The Siren's Song

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  1. Name: Scarlett Ripp
    Age: unknown
    Gender: Female
    Race: Siren
    Hair: Silver(siren)/Ebony dyed blue(human)
    Eyes: Pale Blue
    Scarlett was born long before the humans had technology. Scarlett became a Siren early in her years when a fisherman tried to kill her after she'd gotten caught in his net; she in defence knocked him off his boat and dragged him to the bottom of the ocean. The blood from his body rupturning filled her lungs draining her beautiful oranges scales into the silver-white color she is today. After that she started to hunger for the suffering and true dispare of other beings. Scarlett became solitary like most Sirens and wandered the oceans finally growing tired of the cold dark emptiness of the ocean she has decided to shed her scales to walk the lands.
  2. Name: Ian Colt
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Eyes: Hazel with flecks of green
    History: "Starving" art student but actually pretty loaded from his father. His family's rather affluent but he wants to make his own way into the world, wanting people to appreciate art more. He's very charismatic and alluring, a certified momma's boy. However his mother was taken from him when he was 13 due to a drunk driving accident which is why he never drinks. However he is a chronic smoker. He has a way with words and women literally fall on his feet but his heart belongs to no one. He is a gentleman and thus he respects women's advances and politely declines them. He believes in love and in the magic of it all. He's waiting for it to happen. He's seen his father in love and happy with his mother and he changed drastically after he died. He wants the kind of love his parents had, although he doesn't wish to have the bitterness his father has now. He has a little sister whom he absolutely adores; she was only 7 when their mother passed away and he's always been over protective of her.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  3. Scarlett twisted in the sand fighting an anguished cry as she shed her silvery scales, her gills, her horns, the webs between her fingers, and claws. They peeled away leaving her newly humanly skin raw and a flawless pale. Finally she lay panting; the moonlight reflecting off the ocean as it washed away her former self into it's rightful place. Scarlett crawled to the rocks, to hid herself as she regained her self. It had been more than a hundred years since she'd walked the inlands and she'd forgotten the pain that came with walking hidden among the humans. Finally with the pain ebbing away she grabbed at the bag that was hidden under the near by rocks. Other's of her kin had helped her make her deep sea treasures into money she would need to survive out of water. They bought her a set of clothes; a blue turtle neck and black slacks. Sirens were quite fond of nice things. She slipped into her clothes thankful that they fit perfectly and gently made her way into the near by town holding the shoes that they'd also bought her, in her hands and a note where to find them so she would have a place to stay for the night.
  4. Hazel eyes cast down at the drawing pad. Hands fluidly moving across the surface as he shades and darkens here and there, creating a penciled image of the elderly couple sitting on a park bench underneath a tree. He looked up again at the couple, and then he looked at the drawing he just created. He smiled, closing the pad and putting it inside his messenger bag.

    He stood up, slung the bag on his shoulder and walked towards the direction of a nearby coffee shop where he could finish up some of his articles. Ian Colt was an art student at the Rhode Island School of Design. They were one of the top, in fact, 2nd highest ranked, art school in United States. His father wasn’t pleased so now Ian gets by writing freelance and selling his art and doing photography. It’s a difficult method, but he gets by. At least he’s not under his father’s shadow anymore.

    He sighed as he sat on a table, sipping at his black coffee. He opened up his laptop and started typing away. There were still so many bills to pay and not enough fingers to write.
  5. Scarlett stepped out of the taxi setting her sunglasses on her face and let the new enviornment settle around her. She'd chosen a penthouse in the middle of the city; the door man started for the trunk to grab her bags from today's shopping. The turtle neck and slacks were nice but she wanted something more...her. Handing the money to the driver she helped with her bags to be taken inside. "Ms. Ripp there is no need to take your own bags we will happily do it for you." She smiled at the man knowing even in her human skin she could call them to her like the sailors at sea. "Why thank you, that is too kind of you." She followed the man in as he lead the way to her condo near the top floor. She was having a large salt water tank put in the dining room as she had no need for a table to sit and eat at. As she entered she could see that the structure of the tank and it's coral design was set and they had started to put the water in; even the fish were set out and waiting to be put in. She tipped the man who set all her bags by the door and left happily. Scarlett resisted wandering over and stroking each of her new pets and started in on her new wardrobe. She took everything to her room and stripped down to the teal satin underware that she wore and started hunting for another pair of grey slacks and a soft teal v neck. She'd gotten her black hair bleached and dyed a white and teal today and she found the color very pleasing against her pale skin.
    After changing Scarlett left the building to wander the city and find possible prey. One of her kin had told her that clubs and bars were the best places to find them; now if she could just find one.
  6. He had barely gotten back to his apartment when his friend Clyde came over and dragged his ass out to a bar. "Come on, bro. It'd be fun. Be my wingman for the night, please?" Ian gave a low chuckle, shaking his head while opening up his fridge.

    "Clybe, I'm swamped for tonight." He grabbed a beer and tossed one to his blond friend.

    "Swamped doing what?" Ian dropped at the other couch in his small studio apartment. He looked at Clyde with an eye.

    "You know, stuff." Clyde rolled his eyes. This man was really bad at lying.

    "You, my friend, needs to get out of this dingy apartment. I know chicks dig the whole 'artist' thing you do, but be a pal for me and let's get me some pretty ladies tonight, huh? What do you say?" Ian laughed mockingly.

    "I think any pretty lady that'll land in your hands tonight is going to want to kill me if I was your wingman."

    "So, yes then? Yes!" Clyde stood, downed his beer in triumph and waited excitedly at the door. Ian simply shook his head and followed. He took his coat from the rack and as he was locking the door to his apartment, he knew he was gonna regret this.
  7. Scarlett hailed a cab; climbing in she smiled charmingly at the man, "Could you please drive me to a fairly nice bar? I'm new here and dont know any good places." She lowered her voice to make it soft and seductive; the man melted in the palm of her hands. "Yes ma'am I know just the place." He drove off down the road; the ride to the bar took ten minutes before she finally stepped out of the cab, handing the man his money with a generous tip he tipped his cap towards her and drove off. She straightened and looked up at the flashing sign the line and then walked to the front door giving the security guard a sly smile and a couple hundered to be palms and slipped inside. The thumping music and flishing lights assulted her senses making her pause and ajust to the scene. It was to be an interesting night indeed.
  8. Ian stayed at the side of the bar, opposite of the entrance. He watched the sweating gyrating bodies of young adults lusting for love in the most unlikely place to find it. He scoffed and took a swig on his beer. A woman approached him and he smiled kindly but uninviting.

    "Need some company, pretty boy?" She coaxed. His smiled stayed but he shook his head.

    "He doesn't want any, but I could use one." She turned to the voice beside her and found Clyde. "Hi, I'm Clyde and you are?" The woman looked him up and down before taking Ian's beer and answering Clyde.

    "Not interested."

    Ian laughed as the woman walked away and he turned to the bartender to get another beer. "You couldn't have tried to take her home and leave her at my apartment?"

    "That, my friend, is frowned upon by society." Ian answered as he took the beer that was just placed in front of him.

    "Say, why don't you ever have fun, eh? So many girls throw themselves at your feet and yet you don't even give them a second glance." Clyde grabbed the beer from Ian's hand before he could even place it on his lips. "And I'm sure as shit you're not gay." Ian rolled his eyes and ordered another beer for himself. He shrugged his friend's comment off who shook his head at him before heading towards the dance floor.

    Ian drank from his bottle, watching the people interact when he noticed a beautiful woman with dyed blue hair. He chuckled a bit. Somehow, she was the only one to get his attention for a long time.
  9. Scarlett moved through the crowd as if it was her naturall element, water, slowly she made her way to the bar she could feel the lustful stares of unsuspecting meals on her. She let a shiver roll down her spine happily as she leaned against the bar cocking her hip; let them stare it would be all they did unless she found them delectable...She smirked to herself and ordered herself the house draft and sipped it as she scanned the scene before her. She spotted a few humans that would make a perfect meal and memorized their faces to track down later in the night when it was time to eat. Her perrifrials caught two men at the bar not to far from her and she turned to get a better look; for a human the one that seemed to be ignoring everything around him was quite stunning. She sipped her beer again and debated on approaching him while eyeing him appreacatively.
  10. Ian watched the woman slither her way to him. He smiled kindly before turning away. He knew girls like that and he didn't need them in his life at the moment. He was sure she'd find another man. There was a lot of them staring at her, he was well aware of that. He took another swig at his drink, watching his friend try to score.

    He wanted to get back to his apartment and create something. Perhaps a painting of the beautiful seductress he just saw. He risked another glance at her, trying to memorize as much details of her as he could. If he was going to draw her, the least he could do is try to do it justice.
  11. Scarlett saw him glance her way and smirked to herself; yes that one would be a great chase. Maybe she'd chose him on another day for food, but today she wanted to know him. She finished her beer and walked his way; she leaned on the counter next to him with a softer smile holding her hand out for him to take.
    "Scarlett, nice to have your aquantance...if you'll let me?" He looked like he didnt fit this enviornment, he looked like he wanted to leave. But she was determined to atleast get his name before he disappeared, that's all she would need to find him again.
  12. Ian gave her a kind smile, the same smile he gave to every woman who approached him. He took the hand she offered before answering, "Ian, lovely to be graced by your presence." He placed a soft kiss on it, watching her with guarded curiosity. Trouble was written all over her and he did not need that.

    Some men have been watching the exchange and he was sure that his friend was on his way to meet this intriguing persona. There would be quite a number of guys who will be chasing her, no doubt. Ian simply shook his head a bit, turning away from the beauty beside him to survey the floor. He took a chug of his beer.

    There was only one important girl in his life right now and she was well-away from places like these. He smiled at the thought of his little sister before turning back to the beautiful woman beside him. "May I at least offer you a drink?"
  13. Scarlett laughed lightly when he kissed her hand, she could see it in his eyes, he wasnt interested in anything; she toned down her seductive self deciding she'd try for his company instead. His question startled her surprise having her raise her brows, "I-yes thank you just a beer is fine." She looked at him seriously, woundering why.
    "Why are you here if you do not want the company of others?"
  14. He motioned towards the bartender for another beer. Not a very difficult task as there was a beautiful woman beside him. Ian looked up at her inquiry. She was very perceptive. He motioned towards his friend on the dance floor. "I was taken against my will." He used a playful tone to keep things light. As her beer arrived he handed it to her. "I hope you like Heineken." He chuckled before going back to her question. "I'm not really against the idea of the company of others, people just have a different idea of fun." He smiled comfortingly at her. "You seem like you're in your natural element though."
  15. Scarlett laughed, "This my first time in a club enviorment to be honest; Heineken is good." She took a sip of the beer and smiled at him and glancing at his friend dancing on the floor. "It is also my first day in the city I wanted to be in the company of others if I didnt know them. YOu friend seems to be having a good time. So why did he decide to drag you along against your will."
  16. He gives her a small playful smile. "Apparently, his plan is to let girls talk to me and try to snag them from under my nose just after I reject them. So far, it hasn't worked." He chuckled a bit as he sets down his empty beer. A stool had just been emptied and he motions for her to sit down, "please." He stands beside her, close enough to let other guys know not to bother her but far enough to let her know that he was only doing it because he's a really nice guy. "So where are you from, exactly?"
  17. Scarlett gave in and sat down chuckling at his posture, "I'm from the Ocean, I've lived there all my life." She smirked at him, let him think she was from the inland boarders it's what everyone else assumed; it wasnt her fault if they got the worng idea. "Do you think your friend might have a shock when he sees you actually conversing with the opposite sex?" She took a drink of her beer and leaned on the counter.
  18. "Ocean? Hmm," he chuckled, amused. "Interesting. How are things going down there? How are you guys coping with the Global Warming? Surely, it's better down there than up here." He joked. He drank more of his beer before answering his question. "He'd probably feel as if he'd done his bit for charity. I'm sure it'll please him. Although I'm quite certain he'd more interested in getting you for himself. As would any other man." He still smiled, his tone alight with humor.
  19. Scarlett laughed lightly, "Yes well it would seem that their company would dull in comparison to yours as you are not wiping drool off your chin as I talk." She gave him a smirk that said she liked him alittle more for it than she let on. "You'll probably say no but would you like to go for coffee sometime? I think you and I could be come quite good friends."
  20. "You know what, that's not the worst idea that I've heard," he relinquished his phone from his pocket, intending to get her number as he offered it towards her with a smile. As he handed it to her his attention was immediately taken to the dance floor. Some sort of conflict started. Ian looked up, checking to see if Clyde was getting out of the mob. But he's not. "Oh shit," he whispered under his breath.

    "Excuse me. My friend needs my help." Ian had already began walking towards the fight, forgetting his phone in her hands.

    -at Clyde's place-

    Clyde was holding an ice pack to his chin. Thankfully, Ian had been unharmed in the fight that he broke up. "Dude, I'm so sorry. I hope you got her number though." Ian was still a bit mad at Clyde for getting in another fight again. But still. Ian only nodded and gave a small tight smile.

    "I did actually," he said, motioning for his pocket to grab his phone only to realize it wasn't there. "Shit." His hands did a quick pat search all over his body. "Shit, shit, shit, shit."

    "Bro, calm down. What happened?"

    "I left my phone with her! Ugh. Damn it." Ian went back to glaring at Clyde. "Not only did I not get her number, I also lost my phone."

    "Relax, just call your phone then. You're such a drama queen."

    "Huh. You're right." He immediately went back to sit down. Wow. How could he had overlooked that? "I guess I'll give her a call in a few hours. Right, I'm off, mate. See ya around."

    Ian abandoned Clyde's place to go back to his. He'd call her after he gets some proper sleep so he could formulate some straight thoughts as to not sound like a bumbling fool.