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  1. The man sits against the wall, gripping the paper with white knuckles.

    They were coming back. All of them. God knows why.

    All six of them.

    All from different places, different years, different cultures.

    All with different secrets.

    And in three days, in a cornfield unmoved by time, they were going to meet. They were destined to go into the screwed-over world of the 21st century. And most importantly, they were destined to kill him.

    He could only hope they would kill each other first.

    After all he knew their fatal flaws.

    He knew their secrets.

    Open Characters (arranged by era)

    Character from 1786 America: (reserved by Taichou)
    Character from 1890 London: taken by princxss
    Character from 1863 Confederate South: open
    Character from 1925 America: taken by Enjolras
    Character from 1965 San Francisco: taken by Blue Satin Sashes
    Character from the bad side of Manhattan 2014: (reserved by Whisper)


    Character Sheet:
    Appearance (picture preferred):
    A title (what they bring to the group, so to speak):
    Secret/Fatal Flaw:
    How the Man lured them to the Cornfield:


    In-Character Thread is yet to be created!

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  2. Name:
    Margo Galawey
    Appearance (picture preferred):

    This, of course, was taken on a school trip during high school. A favorite of hers, though she did get detention for fiddling with historical items.
    Personality: Spunky, witty, and brutally intelligent, with an arrogant, bitter side that she doesn't like to let out. Though a hard-worker, she laughs a lot on the job. Almost too much.
    Skills: "I can, uh, wait tables at the speed of light. And read a five-hundred page book in the middle of the night, and... I talk during moving pictures. And- I think that's it.)
    A title (what they bring to the group, so to speak): The Intellect
    Biography: Born from two very poor parents, she has six brother and sisters, and though she could have had a bright, bright future in college, she chose to work at a small diner, sending half of her proceeds home every weekend.
    Secret/Fatal Flaw: Extreme,
    extreme bitterness about her position in society.
    How the Man lured her to the Cornfield: She was sent a letter from the Baltimore City Treasury saying her long-deceased Uncle had left land open on the coast of Maryland, and left it to her.
  3. reserve character from the bad side of manhattan 2014 please?
  4. of course!
  5. Character from 1890 London
    could you reserve that, please? c:
  6. Actually, I'm not sure. Sorry, if someone else wants the spot, they can have it.
    It is a great role play, but I'm a little confused.. I don't think I'd play the part well.
  7. Oh, okay. Can you tell me what's confusing? Just so I can fix it :) And do you still want the role?
  8. I would actually love the role! But I don't want to ruin the role play by being so confused.
    Is this role play based off of something?
    If so, a brief summary?
    If not, just a few questions.
    1. How do they meet in one timezone if they are from different eras?
    2. Okay.. So I forgot the rest of my questions
    3. Oh right one last one. The title they bring, what is it based off of?
  9. Oh, don't worry! I don't think I was too clear either; this is my first role-play created by myself. :/

    It is not based off anything, actually. And, this area, this Cornfield-type place, is somewhere in Northern Pennsylvania, but in that place, time stands still. And that's where they all meet. But once you leave that place, you enter into the 21st century, or whatever the most recent era is. And yeah, I know, it's weird, but like, for example, The Scholar, The Rebel, The Outcast, just a two-word summary of who they are :) I hope that clears it up!
  10. Oh okay, thanks for clearing it up. :]
    I'm not sure I can find a picture that's decent from 1890...
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  11. Don't worry about that, you can just find a picture from now and then maybe write some kind of clothing style that he/she would wear? :)
  12. Character Sheet:

    Ophelia Bristol
    { I searched up 1800s surnames and 'Bristol' popped up. }


    Appearance (picture preferred):
    Ophelia Bristol, aged twenty, was indeed albino. In the 18th century, she received odd looks wherever she went. There wasn't much differentiation back then. Everyone had the same hair, eyes, and skin tone. Or so they liked to believe.

    Sarcastic. Even though she is refined lady from the 1890s, she still knows her way around sarcasm.
    Stubborn. It doesn't matter whether she's right or wrong. If she believes something is right, good luck convincing her that she's wrong.
    Stuck up. Raised in a rich family, she'd always been some what stuck up.
    Ophelia's almost not your typical shy type. If something's on her mind, she'll say so.

    A title (what they bring to the group, so to speak):
    The Strong-Willed

    Born and raised in a rich family as a lady, Ophelia never had the chances to learn how to ride a horse, shoot an arrow, or pack a punch... Or so her parents thought. In secret, ever since she was 9, she had been training in secret. She learned how to ride a horse, throw a punch, and shoot an arrow, all while learning the skills necessary to be a lady.

    Secret/Fatal Flaw:
    She basically killed her younger brother. When she was 7, they were playing on the swings. She accidentally pushed too hard and he fell off the swing which caused a concussion which led to a coma. He's alive, but a vegetable.

    How the Man lured them to the Cornfield:
    Told her he had found a cure for her brother.

    Other :
    This is something she would wear. Even though her skin color is already white, so is her dress.
    victorian dress.jpg
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  13. Hi, I'd like to reserve 1965 San Francisco, if you're alright with another girl.
  14. Ooh, I love her! Accepted! And for the Title, I'd say something like, The Strong-Willed?
  15. Of course! I'll put you up there :)
  16. Alright, thanks! I'll work on her CAS in a bit!
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  17. Can't wait to see it! :)
  18. Name:
    Wendy Cole


    Appearance (picture preferred):


    Wild and energetic, Wendy is a force to be reckoned with. She is headstrong and stubborn, and has no problem fighting tooth and nail to get what she wants. She is cunning and is very good at using words to further her goals. She's used to having her intelligence underestimated, and tends to use this to her advantage.

    Is a real sweet talker; she can talk herself out of (and, if necessary, into) anything.
    Can drink almost anyone under the table.
    Is the (self-proclaimed) queen of poker and blackjack.
    Lockpicking; She'll readily admit that she's no good at it, but if you give her enough time, and don't care whether or not she breaks the lock, she can generally get you into just about anywhere.

    A title (what they bring to the group, so to speak):
    The Rebel

    The daughter of a janitor and a maid, Wendy comes from a very humble upbringing. They never had much money, but her parents never let her feel poor. They went to church on Sundays and no matter how strapped for cash they were, they always found a way to put money in the offering plate. Wendy was always a little rebellious, but after her father's death in a shooting at age 14, she shed all of her inhibitions and went from being a girl to being a storm.

    She felt a need to be heard, and was naturally drawn to the civil rights movement. She joined the protests outside the Cadillac and the Cow Palace, fighting to make San Francisco a better, and more equal place to live. Outside of protests, she was much less civil. She drank, and cursed, and had wild, reckless sex, all the things that nice, respectable women in the 60's weren't supposed to do. She broke into buildings and stole cigars, talking herself out of trouble more times than she could count. By 19, she's become a person that her father would never have been able to recognize.

    Secret/Fatal Flaw:
    When she was 17, she ended up pregnant after a drunken one night stand. Ashamed, she went and got an illegal abortion procedure performed. Unfortunatly, due to the risky nature of the back-alley procedure, she ended up with permanent damage, and can no longer have children as a result. She still deals with the shame and depression this caused, burying her sorrows away while they eat her up from the inside out. She hasn't been able to face her mother since.

    How the Man lured her into the Cornfield:
    He told her that a riot had broken out, and a man was in there, gravely injured.
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  19. Accepted!
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