?" It then hit Ren that the hours on end he spent taking out slayers today came abit to easily. It was a set up, they planned to wear him down frm the start, and he fell for it. Ren gritted his teeth sharply before the woman shouted. "Take him down!" And about 12 stun darts hit him square all over. He dropped to he ground, his body limped, vision blurred and eventually he neither saw nor felt anything.
  3. She awoke, what must have been several hours later, upon a stone slab, probably providing as a bed, in a cell, bars preventing her from leaving. Dried blood had crusted on the back of her head, and there was a rusty colored stain where her head had been. There was another slab, something that might mean a problem if she was to have a cell mate. Through the bars, she saw a gathering of white-dressed slayers, most of them looking like they were hardly out of highschool. Recruits, maybe.

    A few seconds passed before the same slayer from the bar approached the cell, opening the door. Immediately sitting up, sending lightning strikes of pain through her mind, Iris pressed herself against the wall, hoping she could defend herself if need be, with her hands still in binds behind her back, probably so she couldn't touch anyone. "W-what do you want?" she asked, her voice hardly above a whimper.

    "To offer a deal to every one of your kind we bring in. Give us information about other supernaturals you know of, gain their trust, then help us capture them. In exchange, you get out of the games for a while, proper food, a change of clothes, and better board. Simple as that," he explained to her. She had to admit that the offer was tempting, but knew in her heart it wasn't right. She couldn't live with herself if she did that.

    "No bloody way would I do that, you sodding prick!" she shouted, some of her projects accent coming back.

    "Very well," was all he said, shrugging and leaving the cell, shutting the door behind him. "The offer stands until Sunday, when the games begin. Though by that time, you'll be begging to let me help you," he told her, leaving. However, she could hear him call to the soldiers, "Get that electro here. She'll be a good pre-game test for him."
  4. Clank clank clank. Was what caused Ren to sluggishly open his eyes. His body was still quite numb from the tranquilizer darts, especially when so many had hit him. It was a surprise that he was even awake already. Because of the numbness now fond in his entire body they hadn't bothered restraining him too much. The clanking noise that woke him was the smacking of boots against the sensitive floor he was being carried by three men. Why three? Probably a precaution. He was lifted quite awkwardly aswell. Seeing as there was nothing he could do he decided to gather intell on his surroundings. "1.2.3 major outages attainable" he mumbled. He couldn't really tell because turning his head wasn't an option at the moment.

    "Get that electro here." Is what caught his attention. He was dragged over to the source of the voice, a man who had the last name Wilder. Or that's what his tag said anyways. ' I'm actually here' he thought. He didn't bother saying anything to the man. He was asked some questions that he hadn't paid the slightest attention to aswell. Ren actually closed his eyes and made light snoring sounds just to piss the slayers off. He wasn't intimidte in the slightest. After their aggrivation took over he was roughly tossed into a cell, landing uncomfortably on his right arm and still unable to move "Umph.." He scoffed. Before he was tossed in he had a half second glance at his cell mate. A girl.. Probably another supernatural. Ren strained to move his body and eventually gave up. "A little help miss?" He grumbled.
  5. As they brought in a man, Iris tried to make herself as small as possible, scared of what he might do to her, but more so of the fact that she might not be able to protect herself if he did do anything. She watched warily as it looked like he was trying to move, but couldn't, and was startled when he addressed her. It took her a few moments to find her voice once more, and even then it was quiet.

    "I-I can't, not with my arms bound behind my back." It was then that she realized the soreness in her shoulders, probably from the horrible position they'd been forced into for the past several hours. "Here," she said, swinging her legs off of the stone. With one Chuck Taylored foot, she nudged him onto his back, hopefully gently. And, as quickly as she had gotten them off, her feet were upon the slab with her. "D-don't kill me, when you can move..." she trailed off into silence, trying to keep her body from shaking out of fear.
  6. As he waited for her responce, Ren took a second to look around. He could only see what was in front of him but there was enough dull sceneary to form a valid conclusion. Everything in the cell was completly incompatible with his abilities. There were no conductors, not even the bars or doors were fashioned in metals, but instead some other strong and maybe even sturdier material. These people were smart and prepared. Suddenly, his cheek began to feel cold against the hard floor. It almost caused him to smile, meaning that feeling was slowly returning to his body.

    Then, his cellmate spoke. It seemed that her arms were bound. His probably were too but he couldnt tell at the moment. She sounded abit... nervous? Maybe it was the way his ears were positioned pressed against the hard floor but she sounded abit shaky. Suddenly he was knocked onto his back, oddly enough a more comfortable position even with his arms the way they were. "Th-" he broke into an soft laugh as the girl asked him not to hurt her. " Don't worry, im harmless " He lied as his messy hair began to hang over his face. He blew it away but it'd just reclaim its positioned a few seconds after. Ren wanted to get a better look at the soft voice but it didnt seem like that was going to happen right now. "Man im tired.." he grumbled, debating on if he should sleep now or wait for the feeling to return to his body.
  7. Her cheeks reddened as he laughed at her request, slightly embarrassed. While it could be perceived as silly, it still worried her that he might, even as he reassured her that he wasn't dangerous. Resting her head against the cold stone that served as the wall, she sighed, wondering how she could have been so stupid so as not to swallow her fear and get a false ID. Then she wouldn't be in this situation. She'd be at home in her apartment, wondering when the next time she could afford to take a day off would be.

    Coming back to reality when her cellmate spoke again, she nodded, though she wasn't sure he could see. She too was tired, but didn't entirely trust him enough to fall asleep when he was awake.

  8. Ren sighed as he closed his eyes once more. His cellmate didn't seem too much into conversation. Maybe he'd work on that in the morning, or whenever he would wake up. It wasn't like he could tell. In truth he was incredibly tired. Getting hit by those tranquilizers was the only shut eye he had in much too long. Also he was regainning feeling much to slow. The nerves in his body actually loosened up much faster than a normal persons, just too slow for his tastes. A dozens tranqs will do that to you. Right now he only had feeling in his face, which was unmistankingly aggrivating due to his messy hair tickling his cheeks.

    Ren decided to sleep it off and make a fresh start in the morning. " I'm actually here... finally" he whispered. He paused for a moment before adressing his cellmate. "Night.. kid" Ren couldn't exactly tell how old she was but he had a habbit of calling everyone kid. For all he knew she could be in her thirties. That was just how he was.
  9. Due to the close proximity of the cell, she could hear his whispered words, and they puzzled her to no end. Didn't he know that no one would make it out alive? They'd all be dead by Monday, Tuesday at the latest. Sighing, yet believing to each his own, she nodded as he spoke to her, though he couldn't see it. To indicate she had heard him, she said, "You too," though she was slightly put off by his use of the word, "kid." He couldn't have been much older than she, but she couldn't really blame him either.

    Sighing, she lost herself in her thoughts, mostly reprimands to herself about her stupidity. What must have been a few hours later, the slayers cleared out of the center of the room, the lights turning off a few seconds later. In almost complete darkness now, Iris decided that there wasn't much else to do now besides sleep. Moving herself into an awkward lying position, she closed her eyes, sleep coming harder than she had thought it would.
  10. Ren slept quite soundly. He was used to having awkward sleeping quarters so the hard floor didn't effect him too much. He awake to some kind of shuffling noise a couple hours later. Not knowing what the lighting of the room would be like he let his body adjust first. He would start by slightly twisting his arms under him. " Argh..Fuck" The words came out as a whispered croak while he tried not to wake his cellmate aswell. His arms generatd enermous pain from being awkwardly positioned and laid upon for straight hours. But it was good. Ren smirked as he slowly curled each leg. Right, then left before straightening them again. They hurt aswell, but not as much as his arms. Then Ren took a deep breath before the next part. 'Wont hurt that bad right?'

    Ren then lifted his torso at an incredibly slow pace. He clamped his teeth together roughly as pain shot through his entire upper body. He held the foul words and gasps back so he wouldn't fill the room with screeches. The pain hadn't felt normal at all. It seemed that his limbs were having a somewhat off reaction to the tranquilizers. It sure hurt enough to be. As he sat up straight he gave another smug smirk. "Good as new.." He whispered as he slowly open his dark hazel eyes.
  11. Having not slept soundly through the entirety of the night, she was startled awake at his first whispered exclamation to a blinding white light. It took her eyes a few moments to adjust to the lights, and she found him still on the floor, but slowly unraveling himself from his position on the floor. It was then that the pain hit her shoulders. Taking in a sharp breath of pain, she took several deep ones before it passed slightly.

    Soon, a slayer approached the bars of the cell. It wasn't one she recognized, he seemed younger, but he gestured towards her as he opened the door. She approached, slowly, and he grabbed her shoulder, forcing her to turn around. He unlocked the handcuffs, something she was grateful for, before turning her around again. Behind him, she saw, an older slayer was pointing a gun at her, probably in case she touched the younger one. Thankfully, instead of placing handcuffs on her hands, he forced steel gauntlets upon her hands that went up to her elbows. They knew more than she thought.

    Her powers worked by physical contact, but it couldn't pass through inorganic materials. The slayer locked the gauntlets upon her hands, with at least three of the hatches on each gauntlet. She didn't bother to mention how ridiculous she must look, and he pushed her back before she could anyways. It wasn't too bad, she thought. She could move her fingers and hands at least. But she'd be next to useless in a fight. Well, aside from her ability to probably knock someone out with a punch.

    Sighing, she sat on her stone again, watching as her cellmate sat up, muttered to himself, then opened his eyes.
  12. As his eyes opened Ren saw the cell door shut and two slayers quietly exit. He then glanced over to the girl. He looked her up and down due to the fact he couldn't get a good look at her the night before. He then saw the metal clad that replaced her previous cuffs. " New accessory? Dosnt really suit you eh?" He gazed for a moment more. She was small, well smallish. "Ha! I bet those things weigh more than you." He gave a small chuckle before taking a moment to get to his feet. When he finally did get up his legs wobbled slightly almost causing him to hit the floor again. He maintained his balance before walking over to his cellmate. He stooped down in front of her. A little closer than he mightve wanted to, about a hairs length away from her face actually. "Ren.. Ren Okami" he stated in a low, raspy morning voice. " And you?" He said while continuing to examine her.
  13. Sitting down on the stone, she examined the gloves, and silently agreed with him that they probably would be heavier than she. Looking up when she heard him standing up, she was startled to find him walking to her. She was even more surprised when he moved his face close to hers. About ready to hit him, she held off long enough for him to speak his name, and then ask for hers. "Iris...Johansson," she said her last name the way it was meant to be pronounced, 'Yohansson.' As she spoke, she gazed up into his eyes, taking in his features with her own green eyes. The way he was looking at her sent chills down her spine, as if he was looking into her soul. Placing her palms against the cold stone of the bench, she tried to prepare herself for anything.
  14. Hnn he grumbled expecting a much more vibrant reaction. "Nice to meet ya' Iris" He said in a low tone. He stood up straight again because his knees couldn't handle the pressure that came with crouching just yet.

    Awkwardly enough he began to stretch. Not normal stretches, they looked more like competition warm ups. He was trying to reheat his body, and create a little friction at best. Ren then moved to the far end of the cell, all the way to the back. He then got into a low stance, that of a track star. After a fe dep breaths he lunged towards the door. He looked as if he dissapeared and reapeared with his shoulder crashing into the cell door. In the moments where he couldn't been seen there was a streak of blue left scarred across the floor whih quickly faded. Ren shoulder bouned off as quickly ashe had hit and she was sent backwards to the floor. "Eh.. I thought so." He muttered as he shakily rose to his feet again. He was used to brekaing down doors that way. Obviously this one was different.

    "Any ideas?" He turned to Iris. He didn't really want to get out until the games. He more so wanted to know if it was possible.
  15. She warily watched him as he began to stretch. It was unusual, to say the least. However, as long as he wasn't as close as he had been to her, she would be relatively fine. If he wanted to be a weirdo, who was she to stop him, especially here? When he got into a low stance, as if he was a runner, she suddenly realized what he was doing. About to warn or stop him, he was already gone by the time she had sat up straight. While she wasn't looking at him properly, it had seemed that he had disappeared for a second. As he landed upon the floor, she nearly stood up to see if he was okay, before remembering that she didn't even know him.

    When he turned to her, all Iris could think of was getting one of the slayers to open the door for some reason, and then run out. Deciding not to voice this, she simply shrugged, looking down at her metal-clad forearms.
  16. "Hnn. That's a let down." Ren muttered as he took a seat in the middle of the floor. He crossed his legs and hung his head low, letting his hair hang back over his face as he closed his eyes. His cellmate wasn't as talkative as he would've liked. Ren was used to being the most withdrawn person in the room. Not this time. He was admittedly curious about Iris. Maybe he'd ask her a couple questions. No, he wasn't one to pry. Ren started to twerk his shoulder back and forth. He had actually hit that door quite hard despite how quickly he got to his feet. Ren found himself wishing he was numb again.

    Afer a few minutes he would sigh. Thinking of a way to kill time before the fun began.
  17. It wasn't too long after her cellmate had taken a seat on the floor that she found her cheeks to be wet with tears. Impatiently brushing them away, fresh ones replaced them within seconds. What had she done to deserve such an awful fate, where the only foreseeable outcome was death? She had tried to play by the rules, get a job, pay her bills, occasionally bring food for a sick neighbor on her landing. If she'd been born human, she would've been a model citizen in the eyes of the slayers, nothing to be worried about. Half of her was, but the other half wasn't, and for that, she hated her father.

    Still crying, she made a soft, almost inaudible noise as she tried to hold back sobs. But, in the close quarters of the room, it echoed and amplified until she was sure he could hear it. Turning her face from him, hoping he hadn't noticed, she tried to stem the flow of tears, to no avail. All she could hope to achieve was to let them fall until she could cry no longer.
  18. "Hnn.." Ren slowly lifted his head. A sound troubled him. For it was one he was all to familiar with, the sound of sobbing and sadness. Itwas something he seemed to be surrounded by. Though his personality wouldn't show it at times. Suddenly, he remembered how he felt when he had to leave his family. He romembered how he was forced to live on his own, fend for himself with no family or true friends. Ren was never able to get close to anyone, not even being able to tell others his real name. In fact, until just a few moments ago when he introduced himself to Iris he hadn't used his real name since childhood. He wassurprised to hve even remembered it. Ren began to grind his teeth roughly, his hatred for the slayers growing by the second. "I'll... I'll destroy all of it, I swear." He whispered to himself. He never understood why the slayers were such horrid people. Why the took people from their homes, friends and lovers. Why they ripped families apart. He glanced at Iris. Deep down he knew she hadn't done anything to justify being caged and gamed. She seemed far to gentle. Her hands weren't stained with blood, nor had she the eyes of a killer unlike Ren.

    Now she was crying. Ren disliked the sight of sadness like that, especially comming from a girl. He shuffled a little closer, still keeping a good distance at least a couple feet in ase she didn't want to be bothered. Ren rose to both knees as he spoke to her, his hair draped over his left eye. "Iris... You don't have to cry okay? You'll be just fine. One day you'll be able to your old life, hopefully a better one. So cheer up." He spoke in a serious tone, a little more serious than he had intended. He had never been good at comforting or pep talks and could tell that one was shotty. Best. Ren could only hope that he helped.
  19. Iris looked up as he spoke to her, telling her that she didn't have to cry. That she'll be able to go back to her old life, maybe a better one. She doubted it, believing that she would die in this hole, but his words made her feel slightly better. Although his tone was serious, it was the words that mattered, and she appreciated them. She gave him a weak smile, but held her head in her hands until she could get it together enough to stop crying. "Thank you," she says, her voice slightly choked by tears.

    Shivering, both out of the cold of the cell and fear, she tried to hold herself together. She was scared out of her mind, having heard what they did to women who got captured. But also, she was terrified of dying. Iris really just wanted to go back to yesterday morning, when she was just waking up. Maybe then she could change what had happened, take work off, get an ID, something that would have kept her safe for another day. Instead of voicing these fears, she wiped away the tears with her hand. Or tried to. Turns out, metal doesn't do much to dry tears. Sighing, she tried to wipe away the tears with her shoulder.
  20. Ren simply nodded towards Iris. He was pleased to know tha his words helped if even just a little. He took a second to think. Ren wondered what the other supernaturals here were like. He realized that he might have to spill some blood to reach the ultimate goal, the destruction onf the slayer games and its slayers. Sacrifices would have to be made but did that mean.. Ren thought about what would happen if he was pit against Iris in battle. But when he did so, his mind went blan. Usually when he thought of fightin an opponent he could picture all of his movements, see his battle options and form a strategy before the fight even started. But he couldn't see anything when it came to her. It was as if his mind was saying " You don't have it in you to attack her " and he cursed the thought. Even so his mind continued to rack itself. 'Would she fight back? Wait.. can she fight at all?' She surely didn't look as though she could, but Ren learned never to judge a book by its cover. He on the other hand was confident in his skills, cocky in a way. He would surely dispose of any opponents that came his way.

    Ren felt cold. How could he be thinking of fighting while there was a girl just a few feet away sobbing and worrying. 'Why do I even care' Being nice to Iris was a far as he planned to go. Getting attatched would mean problems if he had to dispose of her later on. Now all he could do was wait for things to be set in motion.