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  1. Welcome to Deneria, a country lying on the coast, inhabited by countless numbers of people and creatures since the first port city sprang up. It is now an economic giant, but something has gone wrong, trade ships are disappearing. Some blame pirates, but one survivor has said that monsters are sinking the ships! The people are in a panic! Nobody is stepping up to face these monsters, everything is falling apart! But, there is hope, YOU [or rather, your character] has decided to step up and go end this monster plague. Your first order of business is to get a ship, and to assemble a party to head off on your adventure.

    The World​


    You may start in any city, and even the Zen Desert, though only if you come from a neighboring country [Which you can name and create if you want, I love seeing people add to the lore]


    Age: (16+)



    Appearance: (Anime pictures are fine but they don't have to be one, descriptions are always nice as they can better explain/describe the and image)

    Species: (Ex: Human, Half breed, Fairy, Elves, Neko, etc.)



    Strength: (2 minimum)

    Weakness: (3 minimum)

    Primary Fear: ( Just One)


    Theme Song: (If you want one)

    Extra Information: (Anything else you feel like telling me about your character?)
    1) No god modding

    2) Be respectful of others ( If you have a problem PM me or deal with them somewhere else)

    3) You may use other species than human, but keep it humanoid. So no dragons, or giant's or other beastial creatures. [If you have a question about a race, ask me]

    4) Let me know if you won’t be able to post for a while you can let a friend you trust take your character over till you get back or kill your character off.

    5) Don’t leave anyone behind (this should keep the RP fun for everyone.)

    6) Romance is allowed. [Just don't go places beyond PG-13, You know what I mean, I know you do]
    How this will work
    As GM I will be playing NPCs. In this case, Monsters, unplayed humanoids, the "world", and the villain. [You can affect the world however, you can say you see a storm coming, or that you have a map to a place etc. That's fine.] You get to figure out your story, and why you are going out to save the kingdom as it were. By heading off to stop the monster attacks. Or, you could skip straight to the meat of the story. For if you read the thread title [which I'm assuming if you are reading this you did] you could go after the treasure in the Siren's home. Other than all this reading.... Have fun! Don't be afraid to ask questions if you have any, and may you have a good day!
    The Siren [My character]
    Name: Arianna

    Age: 28

    Gender: Female

    Height: 10 Ft. Long

    Appearance: cassiopeia-siren.jpg

    Species: Siren

    Personality: Greedy, seductive. She tempts sailors who come to her lair, she then kills them and takes their belongings.

    Abilities/Powers/Weapons: Her voice, Her voice can control the minds of any humanoid male that hears it. It does not, however, work on females. She has control over snakes and fish as well. Her claws are formidible weapons, though they can't pierce armor.

    Strength: Her voice. Breathing underwater.

    Weakness: Females immune to voice. Fragile body. Claws cannot pierce armor.

    Primary Fear: Other Females

    Backstory: Unlike other Sirens, Arianna desired more than the random wandering ship. She wanted piles of treasure and so many other things. She started to make deals with other monsters, she would give them gold, pleasure, or anything else if they did her bidding. She now has many monsters patrolling the trade routes, taking down ships and returning them to her lair.

    Theme Song:

    [This will be posted in the message she begins singing to males on an approaching ship.]
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  2. Can I start on the Moonlit Isles

    Name| Mor

    Race| Orc

    Gender| Female

    Height: 6''0

    Age| 19



    Mor is the bubbly and extremely curious sort. She absolutely loves to discover and learn new things. She is also extremely open minded to most everything and genuinely takes others opinions into consideration. Usually flexible with most things and has the ability to see through the eyes or perspective of others. Mor is incredibly sympathetic and sensitive so tears and blushing comes as a second nature to her. It may come as a surprise to others, but Mor is highly perceptive and can solve/complete the most complicated riddles/mysteries. She knows how to take a joke and even dishes out some of her own. She is great company at any moment because of how fun she is.

    Strengths Manipulation, stealth, and strength

    Weaknesses| Food, men,impulsiveness, and her looks

    Main Fear / People hating her because of her looks



    Backstory| She a gutter brat, and she lived on the streets since she can remember. However, this has not made her depressed only more cunning and brutal.
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  3. Good, but she is missing her Main Fear. As soon as you get that though, she is accepted, and care to tell me where you would like to start?
  4. Name: Adena

    Age: Looks 20 in human years {Immortal}

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5.51''

    Show Spoiler

    Adena is standing above the ground with her 5.51'' height, 50 kgs and ''C'' cups, breasts. Her hair is slightly wavy, bloody red, almost brownand reaches her well formed, half-naked butt. With black coal eyes, she pierces every, single, living being she glances at. Being a nymph, her clothes are very scarse, with only a light, ''V'' neck top, reaching above her flat belly and a wavy, long, shirt with a big slit from her left hip, down to her bracelet decorated, ankle. Her both wrists are covered with ringed bracelets, carved with old druid symbols, matching her necklace and ear clips. There are lines almost all over her body, presenting her life force - the fire, her arms, back, front, legs exclusing her face, which is only graced by a pair of dark, plum lips.

    Species: Fire Nymph

    Personality: The nymphs are divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young noble maidens, who love to dance and sing; their amorous freedom sets them apart from the restricted and chaste wives and daughters. Adena is a very proud, despite her nature - cold-hearted, egoistic, flirty and judging. She always sets herself before the others and never makes compromises, if she was to be asked, who is more beautiful than her, Adena would easily answer: ''No one, even the gods.''

    Abilities/Powers/Weapons: The flames, sculpted her body, her heated breath are enough clues, to show her abilities. Born from fire, the nymp, bends it in her own free will, however she likes it, without restrictions.

    Strength: Ranged attack & Distraction

    Weakness: Never does, anything for free, sharp tongue, close battle, weak, when it comes to lifting something heavy - her maximum is 2kg.

    Primary Fear: Water

    Backstory: For as long as she can remember, Adena has always changed, her living quarters. Either it would be a vulcano, cave or even in forests - often setting them on fire. Her parents are unknown, there are rumors that fire nymphs are god's creatures, demi-gods who inhabit the mortal's realm. The nymph has changed many partners, all of which have been only sexual without any emotion - only to destroy their lives, once she has sattisfied her own needs. Currently, Adena inhabits The Zen Dessert and is headed off to Zen Plains, to have a little fun with enlightning a fire here and there. ♥

    Theme Song:
    Show Spoiler
  5. Very Nice! She is accepted.

    @mikailgirl Yes, she may start on the isles, just make sure she has a way to get to the other characters when there are enough people to put up an IC thread.
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  6. Grazie! ♥
  7. I refuse to let this die, a new post has now been made, hopefully now more will notice!
  8. I'd like to join if you don't mind. :3

    Name: Scotteru "Scottie" Harken

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'8''

    Show Spoiler

    Species: Harpy

    Personality: Scottie's a timid fella and usually prefers to let others handle things instead of confronting anything himself. However, he almost never admits to being afraid and if someone happens to point it out to him, he'll do anything to prove them wrong. Despite being kind of a coward, Scottie will do his best to man up in case his friends need him. At first, he's always a bit shy around new people but once he opens up, Scottie can be quite energetic and cheerful company. He also hates small or sealed rooms and prefers to be somewhere open where he won't feel trapped.

    Abilities/Powers/Weapons: The ability to fly and some pretty sharp claws

    Strength: Speed and stealth

    Weakness: cowardice, lack of confidence and physical strenght, occasional rashness

    Primary Fear: Drowning

    Backstory: Scottie has lived his whole life in Castinray and due to almost drowning when he was six years old, the young harpy has been scared of water almost as long as he can remember. Which is also why he has never been quite fond of his home so close to the dreaded substance. However, his father was quite determined to rid Scottie of his fear and they made some serious progress during the last few years. When his father's ship and the whole crew went missing, Scottie wasn't quite sure whether to never go anywhere near water again or kick his fear's ass and try to find his old man. The young harpy's currently debating whether to continue being a coward and stay safe or do something about the monsters lurking in the sea and possibly meeting his end in the clutches of water.

    Theme Song:
    Show Spoiler
  9. Scottie is accepted. Well done, well done indeed.
    Perhaps if he jois the crew he could be in the...Crows nest. lol.
  10. HEEY!

    I'm going in, give some time to prepair my CS :D
  11. Ok, all are welcome!
  12. Name: Okami

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Height: 177 cm (5’8)

    Species: Lycan

    Personality: Okami is a calm person, he doesn’t like too much the company, but if he needs help he will ask for it, he isn’t very talkative, normally with a cold attitude.

    Abilities/Powers/Weapons: Due to Okami is a lycan he is able to morph his body into a half human-wolf form, his weapon of choice are two dual daggers, also he haves over human strength, speed and enhanced senses.

    Strength: Stealth, control over himself and commanding others.

    Weakness: His blades are some short, his fangs can’t pierce armors, his main weakness are strikes in the back part of his body.

    Primary Fear: Okami’s only fears to fail in the attempt of any mission, simply thinking about it gives him stomach pain…

    Backstory: Okami grown in The Zen Desert, inside a small community of lycans, this community is known because of the good bounty hunters and mercenaries that grown there, for this reason the kids with potential are trained to do almost every task, the chosen kids can kill without feeling any emotion besides pleasure. Okami was born in the poorest part of this village, his parents died when he was 5 because of natural diseases, for that reason he became a tramp, after 3 years he was found by one of the best mercenaries of the village, he saw the potential in Okami’s personality, he was raised and trained by this mercenary known as Kryos. Kryos is a silent, patient, quiet and solitary person, when he felt that Okami was ready, he gave him his first mission; To kill a tyrant in the Moonlight Islands. Okami accomplished the mission perfectly in just 2 days, since that day Okami has been accomplishing missions and creating his way through the flooded occupation of the mercenaries.
    Now he haves a new mission; Go and see what’s going on in the Monster’s Sea and stop the destruction of the ships that pass through there, doesn’t matter the cost.

    Theme Song: (I got three…)

    Extra Information: Okami was raised in the desert, but this doesn’t mean that he is useless in the seas; indeed, he is an expert marine and can repair a hole of 3 meters in the pope of the ship in less than 3 hours.
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  13. Accepted. I am interested to see how he interacts wit the rest of whatever crew he joins.
  14. Yaay! \(^-^/)

    The most possible is that he would be like a loner :3
  15. You mean he would go alone...into the seas? Or he would act loner-ish among the crew?
  16. The second one, the most possible is that he would be a crew leader because of his tactical and calm thinking.
  17. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Celthric Rivtdale








    Shade Human


    Silent, Strong, Headstrong, and Loyal


    Ebony Long Sword
    Ebony Shield
    Ebony Throwing Daggers (3)
    Ebony Spear

    During nightfall, has increased senses, strength, speed, and awareness than a normal human.


    Close Range Combat
    Extremely loyal to friends, his faith never wavers.


    Cannot swim for long periods of time.
    With Full armor/weapons cannot swim.
    Often holds grudges.

    Primary Fear:

    Afraid of his past, and those close to him to find out about it.

    Theme Song:



    Extra Information: (Anything else you feel like telling me about your character?)​
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  18. @Lonewolf888978

    What's that??? Where are the strengths, fears and stuff???
  19. Its a work in progress, hints the WIP in the middle xD @Zackymas
  20. Name: Carrn Blackreef

    Age: 55

    Gender: Male

    Height: 4' 4"

    Weight: 234 pounds

    Dwarf form: Carrn is a solidly built dwarf with dark brown hair. The top of his head is cleanly shaven, but he has long hair down to the small of his back, and it is braided into the thick mustache dangling down from his jaws and cheekbones. His powerful, square chin is completely bare.

    He's a little over four feet in height, with massive shoulders and hands that look strong enough to knock over a mast with a single punch. He is bare-chested, revealing a chest almost hairy enough to braid into those hanging from his face. He is also bare-foot, and his feet have thick callouses from years of running around without shoes (except in dire emergencies).

    A large pick is strapped across his back, and a rolled up sack sits cross-wise to it. He seems to carry nothing else, but the predatory glint in his eyes signal that he needs nothing else...

    Pic (that I drew!)

    Full Shark Form:
    In this form, he grows to the size a fifteen foot long shark. The monstrosity is a tiger shark, strong enough and cunning enough to take on foes that normal sharks couldn't.

    Pic (that I didn't drew)

    Species: Natural-born Wereshark Dwarf

    As a dwarf, he is a gruff, callous individual with little patience for ceremony, propriety, and basic manners. However, he respects the water and creatures of it, and seems more at home in the surging ocean than anywhere else. Most strange for a dwarf...

    His ship is his project, and if you mess with his projects, he will often be upset and even more rude than usual. Do NOT mess with his tools, or you might find yourself holding one between your eyes, if you take my meaning.

    In his shark, it is hard to tell what the creature that is Carrn is thinking.

    Abilities/Powers/Weapons: His big one is, obviously, his lycanthropy. He can, at will, turn into a large shark, He's also a skilled brawler, adept at aquatic combat, and skilled with his war-pick. He usually keeps his shape-changing abilities as a last resort, since not everyone likes to have lycanthropes around.

    Strength: Building things (specializes in boats, weapons, and armor), physical strength and fortitude, as well as a keen intellect when it comes to machines or anything related to his craft. His lycanthropy makes him almost immune to most mundane weapons. Only silver or powerfully enchanted weapons can pierce his hide his shark, and any wounds inflicted on him in his dwarf form are healed upon entering his other form (unless they were inflicted by silver or magical weapons).

    Weakness: The faintest scent of blood in shark form causes him to go into a rage. Lots of blood while he is in dwarf form makes it difficult to resist shifting into shark form. He has a crippling phobia of exceedingly big words as well. He's also highly disorganized and dyslexic, making finding his tools and reading anything that isn't numbers difficult for him. He also has a toy hammer that was given to him by his grandfather, and if he loses it he has difficulty sleeping.

    Primary Fear: Big words, the destruction of his home and his trade, losing his comfort hammer

    Carrn grew up living in a huge sea cave complex. Massive, inter-connecting tunnels with the sounds and smells of the ocean wafting through the tunnels greeted him everyday, as it had for four generations of dwarves. Since he was a child, Carrn was taught to work in, under, and above the ocean to work on vessels of any size, learning everything from the intricacies of setting a mast to the simple creation of a solid raft. He was taught to control his shape-shifting, and how to use it effectively. When he came of age, he set off, not content to just be a builder. He wanted adventure, battle, and coin. He signed up with the first crew he could find, and set to work building a reputation as a skilled fighter, excellent shipwright, and a talented pirate. His added abilities are always careful used, revealed only to those he feels won't turn on him or to his enemies. Usually the last thing they see is a cavernous maw closing on their head, so they won't be telling anyone what happened.

    One of his favorite tactics is to throw a few opponents in the water, then dive after them, turn into a shark, and cripple them in the water. Then they can be picked off later by any who pleases, or by the multitude of sharks that live in the coastal oceans...

    Named after the tribes founder, Blackreef, the Blackreef dwarves lived comfortably on the edge of dwarven territory, offering their services as craftsmen and builders to groups of people who would rarely have dealings with dwarves: sea-goers. Sailors, pirates, merchants, and many more traveled through the huge, hollowed cavern to trade with the skilled dwarves, seeking their expert boat-building ability. Throughout their long history, the Blackreef dwarves have kept their lycanthropic blessing hidden, using it only in times of defense.

    This cave complex is located in the cliffs to the north of the Grand Sea. When ships began to be destroyed by monsters, Carrn took it almost as a personal affront, angered at the demolition of ships that his people had repaired. He knew that if this continued, then his people would get less and less business, impairing the Job security of his kin. Unacceptable. So, he set out for the nearest ship that was heading out to investigate. His surname was usually enough to secure him a place as the head shipwright, since the Blackreef's were world-renowned for their skill.

    Extra Information: He carries little, because most of it fits in the extra-dimensional space inside the sack he carries. Its a bag of holding that can hold about 500 pounds of material before it is full, and it is currently full of rations (nothing goes bad inside the bag since it has no atmosphere), tools, rations, and a dozen pairs of spare pants. His pick is enchanted so that he can wield it easily underwater (most weapons swing slower underwater...but not his).
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