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When the party gets a boat. How big should it be?

  1. A huge ship needing a large crew!

  2. A small, fast ship for navigating rocky areas with a small crew.

  3. Somewhere in between

  4. I have an idea for a boat! [New Question]

  5. We'll figure it out when we see the party's size

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. This is the OOC thread for discussion and just general talk about The Siren's Song. [I don't mind if you guys go off on short tangents, that's fine, I'm no stickler] If you have any questions or Ideas for the rp, post them here!

    Or, if you found this and are interested in joining. Go here: The Siren's Song [ CS ]

    As stated in the CS area, I love it when people add to the lore of the world, so if you guys have nay ideas to add to the world, at this point, I'd even willing add a few cities in unpopulated areas. So let your imagination run wild!

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  2. OOoooohhh sound like fun! not old enough though
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  3. So I'm excited for this RP, though we still haven't figured out anything about our ship, how we are all supposed to be meeting, or anything. I made a little something up in my intro post, but if it conflicts with anything the GM character has already set-up I can change it.
  4. Ok so. Here is what I have come to a decision on regarding the ship. It is going to be a frigate ( a medium sized ship) [Unless yall speak out and say you want a Man O War class] and it will have no crew save for the captain of the ship (who in this case will be me). It will be up to the characters to make up the crew (or hire some npcs if we have few people).

    I am going to be gone till tomorrow evening.So I won't be able to post. (Not that you should ned me to post)
    [Side Note:Make sure all rp members know to come here for OOC chat now]
  5. Hey, can I ask something before I post in the thread? Where's the ship leaving from? Origin Point perhaps? (I'm sorry if it was stated somewhere and I missed it. ^^;)
  6. I may hire NPCs o.o
  7. Do we have a currency?
  8. Origin point is the main takeoff area for the boat. And the currency is gold coins cqlled Derians.
  9. Was the IC forgotten???
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  10. What?
  11. Sorry for the error, im on the phone...

    Was the IC forgotten? That was the question
  12. No, go to the first post on the Signups thread, and there will be a button go directly to the IC.
  13. Wut? Im just saying no one has posted in like 3 days...
  14. Oh, I see
  15. Hmm, not sure.
  16. No worries, I'll be posting today. I just wanted to be sure of things before doing so. :3
  17. Who is going to be the party leader???

    Because the most possible is that it maybe a bit hard without one...
  18. That is up for you guys to decide, the only thing I want to set is that if it comes down to a vote, you cannot vote for your own characters.
  19. I have a writer block....

    Anyway, aren't you going to post???
  20. Me, Oh no. The point I was trying to make is you guy don't need me to post right now, you can go ahad!
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