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  1. The Silver Heart Circle​

    Darkness flourishes in America and the melting pot of No-Maj and wizarding folk can feel it. Terrible things are happening; to witches, wizards, and No-Majs alike. Dementors breed openly, ripening the anger and depression that haunts the fifty states. Reports of Giant activity continue to escalate in Appalachia and the Rockies. MACUSA warns of imminent attack, but the Statute of Secrecy forbids them to inform the No-Majs. Aurors work overtime to eliminate the magical threat, while police try to subdue the non-magical ones. Circa 2019: Society is on the brink of collapse after a sudden and devastating stock market crash which caused unemployment to rise over forty-three percent. The decline of the U.S. economy over the past few years has certainly played a factor in today's society. They say we're on the heels of the Second Great Depression, but government officials refuse to admit such things.

    There are of course, hidden agendas behind the fall of American power. The Red Serpent, a wizard-folk terror group that has steadily gained power over the past seventeen years, has begun their long-promised reign of terror. It took them longer than expected, but with enough followers the Red Serpent is now able to collect its dues. A ring of unsolved murders has taken place inside the wizarding community and is quickly spilling into the No-Maj one. In the southern states, No-Maj authorities have warned citizens a serial killer walks among them after four seemingly unexplainable murders rocked the newscast.

    In magical communities, you can never be too sure on whom to trust. Is your neighbor a member of the vicious Red Serpent? Has the batty old lady down the road been acting extra strange lately? Maybe she's under the Imperius Curse. Maybe your neighbor is too. Paranoia is strife within the wizarding community, worried to speak against the Red Serpents in fear of retribution. We all know what happened to the Coppertree family after Ian Coppertree dueled the Serpent Twins and managed to injure one. They let him escape, bloodied and close to death himself; only to return in the dead of night, breaking through powerful protection spells to slaughter the entire family. Ian and Amelia Coppertree had twelve year old twin daughters, who also lost their lives that night.

    With fear growing in the hearts of witches, wizards, and No-Majs alike -- there has been talk of a prophecy uttered by an enlightened shaman centuries ago. Thus Silver Heart comes into play. The Silver Heart Circle is secret organization, akin to the Order of the Phoenix that has patrolled the streets of wizard-folk America for almost a century. This RP will follow the trial and errors of the newest members of the Silver Heart Circle as they raise their wands to protect themselves, the ones they love, and their country against the forces of darkness.

    Hello! So this is a roleplay that I've been thinking about for awhile now and it's finally blossoming into fruition. (woot woot) Inspired mainly by JkRowling's writing on Pottermore, I give you The Silver Heart Circle, a modern Harry Potter-esque roleplay.

    Writing Expectations: Adept to Advanced
    Writing Length Expectations: 3 to 4 paragraphs per post
    Posting Requirements: Once weekly
    Miscellaneous Requirements: Follow all Iwaku rules and any and all rules I may enforce. Be kind and courteous to one another in OOC and or Discord. Try not to argue with me, I'll win regardless of what you say. And finally, have fun, it's what we're here for.

    Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to expand upon or any questions you may have, I'll be happy to answer. :3

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    I should have the OOC and CS pages up tonight, so if you have any further questions you can ask em there. Also Lore, Settings&Locations, and NPCS page(s) will probably take me a bit longer but I'm workin on em now.
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