The Sinister God

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As the winds echoed through the city which was completely covered in the darkness of the night a few street lights glittered here and there making the atmosphere perfect for the deviant criminals raging with bloodlust to go on a rampage . Its true that the crimes take place more after the sun sets off but amongst this darkness the ones that are suffering usually look for a light that would rip away the darkness and that's the exact kind of light Jeffrey wanted to be . He is nothing more than a good guy helping people out by cleaning the streets but is only restricted to his point of view to others he is a ruthless psychopath on a rampage dyeing the streets with splendid color of blood . Every night the screams would trample the peace atmosphere setting off panic in the neighborhood. He became the hot topic .....not among the people of the society but among the peace keepers . The Police department. Everybody tried to do a thorough background check on this notorious bastard who took justice into his own sinister hands . Many from the department tried to trace his fingerprints but none were able to even acquire what his name is or where he is from . To the police he is a ghost , a terrible one that is living in the same society as them . Only one question rings around the head of each and every police officer "gotta stop this bastard " but nobody thought " why is he only killing the thugs ? Why is he taking justice into his bloddy hands ? Why?why?why?why?" ......
As the moon showered its silver rays through the clouds that tried hiding the moon away from witnessing the horrible scene that is gonna take place , a shiny blade slowly Peirce's through the heart of a thug like a hot knife through butter . As the defiled being that tried snatching away the purse from a defenseless woman ,fell back into a puddle of his own blood , eyes that resembled the color of the blade looked down on him . That set of silver eyes were so calm as if he is watching the sun sinking down beautifully into the endless ocean . With every strength he had left in his body ,the man lying in the puddle of blood spoke out barely coughing up blood " you. . . are no. . . . .different. . from us . . .bastard " hearing his last words Jeffrey slowly bent towards the person lying down while fastening his grip " you are wrong . I am god " finishing his sentence in eerie tone he slammed the knife in the thugs mouth ,piercing his tongue and tearing the back of his throat " I am the god of the new world "

1.Shouldn't be shy AF
2.shouldn't act like a cute sweet somebody
3.must be a practical and cold .
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