The Sivilian Blitz

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  1. Darkness descends on the land of Silvilia. Chaos ravages the less defensible plains but battered castle towns dot the darkness of the land with civilization. Orcs, Highwaymen, and rival castle towns compete for resources and land. The north under King Bradley and the South under Lord Hawthorne have kept a slight peace over the land. Until a fatal accident send both forces to clash.
  2. Blayne sits on his horse watching the sun rise over the mountains shining on the ground around him bathing it in sunlight. he was content with what he had here but couldn't stop the feeling for his original home farther north. He had fought against the old king and reclaimed lost land for the people. he rode his horse at a slow trot back to his castle town which sat on a hill of green where it had acquired its name as greenmount. he entered the town where most people still slept he rode through the town to his castle where he stopped to admire the stonework and portcullis. something was going to change he just didnt know what.
  3. Wysteria perched grumpily on the side of the chair as her servents did her hair and fiddled with her clothes. It was boring sat there...and rather painful as it seemed- with all the pulling and tugging. Being queen was hard- sure, she led her country with care- but getting dressed and frilled up for it? She would just go with an old tattered tunic. "When will you people finish fiddling with my hair? All you need to do is brush it! Al this pulling is unnecessary!" Pouting- she pulled her wand out from the side of her sock and started to flick it around incessantly.
  4. Drusilla sighed as the servants sewed her dress together once more, the fifth time this minute. As she felt something poke into her skin, she slapped one of the servant's hands. "Be careful," Drusilla scowled as the servant had a small frown on her face. Drusilla sighed once more and shook her hair with her hand, the orange curls moving freely.

    "The dress is done," One servant murmured and stood up, the others standing up too. "Your hair needs to be fixed... if you wish," Servant Tenné told the Queen warily, waiting for her response.

    Queen Drusilla looked at the servant up and down. "Fine, but do not make it too elegant, I am just going to take a visit to a fellow woman. She isn't important to me, anyway."

  5. Hollis was tired of the maids getting her all dressed and fixing her hair. They were pulling her in all directions so she could be pretty, but all she wanted to do was go back to bed with her toy rabbit, Lord PluffnStuff. Screaming, she jumped up and ran out the door with the maids on her heels. She screamed as hard as her little lungs would allow and ran into her mommy's room. Hollis ran into her mommy's bed with half of her hair up and the other half poofy and tangled. She and Lord PluffnStuff hid there, still screaming under the blankets.
  6. Blayne demounted his horse and walked it to the stable a few feet away from where he was headed. something was wrong but all was quiet he could tell his whole body shuddering. He entered the castle.

    looking around servants running around him frantically setting up a meal in the dinning room a few recognized there lord and humble moved aside bowing. He walked through the corridor towards the grand hallway.
  7. Wysteria watched as her child decided to run into the room, looking rather a lot like she did. "Holly! Come on! Come here, and have a hug." She winced as they tugged at her hair once again. "Mommy is not to keen on this either..." The servent finally finished with the hair, and Wysteria stood up from the chair as quick as possible.
    only to fall gracefully to the floor.
    "ouch" grumbling, she stood up carefully then pointed accusingly at her Servent. What she would do just to wear a normal tunic! "See! I told you! Dressing up like this is a health hazard!" Crossing her arms, the servent did nothing but look at her with an unchanged look.
    Would they ever realise?
  8. Drusilla walked down the large red staircase, holding up her dress so she could not fall down the stairs. "Madame, please be patient, you are forgetting your cloak!" One of her servants squealed behind Drusilla. She stopped and let the servant place the cloak on her body, and kept on walking towards the entrance, pushing the large doors open, the cool breeze rustling her hair.

    ((I've changed her appearance.))
  9. Royle walked through the empty corridor, listening to the footsteps that echoed on the floor above him, the sounds of a young child running through the halls, and of the servants chasing after the child. He shook his head at the thought of youth. Too many bad memories. He reached into the servants uniform that he had borrowed to pull out a small throwing knife, and casually twirled it around in his hands. He arrived at a large wooden door, indistinguishable from the rest of the doors that lined the hall. He sharply knocked on the door.

    "Guard Captain Tallus? I've brought some tea and bread."

    "Come in." a gruff voice came from behind the oak door.

    Royle pushed the door open, walked in, and threw his knife in between Tallus's eyes.
  10. Hollis ran to her mother who was now on the floor due to the stuffy clothes they wore. She ran to her mother and hid in the folds of her dress as the servants ran in panting. She squirmed in the fabric until she got close to her mother and giggled softly.
  11. Drusilla mounted her black Arabian mare, Sobecky. She grasped the reins and moved them like whips, and the mare galloped out of the castle's territory, and into the villages and towns of her kingdom. The sun glared down on her, and the chilly wind pricked at her cheeks.
  12. Skye Thiefheart, one of the servants in the castle, walked through the halls. She had been born into servitude and now had a horrible surname, thanks to her great-great grandfather who had stolen from the castle. As a result, her bloodline was now doomed to serve the family of the castle until it fell. She hated her position in life, but figured karma would catch up with her one day and free her somehow. She walked through the halls with a pitcher of water, watering the plants that rested all around the mansion. She spotted a master of the castle, Blayne, and bowed her head in respect before continuing her work of watering plants.