The Sivilian Blitz

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  1. Darkness descends on the land of Silvilia. Chaos ravages the less defensible plains but battered castle towns dot the darkness of the land with civilization. Orcs, Highwaymen, and rival castle towns compete for resources and land. The north under King Bradley and the South under Lord Hawthorne have kept a slight peace over the land. Until a fatal accident send both forces to clash.

    Here are the open positions (Unlimited, depending on ideas from RPers)
    King ___
    Lord- Lord Lovis
    Lady- TheElf
    Sir __


    Character Skeletons-

    Age:(Young preferred)
    Role:(King, queen...)
    Usual Weapons:


    -No godmodding
    - PM if you're going to kill someone's character. Then fight, don't just kill.
    -No spamming
    -No ((OOCC:)) Arguing- do that in PM form, please!
  2. I have to admit, it sounds pretty darn awesome! I would join but I'm a bit confused about the plot- happy to join, but confused! What were your ideas for the plot as well?
    Later! Combustable lemons for the win!
  3. I am new and I was thinking that it would be a good idea I could probably use some help. But it is pretty much going through a rise and fall of an Empire. Sorry to admit it but it sounded kind of fun.
  4. I'm interested in the 'sir', but what exactly is he? A knight of some kind?
  5. Yeah that was it represent.
  6. Okay, is it alright if I reserve the Queen? That okay with you guys? If you need me to take up any more characters I will happily play more if you wish!
  7. Name: Blane Firebrand
    Age: 26
    Role: Feudal Lord
    Bio: Young knight who fought beside the other lords against the king. Very blunt with observations but acts before giving input.
    Race: Half-Eleven
    Appearance: Brown-hair (coming down around his shoulders), Bright green eyes, scar (starting from top of left ear down and across left cheek), usually dressed in a Light Raiment with blue-green emblem with a gryphon fighting a drake.
    Weapons: Dual-Longwords & Yew Longbow
  8. Name: Wysteria "Wyst" Trixter
    Age: 22
    Role: Queen
    Bio: A very unlikely subject for a queen. She is always very curious and inquisitive about everything and everyone- always asking questions. Typically very eccentric, but very kind and kind- determined to do the best she can and have as much fun while doing it! Although, she is quite intelligent- but does come up with stupid plan sometimes! XD
    Race: Witch
    Appearance: She has long blue hair she puts into a plait which normally comes to her waist. Her eyes are a bright grass kind of green, and she stands around five foot six. Clothes wise, she wears quite scruffy stuff when she can- at official events she will wear reasonably presentable clothing for her status. When alone, a long almost floor length coat is fine- a tunic, and a pair of battered trousers.
    Usual Weapons: LongBow. Dagger
  9. Because I can't help but include LOADS of detail! Lol, I get carried away!
  10. Interested :3
  11. Anyone welcome Detail is very good
  12. This story is split of into two lines until the characters decide to meet.
  13. Simple enough!
  14. Name: Tane Kooper
    Age: 22
    Role: Knight
    Bio: Tane is a young but friendly knight who simply wishes to seek a fortune and help out anyone he can.
    He was born in a small, desert region and soon started to hear stories about great knights and heroes. Once he was old enough, he left and picked up training to be a knight and since then he's been wanting to be a hero like he heard in the stories.
    Race: Human
    Tane is tall and fairly skinny in build despite his being a knight. He has long red hair and brown eyes.
    Tane's main weapon is a short sword.
  15. Anime picture! Dude, your amazing! I like your character by the way! XD
  16. Lol XD Thanks
  17. the character and weapons aren't showing up for some reason.
  18. All characters are accepted I do not know why obsidian's character isn't showing weapons or appearance
  19. D= I dunno. It shows up for me. I can add a worded description to it if it helps though :)