The Slave Of Riverside Academy

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    "Welcome to Riverside Academy!" Principle Hisakawa said to the group of freshmen that stood at the large spruce doors of said academy. The doors slowly creaked open to reveal a beautiful marble hallway with shining iron lockers standing by the walls. And rushing through that hallway was what looked like a slave. But those were illegal right? The boy that appeared to be fourteen tripped and the books he held scattered all over the floor.

    Two men walked up to him and kicked him in the stomach, "You idiot! Get up! Now!" Wincing in pain, the boy slowly stood up, picked up the books then rushed off. "What was that about?" Some of the students whispered. The Principle glared at the boy, who's name was Hiro, as he rushed off. Hiro entered one of the classrooms and quickly put the books away. "I'm gonna get punished for that." He whispered to himself as he placed the last book away.

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    "G-good morning, Principal Hiswaka. Thank you," said Aleshia sheepishly. She rubbed her arm, slipping inside the academy. She froze when Hiro was kicked. She shook her head, grabbed her cross necklace and mumbled a prayer. Tripping over her own feet, she made her way to the classroom. "Hello, Hiro, hello teacher, hello all.." she muttered quietly, before taking a seat.
  3. Hiro stared down at the ground as he quickly left the classroom. He would have liked to respond or at least look at her but he wasn't allowed to and if he didn't do as told he would be punished. One of the men from before pushed Hiro as he left the classroom. He staggered forward and fell onto his side. Before he could stand up the man began kicking him. He would have responded with crying out but instead whimpered as if any one the students heard he would be punished even more
  4. She frowned, looking at the door. She saw the silhouettes outside and her fists clenched. She was obviously confused and her head tilted as she tried to figure out what was happening. But, of course, she couldn't. Her eyes were now on the teacher, however they were unfocused and glazed over and a scowl washed over her face.
  5. After a few minutes Hiro slowly stood up, wincing in pain as he did. "You're pathetic." The man said in disgust as he walked away. Hiro staggered slightly as he held his stomach. When the pain finally passed away he begun walking down the hallway towards one of the classrooms that he had to clean. Aleshia's teacher stopped speaking when he noticed that she wasn't focusing on what he was saying. "Aleshia! Pay attention!"
  6. She muttered under her breath, shaking her head. Her arms folded on her desk and she lay her head on them. "Whatever, sir. I'm listening.." she lied, in a monotone voice. She was certain there was something going on here and Aleisha was determined to get to the bottom of it. her mind buzzed with thoughts, and although some were slightly sinnish, she ignored it - Her father may have been a minister but she wasn't fussed about religion.
  7. When class ended Hiro entered the room and begun wiping down the whiteboard. After doing this he picked all of the gum off from under the desks and dropped them in the bin. As he left the classroom one of the men from before tripped him and after doing that he kicked him in the knee before walking off with a smirk on his face
  8. By the time class had ended Aleisha had decided on something. She hung around outside the door, leaning on the wall with her eyes closed. She opened them abruptly as a man walked off. She looked down to see Hiro on the floor. "Oh my god, are you okay?" she asked, kneeling down to help him up. As she did so, she took off the 'sacred' necklace her parents had given to her and held it out to him, "You need this more than I do."
  9. "I-I'm fine." Hiro whispered in a response, though he wasn't. He felt strange as he had never spoken to a student before because he wasn't allowed to. When he noticed her holding out the necklace he spoke up again, "W-Why are you giving me this?" He had seen her wear the necklace often and it seemed like the necklace was important to her so why was she giving it to him?
  10. "My mother and father are religious, but I'm not, really. So, if there is a guy up there, than I want you to have this," she told him, "Because I hope it - he, they, whoever - will protect you." She smiled softly at him. Her eyes were warm and kind, yet there was a sort of worry behind them, and fear.
  11. "I-It's fine. You don't have to give me anything." Hiro replied. He had gotten so used to not being given anything that whenever someone offers him somethings he gets shocked. A few members of the staff stood at the end of the hallway and watched the two. When Hiro had ended his sentence they begun walking towards the two. "Hiro, you know what we told you about talking to the students." One of them said as they crackled their nuckles
  12. "Excuse me?" Aleshia asked, eyes narrowed towards the staff. She placed her hands on her hips and glared, annoyance seeping onto her features. "That's rather rude, don't you think? And disrespectful. I thought better of teachers of a prestigious academy!" She turned to Hiro and handed him the necklace, "I insist. You need it more than me. This is now yours. Do with it as you please." She smiled, before turning back to the staff once more, "What do you have to say for yourselves? May the Lord shun you for the rest of your existence." She mentally laughed after quoting her mother.
  13. "Just shut up and get to class." One of the teacher said as they continued making their way towards Hiro. Said person put the necklace around his neck as he had no pockets to put them in. "What are you waiting for? Go!" The teacher yelled impatiently at Aleshia. They weren't allowed to publicly harm Hiro so they had to wait until she left
  14. "I have a free period," she smirked, leaning against the wall once more, "SO! Until that bell rings, I think I'll stay riiight here." She absentmindedly twiddled her thumbs, humming a little tune. She waved to a few students, before deciding to annoy these teachers even more. "Lovely weather we're having, right?" she sang.
  15. The teachers glared at her before saying, "Hiro, staff meeting. Come with us." They grabbed Hiro's wrist and begun dragging him towards the staff room. Though of course it wasn't going to be a meeting. They just needed to take him somewhere where Aleshia couldn't follow
  16. She yelled curses after them in Spanish, waving her hands in the air. She whipped out her phone, sending her friend Lynsey a text;
    Sent: 10:43am
    To: Lyns the Supergirl
    Subject: WE NEED TO TALK
    Lynsey, there is something srs goin on. We need 2 talk. Meet @ my locker ASAP, k? x

    With that, she ran down the hallway towards her locker, as fast as she could. Lynsey wasn't there when she arrived, so she took a couple of minutes to catch her breath.
    (If it's possible, can I play two characters {Lynsey}? If not, then that's fine, I'll just have her reactions. :))
  17. (Yeah, you can play two characters)

    When the door locked behind them the staff members surrounded Hiro and one of them grabbed the necklace so that he was choking him. "What did we tell you? Huh?!" He yelled at Hiro with venom in his voice. He then threw him into the wall and begun choking him, this time with his hands. One of the other teacher ripped the necklace from his neck and tossed it out of the window
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    Lynsey arrived shortly after. "Hey, Ally. What's wrong? I got yo-" She stopped when she saw the mixed look of fear and concern on her friend's face. "You know who Hiro is, right?" Aleshia asked, to which Lynsey nodded. She explained the whole thing and by the end Lynsey had her hand over her mouth. "Lyns, there is something going on at this school. Whether your with me or not, I want to find out." Lynsey looked her straight in the eye, "Aleshia, you are my best friend. I am 100% with you no matter what. Got it?"
  19. Hiro tried to make the teacher let go of his throat but failed to do so. "You're pathetic. Why do we even keep you alive?" The teacher asked with the same venom as before as he slammed his knee into his stomach. Hiro cried out with the remaining breath that he had left. When the teacher let go Hiro's hands instantly went to his throat as he gasped for breath
  20. Lynsey waited patiently as Aleshia fixed up her hair, clothes and makeup so it seemed she had been beaten up. They had a plan - Lynsey had almost invisible cameras already implanted in her earrings. She had linked the live video footage to Ally's phone so she could watch when she went to the staff room. Lyns would proceed to pretend as if some boys had attacked her and left her on the floor, bruised and hurt - She already had bruises after an incident involving ping pong balls, a chair and a microphone stand. She would then explain at the office door, while Ally zoomed in on the feed to see what was happening. Then, Lyns would "go" to the nurse's office and get fixed up.
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